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love is unexpected(contestshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by sapphire fan, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. sapphire fan

    sapphire fan New Member

    okay this is my first shipping fic so sorry if it's kinda crappy.OK it is a contestshipping fic,it's rated pg or maybe pg-13.Also the region is completely made up along with some characters.

    Of course I don't own May,Drew,Nurse Joy,and Pokemon.

    Chapter 1:what's the catch?

    'Finally I get to go to a new region!' a young girl, best known to us as May Maple, thought to herself.

    She was currently on a boat that would take her to ocean city, which is the first city in the Arcean region.

    "Attention all passengers we will be at Ocean city in five minutes." the captain sad through a microphone.

    "Alright this is it." May said to herself.' if only Drew were here. Wait a minute why am I thinking of Drew? No I couldn't have fallen for him...or could I?'

    She finally got to Ocean city."Okay first stop is the pokemon center for a map of this place." she said to herself. When she got to the pokemon center the place was packed.She got in line to get to the front desk. After a few minutes it was finally her turn."Nurse Joy can I please get to a map for the Arcean region?" she asked Nurse Joy." Of course you can ,here you go"Nurse Joy gave her a map."Thanks."

    While she was walking outside she was daydreaming about the contests about contests and suddenly bumped into some one."Watch it!" they both said at the same time. Then she realized who she bumped into."Drew what are you doing here?" she asked him."Seriously, May. This region only hosts contests."he said to her."Oh yea,guess it slipped my mind." she said. "So you hungry?" he asked her. "Not that much." after she said that her stomach started growling somewhat loudly and she blushed in embarrassment."Your stomach doesn't seem to agree with you." he said to her."Well what do you expect I didn't eat anything this morning,and I couldn't find the cafeteria."she whispered that last part."Come on I saw a cafe near the entrance how about we eat there?" he asked."sure." she answered him to hungry to realize that he was inviting her to lunch.

    They finally got to the cafe and found a table by the window."So Drew I was wondering why are you being so nice today?"she asked him."I'm in a good mood that's why." he answered her."Why? Did something happen today?" she asked him."As a matter of fact no it happened a week ago. You see my
    sister-" "You have a sister?" interrupted May."yea I do. Her name is Heather and she's 21. Anyway like I was saying she got married last week and the wedding was great. The whole family's been talking about it all week, not to mention she's been really happy lately." he explained to her."Oh. So that's why you're so happy lately?" she said to him."Yea. But to anyone that would seem like a pointless reason but there's something weird about my sister. It's rare fore here to be happy but when she is it's like if she's a complete opposite of her usual self. If she's happy for just one hour she makes us happy for hours. Now imagine how happy we would all be if she were happy for three days." he told her."wow." was all she could say.

    Then a waitress came up to them."What would you like to have?" she asked. I'll take a salad and a lemonade." May told the waitress."And you kid?" the waitress asked Drew."The same thing."he answered her."Got it!" she said.

    Once the waitress left a girl went up to Drew."Um...D-Drew can I please get your autograph?" she asked him. he was surprised that she didn't go crazy."Sure what's your name?" he asked her."It's Ann and I-I m a big fan of yours." she told him. After a few seconds he gave it back to her."Thank you Drew." she thanked him and left."Looks like the girls here aren't as crazy like the ones from Hoenn." Drew told May."Yea." she said.

    After they left the cafe it was getting late so they went to the pokemon center to get a place to stay."Nurse Joy can I please get a room?" May asked her."Yea but we only have rooms that are for to people left. Is that alright withe you?" Nurse Joy asked her."Yea it's ok." then May turned to Drew."You wanna share the room?" she asked him."Sure." he said."Your room will be room 107." Nurse Joy said to them while giving them their keys.

    When they got to their rooms they changed into their pajamas and brushed their teeth."May I was wondering. Would you like to travel with me?"Drew asked her.'Please say yes!'."Um...OK."she told him."Alright." He told himself.'yes! She said yes! Awesome!' Drew was celebrating in his head. He was very happy.

    It was warm and there were birds singing. May and Drew were sitting on a hill watching the sunset. They were surrounded by flowers from roses to daisies.

    "You know May the sunset looks beautiful." Drew told May."Yea not to mention very romantic." she told him. "Yea I agree." he said as they were turning to look at each other.

    They slowly started moving closer to each other."You know what it makes me feel like doing?" she asked him as they started to move closer and closer."What?" he asked her. there was a very small gap between their lips."This." she said while closing the gap. Once the gap had closed and their lips were touching Drew almost immediately started touching her lips with his tongue asking for permission to enter. She gladly granted it and id the same to him as he let her without hesitation.

    After a few moments they broke the kiss to get some air. "That was.....exiting." Drew told her."Yea it was." she agreed. After a moment they dove in for another kiss.

    May woke up after she fell off her bed.'Oh it was just a dream' she thought while getting back on her bed.'Wait a minute why was I dreaming about Drew? More importantly why did I dream us kissing. Unless....Ahhh! I like him! NOOOOOOOO! I can't.....can I?' With that thought in her head she fell back to sleep.

    The next morning May was happier than ever she had the dream again but this time she enjoyed it."What's up. You seam happier than usual." Drew asked.

    "Oh nothing much. I simply had a great dream." she answered him."about?" he asked while washing his teeth."Nothing you need to know about." she answered him while starting to brush her teeth since Drew had finished."Well whatever. I was just curious." he told her.

    After they were done in Ocean city they were on there way to Lakers city where the first pokemon contest would be held.
  2. ContestNoir888

    ContestNoir888 Smitten

    It's okay, though this is a very short chapter, you should expound the sentences more, like add more description, and add punctuations marks especially commas
    And you should proofread
    And awwwwww Drew and May kissed, that is so sweet! Wait that was a dream!!!!!!!? aww shucks I thought they already kissed T_T, well you're right for not letting them kiss on the 1st chappie,

    And one more thingyou should put before the chapter, when italicized it's a dream etc.
  3. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    This is a nice start, sapphire fan! There are a few grammar and syntactical errors, but not enough to turn people off from the story. The one thing I have to say though: make sure you start a new paragraph when a new person is speaking. For example:

    "As a matter of fact no it happened a week ago. You see my sister-"

    "You have a sister?" May interrupted.

    "Yea I do. Her name is Heather and she's 21. Anyway like I was saying she got married last week and the wedding was great. The whole family's been talking about it all week, not to mention she's been really happy lately," he explained to her.

    And also, make sure that certain words are capitalized, and that quotes have the right quotation marks.

    But other than that, good job! I'll be looking forward to reading it.
  4. sapphire fan

    sapphire fan New Member

    Alright chapter 2 is up.

    Chapter 2: Are you alright?

    "Wow. I didn't know there could be so many lakes here." May told Drew.

    "May it is called the lake path." Drew reminded her.

    "I guess your right." she said.

    "I always am." he said to her.

    "Ugh! Why do you need to be so arrogant. It gets so annoying." she complained

    'Because you so cute when your angry' he thought."Because it's fun to get you mad." he said while flicking his hair.

    "Hmph. Well it sure isn't fun to listen to you when your saying something arrogant." she told him.

    The trip was silent until they reached a beautiful lake. There were a bunch of pokemon flying around and some were swimming on the lake.

    "Wow. It's so beautiful. Just look at those pokemon." May mentioned.

    "Yea. I'll check what pokemon they are." Drew said taking out the guide book he received at the pokemon center."It says that they're Rante. An electric type that like to dwell near lakes it also says that if they think an enemy is near it it'll shock them." Drew told her. Rante looked like a mixture between a fire fly and a butterfly. It's wings were a dark shade of yellow and looked like thick lightning bolts. Its body was a lighter shape of yellow and looked like a butterfly's body. It's tail was like a firefly's tail and glowed a bright yellowish red.

    May then took out the pokedex she received when she went to the pokemon lab in Ocean city."Now lets see what the other pokemon are." she said pointing the pokedex to the pokemon on the lake.

    "Swante. The swan pokemon. This water pokemon only swim in lakes that are pure. If you startle one it will begin to peck you mercylesly." the pokedex informed in a mechanical female-like voice. Swante looked a lot like a swan. Its body was baby blue. Its neck was very flexible. Its beak was small and sharp looking, it was very light blue.

    "Wow. It seems like they can be kinda dangerous." May told him.

    "I'm gonna catch one." said Drew.

    "Drew didn't you listen? If you startle them they'll peck you mercylessly." she told him.

    "Don't worry I'll be careful." he told her.

    "Well while your trying to catch Swante I'll try to catch Rante." she told him.

    'Be carefull May.' he thought."Well good luck then." he told her."Go, Reselia." he realeased Roselia."Use Magical Leaf." he commanded Roselia. She released many colerful leaves. Most of them hit Swante and it nearly fainted."Perfect." he said while throwing the pokeball. After a few wobbles there was a small "ding" and Sawnte was caught. Drew just smirked at it.

    After that May started to fight a Rante."Blaziken, take the stage. Use Blaze kick." she commanded Blaziken. His foot was soon covered in fire an he kicked the Rante. It was weakened greatly."That was great Blaziken." She praised him and then threw the pokeball. After a few seconds a "ding" was heard an Rante was hers."Awesome I caught a Rante." she said to no one in particular and returned Blaziken.

    "That was great May." Drew told her.

    "Thanks." she said.

    They turned around an started to walk to the next city, but that was a great mistake. The Rante May caught happened to be the leader of the Rante at the lake. Since she caught their leader the found her to be an enemy. The strongest Rante they had left shot a fairly strong thunder bolt at her, but neither her nor Drew noticed since they were thinking about their contest strategies.

    When the thunder bolt reached May she screamed in pain."May! Are you ok?" Drew asked her really worried."Ugh. I'm in a lot of pain. Drew I don't think I'm ok." she answered him. Then she passed out the last thing she saw was Drew's worried face while he picked her up. After that everything went black and she was surrounded in darkness.

    Mean while Drew was freaking out. He was running rally fast. he was really worried and scared that he wouldn't make it to the pokemon center in time.'May why did you have to pick that particular Rante?' he thought to himself. After what seemed like an eternity to him he finally made it to a pokemon center.

    "Nurse Joy please help her." he asked Nurse Joy.

    "Oh my. I'll see what I can do.Chancy get a stretcher we've got an emergency!" she commanded Chancy.

    After Nurse Joy and Chancy got May into a room for human emergencies she came up to Drew."How did she get into this condition, if you don't mind me asking?" she asked him.

    "Me and May were walking through the Lake Path. After a while we reached a beautiful lake with Rante and Swante in it. She was catching a Rante. Once she caught it we left. Then suddenly she screamed in pain. I asked if she was ok and she said she didn't think so. after that she passed out." he explained.

    "I see. She shouldn't have captured it especially if it happened to be the leader. You see if you catch a Rante that is in a group the other Rante will think of you as an enemy and they attack you until they think you've been punished enough. If you capture a leader Rante, the other Rante will get the strongest one to fire a strong thunder bolt towards the enemy." Nurse Joy explained. Then she got up and left to help May.

    After a few hours, Nurse Joy got out of the room with a smile."Don't worry Drew she's going to be just fine. Thank goodness she can endure a lot of pain by the looks of it. She just needs some rest. By tomorrow morning she should be good as new." Nurse Joy told him.

    "Ok. It's good to know that she'll be ok." he said sounding relived.

    "Don't worry." she told him again.

    "Can I see her?" he asked her.

    "Well I'm not sure if she's asleep yet since I told her to go to sleep but you can check." she told him.

    "Thank you." he thanked her and left toward the room he saw Nurse Joy put her in.

    When he got there he saw her lying down on the bed with her face toward the ceiling.'she looks so beautiful when she's asleep.' he thought."May are you awake." he asked her in a soft voice.

    'wait a minute I know who that is, but what's he doing here it's not like he cares? Or maybe he does.' she thought to herself."Yea Drew I'm awake." she answered him while opening her eyes and turning so she would be facing him.

    "May I'm so glad that your ok." he told her.

    That immediately confused her.'Did I hear him right? It sounded like he actually cared about me. Maybe he isn't so bad after all.' she thought."Well I'm not entirely ok." she told him.

    "What do you mean?" he asked both worried and curious.

    "Well it isn't anything to serious but my pain endurance was cut in half meaning that I can't endure as much pain but there it'll come back little by little. I'll probably have it back by the start of the Grand Festival." she explained to him.

    "Well it's good to know it isn't something to serious." he said relived that she was ok after all.

    "Yea just a good night's sleep and I'll be back to normal." she reassured him.

    That night Drew slept very peacefully knowing that May was alright.
    Hey sorry for all of the OOCness but you gotta admit this is alot more caring.
    Anyway I'll try to get chapter 3 uploaded by tomorrow but no promises.
  5. sapphire fan

    sapphire fan New Member

    ok I get the feeling that no one is reading this any more but i'll just keep writing.

    Chapter 3: I won!

    When Drew awoke that morning he felt great. He was going to check if May was awake.

    After walking through a few hallways he finally got to the room she was staying in. She was in the same one as yesterday. He walked in and found that May was still asleep. While he was debating if he should wake her up or let her sleep, he herd something that caught his attention.

    "Drew..." May unconsciously said.

    "Yea May what is it?" he said while wondering if she was still asleep.

    She didn't answer. Drew concluded that she was indeed asleep.'She's dreaming about me. Maybe she doesn't completely hate me. Although there is still a chance that they aren't good dreams about me.' he thought.

    (May's dream)

    "Drew you really didn't have to do this for me." May told him.

    "Don't be silly. Only the best for my girl." Drew said obviously happy.

    "Well I never thought you would go this far. You know it isn't every day you give me a necklace with arose that has a ruby in the middle." she told hem

    "Well I figured that if you liked the roses you would love the necklace. Although there is one more present I have for you." he told her in a romantic way while slowly leaning towards her. She started to lean towards him to. After a while their lips were centimeters apart.

    "I think I know what it is." after saying that she closed the gap.

    She fell of the bed rather hard.

    "Owwww. What happened. Oh yea now I remember." May mumbled to herself.

    "May are you ok?" Drew asked her.

    "Yea Drew I'm fine." she reassured him. When she looked up at him she remembered her dream and blushed.

    "May why are you blushing?" he asked her.

    "Oh, just because of a dream I had." she told him.

    "The same dream you wouldn't tell me about" he asked her.

    "Yea, and I still won't tell you. At least not yet." she told him.

    Then it hit Drew she was still on the ground. He held out his hand.

    "Come on let me help you up." he offered.

    May gladly took it. Drew pulled her up but a little to hard. She fell on top of him and they landed on the ground. May was on top of Drew, she was on her knees, her legs were right beside Drew's legs, her arms were right beside his neck. If some one were to enter the room they would get a lot of wrong ideas. Then Drew did something he thought he would never build up the courage to do. He started lifting his head towards her. She lowered her head in order to make it easier for him. When there lips were only centimeters apart Nurse Joy came in to the room.

    "Oh I'm terribly sorry am I interrupting something?" she said a little shocked.

    "Huh? No! Your not interrupting anything at all!" they practically shouted at her.

    "Ok, May I just wanted to tell you that your fine and can leave when your ready." Nurse Joy told her.

    "Oh ok." May said a little disappointed that she couldn't finish the kiss Drew had almost started.

    'Why did she have to interrupt us right now. I finally got the courage to kiss her but Nurse Joy had to interrupt us.' Drew thought also disappointed.

    After they left the pokemon center they went to the contest hall. The inside was decorated with some Halloween decorations. May and Drew walked up to the registration desk.

    "Hello we would like to enter the pokemon contest." May told the lady at the desk.

    "Ok. Do you have Dark type pokemon. You see only Dark type pokemon are allowed to enter the contest this month. We do that because of Halloween."
    the lady explained.

    "Oh. Ok then in that case I'll enter my Umbreon." May said while giving the lady the contest pass she got at the pokemon center.

    "Ok go through the door to my right. What about you kid?" the lady asked Drew.

    "I'll be in the audience for this contest." Drew told the lady.

    "Then the door on my left is the one you want."She told him.

    A few minutes later the contest started. The MC was a lady about 18 years old. She was wearing blue pants a long with a blue tube top.

    "Hey there every one and welcome to the Lakers city pokemon contest. I'm your MC, Lola! The judges are Mr.Suo, Mr.Kio, and our very own Nurse Joy!" Lola exclaimed with enthusiasm. "Now for our first contestant,
    Ann from La Rousse city in Hoenn." she said.

    'It couldn't possibly be...no way it's been too long there's no way that it's her.' Drew thought. Then a girl with long grassy green hair wearing a yellow shirt and red skirt that went a little above her knees came on stage.'It is her. May is going to have a great challenge. Hopefully May's been practicing.' he thought.

    "Go Gengar! Use shadow ball!" she commanded. A Gengar came out and used shadow ball."Now use night shade, and finsh it with another shadow ball straight up." she commanded. the stage became dim and then a shadow ball came straight up towards the ceiling making the other shadow ball explode and sparkle darkly.

    "Let's see what the judges think." she said.

    "It was nicely done." Mr.Suo said giving an 8.9.

    "It was cleverly used." Mr.kio said giving a 9.3.

    "That was so beautiful." Nurse Joy said giving a 9.5.

    "and her total score is 27.7." Lola told the audience.

    Back stage May was staring in awe.'That looks like something Drew would have done, weird.' she thought.

    After a lot of appeals it was finally May's turn. May walked up to the stage
    and took a deep breath.

    "Go Umbreon. Use shadow ball up towards the ceiling then use psychic to split it openand shoot two more to break them." she commanded. Umbreon shot a shadow ball towards the ceiling and used psychic to split it in half and then a few black sparks came out. Then Umbreon destroyed the shadow ball with two more leaving black sparks.

    "Lets see what the judges think about it." Lola said.

    "Amazing." said Mr.Suo giving her a 9.0.

    "Clever." said Mr.Kio giving her an 8.9.

    "Beautiful." said Nurse Joy giving her a 9.5

    "that means she gets a 27.4." May went back stage and sat there waiting to see if she made it."Now the coordinaters that will go to the second round." Lola said. Then the pictures showed up on a screen. Ann, May, and two other coordinators appeared on the screen.
  6. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    A great start, sapphire fan!
    That was only so short

    Okay, time for wrong spellings! (don't ask me to check the grammar, I can't. XD









    open and

    And remember, use spaces between paragraphs.
    When the thunder bolt reached May she screamed in pain.

    "May! Are you ok?" Drew asked her really worried.

    "Ugh. I'm in a lot of pain. Drew I don't think I'm ok." she answered him. Then she passed out the last thing she saw was Drew's worried face while he picked her up. After that everything went black and she was surrounded in darkness.

    use question mark for question
    What happened?

    I see you made many mistakes with you're to your.
    You're, not your.

    This is a nice fic =)
    Please PM me when the next chapter comes out.
    I hope this helps.
    Keep it up!

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