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Love, Petalburg Style! (345)


In my nightmares
This was a rather humorous one. Silly May and Max blowing things out of proportion.


Norman was very crafty...

And i loved to see his Slaking, it was so powerfull!



WOW! A possible affair in the Pokemon anime?

It would've been hectic if it were only true. I like that they added something so mature to the series. Even if it wasn't true and Norman wanted to surprise Caroline, you have to admit it wasn't something that kids should be learning at such a young age.

For that tasty bit of real life drama, a 9/10


Flip me to the side!
Haha it was hilarious they hinted Norman as a cheater, it was one of these absolutely fun episodes of Hoenn.

Sure it might be an humor younger kids might not get, but at least at the end it turned out to be a confusion and all. Joy happens to be an expert in fireworks and stuff.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
This episode is quite interesting, a bit mature. I thought they would dumb it down before this episode happened when someone mentioned it once.

Of course it was a misunderstanding but for alot of people we do know exactly what was going on, Caroline suspected Norman of cheating on her with Nurse Joy. It's funny how Norman did not understand what they were talking about when they kept saying "Are you that Dense!" it's like Ash who doesn't seem to get it.
It was sweet though at the end when Norman had surprised her.

Also how did Brock know Caroline and Kenny? Ash probably told him about the battle but how could he know them?


Man of Mystery
This was quite an interesting episode.

I like how they went the mature route in this one with the whole Norman cheating with Nurse Joy thing, that's pretty edgy for pokemon. It was pretty funny and the ending was very nice.

Good episode.


Ace Trainer
I don't understand the reason for this episode. All they had to do was show May and Max coming home, see both of their parents and get the gym battle started already. They didn't need to show useless misunderstandings about nothing from which Caroline should have just asked her husband what was going on. This is why people break up over stupid things.


No longer posting
This episode was ok... It was a very odd episode. It was interesting how they thought Norman was cheating, he definitely was doing some very suspicious acts for awhile. It was great to see a Slowking for the 1st time. It was funny to see Caroline become so mad every time Beautifly was mentioned. The fireworks were very cool. It was interesting to see Max and May really blowing the situation out of proportions.



Cute and Creepy!
No communication is what my parents downfall lead to too. I just felt that both could have opened their mouths instead of opening it to other people causing worse things to happen. Stuff like this is where kids shouldn't been invloved. It's not their fault. Even though this is a kids show, the fact of the matter is that it's real. Excuse my ranting, it just hurts sometimes.


A funny episode. Norma's supposed affair was handled rather well with the dub and it would've been a fun thing to watch the fallout if it was true. Of course, that would never happen on this show but it would've been funny.

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Don't Mess wit Texas
This is one of the better episodes of the 7th season. The idea of Norman having an affair makes me giddy. Would be even funnier if "Beautifly" were bleeped at certain moments.


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I thought this whole misconceived idea of this "secret-affair" going on between Nurse Joy and Norman was hilarious. I also loved the humor at this part and how Norman because infuriated when Team Rocket destroyed the original fireworks installation. A really solid prequel to the next gym battle.
I swear, I heard Caroline say "Good Lord!" at one point. I'm not crazy! It's there!
I liked how it was made to seem like Norman was cheating on Caroline with Nurse Joy. Glad it was all just a misunderstanding, though, since that's not really something such a young audience should be learning about in this kind of show.


I screamed when Norman blushed and winked at Nurse Joy. I totally understood why Caroline would be bothered that he was spending so much time with another woman. I liked the part where we saw Norman's Slakoth, Vigoroth and Slaking hanging out in their enclosure as well as seeing the Beautifly-shaped fireworks at the end of the episode.

Mrs. Oreo

I liked how we got to meet Norman's Slakoth and Slaking here and whoa, the subplot about the implied affair between Norman and Joy was awkward hee hee. I'm just glad it was a misunderstanding.


I didn't like Norman's assistant, but I loved the supposed affair thing that every one thought was happening lol. It seemed too mature this show, though.