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Love to a Digi-Friend (Wiz/Gato)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Kutie Pie, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    All right, I'm a bit nervous posting this up here, but I'll be okay. After all, my one-shot survived, so I know this will, too. Well, this is a shipping fic on how Gatomon and Wizardmon met. It might go slow, but I'm not too sure. I added fluff every now and then, but that's about it, nothing more.

    I'm actually planning on doing a trilogy if you want. I got the other two a work in progess, but I just want your opinion on it. And this is a PreDigidestined, meaning this is before (a few years) the Digidestined came and thus starting the series. And I have here a prologue that doesn't make much sense, but it's like the introduction paragraph to an essay, giving you ideas what it may be about (if the title didn't do so). So yeah, it's going to suck.

    Rating: PG for mild peril and language. < - I'm serious about that. Some of you may not remember seeing any swears in my work, but I'm serious about the language, though they're not serious swears.

    And I tried to make it funny, and angsty at the same time. You may not see signs of affection for a while (if not in this story), but if I was to put up the rest of the trilogy (after your opinions, of course) there would be. But not at the moment.

    Disclaimers: I do not own Digimon. I don't remember the person who owns them, but I just remember Bandai ^^;. If I did own them, then why would I be here?

    Hope you enjoy!


    *~* Deji-Tomodachi E Ai *~*

    *~* Prologue *~*


    A powerful word that can either make someone squeal with delight and possibly pass out, make someone agree, or can make someone cry. About the squeals and passing out, it means the person is very familiar with friendship. That one person (whether a boy or girl, young or old) may be popular. Either it was because the person was rich or some other ridiculous way to become popular, or he or she is nice around others. Either way, the friendship is powerful.

    Someone who may agree is just normal, though he or she might not have many friends. Many good folk tend to fall in this category, making it a decent position. Sometimes, though, the person’s friend may have another friend who doesn’t like the person. In other words, they’re not very familiar with each other. Usually though the normal person with few friends may have one who’s popular, but not in the snobby way. Both way, the person has a good life and friendship is normal.

    There are some cases, however, where the word “friendship” and can a person cry. A reason could be is just because they have no friends or did have some, but lost them over the years. Another reason could be the person’s attitude, which plays an important role in friendships. If the person’s attitude is poor, they could make very few or no friends. It all depends on the person if they want to make friends or not.

    A few cases, however, could be because of life at home. A good home provides safety, thus creating a bright attitude. However, there are homes that make the person feel uneasy. If the one in charge of the household is nasty to those living there, a gloomy atmosphere surrounds the individuals. Sometimes, though, the one in charge has it so that no one is cheerful at all.

    That is true for one person who lives not on Earth, but in a place close by, but not seen. The Digital World, as it is named, where creatures called Digital Monsters, Digimon for short, roam free. Many of them have friends like humans do. They have the same feelings and thus can feel emotions. All of the Digimon live in peace in the Digital World except for one, who has never seen the outside world since she was just a Rookie. She has never learned the meaning of friendship due to her life.

    Of course, what would happen if she were to make friends? Her Master would make sure it wouldn’t occur, though friendship is not meant to be kept away. Neither should freedom.

    *~* Chapter One*~*​

    Through out the empty corridor, there was taunting. Gatomon gritted her teeth as she tried hard not to swipe at the ever-annoying DemiDevimon. The dimwitted blue bowling-ball bat wouldn’t shut up after jeering at her. Was it her fault she was yelled at for covering the whole ground floor with flour? It wouldn’t have been had a stupid Bakemon or even Phantomon swooped in the way. She still would’ve gotten into trouble either way. After all, DemiDevimon was being an idiot. HE should be getting the blame.

    “I’ve never seen the boss that angry before!” he whooped, laughing still. “He had you clean the floor while singing that kiddy song!”

    Again, Gatomon fought the urge to smack him with the empty tin bucket. “You should’ve helped, too,” she growled, clenching the handle tightly. “After all, it WAS your fault.”

    He scoffed. “Whatever. Everything’s your fault, never mine.”

    “It’s because you lie a lot.”

    “What! You lie!”

    Again, he told another one of his easy-to-decipher lies. Will he ever shut up? “Just go away. I need to clean myself up.”

    “Fine, Your Highness,” he grumbled sarcastically. “Cats always need to look their best, right?”

    She just grunted and stomped into her room, throwing the bucket into a dusty corner. Damn Myotismon and his cruel punishments he find amusing. With a sigh, Gatomon walked up to her mirror on the wall. Her pure-white fur was covered in off-white flour. Underneath all of it shone bright, sky-blue sapphires she hated. She twitched her large ears when she heard a small thud, probably DemiDevimon. With a grumble, she took of her green gloves, throwing them on her bed.

    Slowly, Gatomon cleaned herself off. It was a good thing she still had a clean washcloth, since she has yet to do the laundry. Otherwise, it was back to the old cleaning way and she didn’t want to do that. Not with that nasty, possibly expired flour on her. She threw it into the bucket and jumped onto her bed. She laid there, staring at the bland ceiling.

    She’s only been in the castle for almost a year, and she still hasn’t gotten used to it. Back when she was a small puppy named Salamon, she had to endure more beatings than she does now. Those nights, she curled up in bed, whimpering with fright, wishing someone could take her away from that monster. That lying cur, how dare he take her into his care. She survived all those years all by herself. She could’ve lasted at least another few years. But what is past is past. Gatomon never did look back to her lonely life. She made a choice and she’ll stick with it forever…

    Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door. She sat up and ran over to open it. When she did, the haunting azure stare of Phantomon met her eyes. Though she backed away briefly, she just glared back. “What do you want?” she hissed, slipping on her gloves.

    “Don’t speak to me in that tone,” he warned her, gesturing to his scythe. “Lord Myotismon wants to see you immediately.”

    Gatomon secretly grew worried as she shuffled out. He only called henchmen to his room just to be punished or worse. Maybe DemiDevimon told another lie about her, the jerk. She hesitated at his door when she reached it, but was pushed inside by the ghoul. She shivered at the spot, staring at the floor. “Come closer, Gatomon,” a calm voice ordered.

    She did as she was told. She glanced up at the Lord Myotismon, shivering even harder as she scooted closer. He was a tall, well-groomed Digimon, but his attitude wasn’t politely accurate. His blonde hair was nicely kept as was his clothes. He had a long, black and red cape with a high collar, a gold bat brooch holding it together. His skin was a pale blue, with his ice-cold eyes peering from behind a red mask. He smirked, showing his dripping fangs. Gatomon quickly glanced down as she bowed. “What is it you wish, Lord Myotismon?” she asked.

    “I want you to do a favor for me,” he said, his hands clasped together.

    She feared it wasn’t going to be pleasant. A few times, she was ordered to execute some disobedient Digimon when Phantomon was gone. Sometimes she was asked to do night watch out in the cold and only once was she asked to be a spy. It went well until DemiDevimon blew her cover. So with a small sigh, Gatomon whispered, “What is it?”

    “It’s about time you went on a mission. So I want you to go persuade the nearest villages there are to join my army,” he explained. “After all, the more henchmen we have, the faster we take over the Digiworld.”

    She nodded. “Of course.”

    “So I want you to go and get the bravest there are. If they don’t cooperate, though, destroy them. You follow me?”

    “Y-Yes, Sire,”

    There was no return answer. Gatomon could sense Myotismon walking up to her, but she stayed in her spot, staring at the floor. When she blinked, she had in her gaze a black boot with a skull on it. She gasped when he picked her up by the cuff. Quickly she scrunched her eyes shut so she wouldn’t look at him. She could smell the bitterness of his breath as she was raised to eye level, hearing him chuckle. “You learn quickly, my pet.”

    Gatomon nodded slowly. “Well, yes, but… I-If you want that army or yours now, then shouldn’t I leave now?”

    “First I want to see your eyes,” he said. “I want to see if they improved yet.”

    “I better not. It’s your rules…”

    “Well I say you should.”

    With a small sigh, she slowly opened them. The satisfied smirk on his face suddenly turned into a frown. He then dropped her onto the ground, turning on his heel back to his desk. “Boss?”

    “You still need some training, but for now, you better leave. And take DemiDevimon along with some Bakemon with you,” he added behind his shoulder.

    Gatomon scowled as she turned away in disgust. She left the room without saying anything else to Myotismon. Outside the door, however, was a smirking DemiDevimon, golden eyes flaring excitedly. She glared evilly at him. “You had something to do with this, didn’t you?”

    He snickered. “Maybe.”

    She just sniffed. “Well, come on. The villages don’t get enslaved by themselves.” Barking at some sleeping Bakemon, she ran for the door to the outside world. She hasn’t been out for a long time, but she could still remember how the outside was like. At least she could now take in the fresh air instead of dusty, decaying castle air.

    “Well? Aren’t you going to do anything?” DemiDevimon snapped, flying next to her. “The nearest village isn’t for a couple of days. We should get going now.”

    “I make the rules here,” she hissed. “Now shut up and get going.” With a huff, she turned away from him and headed down the nearest path. She had some exploring to do.


    “Aw, crap! It’s sunset and I don’t see any buildings except the castle!” the bat complained from above. “Thanks a lot, Gatomon.”

    “Don’t blame me!” she huffed. “You were the one that mentioned we should go down this path.”

    “I’m hungry!” one of the Bakemon whined. “Can’t we have dinner?”

    With a growl, Gatomon nodded. “Tomorrow morning we’ll be heading further down. So go ahead and stuff yourself silly.”

    With squeals of glee, the ghosts flew around the area, greedily stuffing their mouths with anything they could find. DemiDevimon also joined them, sometimes pushing some out of the way. The feline just watched them. She wasn’t feeling hungry at the moment. Maybe after those idiots fall asleep, she could just leave them for the Tyrannomon. She had to do everything herself since Myotismon took her in, after all.

    What did I do to deserve this life? she thought to herself. All I did was just wait around for someone. I just wish I knew who that was…

    “Hey, Gatomon! Aren’t you going to eat something?” the bat asked behind her. “The Bakemon are eating everything pretty quickly.”

    “I’m not hungry. Now leave me alone.”

    “Don’t talk stubborn to me, Prissy!”

    Gatomon swiped at him weakly. “Just leave me alone. I need some rest.”

    “Fine!” He stuck out his tongue rudely and then flew off after the ghosts. She just snorted before turning around, staring blankly at the stars. It was about time she did. Every day, when she was a Nyaromon, she gazed at them, hoping and wishing someone would come. No one ever did, so she gave up on the stars when she Digivolved. Wishing never worked, it never does. It was all a folktale.

    She then saw a shooting star zip by, though it looked like it was mocking her. Maybe, though, it was just urging her to wish once more. Yet, what if it was lying? Wishes never came true, but she believed in dreams. She dreamed she’d be free, free from the clutches of Myotismon. Dreamed she’d live in peace with someone who would always care for her. Though things were bleak at times, she replayed them in her head to make her stronger.

    With a sigh, Gatomon bowed her head, whispering the same wish several times. “I wish I could just find one person to care for me. I don’t care who it is, I just want to be loved.”

    She glanced up at the sky for several more minutes before lying down to sleep. I wish that I can be loved…


    So, how'd it go? I bet the prologue sucks, huh? And if you're thinking "How can this be a Wiz/Gato fic? I don't see that wizard guy anywhere!", don't worry. Wizzie's coming up next chapter. I told you it could be going slow. So just be patient. And I want to know if you want me to do the trilogy by the epilogue. (There are eight chapters, including the prologue and epilogue, so ten in all.)

    See ya next Saturday!

    *Kutie Pie* Please be kind to midgets!
  2. Saphira_Thorn

    Saphira_Thorn Banned

    Hi KP. That was an amazing chapter. I loved the bit where Gatomon roused on DemiDevimon; that was funny. I think you should continue. There weren't any mistakes that I could find, keep up the great work.

    I hope you get my PM.
  3. HyperCyber


    Digimon fans, Unite!
    LOVE IT...
    The prologue was powerful and deep. Especially the opening paragraph. I love the way you set up the stories and characters. Wizardmon's personality is excellent too.

    Overall, great fic.
    hope you update soon!
  4. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    Zip-a-dee-doo-da Zip-a-dee-ay! My, oh my, the fic is updated today!

    YAY, REVIEWERS! *hugs*

    Saphira_Thorn: Hallo, newcomer! Welcome to Serebii! *hugs* The prologue was good? Oh, I didn't think it was, but I'm glad someone likes it. Um, what does it mean, "roused" ^^;? I'm... clueless right now. But otherwise, yeah, DemiDevimon deserves it for being a liar. (I told you I'm trying to make this story humorous, romantic and angst at the same time.) Well, there's one tick for a continuation of the story for the sequel. And yes, dear, I got your PM. I'll read it shortly. Thanks for reviewing! *hugs*

    patrickstar: Like, oh my gosh, it's my favorite member! *hugs* Thankies for making the Digimon shipping thread, it freakin' rocks! Back to topic... another person likes the prologue, whoa. Yeah, I tend to make stories deep for some reason (romantic or not). I'm also proud of the characters as well, I just wish they're my characters -_-. *shrugs* Oh well. And Wizardmon is in this upcoming chapter, and you'll get to see a bit more of his personality. (And after looking over the story a bit, you'll see how the friendship grows and more. Thanks to Wikipedia about Wizardmon and his relationship to Gatomon, I'm proud of this story.) Thanks for reviewing! DIGI-FANS UNITE! *hugs*

    Oog, sorry I haven't updated last week. I would've, but we had a small family emergency dealing with my brother, so I got off (though no one told me to). And the week before that, the computer was freakin' slow, so I didn't post anything. Oy, I'm a terrible person...

    Anyhoo, here's the next chapter! This time, a new character is introduced! *fanfare* Wizardmon, yay! I hope it goes a bit quicker than the last chapter was.

    *~* Chapter Two *~*

    Sharp jabs in her side forced Gatomon to whack the one who was doing it. “Leave me alone,” she grumbled.

    “You’ve got to wake up,” DemiDevimon ordered. “If we want to get to the city faster, we better get going. Now.”

    “Shut up, you.”

    “Want me to kill you? The boss will love me for that.” He gave an evil smirk. “I do have the right to slice you up.”

    “All right, all right!” With a sniff, she sat up, stretching. She took a look around the area, blinking several times. The Bakemon were still snoozing, making DemiDevimon’s attempt to get them up vain. Serves him right. Sighing, Gatomon stood up, walking over to get some berries.

    Why shouldn’t I be celebrating? she thought, gathering a handful. At least I was lucky enough to get a peaceful sleep last night. Surely, I’d be cheerful.

    “Hey, Flea Bag! Hurry up over there, will ya?” the bat called rudely. “We gotta go!”

    “I’m coming!” With a “humph”, she threw the berries into a nearby bush as she stomped back to the others. “You should’ve given me a chance to eat, you know.”

    “Well too bad! You should’ve eaten last night!” Sticking out his tongue, DemiDevimon flew off. She glared after him before running after the others.


    For all of morning and most of the afternoon, the small group trekked long miles searching for a town. Because of DemiDevimon’s poor sense of direction, they ended up getting lost in the forest. It eventually led them to a herd of angry, territorial Tyrannomon. And they were, unfortunately, hungry.

    “Next time, I’m leading the group,” Gatomon panted, resting against a tree after the chase came to a stop.

    “Then we would die next time. Excellent choice,” he said sarcastically. “At least none of us got hurt. Much.”

    “I lost my appetite back there,” one of the Bakemon sighed sadly. “I wish there was a town nearby.”

    “Well, there isn’t. So stop complaining.”

    The feline’s ears perked up as she looked around the tree. Her eyes lit up as she gave a rare smile. “I hear a crowd over there,” she whispered. Ignoring their protests, Gatomon ran off towards the direction of the voices. If there were a group of Digimon talking, there would be a town nearby. She reached a clearing to find a small Gazimon family chatting. They turned around once DemiDevimon was thrown into the clearing with a yell.

    “Hello! Are you lost?” one of the grey, scruffy rabbits asked politely.

    “Uh, yes! We’re looking for a hospital for him!” Gatomon lied, pointing at the bat. “He’s very ill.”


    “Keep going straight and you’ll eventually reach the town,” a taller one explained, pointing ahead. “The hospital is the first building on the far left.”

    “Thank you. Come on, let’s go, you sick bat.”

    “I TOLD you, I’m not sick! LET GO OF ME!” He struggled with the Bakemon, beating his wings vigorously.

    He was ignored as the small group hurried into the town. Upon arrival, DemiDevimon sunk his teeth into the Bakemon to release himself. Gatomon tried hard to ignore his sound of pain as she gazed at the marble buildings. It looked like it was an old town, though almost none of the citizens were as ancient as the buildings. Fuzzy Gazimon and rocky Gatsumon thrived the area, laughing and chatting. It was music to her ears. For the first time in her life, she heard true laughter. It was hearty and lifting, not the cold, hard laughs Myotismon would emit. It was a free town, and she’s going to take it over.

    “Hey, Gatomon! Stop standing around and start doing stuff!” DemiDevimon barked at her.

    She glared up at him. “Give me time, Batboy,” she hissed. “We need to get used to this town.”

    “Batboy? Aw, come on, Gatomon, that hurts!”

    “So what?”

    He just scowled and flew off. The Bakemon stood stupidly around, staring up into the sun. Idiots. With a small sigh, Gatomon trekked through the area, watching the Digimon. Several small Rookies and In-Training Digimon went by, giggling bubbly as they chased each other playfully. She watched them go by sadly. She has never been as playful as a small womon. All she ever did was travel, until Myotismon found her. After that, she’s never known life beyond the iron gates again. As she continued to gaze upon them, one of the In-Training mons looked up at her with big, blue eyes. It gave a big grin, laughed, and bounced away.

    Gatomon felt emptier than before. That little In-Training… It had normal blue eyes. Why couldn’t she be born with those instead of the pair she has? She sighed before continuing onward. She found a small group of Gazimon talking up ahead. “Hey, Gazimon!” she called, not knowing if she was being rude. “Where’s the master of this town?”

    One of them laughed. “Master? We don’t have one. If we did, he’d get that dead Digimon off the streets.”

    “Dead Digimon?”

    “Yeah, down there. You can’t miss it.”

    “You sure it’s dead?”

    “I poked it with a stick for an hour straight! Of course it’s dead!”

    “You only poked it for five minutes,” another corrected.


    Gatomon covered her ears as she ran through the streets. Dead Digimon, huh? Why would it suddenly interest her to know there was a Digimon in the street? She then slowed down when she saw a figure lying on the ground. The Gazimon was right. She frowned as she moved closer. She took note of the sun staff it held in a gloved hand and the skull on the hat. The Digimon then suddenly looked up at her with weary green eyes. She couldn’t help but stare at him before he put his head down again.

    She turned around to face the group standing behind her. “You’re wrong! He’s still alive!” she shouted.

    One scoffed. “So? What’s it to you?”

    “Just give me some water!”

    He rolled his eyes before passing her a bowl of water. Gatomon took it from him with a glare, then knelt down to the Digimon. He looked back up again. “Here. Drink this.” She handed it to him, watching worriedly as he drank as much as he could underneath his hat before passing out.

    Gatomon sighed with relief before turning around to face the surrounding citizens. “Why did you just leave him here to DIE?” she yelled. “You could’ve just helped him, you know!”

    They stared at her with wide eyes before retreating into the buildings with fright. She just glared at them before trying her hardest to lift the fainted Digimon up. That was when she saw a couple of the Bakemon flying around. “Didn’t we pass this building already?” one of them asked the other.

    “I think we did.”

    “Hey, scum bags! Help me out here!” she called.

    “Oh, look! It’s Gatomon! Hey, Gatomon! What’re you doing?”

    She groaned. “What does it look like? I need to take him,” she gestured to the Digimon, “to some shelter. Help me take him into the woods for safety.”

    They grinned before helping, but not before DemiDevimon flew up to them. “Oh, good God, Gatomon, what’re you doing?”

    “I need to take him away from them,” she growled, glancing at a Gazimon. “It seems they’re too lazy to do anything.”

    “I just got us an inn to stay in.”

    “Oh, you’re so generous, Batboy. But I prefer the outdoors.”

    “Since you called me Batboy, then you can sleep outside.”

    “Fine!” Snapping at the Bakemon, Gatomon led the way into the nearby woods. She could feel DemiDevimon’s golden eyes piercing into the back of her head. Before they got far, she heard his voice carry off through the town.

    “I hope you’re happy for what you’ve done!” he shouted. “He’s not going to appreciate you for this! Never!”


    The flames hurt her eyes, but Gatomon continued to stare into them. The Digimon’s been unconscious for a few hours now. It made her wonder if he was now dead. Still, she waited, hugging her knees to her chest. That was when a slight movement caught her eye. The Digimon stirred as he opened his emerald eyes. He sat up briefly as he looked over to her. “D-Did you save me?” he asked wearily.

    “I just couldn’t leave you lying there,” she answered. “You needed help, so I did it.”

    He then started to stand up with the help of his staff. “I should be going then.”

    “Don’t be silly. You’re not strong enough yet to go on your way.” She glanced over to him. It made her wonder how he was still alive wearing all of the clothing. It must’ve been the shade of his large hat. Nevertheless, the baggy off-white suit, small red vest, gloves, a purple cloak and tan-ish boots with crescent moons gave her a second thought. Mostly his blonde hair and a scarf hid his pale gray face.

    “I don’t have anything to give you as a token for saving my life,” he said harshly.

    She returned to the fire. “I don’t want anything,” she muttered. “I wouldn’t have even bothered. Besides…” Gatomon turned back to the Digimon. “You must’ve been very lonely for you to say that.”

    She saw him grip his staff tighter at the comment. “So what if I was?” he grunted.

    “When you’ve been alone for a long time, your heart becomes hard and cold.” She lowered her eyes. “It takes more than just company to soften it. I should know. No one seems to care what I do, so I just keep to myself. It must’ve been the same with you.”

    Gatomon could feel his eyes on her. She shivered slightly. When she glanced up briefly, she noticed how he was gazing into her own. It seemed that underneath all of that harshness, his eyes shone with sadness. It looked like he wanted to change his ways, unlike her. “What’s your name?” he finally asked her.


    “I’m Wizardmon. Thank you for showing some mercy.” He bowed politely, making Gatomon stand up uncomfortably. No one has bowed to her before. She only did to Myotismon even when it wasn’t necessary. Otherwise, she’d get a beating, and she already had more scars than she could count.

    “It’s no big deal. I had to do something. After all, the Gatsumon and Gazimon did nothing to help.”

    “Digimon are like that,” he whispered, hanging his head. “If they do help, though, only a rare handful would do it out of service.”

    She nodded turning back to the fire. Something about Wizardmon made her wish she wasn’t rude. A sick feeling suddenly rose in her chest as she thought of him. “Well, aren’t you glad I came,” she sighed.

    “Why are you here, by the way? You don’t look like a native.” He leaned against his staff, interested in hearing her answer.

    “Erm… n-no reason.” Gatomon looked up to him, just to find him staring at her. She flinched. “Don’t ask what it is.”

    “Sorry if I was trying to intrude,” he apologized. “I was just wondering.”

    “Yeah, like I’m wondering why you’re looking at me like that.”

    “No reason.” She could sense he was smiling behind his scarf. With a sad sigh, she sat back down. Wizardmon cocked his head to one side. “Something wrong? Did I hurt you somehow?”

    She just shook her head, burying her face into her arms. “No. I’m just… tired.”

    “It is getting late. But I’d like to do something for you, first.”

    Her ears perked up as she heard him move towards her. Gatomon looked up to see him crouched close to her height. She almost got lost into his sad eyes, but tore away to glance at his out-stretched hand. Slowly, she put her own hand in his. “Are you ready?”

    She was puzzled. “Uh… I guess.”

    With a nod, Wizardmon jumped up into the air and kept on going. Gatomon gasped in horror as she clung to his clothes with her free hand. He slipped his hand around her waist and held her close to him. He laughed lightly. “You okay?”

    “Huh? Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” she half-lied. “I was just… well… unprepared for this.”

    “You said you were ready.”

    She just sighed as she watched the landscape grow larger in range. “How’re you flying, by the way?” she inquired. “You don’t have any wings. From what I can tell, anyway.”

    “Magic,” was his only reply.

    “Yeah, well-AUUGH!” she suddenly screamed when they darted into a cloud. She slightly grew damp, but it wasn’t as cold and dreary as the fog that surrounded Myotismon’s castle. It was happy and light, along with wet. Her eye twitched when she realized she made a complete fool out of herself, screaming like that. She expected Wizardmon to laugh like how DemiDevimon would. Instead she was brought to his eyes. Looking into them, she could tell he was smiling.

    “You okay, Gatomon?” he wondered, a small chuckle mixed in.

    “Uh… yeah. You just scared me, doing that…” She tried hard not to blush with embarrassment.

    He poked her nose. “Why would I try to hurt you? You know there isn’t anything solid up here.”

    “Except for birds and us.”

    “Yeah, well, I was talking about the clouds. Don’t you know what they are made of?”

    Gatomon’s ears drooped with sadness as she hung her head. She never did learn much as a small Digimon. After Myotismon took her in, all she learned about was the true meaning of darkness. She grew up in it, she lived in it, and she was expected to become it. Without answering, she turned around to gaze up at the moon. She just shook her head. “I’d rather not talk about it,” she finally whispered.

    Wizardmon heard pain in her voice. There was a sign of sadness. What could’ve happened to her to make her this way? Surely it meant being alone all of her life. He softly stroked her head to calm her down. “It’s all right,” he said. “You’re not ready to speak. I understand.”

    She closed her eyes, feeling most of her pain wash away. He understands, huh? How could he? He wasn’t beaten day and night all his life. Henchmen didn’t hiss at him about his eyes. How could he understand her pain? Tears fell like raindrops from her eyes down to earth as she replayed her past in her mind. Why must I suffer like this? she thought. What did I do to deserve this? If only I can just have at least one day of freedom from that… that monster. Then maybe… things will get better.

    I hope…


    Random Wiz/Gato fluff :3 (though they just met XD).

    I think that was a little bit better, wasn't it? (6 pages on Microsoft Word, progress XD!) And as a small author's note, "womon" and "mon" is used (for them) what their gender is. So, basically, "womon" is saying "she", and saying sometimes "woman" (unless that's what it is, oops), depending on how it's used. And "mon" is for the guys. Got that from a fic I read, yeah... And they also use it for Angewomon, but she's not going to be mentioned for a LOOOONG time. Not in this fic, but at the end of the next one and maybe (I haven't gotten that part yet ^^;, heh) in the third story (where it looks like the rating's up to PG-13 now, heh, though this and the sequel's PG). And I'll hopefully get this finished in March and (hopefully, I promised before, but never did get around to it) get the sequel up in the summer. (But thanks to Writer's Block, it may not happen ><.)

    So yeah. And as a reward for waiting... *throws cake to everyone* CAKE! Just use your imagination*does imaginary rainbow and pupils dilate* and it'll be your favorite type! :p I'm weird.

    See you next week!

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    "batboy"? That REALLY hurts... :D
    Another excellent chapter, as always. A lot of light humour, which is always nice. And the ending is great, as you portraited Gato's emotions so well!

    Don't worry if you are not getting a lot of reviews. Saddly, its always the sh*t that gets the most recongition while worth reading fics like this one gets ignored. You will always have me as a fan. =D

    Hope you update soon!
    (Btw, did you download the Drama CD i uploaded. The natsu e no tobira? If you didn't, ill give you the links. For I would like to listen to your feelings on it!"

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    Me too. I absolutely loved this chappie. Wizardmon!! Yay!!! You're doing excellently, KP. 'Roused' is just another word for 'spoke severely to'.
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    Not being updated, since I didn't think the second chapter would get up, so I'm replying to reviews until I get the third chapter of the story on my mother's laptop. (Long story, I'll explain at the end.)

    patrickstar: 'Sup? *hugs* Yup, "Batboy" DOES hurt, and he's going to be called that from now on. Even in the sequel, muah ha ha... Light humor... And I'm glad I got Gatomon's emotions down well. I always try to make them like the show. And I'm used to not getting a lot of reviews, so I'm fine with that. And I haven't downloaded the thing yet (stuff like that killed the other computer), so I won't be able to, sorry. I REALLY want to, but I can't. Thanks for reviewing! Yay, fan! *glomp*

    Saphira-Thorn: Hiya! *hugs* Yayz, Wizzie, the bestest character played by the bestest Japanese voice actor! So that's what roused meant. Thought it meant to get up sluggishly XD. And thank you, I try my best. Thankies for reviewing! YAY, 'NOTHER FAN! *glomp*

    Okay, as I was saying... the other computer died (after recovery system was done) along with the story that I copied onto from me laptop (old DX!) and all of my drawings I was doing for DeviantArt, nuuu...;_;. And so, mom let's us go on her laptop every now and then, but not for long. So, the next time I'm allowed on, I'll re-type chapter three for HOPEFULLY this weekend, since I'm not allowed on Serebii during the weekdays, lol.

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    For those who may not know the rules very well, this is an update, not a double-post.

    Well, I finally got the chapter up on my mother's laptop. Had to make changes here and there, but it was worth it. So while my parents are gone and I still have time, here's chapter three!

    And just to warn you, it gets a bit fluffy in some parts between Wizardmon and Gatomon. Especially at the end.

    Well, enjoy!

    *~* Chapter Three *~*

    “You sure she’s still asleep?”

    “I think so. Otherwise she’s dead. Wonder what that wizard guy did.”

    Gatomon’s eyes snapped open when she felt her tail getting yanked. With a yelp, she startled the two Bakemon near her. They screamed running off to hide, but the ghosts slammed into a tree together. After calming down, she hissed. “What do you want?”

    “DemiDevimon sent us here to check on you,” one responded, blinking. “Is there something in my eye?”


    “Okay. Well, he wants you back soon.” With a wave, the Bakemon glided back to town. She sneered at their backs and turned to face the fire. Only small flames remained, but it was enough so that Wizardmon was fixing something in a frying pan. She sighed to herself as she fell back with a thump.

    “That must’ve hurt,” he said.

    “Nah, it doesn’t,” she half-lied. “I’m a little numb right now.”

    “No wonder. You clonked out last night and it didn’t look like you felt those Bakemon poking you.”

    “Did you stop them at all?”

    “Tried my best, but they ignored me.” He turned to her with a shrug, eyes smiling. Gatomon just blinked before gazing away. She hated it when he looked at her. No one ever did look into her eyes, so why should he?

    “Well, it was nice of you to try,” she grumbled in thanks.

    “Is something wrong, Gatomon?”

    With a sigh, she shook her head. “It’s nothing. I just have to leave soon.” Another lie. When was she going to stop and tell the truth? Wizardmon could possibly be her ticket out of Hell.

    “I figured you would,” was his sad response. “You a traveler as well?”

    “No. I’m just a vacationer.” Stop lying and tell the freakin’ truth! she chided to herself.

    “I thought you didn’t want to tell me.”


    “Hey, Prissy! Are you up yet?” a rude, raspy voice called.

    With a groan, Gatomon sat up, turning towards DemiDevimon. Before she could speak, Wizardmon started. “That’s a rude friend you got there.”

    “He’s not a friend. I’m up, gosh! Just wait!”

    “I’m not very patient,” the bat grumbled. “And who’s that you got? Doesn’t look promising for Myo-”

    “What’re you talking about, DemiDevimon?” she interrupted nervously. “Of course he is!”

    “Then who is he?”

    “Wizardmon! He’s an old friend of mine!”

    The two mons raised their brows, glancing at each other with confused looks before DemiDevimon shrugged. “Whatever. Now hurry it up, we’re heading off to the square!” With another suspicious look at Wizardmon, he flew off. The two were silent for a few minutes, Gatomon staring at the ground, embarrassed.

    “An old friend, huh?” he finally asked. “I just barely got to knowing you.”

    “I’m a bad liar, so just ignore me if we see each other again,” she quietly said, walking off still with her head down.

    “You’re leaving already? I just made us breakfast.”

    “I’m not hungry.” She ignored the empty churning in her stomach as she lied. “Besides, DemiDevimon got us an inn, so I’ll eat there probably.”

    “Wait, Gatomon!” Wizardmon called. “Stop!”

    “I can’t stop, I have to go. Good-bye, Wizard-O-O-OW!” With a cry of pain, she held her paws to her face. Her nose was throbbing with pain after being smashed against a tree. It didn’t feel broken, but she noticed small drops of blood on the ground to know it was bleeding. Gatomon fell to her knees in agony, trying to keep in the tears. Don’t cry, she kept telling herself. Crying just goes to show you are weak like Myotismon said.

    In a sweet moment, she found herself in the hands of Wizardmon. He didn’t have her in a vice grip like how Myotismon would, but it was gentle enough for her to move. She opened her watery eyes to meet his gaze. “Are you okay?” he questioned anxiously. “Have you been injured?”

    Gatomon still kept her paws on her face when she shook her head. “I’b vine.”

    “It sounds like you hurt your nose. Are you sure?”

    She nodded quickly, though the drops of blood gave it away. She tried to walk off, but he kept her near him. By surprise, he took her hands and pulled them away. “It’s not too bad,” he announced. “Here, close your eyes.”


    “Trust me, Gatomon.”

    With a shaky sigh, she obeyed, scrunched her eyes shut. She breathed through her slightly-opened mouth as she waited. It took only a few moments before she felt almost light in weight. It wasn’t like she was going through water, though it felt like it was washing over without getting her wet. A tingling sensation crept into her skin when her nose cleared up. Slowly, she raised a paw to her face. It didn’t hurt any more and she could breathe properly.

    Gatomon opened her eyes to see his own smiling. “What happened?” she breathed.

    “I healed you.”

    “By magic?”

    He nodded, mussing up the fur on her head. She hissed softly, backing away. “I don’t like being touched,” she growled. “Now if you excuse me, I need to be going.”

    Wizardmon was silent as he watched her go sadly. She felt his eyes at the back of her head, making her run. Something at the back of her mind, however, made her rethink about her actions. She never did thank him for healing her injuries, but most of all, she was rude. Yes, she hated it when the henchmen touched her, but she should’ve at least told him about her pet peeve.

    The trees blurred into buildings when she blinked. Looking back, Gatomon tried to see if Wizardmon followed her. No one did. DemiDevimon’s shouts made her turn back to the town. He was yelling at a few Bakemon, particularly because they got themselves lost. She shook her head, stomped up to them and swiped at the bat. “Hey, what’d you do that for?” he snapped.

    “You’re being an idiot,” she replied. “Now come on, we have a town to take over.”

    “About time! Let’s go take over the inn, first. The rooms are terrible!”

    “You should’ve slept outside, then.”

    “With that wizard guy there? No way! Haven’t you learned anything?”

    She raised a brow. “What?”

    He groaned. “Haven’t you learned not to hang out with anyone else, even if they’re your friends?”

    Gatomon scoffed. “He wasn’t a friend. I JUST said that to get you out of my way.”

    One of the Bakemon raised a hand. “Hey, can I say something?”

    The two turned to him. “What is it?” DemiDevimon demanded.

    “Well,… yesterday, or was it last night, I can’t remember… Anyway, I couldn’t help but gaze up at the sky. After all, I’ve never seen the stars so bright and pretty, along with the moon.”


    “Well, as I was staring at the sky, I thought I saw something go by, whizzing through the clouds…”

    The feline froze, trying hard not to show her fear. Oh no! What if he saw Wizardmon and me?

    “…and that was when I remembered I had forgotten to bring something along for the trip,” the ghost finished. “Can’t remember the item, though.”

    She sighed with relief, attracting her companions’ attentions. “What was that for, Prissy?”

    She scowled at DemiDevimon. “None of your business.” With a “humph”, she walked into the town square. Nearly all of the town’s population was within her sight, completely unaware of their new future. She cleared her throat and cried unto them, “Citizens of Gazi-Gatsu! I’m here today to ask of you if you are willing to join an army, led by the powerful and merciful Myotismon!” It’s a fat lie, they aren’t going to fall for it, she told herself.

    “She speaks the truth!” the bat called out. “If you join, you’ll have a better life, plus for a limited time, you can get a T-Shirt. But if not, you shall all perish in a blazing inferno known as… FIERY HELL OF DEATH!” he roared, striking a form of pose in midair.

    The citizens rolled their eyes, several laughing at his foolish act. He scowled, snapping at several Bakemon. “Hey! Where’s my Fiery Hell of Death?”

    “You didn’t order one before we left,” one said. “Nor did you get T-Shirts.”

    “What are T-Shirts?” asked another.

    Gatomon sighed, shaking her head. She walked off through the crowded streets, trying hard to replace her lies with the truth. Merciful indeed. If Myotismon was, she wouldn’t be at this godforsaken town. She knew no Digimon that was merciful. In fact, there had to be no known Digimon. None…

    She paused immediately at the thought. Wizardmon… she had saved him. That was mercy, right? And having him heal her was as well, it seemed. But how can it be? He was a loner, and Digimon like him tend to be anti-social. They wouldn’t have cared if someone had gotten a bloody nose or was dying of heat exhaustion. What made her save him in the first place? And why did he suddenly have a change of heart?

    Without thinking, Gatomon ran back the way she came towards the woods. She ignored the arguing Bakemon and DemiDevimon as she passed, though they didn’t seem to notice. She had to see him again. And she had a feeling he was the same way.


    “Crap! I know I’ve seen this tree before!” she growled. It was useless. Gatomon had been in the woods for a while now, searching for Wizardmon. There was no sign of him, not even the campsite. Maybe she was right. Loners tend to stay in one spot for a short amount of time. And, if he was one, he must’ve left a while ago. Strangely enough, she found herself empty just thinking about it. He’s… gone… perhaps forever. She’s never going to see him again…

    Gatomon’s knees suddenly grew weak. She stared blankly at the ground, tears threatening to flow down her face. What was wrong with her? This has never happened, even when she was beaten. Her ears drooped, throat clogged up, she fell onto all fours, and her heart hurt. The tears then trickled in small rivulets to her chin. What is wrong with me?

    A gentle gloved hand touched her shoulder softly. She gave a gasp, turning around to meet with Wizardmon’s jade eyes. “Is something wrong, Gatomon?” he inquired worriedly.

    She smiled slightly. “Nothing,” she lied. “Why are you here, still? I thought you traveled.”

    He shrugged. “I’m not in the mood yet. And I thought you went home.”

    The sentence ached her heart even more, making her frown. Home? What home? Isn’t home supposed to be filled with safety, love, and dreams instead of punishments, hatred, and nightmares? She just pushed it all away to the back of her mind. “I am, but we’re not finished packing and all that. I finished early and got bored, so I’m here.”

    “Why were you crying, then?”

    Gatomon realized she still had tears sliding down her face and quickly wiped them away. “No reason.”

    He just stared at her, as though trying to read her soul. She shivered, turning away. Wizardmon was making her too uncomfortable, yet joyful. She hated the way he looked at her, yet enjoyed being in his sight. Why can’t she make up her mind? “What’s wrong, Gatomon?” he questioned. “I’m not leaving until you tell me.”

    Leaving… leaving where? Somewhere far away wherever he traveled? Still staring at the ground, she shrugged. “Just one of your one-of-these-days problems.” Well, at least she’s telling part of the truth.

    “What seems to be the problem?” Wizardmon sat down next to her, folding his arms. “Is that bat creature bothering you again?”

    “Sort of.”

    “What is it, then?”

    But Gatomon shook her head. “I can’t tell you. I really shouldn’t.”


    She glanced up into his eyes to see he was pleading for the truth. It seemed he wanted to help her. What was wrong with this mon? He should’ve just left already instead of hanging around, waiting for her to spill out her life’s secrets. She couldn’t help but stare back. “I rather not,” she whispered. “It’ll give you nightmares.”

    Wizardmon didn’t respond back, he just returned the stare. With a scowl, Gatomon gritted her teeth. “Stop staring at me like that,” she hissed.

    “I’m not,” he said.

    “Yes, you are.”

    “I’m just waiting for you to tell me.”

    “No, you’re not.”

    “Am I the type of Digimon that would lie?”

    She blinked. “I, uh, don’t know.”

    The elf poked her nose. “You blinked. You have to tell me. Now.”

    Her jaw dropped. It was a staring contest and she fell for it! She should’ve known, seeing as she and DemiDevimon would do it to decide on who would do a certain chore. Gatomon usually won them. She fumed. “I’m not telling,” she huffed, turning away. “Now if you excuse me, I’m heading back.”

    “That’s not where you came from,” he pointed out.

    She screamed in frustration, hands clenching into fists, and stomped up to Wizardmon. “Can you stop being a smart-aleck and leave me be?!” she yelled.

    He just shrugged. “If you want.”

    “Of course I do!”

    “You’re cute when you’re angry, you know that?”

    Gatomon, though a bit red in the face, felt pink coming to her cheeks. “Shut up! I do not!”

    “Suit yourself.”

    “Now can you go away? I need to be by myself.”

    “Why is that? Why’d you choose to be a loner?”

    She glared at him. “Why did you?” she retorted.

    A sad look suddenly flickered into Wizardmon’s eyes. He gazed down at his hands. “I just… hated Digimon,” he muttered.

    Gatomon felt terrible at once. Whenever she retorted at the other henchmen they’d get revengeful, but never this upset. It seemed she could see the pain he was going through just by looking at him. How could anyone hate Digimon if they hung around with many? And what could’ve happened to make him believe in that?

    With a small sigh, she sat down next to him. “I chose to be a loner, because… well…” Taking a deep breath, she started again. “When you’re alone, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt. No one can hunt you down to torture you. I was a small Rookie then, and I’ve seen others get hurt before, even killed. I didn’t want that to happen to me, so I decided to… be a loner.”

    She felt tears come to her eyes. That was the truth. She tried her very best to stay locked up in her quarters to avoid Myotismon. But nearly everyday she’d make the mistake of leaving and run into him.

    “Salamon, you haven’t been doing your chores. Where were you?”

    “I-I was doing them. It’s just that the Bakemon are up to their tricks again, and-”

    “Enough lies! You need to be punished for this.”

    “Wait, please!


    Gatomon flinched at the memory, noticing how she was shaking slightly. Myotismon always saw through her lies. Even DemiDevimon’s, but he was rarely ever punished, unlike her. She wasn’t sure why, but she was hated by him. Wizardmon gently placed his hand on her head, bringing her out of her thoughts. She looked up to him, gasping slightly when his hand rose to her face. She didn’t realize she was crying until he wiped away her tears.

    “Gatomon, I would never hurt you,” he promised in a quiet tone. “Whoever has been doing that is a coward and shows no respect for anyone. You don’t let this fear take you over, okay?”

    She nodded slowly as she was pushed into a hug. “A-All right. I’ll do that,” she whispered into his clothes. “I promise.”

    Okay, there you go! Told you it was fluffy. Now, for being good, patient folks, here's some cookies! *tosses like Frizbee* O_O Oops. Err, that was the only way I could toss very far without having it crash to the ground and break.

    I'm hoping to have chapter four up by next week, so hang tight! I PROMISE you this chapter's a good one.

    Well, see you next chapter! To quote the old guy from Monty Python...


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    Ohhh, how sweet. You're doing an excellent job, KP. Wizardmon's right, Myotismon IS a coward and a bully, too.
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    Yayz, update!

    Oog, I'm bad at this. It seems I might only update every two weeks (though I'm supposedly grounded for my grades). But anyhoo...

    Saphira_Thorn: Hiya! *hugs* Heh, thank you. I had to make that part emotional, huh? And yes, all bullies must DIE! *stabs Myotismon* And cowards who hurt other people for their own evil purposes! *stabs fugitives from America's Most Wanted plus Myotismon* *evl laughter* Well, thanks for replying, dear! *hugs*

    Well, we're (almost) half-way through. I'm not sure how good this chapter is, so I'll leave the judging to you. Hope you enjoy!


    *~* Chapter Four *~*

    “Crimson Lighting!”

    Gatomon yelped in pain when she was slammed into the wall several times. She believed the beatings would stop once she Digivolved, but they didn’t. They just got worse. With one last smack with the whip, she fell to the floor. “I hate those eyes,” Myotismon growled. “I thought you would’ve learned by now not to look at me.”

    She coughed out drops of blood, weakly picking herself up. “I-I’m sorry, L-Lord Myotismon,” she choked out. “I promise not to do it again.” Once more, the vampire struck across her cheek, cutting it open to add more blood stains to her fur. She screamed.

    “That didn’t sound like a sincere promise!” he roared. “I want you to vow never to break any of my rules! NOW SWEAR!”

    “I-I swear… to never l-look at you…”


    “Gatomon! Gatomon!”

    “NO! PLEASE DON’T, MASTER!” she cried out. “DON’T HURT ME ANYMORE!”

    “Gatomon, wake up!”



    With a gasp, Gatomon’s eyes shot open. She stared up at Wizardmon, gasping for breath. She touched her cheek to see if anything happened to it. Nothing did, but she could still feel that old scar. “W-What happened?”

    “Are you okay, Gatomon?” he asked, feeling her forehead. “You were screaming and tossing in your sleep.”

    “I did?”

    He nodded. “You look feverish.”

    She pushed his hand away, groaning. “I’m fine, Wizardmon. I get these dreams often. It’s nothing.”

    “Are you sure? Talking about it will make you feel better.”

    “I’m fine.”

    “Gatomon, just tell me.”

    “NO! GOD, WIZARDMON, QUIT PESTERING ME!” she yelled, wanting to strike him.

    Wizardmon closed his eyes sadly. “I’m sorry,” he apologized in a small voice. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” He got up, walked back over to where he slept and laid down, his back towards her. Gatomon scowled slightly and tried to go back to sleep. But no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t. Her words replayed over and over in her head, screaming. It bothered her, strangely enough. Though she yelled at the henchmen, she never felt remorse for them.

    So why Wizardmon?


    The next morning, the two ate their breakfast in silence, both keeping their gazes away from each other. Gatomon was still nagged about the previous night, though she tried to store it away. It made her a bit sick, so she pushed away the rest of her food and walked off to wash herself up. Maybe getting away from Wizardmon would help her feel better, from what she decided.

    She knelt down by the water’s edge, staring at her reflection. She didn’t get enough sleep last night after the nightmare and her yelling. With a sigh, Gatomon slowly washed up, wondering if DemiDevimon already succeeded at taking over Gazi-Gatsu. If he did, then they would be able to leave shortly, hopefully leaving her pain behind.

    Looking back in the water, the feline saw the reflection of Wizardmon behind her. She bit her lip as she turned to face him, keeping her eyes down. “How are you this morning?” he greeted her gently.

    Gatomon was expecting him to be angry, not calm. But she just sighed and shrugged. “A little better, I guess.”

    He was silent when he washed up as well. She watched him with curiosity. He wasn’t what many would call handsome, what with his ratty clothes and pale gray skin, but something about him was admiring. That was when she noticed something gleaming in his blonde hair. Upon closer look, it looked like a ring with strange writing inscribed in it she couldn’t read. She blinked. “What’s that in your hair?” she queried.

    Wizardmon looked up in confusion, reached behind his head and laughed. “Oh, that! I’m not too sure, actually. I’ve had it as long as I can remember. I have a feeling it has something to do with spells.”

    “Have you bothered to read the writing on it?”

    “Nah. My cloak has the same symbols on it, but I don’t sit around, reading what it says, do I?” He winked, making Gatomon uneasily look away.

    “I was just wondering.”

    With a shrug, he stood up. “Is it just me, or is it that same bat again?”

    Groaning, the cat turned around to glare at an approaching DemiDevimon. “What do you want? Are the Bakemon missing again?”

    “What? No, I’m just wondering when you’re going to come back!” He scowled at Wizardmon. “You’re still hanging around with him?”

    “So? Think I care?”

    He just snorted. “Well, come on! We need to get going!” The bat sneered before flying off again. Gatomon sighed, turning around to face the elf.

    “Looks like I’m going this time,” she muttered.

    “Think we’ll see each other again?” he hoped, gazing at her sadly.

    She just shrugged. “It’s a possibility, but I’m not too sure. There’s millions of Digimon out there. I’m not sure if I’ll meet you or a look-alike.”

    “I doubt I have a copy out in the world.”

    “You never know. There’s many Gatsumon, Bakemon, Gazimon, you name it.”

    He walked up closer, placing his hand on her head. “But there’s only one of you,” he corrected. “Even if there is another Digimon like you, you’re the one I’ll recognize. After all, everyone has their own uniqueness.”

    “Even DemiDevimon?” she grumbled.

    “Yes, even him.” With a smile, Wizardmon gave her a small hug. “I’ll see you around.”

    She just nodded before stepping away, head down. “Guess I’ll… see you.”

    He agreed. “Yes. But I’m sure going to miss those eyes…”

    Gatomon gasped, looking up at him. “W-What?”

    “What is it?” Did I say something wrong?”

    The feline was suddenly afraid of Wizardmon. What did he mean he was going to miss her eyes? He wasn’t like Myotismon, was he? She whimpered slightly, backing away from him until she met up with a tree. As he worriedly moved closer to her, she tried to run off, but her legs only shook at the spot. With a gasp, Gatomon shut her eyes when he bent down to her height. “What’s wrong, Gatomon?”

    “D-Don’t look at me,” she demanded. “I don’t want you to get any nightmares.”


    “Just go away!” she continued. “Save yourself from me!”

    “I’m not leaving,” Wizardmon said stubbornly. “Now tell me what’s wrong.”

    “NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!” By a sudden reflex, she raised a paw and swiftly clawed at him, striking his exposed cheek. She briefly opened her eyes to peek at him. He only had a shocked look on his face, nothing else. The wound didn’t look deep, though blood oozed out in three different streams. She sobbed. “W-Why are you still here? A-Aren’t you… a-afraid of me?”

    Without a response, he slowly raised his hands to her face. She placed her own on his, pressing them against her cheekbones. “Gatomon, what happened?” he whispered. “Why are you so determined to keep away from me?”

    Gatomon choked on her answer. “A-Aren’t my eyes s-supposed to be ugly?”

    Wizardmon frowned, shaking his head. “Why would I think that? Who put that horrible thought in your head?”

    She wailed. “My Master!”

    “Who is your master?”

    “I can’t tell you!”

    “Gatomon, you can’t be stubborn so much. Please, I want to help you.”

    “NO, GO AWAY! YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN BE LOOKING AT ME!” In vain, the feline tried to push him away, struggling. He kept a good, gentle grip on her, refusing to take his eyes off her. She soon gave up, collapsing into his arms and weeping quietly. He calmly rubbed her back, trying to settle her down with little success.

    “Gatomon, are you ready to tell me?” he asked softly.

    “Not right now,” she sobbed. “I will later.”

    “I thought you were going home.”

    “Home? What home? I don’t have one, unless you called it Hell.”

    Wizardmon shook his head, holding her tight. “Of course not.”

    “And the real reason I’m here is because of my job,” she resumed. “I’m not proud of it, but I have to.”

    “Tell me later tonight. I can tell it’s too personal to be told in broad daylight.”

    Gatomon sniffled with a nod. She pulled away from his arms, gazing up at him with watery pools. He raised a hand meekly to her face, brushing his fingers against her cheek. “I’ll se you later,” she muttered before turning away to walk into town.


    What have I done? The thought about slavery being forced on the small town continued to scream in her head. I’ve become what Myotismon wanted me to be. I took over Gazi-Gatsu by force.

    Gatomon slowly walked into the thicker wood, cold sweat on her forehead. She couldn’t believe what happened. It had all gone by in a blur after she stepped foot into town. DemiDevimon had flown up to her, saying how Myotismon was getting impatient. She feared she’d get punished and never see Wizardmon again. So she gave in to her dark side where everything just went blank. Next thing she knew, the whole town was enslaved.

    I’ve turned into a monster. I can’t let Wizardmon see me like this!

    “Gatomon! What happened to you?!” a masculine voice cried out.

    With a shuddering gasp, Gatomon collapsed, landing in Wizardmon’s arms. Her shoulders shook with violent sobs as her tears flowed out heavier that they have, clogging her throat up. She glanced up at him, noticing how he only cleaned the wound so it wouldn’t bleed. Without knowing it, her hands grasped his shoulders. “S-Save me,” she choked out.


    “Please… I need your help.”

    “You’re starting to get feverish, Gatomon,” he said, feeling her forehead. “Why don’t you calm down and tell me later.”

    She just shook her head. “No. It’s about time I did.”

    Wizardmon had to agree. If he wanted to help Gatomon, she needed to tell him her story, no matter how long. “Okay. If you’re ready, we’ll hear it tonight.”


    Gatomon sat nervously by the fire, staring into the flames, Wizardmon watching worriedly from beside her. With a sigh, she started. “My whole life… I remember waiting for her.”

    “For whom?”

    “I can’t remember, it’s been so long ago,” she admitted, shaking her head. “All I know is, that once I hatched, I had to wait for someone. I was alone for years, waiting. That was it. Though sometimes a few Digimon attacked me, I stood strong. It wasn’t until I Digivolved to Salamon that I began searching. I couldn’t help but believed everything I was told.

    “One day, I was getting tired and was looking for a place to rest. I wandered further into the dark wood until bats appeared. I was frightened, seeing them gather like that. That was when I saw a shape form and he appeared before me. He promised me a home where I could be taken care of. Because of his generosity, I decided to follow him.”

    There was an awkward pause as Gatomon tried to find the correct words to use. When she finally did speak, her voice was cracking. “H-He… was a monster,” she whispered. “He did not care for me at all. He just wanted me as his… slave. Day and night, I was tortured so he could see the hope in my eyes fade to hatred. That was the only reason he… b-beat me. It was just because of my eyes. A-And… I just… gave in.”

    Without warning, she bawled, covering her face with her paws. The pain didn’t leave like she hoped it would. The memories just came back sharper than before. She almost died at that place, and now she acted like she was used to it. Wizardmon pushed her into a hug where she clung onto him. “Oh, Wizardmon! I can’t stand living at that place anymore!”

    He placed his hands on her shoulders, slightly pushing her away to gaze into her eyes. “Don’t go,” he suggested in a whisper.


    “Don’t go back,” he repeated. “If you stay at that place any longer, you could die.”

    “But… Wizardmon, you don’t understand!” she shouted. “Myotismon always finds those he lost! If I were to run off, I’d get caught within days! I can’t escape from him!”

    “Freedom is worth trying, Gatomon. I will even help you achieve it.”

    Her bottom lip quivered. “Y-You sure?”

    He nodded. “I’ll do everything in my power to protect you. Even if it means dying in the progress.”

    Gatomon smiled. “Thank you for your offer, but… why are you doing this?”

    Wizardmon was silent for a few minutes while he gazed at her. With a small sigh, he said, “Friends are always there for each other.”

    Her eyes widened. Friends? When did that happen? And how was that supposed to work? She’s never had a friend in her life. Myotismon never allowed it. But she ignored it and the tear that slid down her face. “Thank you. I won’t forget this.” With a small sob, she hugged him again.

    For the first time, the hope inside her flared up again.


    There was little of the crescent moon out due to an incoming storm, but it was just barely enough to shine on two shadowy figures slipping into town. Gatomon peeked around the corner to see the enslaved citizens. Many of them were chained up and forced to sleep outside, some Bakemon guarding them. Nodding, she and Wizardmon ran off to the nearest Digimon.

    “Lightning Paw!” she exclaimed in a hushed whisper, breaking the shackles off the Gazimon.

    Unfortunately, one of the now-freed Digimon woke up from the attack and stared at her. “What’s going on?” he asked a bit too loudly. The Bakemon nearby jolted awake and noticed her standing there.

    “Hey, what are you doing here?” he barked, floating over to her. That was when off to the side, a fiery, orange sphere slammed into his face, making the ghost fall flat onto the ground. With a groan, he sat up. “Oog, what was I doing again?” he muttered, holding his head.

    “Freeing the citizens here,” Wizardmon explained, walking up to a surprised Gatomon.

    “Oh, yeah! Hi, Gatomon.” The Bakemon then went up to a few Gatsumon, using his Zombie Claw to free them.

    The feline slowly turned to the wizard. “How’d you do that?”

    He shrugged. “I’m not too sure, actually. But it doesn’t matter, right? Now come on, we still need to finish up here.”

    For a few minutes, the two (plus several other brain-washed Bakemon) kept breaking the shackles on each citizen until there was a loud crash. Gatomon saw that one of them fell asleep in midair and slammed sharply onto a stand. And they were unfortunately near the inn. “What the hell? What’s going on out there?” DemiDevimon’s voice came from the window.

    “Magical Game!” Wizardmon broke the last remaining shackles by summoning blue lightning from his sun staff. “Run, Gatomon!”

    “Hey, what’re you idiots doing out there?” The bat poked his ugly face out the window to see two figures running off. He recognized only one of them. “HEY! GATOMON, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!”

    Gatomon held tightly to her friend’s hand as he leapt up into the air. She looked back to see DemiDevimon tumble out the window and the Bakemon grinning goofy smiles as they waved. “Boy, doing the right thing is wonderful, isn’t it?” one of them asked the others.

    “You can’t run forever! Myotismon will capture you two!”

    “Don’t listen to him,” Wizardmon advised, tightening his grip. She nodded a little too late. DemiDevimon was right, they couldn’t run forever. Myotismon always found what was lost. When she heard a faint crash of thunder, she was reminded about the beatings she received for “misbehaving”. Both her and Wizardmon would get whipped if they were both caught.

    It was a matter of time before Gatomon felt more than just raindrops on her face as they flew further on. The tears of hope she had a while ago had now turned to tears of fear.

    Yay, they ran away together! *does happy jig, is whacked*

    Okay, I know it sucked at the rescuing, but I'll make it up here on te next chapter. It's a special chapter that will need translating (Don't look at e like tha!). Because of that, I'll be giving you a link to the English (and Japanese) lyrics. But you'll have to wait until the next update, which is I don't know when.

    I'll give you a clue, though: The song is from the show, and it's sung by the Japanese voice actor of Sora Takenouchi. Can you guess? (Hey, who said you could look DX? j/k)

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    Again, nice work as always. ONe thing I'm REALLY impressed with your writing style is that none of your character are way too OC. Gatomon and Wizardmon both had the same personalities they had in the anime. I like the "dream" part, it intensified the story a bit, which is nice.

    Hope to see more work form you.
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    patrickstar: Yay, you're back! *hugs* -^.^- Heh, thanks. I try my hardest to keep other characters I didn't create the way their meant to be. None of the "Zomg, let's go party like heck!" or "I'ma charging mah hyperbeam" nonsense. Everything's normal. With the exception of intense situations like the dream (which I made in, like, five minutes ^^; heh). Thank you for replying! *hugs*

    Okay! Now, the chapter you've all been waiting for! The lyrics are here for your enjoyment. Hope you all got the link to the song!



    *~* Chapter Five *~*

    “That was some storm last night,” Wizardmon said the next morning. “Luckily I knew the area so we could take refuge here.”

    Gatomon just nodded as she looked out the mouth of the small cave. She gazed over in the direction they fled from, wondering if DemiDevimon, the Bakemon, or even Myotismon was following them. She just hoped Phantomon wasn’t with them. That Digimon had a strong taste for blood next to the vampire himself. He wasn’t hesitant to attack and kill. “Where will we go now?” she asked in a hushed voice. The elf took a while to answer. “Wherever they won’t find us.”

    “You don’t understand! You heard DemiDevimon! We can’t escape from him, ever!”

    Wizardmon crouched down to her height. “What have I told you about listening to that bat?”

    “But, Wizardmon, you have no idea what goes on in Myotismon’s castle! I’ve seen things you can’t imagine!”

    He stared into her eyes. “I can take a guess.”

    She shook her head. “No, listen to me! You have no idea what will happen to us if we’re caught! We can’t escape from him even for a few days! It’s impossi-” She was cut short when Wizardmon put his finger to her lips.

    “That word has no meaning to wizards,” he whispered.

    “What, impossible?”

    “Yes, that word. Now don’t say it again.”


    He smiled behind his scarf. “Because if you do, you’ll jinx us.”

    Gatomon figured out his little game and decided to play along. With a sly smile, she retorted back. “Really? Now I’m a magical kitty?”

    “I’m just saying you will.”

    “Fine. Then I’ll jinx us so that we will, um, crash somewhere.”

    Wizardmon laughed. “Who says we’ll crash?”

    “I say!”

    He mussed up the fur on her head, making her scowl. “Whatever you say, Gatomon.”

    “What did I say about touching me?” she growled.

    “Oh, what? Are you going to jinx me now?” he chuckled.

    “No. Worse.” She held up a claw. “I’ll claw that smirk off your face.”

    “What if I’m not?”

    Gatomon slightly twitched. “Shut it, you.”

    Wizardmon just shook his head. “Oh, Gatomon, Gatomon. After a few days, I’m surprised this friendship is getting stronger.”

    “Can we just LEAVE already?” she interrupted. “We wasted, uh, some minutes standing here talking about jinxes! In case you have forgotten, we have a maniac after us. We have to go NOW.”

    Without waiting for a response, she ran outside. The morning rays would’ve been heavenly wasn’t she in such a hurry. The morning dew made her feet cool as she raced through. A few times she tripped over rocks she missed seeing. Wizardmon watched amusingly from above, shaking his head. That cat seemed anxious to keep going. He didn’t blame her, he’d do the same if he was running away from someone.

    Silently, he descended, but stopped behind Gatomon a foot off the ground. She didn’t notice. With a small smile, he reached out and gently plucked her from the ground, levitating through the forest at her speed. The feline screamed at the sudden act. “LET ME GO! I CAN’T GO BACK THERE!” And she started to wail.

    Wizardmon wished he hadn’t done it. “Sorry, Gatomon,” he apologized. “I just wanted to have some fun.”

    She stopped screaming, looked up and scowled. “That wasn’t funny!”

    He shrugged. “I thought it was.”

    “Well don’t do it again!” Without thinking, she kicked him into his abdomen. The sudden reflex made Wizardmon groan in pain and crash into the ground. Gatomon tried to ignore her pain as she wriggled out from underneath him.

    “Ugh, that’s a powerful kick you got there,” he moaned, clutching his stomach.

    She felt remorseful, but instead huffed. “Well, you shouldn’t have done that, then. I thought you were Myotismon or DemiDevimon.”

    That was when something slipped into his mind. “Hey, wait a second. Remember how you ‘jinxed’ us so we were to crash?” he reminded her.

    “Um… yeah?”

    “Well, you jinxed us.”

    “I don’t believe in jinxes.”

    “You jinxed us.”

    “It was just a coincidence.”

    Wizardmon smiled. “It probably was, then.” With a groan, he stood up. Gatomon watched him worriedly until she was sure he was okay. Then she turned around and began walking off.

    “Come on, Wizardmon. We need to keep going. We’re going to get caught if we don’t hurry.”

    “Aw, crap!” he suddenly exclaimed from behind.

    With a sigh, she turned back around. “What is it now?”

    He held up his staff that was now split in two. Gatomon almost went into shock. Now she was going to get it. He was probably going to yell at her or worse. With a wail, she huddled on her spot, shivering. “I’M SORRY, WIZARDMON!” she cried out. “I DIDN’T MEAN TO! PLEASE, HAVE MERCY ON ME!”

    She gasped and cowered even more when he touched her shoulder. “I’m not going to hurt you,” he whispered. “And it’s all right, it was getting old.”

    She glanced up at him with a sniffle. “Y-You’re not mad?”

    Wizardmon shook his head. “I’ll never get mad at you.”

    “But… I caused your staff to break.”

    “It’s fixable. You don’t have to worry about anything.” He gave her a hug, softly stroking her head.

    Gatomon sighed quietly with relief. “That’s good…”


    “There! It’s fixed!” Wizardmon announced.

    The feline gazed at it with a sad look. It looked different with the duct tape wrapped around it. “Will it still work?” she asked timidly.

    “Of course it will. I put a spell on the tape for a powerful hold. Oh, the staff? Yeah, I can still cast spells with it and all that.” He winked. “Don’t you worry about a thing.”

    She smiled sadly. “That’s good.”

    “Something wrong, Gatomon?”

    She just shrugged. “I’m not sure, actually. Guess I’m still upset with myself for breaking you staff.”

    “It’s not your fault.”

    “But I kicked you, thus making you fall onto your staff. And me, but I’m not broken, so you can’t fix me up with tape.”

    He laughed heartily. “Not at the moment.” That was when a piercing shriek spilt the peaceful air. “Get down!” he hissed at Gatomon, pressing her against the trunk of the tree as he shielded her. Both of them glanced up at the sky to see a large, black dragon-like creature soaring high above them. The Devidramon hung around for a few minutes before flying off. Wizardmon narrowed his eyes. “It’s looking for you,” he muttered.

    She whimpered. “Did it see us?”

    “I don’t think so. We were underneath the shade of the tree, so I doubt it did.”

    “Do you know any other shelters nearby we can hide in?”

    He turned to her, his forehead brushing against hers. “I may know the area well, but that doesn’t mean everything here is safe. There isn’t another one I know of for miles.”

    Gatomon frowned. “I knew it was difficult to hide from Myotismon. He’s going to find us for sure.”

    “Don’t say that, Gatomon. He’s not going to. As long as you stick with me, you’ll be okay. I won’t let him hurt you.”

    Her lip quivered slightly. “I-I hope you’re right.”

    He nodded slowly before picking her up. Holding her close, Wizardmon flew deep into the forest. Gatomon clung to his clothes, staring up into the sky, watching to see if the Devidramon was nearby. Whenever there was a small cry, he would either hide underneath a tree or drop to the ground, pushing her against his chest. It took a while before he dove into a hollow tree.

    “You sure you know where you’re going?” she asked him.

    Wizardmon didn’t answer. He just glanced up into the small bit of sky there was. It was starting to get dark and he knew the Digimon was a more powerful hunter at night. If they were ever found, both could get destroyed. And he couldn’t risk it.

    Gatomon tugged at his suit. “Wizardmon? Why aren’t you answering?”

    That was when he scooped her up and ran out of the tree. “I had a feeling it would be tonight,” he whispered to himself.

    “What? What would?”

    “The Aine Festival! I knew it!”

    Se turned in the direction he was heading in puzzlement and gasped. They had come to a beach where a large bonfire was flaring. Music grew louder as they neared and she could see a few Digimon dancing around it. Among them was a large winged unicorn with a red metallic mask on its face. “What’s a Unimon doing there?”

    “This is the Aine Festival, held every four years for three nights,” Wizardmon explained, stopping on the edge of the forest. He let go of the feline, where she sat down on the sand. “Unimon hosts the festival, celebrating the good times in the Digital World. Here, Digimon can get away from the world for a while and make some friends.”

    “I don’t think we’re welcome here,” she said, flinching at the many Digimon attending.

    He laughed softly. “Everyone’s welcome!”

    Gatomon stared at the Gekomon, frog-like creatures with trumpets as their main instrument and weapon. Them and a few other Digimon she could make out were playing the music. To the beat of it, other Digimon that weren’t native were dancing, though a few at around, talking or eating. It seemed to be as free as Gazi-Gatsu before she took over. They didn’t have to worry about the dangers of the Digiworld.

    Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a purple and red rabbit-like Digimon walk up to her nervously, rustlings its feathers on its arms. From behind, she saw a couple others snickering. The Elecmon looked back at them and to her several times before clearing his throat. “Um… w-would you like to, uh… dance?” he queried with a slight stutter.

    Gatomon glanced up at Wizardmon who just shrugged. With a small smile, she nodded. As the Elecmon took her hand to lead her to the bonfire, she could hear the other two laughing. “Hey, shut up!” he called to them.

    “A dare’s a dare!” one responded back. “Now finish it!”

    He shook his head before stopping near another dancing couple. The music was a moderate jazz so Gatomon leaned what a swing was. She stumbled after a few times from the speed or twirls, but quickly got a hang of it. She wondered if this was what the term “having the time of your life” meant, seeing as he never had one. Just as the music was drawing to a close, her partner paused almost abruptly. “May I cut in?” Wizardmon inquired from behind.

    The Elecmon nodded and stepped back. Gatomon glanced up at him with a brow raised. “You need something?”

    He held out a hand. “May I have this dance?”

    She couldn’t tell if the faint laugher was directed at them or the Digimon she danced with. “I don’t know. I’m afraid I’m a bit, um, short.”

    “I don’t think so.” He then picked her up by the waist and held her near to eye-level. She smiled slightly, placing her hands on his shoulders.

    “Hey, this is new,” a voice came from nearby. “No one has sung at the Aine Festival before.”

    Gatomon turned around to see a Floramon, a plant-type Digimon with petals for hair and hands and root-like feet, stop near the Gekomon with a microphone. When she nodded, the Digimon started making soft music consisting of string and a couple of wind instruments, with percussion. The feline faced Wizardmon with a concerned look. He just shrugged. “From what I heard, not many Aine Festivals had a Digimon sing,” he told her.

    “I’ve never heard someone sing before,” she said.

    “Now here’s your chance.” He held her tight as they steadily moved gracefully to the song.

    Yume mita jibun totemo tookute
    Hito shirezu nakitai
    Bukiyou de kimochi ienakattari
    Tsuyogatte misetari.

    Gatomon smiled and turned away from his eyes. Other Digimon seemed to be enjoying him or herself as well, a couple even singing with the Floramon to their dance partner. She couldn’t help but carefully repeat the song in her head while Wizardmon danced. It seemed like the song was talking to her. She felt the same way, wanting to cry whenever her dreams were pushed further away. Myotismon wanted it to be so, seeing as he believed they were just naïve.

    Still, she regained them little by little.

    Demo kono you ni hitori nara
    Namida ga kieru kawari ni ai mo kieru
    Utsumukanaide habatakou
    Ashita wa motto chikaku naru daita yume ni.

    One was a dream she made sure he didn’t destroy. She dreamed of leaving the castle forever with her newfound wings she’s wished for. She always wanted to escape that way. Whether alone or with someone else, she’d fly away to a far away place and live in peace. She won’t have to worry about being alone, nor cry in pain again.

    She’d be free.

    Tabi wa nagakute toki ni tsurakute
    Hito wa tada chiisai
    Yowasa ga fui ni mienaku suru no
    Koko ni iru imisae.

    Gatomon always wondered why she came to be. She was pondering on it ever since she was born. Myotismon kept telling her she came to be just to be his servant, to be in darkness forever. But she knew that wasn’t true. Somewhere out there is her real destiny. Just what it was she didn’t know. The only thing she remembered was knowing she had to wait for someone. Who that someone was still haunted her dreams.

    Demo kokoro wo sumashitara
    Dokoka de kitto sosogitai ai ni deau
    Akiramenaide habatakou
    Ashita was motto tsuyoku naru dareka no tame.

    “Are you okay, Gatomon?” the magician wondered softly, noticing how her eyes were filling with tears.

    She glanced over to him without an answer. That was another thing she wanted, was to find something to fill her heart with. For a year, it was plagued with darkness and she longed to clean it out. It seemed she would now get that chance, but it was still too difficult. But ever since Wizardmon came into her life, it seems that her worries were draining out. She needed to get stronger for someone’s sake. But who was that someone?

    Slowly, Gatomon wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her head on the base of his throat. “I’m fine,” she breathed. “Thanks for caring.”

    He was a bit confused, but smiled and rested his own head on hers.

    Demo kono you ni hitori nara
    Namida ga kieru kawari ni ai mo kieru
    Utsumukanaide habatakou
    Ashita wa motto chikaku naru daita yume ni.

    The song ended softly and the Floramon smiled. With a bow, she walked off to a few other Digimon as everyone applauded and praised her. Gatomon slid off of Wizardmon and walked into the shadows. She ignored the tears that trickled down her face when she found a place to sit. Looking back, she noticed how he was gazing at her with a sad look. She turned away to face the foliage and cried softly into her arms.

    “Tomorrow, I shall get stronger,” she told herself. “For someone’s sake.

    Ashita wa motto tsuyoku naru dareka no tame…

    Well, was that good? Sorry if there were any grammical mistakes. I didn't have time to check it over like I always do. Give me your feelings on this, `kay? Thankies for being very patient!

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    Now, onto your ficcie…

    As I’ve said before, I detest Demidevimon and Myotismon, and always will. Gatomon’s relationship with Wizardmon is growing slowly, and I do hope for Gatomon’s sake that she does get over crying all the time. Will you be doing a chaptered version of where Wizardmon dies? If so, please let me know in your reply. Keep up the good work, KP, and please PM me when the next chapter is posted.
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    Well, hope you enjoy this next chapter. I decided to add some comic relief here and a bit of WizGato fluff :3. Yay, fluff. And...! I have a disclaimer:

    I do not own the joke said in this chapter. Though it was slightly changed to fit who it was Gatomon's making fun of, it's owned by Lion King 1 1/2, with the "hyenas being gifted with half a brain" Timon said. That's my disclaimer, next to the fact Zelda characteristics are mentioned by a geek, so I don't own that either XD.


    *~* Chapter Six *~*

    Gatomon woke up slowly when the sun’s rays finally reached her. She looked around to find the place barren. It looked like she just came by and fell asleep on the quiet beach, not during a festival. In fact, it didn’t look like one took place at all. Everything, every single footprint, was smoothed out. With a small sigh, she stood up and looked for Wizardmon. She spotted him standing not far from where she was, staring out at the large lake. She walked over to him, waiting for a response.

    “How’d you sleep?” he asked a few moments later in a strange monotone.

    She shrugged. “Fine, I suppose.”

    “That’s good. You need your strength.”

    Gatomon frowned. It sounded like something wasn’t right. She gently touched his arm. “Wizardmon? What’s wrong?”

    He didn’t answer immediately. She had a feeling he was thinking up a reply for her. “I’ve learned some new information you haven’t mentioned at all,” he finally muttered.

    She tensed up in shock. “W-What?”

    Wizardmon turned to her. “I guess I forgot to mention I read minds. While you were sleeping, I couldn’t help but probe your thoughts.”

    So that explains what that creepy shadow in my dream was! she thought in exclamation. “Why did you?” she wondering, raising a brow.

    “I knew you’ve needed help, you just weren’t telling me anything,” he explained. “I had no choice but to read them, without getting to the personal ones.”

    That didn’t stop Gatomon from scowling. “You should’ve asked permission first before doing so,” she hissed.

    “Gatomon, I had to. You need help, so I’m here.”

    “I don’t need help,” she grumbled.

    “You can’t deny it. All that time in Myotismon’s castle has made you something you’re not.”

    “HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY REAL NATURE IS?!” The scream frightened herself more than Wizardmon. She panted heavily, hands clenched into fists. He knelt down, putting his hand against her forehead.

    “Gatomon, you’re not an evil Digimon,” he whispered.

    “How do you know?” she growled.

    “Besides reading your thoughts? I’ve seen it in your eyes.” He nodded. “They tell more to me than anything else. Seeing death and torture has changed you on the outside, but not internally.”

    “Look, I’m not a very good Digimon, okay? So can we drop it and leave before Myotismon comes?”

    “Of course you are,” he continued as though she didn’t want to leave early. “You just don’t know it, Myotismon made sure.” Wizardmon gave her a compassionate hug. “And I’ll make sure your real nature comes to being.”

    Gatomon’s anger slowly ebbed away when she returned it. She couldn’t hide it anymore now that he told her everything. All those secrets she’s been hiding have changed her nature, but have yet to change her ways. “I’m sorry, Wiz,” she murmured. “I can’t control my anger at times. And I’m too ashamed of my past to reflect on it.”

    “It’s okay,” he said, then chuckled. “‘Wiz’? Where’d that come from?”

    She just shrugged. “I don’t know.”

    Smiling, Wizardmon launched himself in the sky with Gatomon in his arms.


    “This forest looks familiar…”

    “Well, we’re not going around in a circle, that’s for sure.”

    “I think we’re being watched.”

    “Don’t worry, Gatomon. I won’t let anything hurt you. Boy, it’s sure dark in here.”

    The magician walked through a dark wood, searching for an opening. The feline trotted beside him, looking around nervously. The place reminded her of something, but she couldn’t put her claw on it. Even the stench was familiar. A few times she saw things whiz by in a white blur. “Wizardmon, I think we should turn back.”

    “There’s nothing to worry about, Gatomon. Not with me by your side. Where the heck’s the sun?”

    “I got a bad feeling.”

    “For the last time, there’s nothing to worry about.”

    “BOO, I’M A SCARY GHOST!” cried out a Bakemon when it pounced out of the bush. The two sweat-dropped, but Gatomon suddenly remembered the area.

    “Oh, no! It’s the Bakemon Forest!” she exclaimed. “This was where I was born!”

    “You found yourself lost in here?” her friend wondered.

    She just nodded, staring at the ghost. It only blinked stupidly at them. “Hey, why aren’t you scared?” he questioned.

    “Because we’re not in the mood. Now, can you move?” she demanded in annoyance.

    “Hey, you look familiar! I think I’ve seen you before!”

    “I haven’t. How can you tell yourselves apart?”


    “Wow. No wonder Bakemon are known to be dimwitted,” Wizardmon said, blinking.

    “They’re all brainless zombies, that’s who they are,” she scoffed. “Myotismon, as you may have noticed, has them as henchmen because they’re very easy to trick. Watch.”

    “No, I don’t think it’s the size…” it was muttering, unaware of the two’s conversation.

    “Hey, Bakemon! There’s somebody to scare!” Gatomon pointed behind him, who eagerly turned around.

    “Ooh, ooh, where?!” he hyperventilated excitedly. With a snicker, the two ran off before the ghost could realize he was tricked.

    “That was easy,” he agreed.

    “Told you.” That was when she noticed a small set nearby and got a devilish idea. “Hey, Wiz!” she yelled on purpose, scaring him and the clique. “What do you call a Bakemon with half a brain?”

    Wizardmon blinked with the Bakemon until he saw though her ruse. “Oh, uh, I’m not sure.”


    The group of all drool and rags howled with laughter until one of them went through the joke again. “Hey, they’re making fun of us! Get them!” he ordered, pointing at the two.

    “Uh, which one? The cat, the funny wizard guy, or the other Bakemon?” one queried.

    “They were the ones making fun of you first,” Gatomon spoke up. “We were just following them.”

    “Oh. Then, um… get both of them!”


    The leader was taken aback. “Roger? Who’s this ‘Roger’ you’re addressing to?” he wondered.

    “I heard it from somewhere,” the second shrugged.

    “Where? I don’t think any of us is named Roger.”

    “I’m named Roger!” one piped up from a bush.

    “Then we’re talking to you,” a quiet one said.

    “I don’t even know you guys!”

    “Whatever. Let’s just get—” The first Bakemon paused, staring at a bare spot in front of him. “Hey, wasn’t there a cat and wizard thing there?”

    “The wizard thing is actually an elf,” one with glasses, spotted tie and retainer corrected, sucking in any saliva that had dribbled out. Everyone turned to the nerd, annoyed he was with them. “You should’ve taken note of the ears and hair,” he continued slurping. “Had he had a quiver, bow and arrows, then he’d be an archery elf. If he had a sword, he’d probably be a swordsman. But since he had a staff, he seemed to be a magician, which isn’t common in elves. Unless, God strike me dead if incorrect, he’s a girl who transformed into a guy spontaneously, then it would make sense.”

    “Screw you, geek!” the leader shouted, pointing a ripped rag-like arm at him. “Let’s get this guy instead because he’s smart, annoying and drools too much!” With battle-cry hoots, the gang pounced on him. Above them in a dark, thick tree sat Wizardmon and Gatomon. She was laughing at them while the magician shook his head.

    “That was mean, Gatomon,” he chided. “Sure, they’re easy to trick, but that was mean.”

    “So? I do it to the henchmen.”

    “Still, they’re innocent Digimon.”

    “What, the Bakemon guards?”

    “No, those poor souls you confused.”

    “Now you’re feeling remorse for them.”

    He slapped his forehead, knowing they weren’t getting anywhere. From below, the screams had ceased and below laid a bloodied, yet still alive, Bakemon nerd. “Come on, Gatomon, let’s go.”

    “Hey, are you really a girl who changed into a guy?” she wondered out of the blue. Wizardmon gaped at her before she laughed. “Just kidding!”

    “That wasn’t funny,” he grumbled, folding his arms. “Just to let you know, I have been mistaken as a female before. It wasn’t very pleasant.”

    She was silent the rest of the way into the forest.


    Gatomon tried hard to stay awake while Wizardmon flew overhead the many forests. She didn’t have much to occupy herself except stare at clouds. “Hey, Wiz? Are we almost there?”

    “It’s just in that mountain range right there,” he pointed to the horizon.

    The feline looked to see a chain of violet, rocky mountains. The peaks were of such high altitude, there was still snow present. It made her believe her friend was insane. “Are you crazy? There’s no way we’ll survive there.”

    “Looks can be deceiving,” he muttered before gaining acceleration. Gatomon grew sick watching the landscape below her, so she kept her eyes ahead. Within a short amount of time, they reached the range and soared over several miles. That was when Wizardmon suddenly dropped in a certain area, close to several hundred feet. She tried hard not to throw up—through her screams—until they paused abruptly. Her head snapped forward, cricking her neck. She half-glared at her friend.

    “Please don’t do that again. Ever,” she moaned, clutching her stomach and rubbing her neck.

    “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “We’re almost there.”

    WHAT?! We’re in a crevice of a mountain range, in case you’ve forgotten!”

    He didn’t answer as he shot off to his left. True to his word of looks being deceiving, a clear area sprouted around a corner. It wasn’t barren as Gatomon thought it would be. The vegetation was an exotic green wherever there was much sun. There were some trees, but a weeping willow caught her eye. A large lake was in one corner, complete with a small waterfall and inlet where the water flowed downstream. It looked cleaner than other bodies of water she’s seen. A splash of color at the bank told her wild flowers were growing there. A cave entrance was on the opposite of the lake, but what was unusual about it were the walls having a glassy appearance.

    Wizardmon gently landed at last, placing Gatomon on the ground beside him. “I found this while traveling one year,” he explained, noticing her awed expression. “The cave was already there, but I added extra rooms.”

    “Do you live here?” she breathed the rest of breath that hadn’t been taken away.

    “You might say that, but this is more like my, err, little piece of heaven.” He winked. “A sanctuary is more like it.”

    Sanctuary… Gatomon always thought about getting one, but never had. Myotismon’s castle was too dark and doleful for one. She felt tears touch her eyes. “You think Myotismon won’t find us here?”

    “Not a chance. This place is difficult to get to, even by air.” Wizardmon walked over to the cave. “Come, let me show you inside.”

    She scurried over, still keeping her eye on the beauty of the place. When she entered the cave, it was a bit lighter than she expected, most likely from the walls. She was careful not to trip on the stone steps as she descended further into the cave. It didn’t look very welcoming, but she trusted Wizardmon knew what he was doing when he first came. On the smooth surface, characters were carved cleanly into the rock. Gatomon recognized them from the writing on her friend’s cloak and ring.

    “They were there when I arrived,” he mentioned up front. “I still have no clue what it’s saying.”

    “So… where’re you leading me to?” she asked.

    “You are where I led you.”

    The next room wasn’t too big or small, though there were only a few items in there — next to a kitchen, a bathroom and what may be a guest bedroom. She spotted some spell books in a corner along with a bed, worn-out rug and table. What surprised her was the small fireplace in the wall near where she stood. “You’re always expecting some fat guy to slide down that thing into your place, right?” she wondered, hopefully without a sarcastic tone.

    He only laughed. “If you mean me, yes.”

    “You’re not fat.”

    “I’m just teasing.”

    “Well… this place sure is… err…”

    Wizardmon blushed with embarrassment. “I don’t have many things, but I’m fine with it. I’m actually thinking on making a window in here one day.”

    “Like the one above us?” Gatomon pointed to a medium-sized hole on the ceiling. It must’ve bee what was making the cave so bright with the sky being shown.

    He just shrugged. “Maybe. It was like that when I came, so I’m not sure.”

    She smiled and headed back outside, tripping onto the soft grass. With a silent sigh, she went over to the water’s edge. She stared at her reflection for a while, thinking about her newfound freedom. It’s thanks to Wizardmon I’m here, she thought. But it’s thanks to me he’s alive. He’s doing this for me to return the favor. I saved his life, now he’s saving mine.

    “We’re even now because of that,” his masculine voice sounded from behind.

    Gatomon smiled brightly at him as he sat cross-legged beside her. Their eyes crossed paths and they gazed into each other’s. It seemed she was staring at his because of the unusual way they were beautiful. She loved them when they looked sad, but they were lovelier when they smiled at her. It made her wonder what he saw in hers. Without knowing it, she had scooted closer, leaning her head against him. He curled his arm around her shoulder, pushing her close. She sighed happily, gazing back into the lake.

    It felt like the two unconsciously drifted into a time passage, taking them not too far that day. Before their eyes, the water reflected the gold and pink mixed from the sky. Wizardmon stood up, stretching. “That went by quickly,” he said. “I’ll get us something to eat. You go wait inside, okay?”

    Gatomon just nodded, almost trance-like. She wandered into the cave without realizing it, “waking up” only after a near collision with a wall. Shaking her head, she walked over to the one with the strange characters, studying them. She could now memorize a great majority, but didn’t understand what it said. When she felt someone tap her shoulder, the feline jumped with a squeak. Wizardmon laughed softly in amusement. “Sorry about that.”

    She turned around, sighing, her heart pounding in her breast. “Don’t do that again.”

    He nodded and walked over to the table. Gatomon followed him and sat down across from him. She thanked him when he handed her share of food and slowly started eating. “What do you have planned for tomorrow?” she inquired when a few minutes passed.

    He shrugged. “I don’t know. I only come here when I need the privacy, which isn’t too often.”

    “All you do is act bored, huh?”

    “Pretty much.”

    She giggled. “That must be fun.”

    Wizardmon shook his head, chuckling. “You never fail to amuse me, Gatomon.”

    She felt her face growing hot and continued eating. Finishing a bit quick, she needed to cool down her mouth of the spicy food and ran outside. Gatomon washed up by the lake, admiring the reflection of the rising moon and stars on the surface. Out of curiosity and boredom, she batted at the tiny lily pads that floated near the edge before heading back inside. An orange glow told her the fireplace had been lit, enveloping the cave in its heat. She was numb with comfort until she entered the room and squealed with embarrassment, shielding her eyes. “I’m sorry, Wizardmon!” she squeaked. “I didn’t mean to walk in on you!”

    The magician was standing there in only the bottom half of his suit and the scarf. His back was to her, his pale gray skin lighted a soft peach. “I’m sorry as well, Gatomon,” he returned the apology. “If you want, I can redress.”

    She found herself shaking her head. “No, no, no, this is your place! You can do whatever you want and I wouldn’t care!”

    Wizardmon smiled slightly. “You sure?”

    “Yes! I wouldn’t care, really!”

    He walked up to her, knelt down and placed his hands on her shoulders. Gatomon flinched slightly at his touch, but slowly removed her hands to glance up into his eyes. She tried to only keep her gaze on his face, but still ended up glancing at his bare torso or arms. Laughter shone in his soft eyes. “It’s all right,” he reassured her, mussing up the fur on her head. “I don’t mind.”

    Her face glowed pink at his answer and faced the wall. “I-I’m still… feeling e-embarrassed, actually,” she stuttered.

    “It’s okay. I was about ready for bed.”

    She just nodded. “Yeah… s-so was I.”

    Smiling, he walked over to his bed and climbed in. But instead of falling asleep, he sat up and waited for her to sleep. She just stood there, staring at the floor. After an awkward moment, she broke the silence. “Where am I sleeping?” she whispered.

    “Well, there’s the guest bedroom,” he counted off, “outside, if you don’t mind camping, here—” He was interrupted by a shocked gasp.


    “I’m not saying you should, it’s an option.”

    “I didn’t mean that!” she shouted, feeling her face burn. “Besides, I-I don’t think I should…”

    “You don’t have to,” he told her. “There’s always the guest room.”

    Another moment passed until Gatomon gave a sad sigh. Slowly, she shuffled over to the entranceway of the other bedroom, but paused. She turned to look at Wizardmon, meeting his gaze. He was puzzled, wondering why she stopped like that. She returned where she was and faced the exit and back to him. The feeling of time passages occurred again and with a blink, Gatomon was climbing in, lying down with her back to him. Wizardmon lied down, but barely closed his eyes when her quiet voice said, “This feels… queer.”

    “Why is that?”

    “Well, for one thing, you’re… a-a guy.”

    He raised a brow. “Is that it?”

    “And we’re friends,” she added a sigh. “I should probably sleep outside.”

    Before he could say anything, she muttered, “But… if I do… it would be like back at that castle years ago. I’ve always slept alone, wishing, wanting… to be with someone for protection. To get away from the world peacefully for one night… I may never get a chance again.”

    She was silent for a while, making Wizardmon believe she had fallen asleep. Then she shifted, rolling over to face him. In the shadows of her face, he could see an unknown emotion shining in the depths of her glowing ocean blues. Nimbly, she slipped off her gloves and stuffed them under the pillow, keeping her eyes on him. Scooting closer, she pressed up against him, her small gloveless hands up on his chest. Then, leaning her head on the base of his throat, Gatomon breathed out with a small smile, “Good night, Wizardmon.”

    He smiled as well, encircling his arms around her tiny body. Placing his head on her own, he whispered softly, “Good night, my friend. Sweet dreams.”

    She slept peacefully that night for the first time, unaware Wizardmon sent her the dreams she had.
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    Because the characters are based on the series, I’d say that you hit their personalities and development dead on. I like those moments with Gatomon and Wizardmon you dished out so far a lot but I haven’t seen the ‘big spark’ yet… maybe because it’s late when I started reading those chapters. I’ll try to get the feeling when I’m less tired.

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    *Impressed whistle*

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    *~* Chapter Seven *~*​

    With a groan, Gatomon sat up in bed when the early morning rays started to illuminate the room She hopped u without glancing at Wizardmon and exited the cave, yawning. A small, gentle breeze was out, it wasn't too warm, but at least not cold. She smiled at the feeling, taking a deep breath. Pausing at the edge of the lake, she began to wash her face. Looking into the water, however, she stopped, blinking.

    Instead of he reflection, it w a face of a fish-like blue and white amphibian, gill-like fins on the sides of its head. The scarlet eyes leered at her, a flashy smirk on its face. Gatomon gasped and stumbled backward when the Digimon popped out of the water. It carried a harpoon in one hand, an oxygen tank on its back. “You're coming with me, missy!” the Divermon demanded, pointing at her.

    “W-What, why?”

    Without an answer, he snatched her and began tugging her in. She screamed, wishing she didn't leave her gloves under the pillow. She barely took a breath of air before she was pulled under and tied up. The Divermon laughed and started talking into a small microphone on its head. “Got the subject right here, boss,” he said. “I'm bringing her in.”

    Gatomon struggled with him, trying hard not to breathe in water. He ignored her and began carrying her to the depths. He didn't get far before he was knocked against the cranium by an object. Growling, Divermon swerved around to face his attacker, Wizardmon. “Hey, Blondie, get your own gal to catnap,” he shot at him.

    Narrowing his eyes, Wizardmon swung another punch. Gatomon's vision started swimming in and out of focus, lungs wanting desperately air. Don't panic,Gatomon, she heard his voice in her head. You'll be okay, just hang on.

    The Divermon's grip weakened enough for Wizardmon to grab her. With a snarl, the amphibian slashed his harpoon at him, striking his chest. He laughed when he recoiled at the attack and grabbed the feline's wrist. “Next time you'll learn never to mess with a Divermon, idiot,” he cackled. “Now if you excuse me, someone's been wanting his precious cat back.”

    The magician snatched the hand holding the harpoon, crushing it. The Digimon yelped, letting go immediately to attend to his injured appendage. Seeing his chance, Wizardmon kicked him down and shot up to the surface. When they broke through, Gatomon violently coughed up some water she had swallowed and breathed in. She was set down gently for her friend to untie her. “W-Wizardmon,” she gasped. “T-That wound...”

    “Don't worry about me, Gatomon,” he told her. “I'll be fine.”

    “But... it could... g-get infected.”

    “Let's tend to you first,” he insisted.

    She rejected his help, pushing away his hands. “I'm fine.”

    “Hey, give me back the cat, jerk!” the Divermon cried out from the lake. “Don't make me come up there!”

    “Then I'll make you.” Wizardmon threw a fireball at him, slamming into his face. Though it didn't affect him, it boiled the water on his skin, causing him to scream and submerge.

    Gatomon gazed at the spot he disappeared and back to her friend. He sighed and turned to her, his emerald eyes filled with anguish and relief behind his bangs. She averted her gaze to his wound. It was deep enough for large amounts of blood to pour out and possibly easy to get infected quick. She hoped the harpoon wasn't exposed to anything nasty lately. She grasped his hand, feeling how it was starting to shake slightly, his skin paling and growing cold. “Wiz? A-Are you sure you'll b okay?”

    His eyes gave her a small, weak smile. “I've had worse. Of course I will.”

    She didn't want to believe it, but she sighed “Well, thank you for saving me,” she whispered getting up to head forte cave. Before she took a step, Wizardmon's grip n her and tightened.

    “Be careful next time, all right?” he asked, eyes pleading with her. His tone was sounding worried, like he was sure the Divermon was returning for her.

    She nodded and once he let go, she walked to the cave. Upon entering the room, she took out her gloves and slipped them on. Not wanting to spend the day staring at the walls, Gatomon picked up one of the spell books. It was luck of her to understand what many of the spells were. They were very interesting, a few pages on transportation and levitation, others on growing plants or summoning. It gave her evidence he wasn't born knowing how to cast spells from his fingertips. Looks like a work in progress, she thought,noticing that the invisibility spell was marked (even written on).

    “How right you are,” Wizardmon's gentle voice came from the entrance.

    She yelped with shock, juggling with the book until it fell in a heap at her feet. She tensed, glancing up at Wizardmon, his chest bandaged up. “I-I didn't... mean to... uh...” She struggled with her words.

    His soft eyes calmed her down when he came closer. “It's all right,” he reassured her. “They're not that old.”

    Gatomon giggled nervously. “That's good.”

    “So I take it you were able to find some spells I'm working on, eh?”

    “Yeah. How're you able to memorize them?” she wondered.

    He shrugged. “No idea. The invisibility spell is hard, though. It works fine when I'm reading it, but not by memory.”

    She smiled, sitting back down. “If only there was one on oxygen bubbles, I wouldn't have been struggling back there.”

    “I believe there is, but I'm not sure...” He flipped through the book, scanning the pages. “I can't find it.”

    “Don't waste your time,” she said. “I don't need it right now.”

    “What we need, though, is to make sure no one tries to come back in,” he added.

    “Speaking of which...” She nearly glared at him. “You said this place was difficult to reach, as well as finding it. So how in the world did that Divermon find us?”

    “Well, I occasionally get unwanted, lost visitors,” Wizardmon said, rubbing his head.

    And he was talking to his boss, calling me a subject,” she continued, the tone in her voice slowly rising. “What does that tell you?”

    He gazed at her in concern. “He probably overheard us and did it as a joke.”

    “Or maybe he's a spy.” Gatomon stood up. “You didn't tell anyone about this place, did you?”

    “No, why would I?”

    “Do you even CARE about me?”

    “Yes, Gatomon, I do.”

    “THEN WHY WAS THAT DIVERMON THERE?!” she hollered.

    Wizardmon was taken aback. “Gatomon... I wouldn't do anything to hurt your feelings.”

    “I trusted you! You said I'd be safe here, and look what happened! Look what happened to you!” She jabbed the bandages, making the elf wince.

    “Please, just hear me out.”


    His throat clogged up, and he turned away. “I-I didn't... I thought this place would help... hide you.”

    “I told you it's impossible to hide from Myotismon,” she hissed. “But you didn't listen to me. You just had to listen to DemiDevimon.”

    The magician's tears held his response back. His mind started going into shock realizing he failed at protecting Gatomon. She was now going to die in the hands of her abuser and he wouldn't be there. Slowly, he glanced up at her, seeing the hatred in her eyes. They brought fear into his heart, and he was forced to look away. “I-I'm sorry,” he sobbed quietly. “I d-did my best.”

    She scoffed, turning away. “I'm going to wait for him, if you don't mind,” she growled.

    Wizardmon didn't stop her while she walked out. He kept his gaze on the floor until her angry, hateful thoughts were out of range. Then slowly he walked over to the strange writing on the wall, tears leaking out of his eyes. He just had to lie to bring her hopes up. He knew that Digimon were able to reach this place, it was rare. “I thought she was the one,” he muttered to himself. “Now I know... that she's a rejection to her true self.”

    With a sad sigh, he walked off, the haunting message echoing in his head:

    In order to obtain her destiny hidden here
    The Angel of Light must accept a rare gift.
    It must come from the heart and is sincere
    And the surrounding Darkness shall lift.


    Gatomon tried her hardest not to cry. If Wizardmon was to come out, she didn't want him to see her weakened from his lies. She hated him, wondering why she believed him in the first place. He promised her protection, and she got it. But he had said the area was hard to reach, that it was safe. If she could read minds (which was another thing she despised), she'd probe his thoughts and find what other lies he's kept from her. Glancing over to the cave, Gatomon waited again to see if Wizardmon was going to come out. It didn't look like he would.

    “Good riddance,” she mumbled, hopping out of the tree. “I can escape from this place without him knowing.”

    Before she took a step, however, she made the small mistake to glance up into the sky. Her face paled immediately. She recognized a large shape with a gleaming object in its hands among many smaller figures. “Oh, no!” she squeaked frightfully. “Not Phantomon!”

    “Phantomon? Who's he?” Wizardmon's voice asked from behind.

    Gatomon screamed until he stifled it. “He-He's one of the most powerful henchmen I know of,” she breathed through his hand. “He's deadlier than Myotismon himself!”

    The magician looked up at the sky and cursed under his breath. “It's about time they arrived.”

    “YOU INVITED THEM?!” she screeched in dismay. “HOW DARE YOU!”

    “No! I wouldn't do that to you, ever!” Grasping her hand, he dragged her over to the glassy rock. He jammed his hat more on his head, snatching the staff off the ground.

    “What're you going to do?” she growled, keeping her gaze on the approaching figures.

    “There are tunnels in these mountains,” he explained, “and I'm going to create an escape route, even if it caves in.” He placed a hand on the wall of rock. “I believe there's one... here. MAGICAL GAME!” Wizardmon blasted a hole in the wall, startling the feline.

    “W-What are you doing?!”

    “Getting you out of here.” Pulling on her hand, he ran inside, though Gatomon protested. They ran through the weak-lighted tunnel, meandering further into the mountain. It wasn't long before she realized what was going on.

    “Wiz, do you know where you're going?” she wondered, anger still present in her voice.

    He didn't answer as he turned to the tunnel on his right. She scowled, upset at being ignored. It was possible he somehow was guessing. Suddenly, a yell came from in front. “Grisly Wing!”

    Wizardmon stopped abruptly when a wave of bats slammed into them. They stood their ground, fighting them off until they were called back. Gatomon winced at the cuts and glanced up at Myotismon. His cold eyes glinted in the weak light. “Why have you run off?” he inquired as calmly as he could. “I fed you and gave you a home. You also have plenty of friends to be with. Weren't you, ah, happy?”

    She hissed. “I ran off because I chose to.”

    “And who's this you're with? CRIMSON LIGHTING!” The vampire called forth his whip and had it wrapped around Wizardmon's neck. He struggled to get it off, though Myotismon tightened it.

    “Leave him alone! I told you, I wanted to run away!” she shouted. When he turned his eyes on her, she backed away, lowering hers in shame. Gatomon still was loyal to him, and it was the only thing that could save Wizardmon. Of course, it frightened her more knowing that she was still mad at the elf, but she somehow still had a soft spot for him.

    A flashing smirk appeared on Myotismon's shadowed face. He released the grip and raised his whip. “Of course you did,” he said. “Now for your punishment...” He swung it in her direction.

    “NO!” The magician shielded Gatomon as the attack struck him in the back, knocking him to the ground. She gasped at his actions, seeing the pain in his eyes. He slowly sat up with a groan, still clutching her near him. Painfully, Wizardmon faced the attacker with fire burning in his emeralds. “I shall not let you... harm Gatomon,” he growled.

    The demon laughed coldly. “I'm sure you will,” he mocked. He snapped his fingers and immediately Phantomon was upon them. He snatched Gatomon from his grip as she screamed.

    “NO! PLEASE, DON'T!”

    “LET HER GO!”

    “I will, but for now, I'll have to punish you two. To the dungeons with them!” Myotismon ordered.

    “Yes, Master,” the ghoul bowed. Turning his sapphire eyes to Wizardmon, he threw his Jugular Chain at him. It tightly wrapped itself around him like a Vegimon's Ivy Squeeze attack. A Few Bakemon appeared around the corner and dragged him off.

    Gatomon watched helplessly when her friend was taken away. She knew what his punishment would be, and she was scared. As they were carried back to the castle, she wept silently, knowing their end was waiting for them in the dungeons.

    All right, angesty starts now! Don't say I didn't warn you! And I hope you noticed a foreshadowing in here. It's extremely important for the sequel.

    Once more, I'm very sorry for not updating for a while. I promise you the next chapter won't be up until sometime next week or two. I need to get going now. I'll be logged off the computer in half and hour and I have to clean up the family room. See ya later!

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