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Lover's Fool (Advance Contest Pearl) (PG) (rewritten)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Midnightmoon6o2, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Sorry for re writting this again. i somehow couldn't deal with the first one so i changed, the plot hasn't changed that much. the only thing that changed is that i used the japanese names for the chararthers.

    Please forgive me for re wrteing this again. *begs for forgiveness*

    English - Japanese

    Ash - Satoshi
    May - Hakura
    Drew - Shuu
    Dawn - Hikari
    Brock - Takeshi
    Max - Masoto
    Misty - Kasumi
    Nurse joy - Joisan
    Delia - Hanako
    Soul (HG/SS girl) - Kotone

    Lover's Fool
    "Everyone is a fool when it comes to love."

    Chapter one
    What if i betrayed us?Would you ever forgive me?...

    Did I do something wrong?

    Could you blame me if I told you?

    No, you wouldn’t understand if I did.

    If only I had the courage to tell him why I did that.

    I still feel my heart racing the day he was in hospital. When I heard he was sick I came running as fast as I could go. I felt the lactic acid starting to build in my legs.

    But I didn’t care.

    I needed to see him.

    Before it was too late.

    “Jōisan!” I called as I saw her walking down one of the hallways. “Jōisan, please tell me where room 23C is please!” I repeated.

    “Upstairs.” Jōisan pointed.

    “Thank you.” I replied as I ran to the stairs Jōisan had pointed to earlier.

    After a long chase to find room 23C I finally found the door that kept me from him. My feet finally stand still since coming here, I placed my hand on the handle and grasped it, I tighten my grip on the metal handle. I didn’t know what to expect.

    If he was dead or not.

    I pushed the handle down and pushed the door in front of me slowly. As the gap increased in size I felt my heart beat a second faster and my grip on the metal handle got tenser. Soon the door couldn’t go any further. I wanted the door to go further so I wouldn’t have to see in what condition he was until someone came up to me and tell he was all right.

    I released my grip and looked over my shoulder and found him all asleep, so innocent. As I walked over to him I felt my legs losing their strength and soon I ended up collapsing in front of his body. I fell face first on his torso. I looked up onto his face and ran my hair through his thick black hair.

    Then I heard the noise I though I would only hear in my nightmares.

    I looked up to the monitor and saw a thin green line at the bottom of the screen. My eyes widen with shock and fear and soon water filled in my eyes and found their way down my face. I quickly looked at him as he still had his eyes closed but his chest was not moving up and down. I heard Takeshi call for the doctors with also him scared of losing one of his dearest friends. While I was about to lose the man I loved and treasured so.

    I felt Hanako grab me as I tried to go back into Ash’s arms as the doctors ran into the room with equipment that might save Satoshi’s life.

    “You can’t die Satoshi!” I yelled. “You can’t die!”

    All of that happened six months ago.


    “You won?”

    “Yep.” I replied with a smile.

    “Well are you coming over to celebrate?”

    I didn’t know what to reply; I bit my bottom lip and tighten my grip on the phone.

    “Hello Hakura? Are you still there?”

    My lips froze, my head was all out of answer all of a sudden, Should I? After what happened six months ago? Was i ready to face my fear and has he forgiven me yet?

    Their were too many questions for me to answer, most of them had no answer. I placed my hand on my head so I could concentrate once more, when I did I replied.

    “Hakura?” the other person on the phone asked again.

    “Sorry about that Hanako.” I replied as i found the words to reply. “I was...” I paused and replied. “Thinking to myself again.”

    “Well dear.” Hanako begun. “Would like to celebrate your win here in Pallet?”

    “I would...” I paused and sighed and soon replied. “I would love too.” I said in a cheery voice, trying to convince Hanako that was was happy to go back to Pallet.

    Even I wasn’t.

    “Okay dear.” Hanako replied. “See you in three days okay?”

    “See you in three days then.” I replied as I dropped the phone and took a sigh of relief.

    “So you’re going back to Pallet Hakura?” A voice replied right after i dropped the phone.

    “Yes Saori.” I replied with a nod. “I need to do this.”

    “Very well.” Saori replied. “When are you leaving?” She asked.

    “Three days.” I replied.

    “Would you want me to help you to ready then?”

    “Not yet Saori.” I replied. “I need to make one last phone call.”

    “Alright then.” Saori replied as she left me alone once again. I picked up the phone once again and dialled the number to the person I wanted to talk to. When I finished pushing the number down I heard the phone starting to ring and I waited until somebody picked up the phone.

    “Hello?” the person greeted.

    “Hey Kotone.” I greeted. “Long time no chat eh?”


    “Six months and still thinking about you.” I said to myself as I looked on the path, kicking a small pebble each step I took but I was interrupted by a cell phone rang in my pocket. I quickly dug into her pocket and answer the call.

    “Hakura speaking.”

    “Hey Hakura. It’s me Shuu.”

    “Look I’m not in the mood. Ash’s mom invited me to visit them in Pallet.” I replied but I quickly covered my mouth realising what I had just said.

    “Your going aren’t you?” Shuu asked. “You do know that...”

    “I know Shuu.” I replied slightly annoyed. “Let’s not go through this again please.”

    “Fine fine.” Shuu replied. “Just making sure...”

    “Look let’s just get off topic and I wish you luck in the Orre grand festival.”

    “Thanks Hakura.” Shuu replied. “I’ll see you when I get back.”

    “See you then.” I replied in soft voice and ended the call and looked up towards the sky and soon memories ran into my mind.

    “Hey that one looks like a Swablu!”

    “And that one looks a rose.”

    I quickly sat up and looked at Drew with a curious look on my face. Drew soon noticed my stare.

    “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    “Does everything in your life have to be rose-related?”

    All Shuu could replied with a laugh at me. Making me more cross but was soon was wiped away when she saw Shuu laughing for the first time. Without him
    noticing I slightly blushed and smiled.

    “If only I could go back and live those memories again.” I replied as I laid down on the green lush grass. I still looked at the sky as my memory of Satoshi came back to me.

    “Hey Satoshi.”

    “What is it?”

    “Do you ever wonder how it feels to walk and hug a cloud?”

    “Nope.” Satoshi replied as he continued to lie on the grass and look at the sky above him.

    “Let me guess.” I replied as I put my finger under my chin and pretended to think and lay in my boyfriends arms. “All you think about is how to improve in
    pokemon battles right?”

    “Nope.” Satoshi replied as he turned his head so he could face me. “I also think about food.” He smiled.

    “What?!” I sat up in shock and turned my back and crossed her arms. “You don’t think about me?”

    “Of course not.”Satoshi smiled as he sat up and wrapped his arms around me as I slightly blushed. “You didn’t let me finish. I also think about you.”

    I turned around and embraced my boyfriend with a smile on my face.

    “I also think about you too.” I smiled. “A lot.”

    As my mind reminded me of these memories I felt something wet run down my cheeks. I touched it and found out I was crying.


    "Oh Satoshi." I said as my voice dropped into a whisper. "I miss you so much."

    End of chapter.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2009
  2. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Chapter two.
    "Cry as I may these tears won’t wash you away"

    “Where is she?” I said as I was placing around the market. “It can’t take that long to get here.”

    “Haruka!” called out a familiar voice.

    I turned around and saw it was Kotone. My cousin, she had a white hat with a red ribbon wrapped around the left side. She was wearing blue overalls with a short red sleeves underneath. She also had a white collar attached with a black singlet underneath. She had a huge shoulder yellow bag on her left shoulder and she had red shoes to top everything up.

    “Kotone!” I called out in joy. It had been awhile since I had seen my cousin in person. “I see you still like the big hats.” I teased as I pushed her hat down that covered her eyes.

    “Hey!” Kotone replied slightly annoyed. “Anyway .” Kotone said as she was bringing up a new topic as she fixed her hat. “You’re going to Pallet again?”

    “Yes.” I nodded.

    “You sure about this Haruka?” Kotone asked me in a concerned manner. “I mean with what happened to Ash and you—“

    “I need to do this.” I interrupted. “I can’t run away from this forever.” I replied as I shuffled through my shopping bags and pulled out a gift for Hikari. “Do you think this will look good on Hikari?”


    “Isn’t it great to travel again after such a long time Satoshi?” I asked as she smiled at her best friend.

    “It sure is.” Satoshi replied. “And May I got something to tell you.”

    “What is it?” I asked in a concerned manner. Soon I saw Satoshi lower his face so the shadow of his cap covered his face. Soon he started too wobbly and soon fainted into my arms and made me fall onto the ground.

    “Satoshi!” I cried out. “What is happening to you?!”

    “He is going to die.” A voice called from behind.

    “Shuu?!” I called as I still held my unconscious trainer in my arms. “What are you talking about?”

    “What I am talking about is that if you want the most important person in your life to live you have to accept my conditions.” Shuu replied as he flicked his bangs away from his face.

    “Why should I?” I yelled. “After all the ways you treated me when I was first started?”

    “You have no choice.” Shuu replied as he dropped a dead rose onto the ground. “His life is determined in your hands.” Drew replied as he started to walk away from May.

    The young coordinator soon looked back at her friend; fainted in her arms. Tears soon find their way down my cheeks.


    “Satoshi!” I yelled as I soon looked around me and found myself still in the poke centre as Kotone was sitting down at the edge of the bed. I looked at the digital clock beside my bed and saw it had just past three in the morning. I could see Kotone’s concerned face by the moons bright light that lit up the room. “It was only a nightmare Haruka.” Kotone replied as she placed her hand on top of mine.

    “I haven’t dreamed anything like that in a long time.” I replied as i placed my hand on my cheek and felt it was dry only to find out that I was crying.


    “What was it about?” Kotone asked.

    “It was...” I begun and paused. I had trouble finishing the sentence but soon my lips pronounced the words. “about Ash dying.”

    Kotone’s eyes widen in shock as I had just finished saying my answer. She covered her mouth in the shock. “Are...you okay?”

    “I think I will be fine.” I replied as i felt something wet run down my cheeks.

    “You think?” Kotone asked me. “I’m guessing that you don’t want to go back to Pallet. Am I right Haruka?!”

    “I...” I paused and soon replied. “I...” but I failed to answer Kotone’s question.

    “If you’re not ready then don’t go Haruka! You will just hurt yourself like the last time you—“

    “I want to do this Kotone.” I replied. “Even I don’t want to I want to get over my fear.”

    “I just don’t want to see you hurt again.” Kotone replied to me. “tell me Haruka.” Kotone said as she was starting a new topic. “Do you still love Satoshi?”

    My brain died for that second. No answers could be made. My lips froze in fear that I might pull out the wrong answer. My eyes just widen in shock when Kotone asked me that question. Instead of an answer to my cousin’s question new questions entered my mind like if I still loved Satoshi and if I was really to let go of the past. All I could to was tighten my grip on the blanket that covered me and just started to cry.

    I couldn’t believe it. I was crying again.

    Kotone came closer and embraced me into her arms. I wrapped my arms around her and cried into her chest.

    “I...” I began to mutter as I slowly found the words to speak again. “I do.” I muttered. “I wish I could tell him why I had to do that to him. I wish he could have forgiven me.” I cried. My guilt was starting to kick in. “IT’s ALL MY FAULT!” I yelled.

    “It’s not your fault Haruka!” Kotone replied. “How many times have we told you? It’s not your fault. What you did was the right choice.”

    I lost my ability to reply. All I could do was just cry even more. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. I wish there was an off switch to all my feelings so I won’t have to cry anymore.

    But there is no off switch in me.


    It was the next morning and I was at the video phone ready to make a phone call before Kotone and I headed to Pallet. It had been three days since my breakdown but I was ready to go to Pallet. I dialled in the number to the person I wanted to talk to. I turned on the video and waited for somebody to answer the call.

    I waited but there was no response.

    “Out again I see.” I sighed.

    “Come on already Haruka!” Kotone yelled. “We are going to be late!”

    I turned off the video phone and dropped the call and started to make my way outside the pokecenter. I looked and the number written on the small piece of srunch paper.

    “See you in Pallet then.”

    End of chapter.
  3. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Chapter three
    "The hardest to do is waking up without you."

    As Kotone and I aboard the ship my fears inside of me grew. This time I was really going to Pallet, this is for real. Theres no turning back now. I threw my bags somewhere in the same cabin I was shareing with Kotone and I walked straight out to get some fresh air.I reached to the end of the boat to where I laid my arms on the rails and sighed as the boat made its move away from the island of Johto.

    “Satoshi…” my thoughts begun but couldn’t find the words to finish the sentence off.

    “Haruka?” Kotone asked from behind. “What are you doing here all alone?”

    “Nothing much.” I replied as she rested her arms on the rails as well. “So this is it?” She asked me.

    “This is it.” I replied. “We are both heading back to Pallet again.”

    “Excited?” Kotone asked me.

    “More like confused.” I sighed.

    “Just don’t worry too much okay Haruka?” Kotone told me as she patted me in the back gently.

    “Easier said than done.” I sighed.


    “Satoshi?!” I called out. “Where are you?!”

    I didn’t knew where I was. All I could see was white, everything. I wanted to get out, I wanted to see Satoshi so I kept running forward. Soon a figure started to be sighted in front of me. The small figure came walking up to me. I didn’t knew why I didn’t run away, something in my body told me to stop. Soon the shadowy figure turned into a small child, around five years old. But her face was somehow blurry for me to recognise.

    “Mommy?” the small child asked. The voice sounded like a younge girl.

    My eyes widen in shock.

    “No you can’t be…”

    “Mommy why?” the young girl asked. “why?”

    “Forgive me.” I told the small child. “I had too.”

    “I hate you mommy!” The small child yelled and ran away from me.

    “No wait!” I called as I chased the small child but fog started to grow thicker and soon I was back where I started.


    “Over there daddy!” called out a young girl. I knew by the sound of the voice it was the same girl that called me her mommy.

    I turned around and saw the younge girl and a young man holding her hand, I couldn’t tell who the father was because of the fog.

    “Why Haruka?” the father of the small child asked me.

    “I…” but the words wouldn’t come out. Soon the fog got thicker and then a flash of bright light hit my eyes which made me close my eyes.

    I opened my eyes right after and found myself in the cabin I was shareing with Kotone.I looked at her and found her sound asleep.I got dressed in some decent clothes and walked outside.

    I laid my back against the wall and looked up into the stars that was covered in a dark blue blanket.I looked down and the sea as the wind blew my hair around. I couldn’t help but to think the dream I just had.

    Why did that child come back after so long? Who was the father? Why now?

    “Why…” I paused and soon continued. “did you have to come back?”


    “Were back!” Kotone cheered as she raised her voice and arms into the sky.

    “Not so loud Kotone.” I replied as I got off the boat. “Just because you got off the boat first doesn’t mean you have to act like a five year old.”

    “Sorry.” Kotone sweat dropped. “I’m just a little excited.”

    “A little?” I asked. “Yeah right.”

    “So where first?” Kotone asked in a calmer manner.

    “To the Pallet town festival.” I replied. “There is always one around here at this time of year.”

    “Alright then.” Kotone begun. “Let’a go!”

    Kotone put her bags over her shoulder and started to walk a little ahead of me. As we were heading to the festival I asked myself why was I going to the festival? Was I trying to avoid my fears again? If I was what was the point? Im here in Pallet, theres no point trying to avoid them now.

    Soon we reached the festival and there were plenty of people as usual. The ferris wheel was going around in a circular direction and the ‘welcome’ sign was there with stalls of food and games on each side you look at, there were old rides and a few new ones that even I wanted to try out.

    “Hey Haruka.” Kotone started as she turned around to face me. “Why don’t we have some fun why we are here?”

    “I guess but I think I might pass.” I told Kotone.

    “Why’s that?” Kotone asked.

    “I got to have some fairy foss first.” I smiled.

    “Typical Haruka.” Kotone laughed.


    “One fairy foss for me sir.” I asked as I made my way yo the fairy foss stand.

    “One for me as well sir.” A voice called behind me. Straight away I knew who the person was. I turned around and saw a young girl with navy blue hair with a white beanie.

    “HIKARI?!” I called out in shock.

    “HARUKA?!” Hikari replied. “What are you doing here?

    “I was about to ask you the same thing.” I replied.

    “Mrs. Ketchum invited me here.” Hikari replied as the man handed both our fairy foss. “You?”

    “Same.” I replied as tok my first bite into the fairy foss.

    “Time sure flies fast doesn’t it. Who long has it been, six months?”

    “Around ‘bout that.” I replied with my mouth full.

    “Say you stil do pokemon contests?” Hikari asked me.

    “Yeah.” I nodded as I shallowed my food. “Just won the Johto grand festival.”

    “Wow, congrates Haruka.” Hikari smiled. “I just lost the Hoenn grand festival. I came into the semi finals, I lost to Kenny again.” Hikari sighed.

    “No need to worry.” I smiled as I copied the young corodinators sayings.

    “Say how about a pokemon battle?” Hikari asked me.

    “Sure.” I replied. “Just let me finish first.”


    “Venasaur on stage now!”

    “Quilava spotlight!”

    We both threw our poke balls onto the battle field and when they made contact with the ground the poke balls open wide and released both our pokemon onto the battle field. Kotone had just came back from winning a maril plushie with her Megunuim by her side.

    “One on one Haruka?” Hikari asked.

    “Sure.” I nodded. “Okay Venasaur, vine whip!”

    “Quilava flame wheel now!”

    Quilava’s fast speed made my grass type attack a total fail and Quilava was heading towards Venasaur and high speed.

    “Earthquake!” I commaned.

    Venasuar lifted one of its feet and slammed it on the ground just enough for Quilava to lost its balance on the ground and made it fly into mid air from the attack.

    “Vinewhip!” I called out.

    Venasaur summoned its vines and slammed Quilava onto the ground. Smoke covered the field which made it hard for me to see what had happened to Quilava.

    “Now Quilava flamethrower!” Hikari commanded her fire type pokemon.

    Quilava jumped out of the smoke and had a birds eye view of Venasaur. It opened its mouth and released a shorching fire type attack right at Venasaur. Venasaur cried out in pain.

    “Venasaur!” I called out.

    “Job well done Quilava.” Hikari complamented her pokemon as Quilava landed on its four feet once again.

    “Quilava!” Quilava happily cheered.

    “This isn’t over yet.” I called out “Venasaur use stun spore!”

    Venasaur soon realeased a gold powered from its flower located at its back. It spread through the whole field and making Quilava stop in its track.

    “Nowe Giga drain!” I called out.

    And just as I called out Venasaur used Giga drain to restore it energy. When the move was over Quilava was puffing out air. Its feet started to woby and soon Quilava fainted on the field.

    “You did great out ther Quilava.” Hikari said as she carried her injured pokemon into her arms.

    “Fantastic job out there Venasaur.” I told my pokemon. “Time for you to have a rest.” I added as I returned Venasaur back into its poke ball. Soon I and Kotone walked over to Hikari. “Great battle Hikari.”

    “You too Haruka.” Hikari replied.

    “Haruka, Kontone and Hikari!” a voice called.

    “It can’t be…” the three of us muttered.

    We saw a young girl with a white hat and a half red poke ball at the front running towards us. She had a teal sleeveless top with a red skirt. She had a bag that had a strap across her chest with her long brown hair flying everywhere as she ran towards us. She had red shoes and white socks to finish everything off.

    “Amiko!” I greeted as I waved to greet her.

    “Hey…Haruka.” Amiko replied as she was puffing for air from the all the running she did just to catch up to us.

    “Why are you here anyway?” I asked.

    “I came to…get you guys because…the other guests have come and…you’re the only ones left…” Amiko explained.

    “Everyone?” Kotone asked.

    “Everyone except you guys.” Amiko replied as she was slowly getting her air back.

    Kontone and I exchanged glances. This was it. I was about to face one of my deepest fears.

    End of chapter.

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