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*~LSA's Sprite Thread Lv.2~*

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by LoneStarAkira, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. LoneStarAkira

    LoneStarAkira +1 cookie for troll

    * ~ LoneStarAkira's Sprite Thread ~ *
    Created with hopes of keeping it alive. My old sprite thread has been around for a year or so, and has been growing more and more dead since I've been updating in it.
    This sprite thread I'm hoping to keep alive for quite some time. Feel free to give constructive criticism, but I don't take well to spammy comments. I will report if I feel it's necessary.

    Newest sprites are at the front of each category.


    http://i28.*******.com/1zw0zly.gif http://i27.*******.com/2rh2nvn.gif http://i32.*******.com/vjd6x.gif http://i29.*******.com/2zfpll3.gif http://i29.*******.com/dzxzeo.gif http://i25.*******.com/28cot3p.gif
    http://i25.*******.com/111v9dw.gif http://i30.*******.com/x4ll45.gif http://i26.*******.com/2mi3nsn.gif http://i30.*******.com/syxd10.gif http://i31.*******.com/2v2yzvo.gif http://i27.*******.com/f1i7k.gif
    http://i28.*******.com/r8w85d.gif http://i30.*******.com/307pyk5.gif http://i26.*******.com/300fo1f.gif
    Note: The Croconaw revamps are supposed to have their crests/spikes like that.

    http://i32.*******.com/2gsflh4.gif http://i31.*******.com/2ecofi8.gif http://i26.*******.com/24nfjus.gif http://i30.*******.com/23h96hv.gif http://i28.*******.com/1t7q0k.gif http://i28.*******.com/nevo5w.gif
    http://i25.*******.com/29ni142.gif http://i29.*******.com/2daj5ox.gif http://i25.*******.com/seya9h.gif

    http://i30.*******.com/s1jhg7.gif http://i30.*******.com/2cy5wm0.gif http://i29.*******.com/2h3zndz.gif http://i28.*******.com/642p7s.gif

    http://i38.*******.com/2hmhn51.gif http://i25.*******.com/64hs2t.gif http://i32.*******.com/28rpoxj.gif
    http://i29.*******.com/1zcpfs2.gif http://i26.*******.com/20sy4r5.gif http://i28.*******.com/dcsqdx.gif http://i30.*******.com/2cqirra.gif

    http://i29.*******.com/2qnazdc.gif http://i27.*******.com/2r4rckl.gif http://i27.*******.com/2psr21w.gif


    None of these sprites may be used without permission, may not be modified without permission, or used in any fake "rom hacks", etc. I don't sprite peoples' fakemons, and I don't do projects. I've been asked various times to join projects and sprite for people, and it's frustrating having to repeat myself.​
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2009
  2. pikadude43

    pikadude43 Well-Known Member

    i love these but what is the sprite outline next to arcanine sposed to be?
  3. LoneStarAkira

    LoneStarAkira +1 cookie for troll


    Please just try and learn to read, your posts are spammy and frustrating, they were often like that in my previous gallery also.
    And if you still can't tell, it's what I'm working on.
  4. pikadude43

    pikadude43 Well-Known Member

    oh sorry and dont tell me to learn to read
    i love the charmander scratch with fire out his muth but the other one looks like its got a fat neck because above the arm the is a wierd outline part
  5. Silver Fusion

    Silver Fusion Hyper Coordinator

    Well, first things first, I have to tell you that you are a damn good spriter, one of the best that I've seen in a while.
    I absolutely love your revamps, they're very detailed and sharp. I can honestly say that your Raikou revamp is the best I've seen, I've tried to revamp Raikou many times and failed, so I know that one is a challenge.
    My only issues are with both Croconaw revamps, and Suicune. Croconaw's frontmost spike seems bent forwards, when really it should be aimed upwards, perhaps you could look at later sprites to sort that out.
    And Suicune, I think could benefit from having the furthest leg from us, being moved to our right, since as it is now, the back legs look unnaturally close, the mouth/ muzzle could also do with some edits, as it is now, Suicune doesn't look nearly as fierce as it should.
    The rest of your sprites are really great, so be proud of yourself.
  6. LoneStarAkira

    LoneStarAkira +1 cookie for troll

    I aimed for them to look like the old designs used back in Gold and Silver rather than their most recent designs that appeared in Crystal onwards. I don't often see people attempt to revamp the old designs so I thought I'd give it a go. <:

    Haha, I definitely agree with you there on your points. I made that revamp about a year and a half ago, so my spriting skills were incredibly rusty then (I still posted them as a sort of way to show improvement). I'll make sure to keep those pointers in mind when I revamp Suicune again, because I hope to someday. ;o;

    Thank you for a wonderful crit~ <3
  7. Kecleoshrew

    Kecleoshrew KECLEON :D

    Wow, LSA, you just keep getting better XD

    I really like everything that you've got here, but, there are a few things bugging me:
    Diglett: The tail looks straight kind of. I think that you should make it curve up
    Croconaw Revamps: The front spike looks like its bent forward, or flat
    Typhlosion Revamp: I think that the foot that is up, it should be lower at the side facing us.

    but overall, amazing!
  8. LoneStarAkira

    LoneStarAkira +1 cookie for troll


    I mentioned in the post before you, that it's meant to be like that. It's a revamp of the old design, not the new one.
    Could anyone give me tips on colours and such for my WIP? I'm hoping to get it coloured today. I tried the other day, but only the fluffy parts I managed to get decent colours for.
  9. For the WIP I would use purples, blues and black.

    Some crit. I feel like I am looking down at his feet but straight on with his body. Though it could just be me.
  10. Starrmyt

    Starrmyt still loves gen II

    The front spike on the Croconaw is --

    Well, I'll give you some tips for your WIP. You could probably get away with the standard black & white look, getting the fur an off-white color and perhaps a grey for the skin.

    I don't know, though, what you're trying to go for. :D
  11. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    Well LSA you did mention you wanted to make it a rock type; and I've seen rocks in shades of blue, greys, silvers, blacks, reds, purples, and dirt in dark green-black, yellow/bright yellow, red, dark red, pinkish [this is more sand made from coral tho], golden browns, dark browns etc...

    But I think like Arcanine it should be a dark color and a light color; aka like Red with Cream; a dark and light.
  12. LoneStarAkira

    LoneStarAkira +1 cookie for troll

    For now, that WIP will remain as an outline. I stopped and that means I won't continue. ;o;

    I get barely any work done that way. Pfft;;
    Here's a revamp of RSE's Chikorita sprite. Kinda crappy, but it'll dooo. o3o

    Anything to keep this thread from dying, I guess.
  13. -Raiga-

    -Raiga- Well-Known Member

    I can't say I exactly like that it seems to be sort of the HG/SS sprite with its paw up. The reason I say this is it seems changed too much from its original sprite in pose and shading.

    The orginal sprite has its head facing us almost dead-on, with its head tilted only slightly to its right, but you've changed it to the 3/4 view of the hgss sprite. The mouth could probably pass as the orginal for me, but the eyes just seem to different from the orginal to make me see it as a revamp. I also have a slight problem with its back right foot for the same reasons, as according to the orginal sprite it should be over about a pixel or two to the left.

    As I mentioned before, the other part that seems a bit off is the shading. On the hgss sprite the chickorita is facing the lightsource much more directly and its head isn't blocking any light from its legs or body. However yours is facing more towards us and the light should hit its head and right part of its back leaving little room for light to get through. My point obviously is that I think it would be better to add a little more darkness on its left side similar to the orginal sprite. Of course I wouldn't add as much as the orginial since your going for the hgss style.

    The outline and proportions are great though, so keep it up in that respect.

    Unfortunately I'm not really all that good at revamping or shading for that matter, so my help may be complete crap, but I figured you probably wouldn't get any replies on it so I decided I would try at least.
  14. wilycoyote64

    wilycoyote64 through diamond eyes

    huh, don't know why i haven't posted here yet, LSA... i guess i've been a little busy :'

    enywey, i want to compliment you on your devamps first, in case i didn't on your other thread. i love the spheal, i guess i'm really into the inclusion of a prototype feel when devamping. it brings more realism. :p

    your chikorita looks darn near perfect, of course. i know it was you just messing around, but i might as well help you make it perfect... so first off, the head seems a little too tall, but that could be just by one pixel for all i know. :D
    the RSE sprite has a little different shading along its body, you may have left that out on perpose, tho.

    darker outlines along the eyes can bring out the face more. otherwise i have no more, your other revamps are ideal!

    don't know if that helped any but at least i got a comment in. Sprite On LoneStar!!
  15. LoneStarAkira

    LoneStarAkira +1 cookie for troll

    Holy shiz, mega replying post. ;O;
    I do understand that. I thought so myself when I was coming to an end of the revamp. Unfortunately Chikorita's poses in various gen sprites appear to be somewhat similar to each other, so it was difficult to make it look different.
    http://i37.*******.com/2yorbtc.jpg http://i36.*******.com/1972qe.gif
    In comparison, it's still the same body shape to RSE's, but as you said, the face is much more similar to HGSS's face. Though imo it doesn't look exactly like HGSS's Chiko, simply with its paw up, I almost entirely rescratched the body to make sure that wasn't the case. The leaf was referenced from HGSS's Chiko, but its base was RSE's one, heavily modified. I made sure that the overall shading was closer to RSE's Chiko rather than HGSS's one as well, though not as overdone like it.
    Unfortunately it's incredibly difficult to keep things in the same pose 100%.

    Funny how I scratched that mouth a good 5 or 6 times before I thought it looked alright, and then it just looked like the original anyway!! >D
    I did modify the eyes somewhat to make sure the small white "shine" was in a similar place as RSE's. It makes it look like it's looking more to the centre, too, whereas Chiko's eye "shine" makes it look like it's looking sideways.

    HGSS's Chiko is facing almost entirely on its side, whereas RSE's Chiko is more on an angle. I felt the hind leg placed lower and with one or so pixels short would give it the same effect.

    The left side being the area around its leg, right? If so, then I see where you're coming from. I was also planning on adding a pixel of darker shading under the buds around its neck, but then I decided not to since HGSS's sprites, both first frame and second lack that.

    I found your crit very helpful! You don't have to be omgthebestspriter in the world to be able to give off decent crit. You just need to know what you're talking about, and you most certainly do. <:
    Thank you. I really appreciate it!

    This thread's only just been opened. <:

    It's nice that someone's noticed how I like to put a small amount of realism into my RBY-styled sprites. <: Some of them really do carry that style, so I wanted to give it a try, myself. I'm glad it's noticed in my Spheal (that's the one I really tried that style on!)

    Haha, yeah, the face was a real trouble, and where the legs connect, too. I see what you mean about it being just a pixel or two too long. <3
    I made sure to ignore RSE's poor shading and keep with shading closer to HGSS.

    It was helpful. <: Thank you!!
  16. Papa. L

    Papa. L Scratcher!!!

    Revamps are all good, nothing wrong with them that I can see. Lineart and shading is all beautiful. Same thing for scratches, absolutely wonderful. AND CHARMANDER HAS THE BACK BUMP. I saw it in the manga and fell in love, too bad they don't have it in official Charmander anymore. You're epic win -w-
    Devamps are perfect.... Almost too perfect to be in the 1st Gen. But they still fit in.
    tbh, I actually have nothing to criticize you for. I guess I don't have the eye for it D: Sorry I can't help you improve -- if you need to.

  17. BynineB

    BynineB Wielding Übersaw.

    Looks like BynineB will be handling Devamps today.

    That Spheal is.. well, it's left cheek is extremely fat, so it isn't as round as it should be. Maybe you should smooth it out a bit? Also, why is it angry? :c

    The Wurmple looks like it's in RBY style, except with two different colours, so is it GSC or RBY? If it's RBY, it looks great except for the two different colours. If it's GSC, then I think there are better colours than bright yellow to use.

    The Starly looks very overshaded, no RBY sprite has that much perfect shading. Also, it looks really shiny and pillowy..

    As for the Froslass.

    [​IMG] VS. http://i28.*******.com/642p7s.gif

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2009
  18. LoneStarAkira

    LoneStarAkira +1 cookie for troll

    I can't stand splices, honestly, yet I'm so proud of this:
    I call him Electagmar. It's an art trade with shaunybug, he asked for a Magmar/Electabuzz love child.

    I think I like it 'cos they're parallel Pokemon, rather than all the randoms that people splice/fuse together. I'm happy with this.
    Go easy on the crit, since this is an art trade as opposed to regular sprites, kay? :3

    Merging posts...
    I did actually post that stuff lastnight, but it's showing up as today.
    The idea of GRB sprites is to make them look like they're in beta-stage, which means that they'd have more of a slight realism than the later versions of the Pokemon. He not be angry either. >DDD

    Wurmple is in GSC style, otherwise he's have just one colour in several shades rather than two colours. I picked odd colours because some of the old GSC sprites had odd colours compared to their GBA versions.

    Green's Pidgeotto. That is all.

    My Froslass is in GRB style, yours be GSC. :3
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2009
  19. LoneStarAkira

    LoneStarAkira +1 cookie for troll

    A WIP I'm currently in the middle of:

    My apologies for the lack of updates. I haven't been spriting much. D:
  20. Kecleoshrew

    Kecleoshrew KECLEON :D

    Wow, i like your WIP very much, it's coming along great ^_^

    I really like that splice too, except i think the mouth looks a bit awkward. And isnt that Froslass in misc your dA avatar?

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