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ltck's Poke Shop! - Shinies/Flawless/Legends/Egg Moves

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by ltck, May 6, 2011.

  1. JuanLiNK26

    JuanLiNK26 Banned

    and here i was thinking we couldnt trade korean pkmn,
  2. ltck

    ltck Shiny Sniper

    @juan: That's what I was told. But I ran into someone from North Korea on GTS negotiations, and got quite a few. I was under the impression the only way to get them was saving them on your game.
  3. Blackacer

    Blackacer ~Artist~

    Interested In :
    Bagon - Female - Docile/Lvl. 1 - UT
    Larvitar - Male - Bold/Lvl. 1 - UT
    Eevee - Male - Lonely/Lvl. 1 - UT
    Gorebyss - Female - Modest/Lvl. 1 - UT
    Torchic - Male - Lax/Lvl. 1 - UT
    Treecko - Male - Hardy/Lvl. 1 - UT
    Mudkip - Male - Timid/Lvl. 1 - UT
    Aeordactyl - Male - Naughty/Lvl. 1 - UT

    Able To Offer :
    Anything In My Shop According To This...
    Shop Link Is In My Signature
    Trade Ratios
    - My Shinys For 1 Shinys
    - My Shinys For 1 Event
    - My Dw Event For 1 Dw Event / 2 Shiny
    - My Shiny Legendarys For 2 Shinys / 1 Shiny Legendary / 1 Flawless Shiny
    - My Shiny Flawless For 2 Shiny / 1 Flawless Shiny / 1 Shiny Legendary
    - My Shiny Flawless Legendary For 3 Shiny / 1 Flawless Shiny + 1 Shiny / 2 Shiny Legendary
    - My Event For 1 Shinys / 1 Event
    - My Legendary For 1 Legendary / Event
  4. ltck

    ltck Shiny Sniper

    @acer: I don't have the Gorebyss anymore, but everything else is good. Interested in your:
    Treecko Lv 10 (UT) [Dreamworld Event & Jap] <Male> (Near Flawless)
    Leafeon Lv 10 (UT) [Dreamworld Event & Jap] <Male>
    Celebi Lv 10 (UT) [Shiny & Jap] <Ageto>
  5. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Are you looking for a normal Pikachu, or a shiny one? Same goes for Ekans.
  6. ltck

    ltck Shiny Sniper

    Getting the Ekans in a trade with someone, and I just got a Pikachu. Haven't updated yet. >.<
  7. Blackacer

    Blackacer ~Artist~

    I dont have that celebi anymore lol , i loan it to my friend for him to clone. Would u be interested in other eeveevolutions as well?
  8. Dion_delpino

    Dion_delpino New Member

    whats the OT and ID's of your 10 ANIV pokemon?
  9. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune Miku Well-Known Member

    lol another offer. your shiny lv 1 manaphy for my UT shiny latios
  10. ltck

    ltck Shiny Sniper

    @acer: Looking for Glaceon and Espeon as well. :3
    @dion: OT for all of them is 10 ANIV (Isn't that how it is on all of them?) and the ID's are 00010 (Pokemon Journey Across America Tour), one Pikachu with 06808 (Pokémon Journey Across America - Bryant Park).
    @chimp: That'll work. :3
  11. Blackacer

    Blackacer ~Artist~

    I'll take bagon , eevee , torchic , aeordactyl , mudkip , treecko for those 3 dw?
  12. mwars22

    mwars22 pokemon

    Growlithe (DW Ability):

    Morning Sun
    Close Combat
    Heat Wave
    i will give you shiny palkia
  13. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    I'm interested in your 10ANIV Latios and Articuno. I can give 2 shinies in my trade shop for them if you'd like.
  14. ltck

    ltck Shiny Sniper

    @acer: That'll work. :3
    @mwars: You do realize that Growlithe isn't shiny, right? xD
    @fissurous: Those are currently being negotiated on.
  15. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Ok then, no problem :).
  16. juan8913

    juan8913 Active Member

    Shiny eevee adamant lvl 1 UT for movie 14 victini
  17. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune Miku Well-Known Member

  18. bushie

    bushie Well-Known Member

    hey saw you were lookin for shiny eevee/evos. i have a shiny vcg event lvl 50 eevee and a shiny leafeon i'm interested in your shiny treecko/meinshao
  19. ltck

    ltck Shiny Sniper

    @juan: I don't have an adamant Eevee?

    @chimp: Starting trades in 4-5 hours. I'll trade with you right off the bat since you've been waiting a while. (I have a reeeeally long list of trades to do. xD)

    @bushie: I'm actually going to be trading that Treecko... Anything else you would be interested in?
  20. Sablera

    Sablera Darmanitrainer

    I want Hobby Fair Zoroark and 14th Movie Victini. I have a DW Female Nidoran and a GameStop Celebi to summon Zorua.

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