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Lucario-detailed pencil drawing

Even more pokemon Pencil-shaded drawings

Someone gave me a 6B pencil, and I think I'm more comfortable with it now. I paired it up with my mechanical 0.5mm pencil and a snapshot I took in Brawl. Yes, I'm mostly e reference artist Y.Y

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That is really pretty o:


Absolutely beautiful. The shading is perfect. Wonderful job.


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It's really nice.
Thanks for the comments guys :)

I did this one a little while before the Lucario one, but since my other art thread didn't get many hits, I wasn't gonna post it, but why the heck not? This one was also drawn based on a snapshot I took, and was done solely with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil =O. This would hae been way easier had I the popper pencils >.>


I forgot to draw latios' other wing
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I forgot to draw latios' other wing

Haha I thought something was weird.

Man if they hired you to do the pokemon art for nintendo, pokemon would be a lot more popular. The sading is amazing a long with the anatomy, even though Latias's head looks a little weird. I think you for got to draw the other "ear" too. It's also interesting that you made the light in the background (which I assume to be a sunset) comes off of Latias instead of the center. I belive that it would seem more natural if it came from the center of the drawing or more off to the side, unless it was latias giving off the light.

Other than all that stuff truly amazing drawings, both of them.


Wow! Really love both of your drawings. :) Your shading is very soft, and it looks fantastic on the lati@s one. I think Latias could have been a bit smaller and the face looks slightly off. But, really good job, I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!


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Wow, very nice, keep it up!
I like the Lucario one far more however, not sure why though.
XD how'd you forget the wing?
The Latios&Latias one looks great. Being a reference artist isn't really a bad thing, you know.

The Lucario one looks great too, but I'm not a big fan of the Pokemon so that may be why I like the Latios&Latias one more. :]
#1 manga fan, I didn't pay much attention in the lati@s drawing xd, but I did note a lot of the mistakes and fixed soem of them with the 6B. I won't be uploading it though, no scanner, 'cibers'' charge =I

Thanks for the comments guys. For now, it'll probably be a while before I draw anything else, I need to get supplies Xd but in the mean time, here's my deviant art acc.


That Lucario is far too good.

I use references for my drawings too, but i can never get the amount of texture you have with a pencil :0

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Hey, don't worry, I'm a reference artist too--though normally too ashamed to admit it...

Anyway, it's a great picture, the shadings are a very nice touch. Though for some reason Lucario's right thigh looked a bit big... *trying to come up with constructive criticism* I dunno.

For your Latios and Latias one, aside from Latios' wing (though I'm not too bothered by it), I think Latias' head could look better if her head was a tiny bit flatter, but again, it's just my opinions.

I hope I helped ^^


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Wow! Lucario's my favourite Pokemon too. Great work!


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I envy reference artists. I can never seem to get it right, when I sketch, my drawings have no life in them, they look dead and weird so I have given up a long time agoT.T Now I stick very very loyally to my own drawing style (it originated from pokemon though somewhat)

and real;y nice work by the way ^^ (lucario's perfect though there seem to be something wrong with latias' head) hope to see more of them in the future!!


Lucario's Fire
The shading is... Perfect!