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Lucario vs Zoroark : A popularity contest.

Lucario and Zoroark; Which group do you fall in to?

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Neurotic Nuckelavee

Monochromatic Beast
I never liked Lucario, when he first came out he was okay although I thought those giant black sausages on his head were ugly. When I got a Riolu egg in Diamond & Platinum I'd hatch them and immediately box them. Then came the hype of this new silhouette and the multitudes of Lucario fans who insisted that this new pokemon must be a Lucario evolution, after reading so many pagers of "Lucario-evo this and Lucario-evo that" I lost what patience I had for the blue canine. And while hundreds of Lucario fans were disappointed with the reveal of Zoroark I was ecstatic. Zoroark has a much more elegant yet sinister design that I adore. To me the design also seems like a strong female character which I like the world needs more tough girls. I love her mane of red hair and I love how she can function as both a quadruped and a biped. I just can't wait to find out more about her and to eventually have one on my team.


I despise both of them. They're both horribly unoriginal in terms of design.


New Member
I have trained both a physical and specially based Lucario so i am obviously a big fan of Lucario. However the design of Zoroark intrigues me and i would like to know more information about the pokemon before i make a definative decision. Depending on Zoroark's base stats and movepool im most likely going to have one of both on my future Gen V team

Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
I like Zoroark better, because it doesn't have those wierd sausage things that Lucario does. It looks like a non-fighting type, as well.

Also, it's red, and I like red better than blue.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Zoroark is very cool, I happen to like vulpine Poemon too! I also have a fancy towards Dark-type Pokemon!


Back in the USSR
Gah, no "I like 'em both" option :/

Lucario is possibly my second favourite Pokemon, after Mewtwo, but I'm quite impressed by Zoroark - it looks like it'll be 5th gen's Lucario, so they're still equal for me atm. However, I voted the 2nd option because dark types FTW!


Ray Tracer
Okay, why the hell are we comparing two completely different pokemon to begin with?
Would make a bit sense if they at least had same typing. Once the Base Stats of Zoroark will be known, one can actually compare and see how similar/different they are.

And Zoroark is plain ugly, that's what I can definitely say. But later I might even use it if it's really strong.

Espeon POWER!

Coral Eye Trainer
Lucario was ok but I never really liked it, however Zoroark looks pretty damn cool and its pre-evo is cool and evil looking at the same time. Pluse Zoroark is one of my fave types.
Zoroark ftw.

shiney mew

Marsh Trainer
So far I like Lucario better because it's blue and has an interesting movepool. But I have a feeling Zoroark will grow on me when we know more about it.


I actually prefer Lucario, mainly because I like its design, and it's blue :D
I'm not a furry though, I find them quite annoying.

As for Zoroark ...meh, it looks like some fusion between Mightyena and Shiftry, but I don't really hate it, its just gives me that generic fantasy evil/dark wolfthing (you get what I'm saying?) that I'm not particulary interested in.

My opinion would best fit the first one, but Zoroark does in fact impress me, and I'm not one of those "Spirit of the Wild... WOLVES FOREVARRR!!!" kind of person. So I didn't pick one.
I like the both of them.
I can't wait to catch a Zoroark though (and the other 5th gen ones -_-; )


Arceus' Mouthpeice
I now hate Lucario because it's like Pikachu where everyone now likes it. I hope this doesn't become the case with Zoroark.

I'm thinking the same. I'm going to use Zoroark whether he's uber or not.
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