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Lucario vs Zoroark : A popularity contest.

Lucario and Zoroark; Which group do you fall in to?

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Zoroark owns Lucario in my opinion, so I opted for him in the poll.
Lucario, because,
1. I think the Zoroark fans might get worse than Auraholics.
2. Mah SpecsLuke kicks arse
3. Everyone Likes Zoroark. So I shouldn't.

The Seer

Zozoark, many users here are even using him as a avatar.


Tobi is a good boy!
I haven't read through the other pages so I don't know if this has aleady been brought up or not.

This popularity contest seems to me to be purely based on the look/first impressions of the pokemon so far, because we don't know anything about Zoroark.

We don't know its ability, stats, movepool, nothing.

This should kinda be discussed once those things have been revealed.

Sorry if this makes me sound like a complete douche XD


Smart Cookie
I wasn't able to vote, since I like both. Both are okay, seeming to be similar in looks, probably in power as well.


There Is No NiGHTS!
I like Zoroark's design a lot better than Lucario's. I love more than anything the coloring. I like Lucario, but he was never a favorite Pokemon in any way. So I will probably stick to Zoroark, but I do like Lucario.


leavers 2010
lucario looks better then then the new pokemon but saying that zoroak is pretty maddog
(for people who don't know what maddog means its cool)
Lucario is great and all, but of course at this moment I prefer Zoroark because it's a promise of something completely new (5th gen that is).


Game Hoarder
I do admit that Zoroark looks pretty good. But until i see him in action, stats and whatnot im sticking with Lucario.


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Zoroark has my vote in this poll. I wasn't a Lucario fanboy to begin with, but Zoroark certainly catches my eye. I think it looks great.

Zoroark does have a sexier character design though.

Totally. I wanted someone else to say it for me ;)
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future Pkmn Mazter!
i like both!, i dont disike eather but i definitly like zoruokiolu... the fox thingy better... oh wait lukario's a fox to... or some dog... i like the fluffy one!!!!!!!!!!!


I like Lucario mostly due to gameplay. I would have to use Zoroark first before I can actually decide but for now, im going with Lucario.


I like Lucario mostly due to gameplay. I would have to use Zoroark first before I can actually decide but for now, im going with Lucario.


honestly people shouldn't be making comparison's to a pokemon that was just revealed, with no ability, movepool or stats yet. You can't compare them, if you are to you have exclude all of that when looking at lucario which is impossible.

Emerald 2006

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That's the main problem, no one has trained Zoroark,
so no one knows if it's a good Pokemon or not!
Lucario 4Ever!
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