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Lucario01's Pokémon White Team

Lucario01's Pokémon White Team

Here's my in-game Pokémon White team (in the making):

:637: Volcarona Lv 78@Shell Bell
Nature: Mild
Ability: Flame Body
Quiver Dance
Heat Wave (will become Fiery Dance)
Bug Buzz

I also got a Jolly Darmanitan Lv 76.

;130; Gyarados Lv 60 @Mystic Water
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Intimidate
Ice Fang
Dragon Dance

:549: Lilligant Lv 57 @Miracle Seed
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Own Tempo
Petal dance
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder
Quiver Dance

:644: Zekrom Lv 73 @Zap Plate
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Teravolt
Fusion Bolt
Dragon Claw
Draco Meteor
Zenn Headbutt

;376; Metagross Lv 71 @Mind Plate
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Clear Body
Zen Headbutt
Meteor Mash
Rock Slide

I will change it into Alakazam if i can get one.

:635: Hydreigon Lv 65 @Leftovers
Nature: Timid
Ability: Levitate
Dragon Pulse
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Replace Darmanitan's Flare Blitz with Rock Slide. After a Belly Drum, you'll be quite low on health. I don't like Belly Drum myself but it seems to work for you. If you can fight Cynthia then you can already access the Earthquake TM by the way...

I'd use Return over Samurott's Rain Dance. It's not very economical to have to setup for 2 turns while your opponent can attack you. It also gets great synergy with Aqua Tail.

You really should've gotten an Own Tempo Lilligant. The main allure of Lilligant is that it gets to use Petal Dance without Confusion afterwards. You could use Leech Seed over Giga Drain maybe as if you go down your next pokemon still receives health from Leech Seed.

Focus Blast over Fututre sight on Reuniclus. Psychic is much more economical and it's simply a waste of a moveslot. Use Shadow Ball over Pain Split, you don't need that when Recover is so much better Recover.

Don't use Earthquake on Lucario, use Extreme Speed. Also use Crunch over Stone Edge as you need to worry more about Ghosts than Flying types.
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For Lilligant
You could also use Hidden Power Rock instead of Giga Drain because it give a lot of coverage and Petal Dance has a lot more power than Giga Drain, also you will not confuse yourself because of Own Tempo.
Hope this help
Thanks a lot all! By the way, i acquired a Adamant Magikarp and a Quiet Feebas yesterday. Could i use a Gyarados or Milotic on my team?


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Quiet isn't the best nature for Feebas, Modest or Timid is the best nature, so if you can change your Feebas nature by capturing a new Feebas, then you can. Adamant is a very good nature for Magikarp.
Hope this help
I justed catched a Mild Lv 70 Volcarona, i will replace my Darmanitan with it.
I might still use Darmanitan sometimes (maybe i will do competitive later).


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Eh, I'm kinda iffy with Lonely on Lucario, if you really want it to be a full physical sweeper, go with Adamant/Jolly instead.

Lonely is a Nature for Mixed Sweeper.


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slap a life orb on Reuniclus after you beat the battle tower subway. Magic Guard will take care of the damaging

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Hardy Zekrom? Try this instead

Zekrom@Wide Lens
Hasty Nature
-Fusion Bolt
-Dragon Claw
-Grass Knot
-Fire Blast

I'm aware that Hasty nature will smother your Def., but an increase in speed and Zekrom's OP attack base is sure enough to grant a certain OHKO


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Zekrom cannot learn Grass Knot and Fire Blast.
And why bother with Fusion Bolt when it has Bolt Strike? Unless the accuracy is really a problem, but then again you're slapping a Wide Lens on it.

For me, the set would be like this

Jolly Nature
~Hone Claws
~Stone Edge
~Bolt Strike
~Dragon Claw

Jolly boosts Speed (and reduce the unneeded SAtk), Hone Claws raises Attack (which helps all of its attacking moves) and accuracy (which helps Stone Edge & Bolt Strike)

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Volcarona @Life Orb
Timid l Flame Body
• Flamethrower / Fiery Dance
• Bug Buzz
• Quiver Dance
• Hurricane
I've not updated this for a while and i got some new Pokémon: Own Tempo Bashful Lilligant, Adamant Gyarados and Adamant Metagross (!) (Metang catched at Giant Chasm in a Great Ball :p)
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Modest and Timid Nature is the only best Nature for Lilligant, don't use Bashful because it doesn't gain any stats.