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Lucid Dreaming

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Absol6028, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Before I start to give my opinion on 'Lucid Dreaming', allow me to explain what it is for those who are unsure of what it is.

    Lucid Dreaming is when you are able to tell that you are dreaming whilst dreaming. Some people are able to even manipulate their abilities to Lucid Dream to where they are able to dream what they want. I know some people are skeptical as to how this could happen. There are to several steps to this. Allow me to give you a link explaining this. Lucid Dreaming!

    I know that some people think that this is entierly possible but there are also several who believe this is possible.. such as myself. I just heard about Lucid Dreaming and decided to give it shot. Couldn't hurt could it? And let me tell you, it was pretty cool. I mean, think about it. Your wildest.. well dreams can be possible in your dream. Hard to explain so you should refer to the above link for a better explanation.

    Now this is where you all come in. Do you believe it is possible? If yes\no, why? Have you ever tried it?

    I myself have tried it. I was, like most people are, skeptical about it. But after a day and a half of trying to have a Lucid Dream, it actually happened. I got to bake cookies with some amazing people :)! Don't ask what I mean by this 'cause I won't tell you.

    Discuss please..
  2. hawkeye721

    hawkeye721 なんと素敵な歌!!!!!!!!

    i introduced you to it e3e plus i love lucid dreaming its so awshome
  3. littlea53

    littlea53 Prince of Darkness

    I have Lucid dreamed and I am "trained" to be able to lucid dream at will. It takes a while but it is possible.
  4. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    I've read from a few places it takes either from 2 weeks to 3+ months. How long did it take you? It took me about 1-2 days to have my first :3
  5. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    I think I have had them at times. Just the other day actually, but I am not entirely sure. I mean I think I was a little awake, but I was still in my dream, I just kept it going until I woke up fully.

    It's hard to explain really, but it was just a dream, and I guess I sort of woke up but my eyes were still closed (I have woken up without opening my eyes, most of the time I can tell that it's daytime or middle of the night) and then my mind kept the dream going. Since I always have like storylines for my story going inside my head I guess it's possible I can also lucid dream at time.
  6. littlea53

    littlea53 Prince of Darkness

    It took me 1 month and a few days but that's off-topic
  7. ~DragonTypeLoverShadria~

    ~DragonTypeLoverShadria~ Well-Known Member

    I believe in lucid dreaming. I don't remember if I ever lucid dreamed (I think I did when I was younger). I try to now, but it doesn't work.
  8. It's possible. It's awesome. But I can't do it anymore. I realize I'm dreaming, but I just can't take control over it :/
  9. Rezzo

    Rezzo Your milk will go cold on you

    I used to be very interested in Lucid Dreaming a couple of years back. However, I soon started to give up, because every time I attain lucidity, another problem hits me over the last one.

    For example, once I obtained lucidity, I would wake up straight away. Then when I combated this, I would have false awakenings. I became interested again recently though.
  10. Pokemon Ruler Kun

    Pokemon Ruler Kun Well-Known Member

    I have lucid dreams every once in a while. But i haven't had 1 in many months. they were interesting. i need to figure out how to fly in them. i learned how to make certain people appear when i turn around and that's pretty much it for now. also i can't get magic to work in my dreams, lucid or not. o yeah, i can also jump higher then i can in real life when i'm lucid. (found that out when trying to fly, lol)
    P.S my lucid dreams 99% of the time takes place in my yard for some odd reason.
    P.S.S almost forgot, i can walk much faster in dreams.
  11. hawkeye721

    hawkeye721 なんと素敵な歌!!!!!!!!

    same as me
  12. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Well in that URL I posted, it is said that when you awake, don't move, open you eyes or anything. Just think this: 'Am I dreaming?' until you fall back asleep. I did this and was immediatly back into my Lucidity state. You should try it. Helps a lot IMO

    Since I just started, I have only had 2. Just so happens that they both involved Pokemon, not that I'm complaining xD Made cookies with Absol and Flareon xD Secret to what that means with my friend :3
  13. jeffyisaraichu

    jeffyisaraichu Twilight Princess

    I have been able to do this a few times but I can't anymore. It's a pretty neat thing.
  14. I remember blowing up a city with my mind while lucid dreaming....good times......
  15. Eternalserenity

    Eternalserenity Wanderer

    You had to train?!?
    Every one of my dreams is lucid and I don't even know why. Heck, I even read a Harry Potter book and even sucessfully MMed a pokémon in my sleep!
    (although I was rather annoyed to find out it didn't actually happen...)
  16. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    every time I tell myself "Im going to try this" I forget about it in my sleep XD. there have been a few times when Ive been able to do something I want to in a dream, but it always seems like once I try to take control its no longer as good and starts fading
  17. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    For some people yes, you have to train. But for some, you don't. Whenever you dream, do you wake up and remember 99% of your dream? If you do, then congratz! You're past step 1 to Lucid Dreaming! xD!

    Do you honestly believe this is possible? If you do, do you believe you can do this? If you do, then woohoo! Step 2 complete!

    Don't feel like typing the rest :p But yes, some do have to train for it. I didn't though xD
  18. Weez1990

    Weez1990 Hyuck hyuck hyuck

    I've never done it once. :/
  19. Fire_Paw

    Fire_Paw Moonwatcher

    Yeah, I believe it's possible. It's pretty amusing as well. I've got it so that I can lucid dream just about any night I'm not too tired (which lately isn't often).

    It took me about a year to get to the point it was easy /didn't work on it too much
  20. Sircharles

    Sircharles Marijuantsome?

    Lucid dreaming. Let's see. I saw a tv program about a man who could determine the future wit his dreams but he would control his dreams and stuff. It was awesome. I guess he stopped a terrorist bombing. The only people killed were the people who planned the thing because it blew up or something. I'll need to look Into It.

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