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Lucid Dreaming

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I feel like this belongs in Misc. Polls or something, considering that this does exist and that there isn't much to debate here...

I've never done it, though.

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Ok, I read this and while I'm still really confused...

...this reminds me of Inception.


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I have had Lucid Dreams before. It is very cool to be able to control what is going on, but I find that it is difficult to maintain full control indefinitely. Perhaps this is because I have only done it a handful of times in my life, I can only remember about 4 right now. Creating your own reality, very interesting.


I don't think it is completely possible because for me once I know I am dreaming I no longer feel completely asleep. I feel like I'm daydreaming.

Grey Wind

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I've known I was in a dream before, but I could never do anything.

Dreaming is weird, but I'd like to have full control.


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yes, it is possible. science backs it up, and i've done it.

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It’s been a while
I've lucidly dreamed before.
I'm thinking that in Inception, they were lucidly dreaming.


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I dont know how, but its never happened.

Ill realize im dreaming but be unable to do anything about it. Its usually in nightmares that I realize

Like how I dreamt I was in an Artic ocean and there were sharks coming after me (sharks are my number 1 fear) and I saw them so I realized it was a dream, stuck my hand in the water, and electrokinesis'd them to death. Only time that its worked


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I remember once I realized I was dreaming and began to control it. I was like a god.

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You definitely need to train, as I've tried and failed at it. One of the major things that nailed me was the whole waking up early and writing down the dream in a journal. I ended up waking up early, remembering only minor, vague pieces of the dream, and then had the issue of not being able to go back to sleep, which resulted in me being tried during the afternoon hours.

The movie Inception I think is a pretty good example of what dreams are usually like. For the most part, they are deceivingly realistic, and the unusual and unrealistic circumstances are usually only minor and usually in the dream, it's easy to pass them up and accept them as usual. That Conscious Dreaming website mentions performing reality checks in real life so you get into the habit of performing reality checks in your dreams. It may sound silly and stupid at first, but if you really want to do it, it sounds like its the way to go.

I guess I'll try giving it another shot. It's hard to get into the habit, but I think once you get over the skepticism that it's not going to work or it may seem crazy, it definitely is possible and opens your mind dramatically.

Ace Of Keys

Me and My sketch pad
Ok, I read this and while I'm still really confused...

...this reminds me of Inception.

But of course. Where do you think they got the premise from. That and I believe the story of the Boy and the Butterfly plays a prominent role as well considering the questioning of reality and dreams.

Fun Fact: when me and my friends were watching the behind the scenes, the man who came up with the whole movie said the process took over ten years to complete, adding, taking out and modifying as he went


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Strangely enough, I had a lucid dream the night I read this. I had the ability to fly, control my speed, where I went, and everything. It was really awesome, actually. :p

It's like... I was IN the dream...

I didn't even "train" or anything. It just happened.
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I WANT LUCID DREAM EVERYDAY! my last LD is when I'm ill, I was sleeping, then suddenly in my dream, everything seems real, unlike standard dream, I was in a room, that I never seen before, I was in a bed, then I'm trying walked to a door there, but I walked slowly, my body felt very heavy, but then I wake up, urgh >_<

Oh, and when you has a lucid dream, try to look the sky, the sky is very beautiful in LD.


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I don't know, I was able to see the sky in my dream (I think aliens were attacking people or something), but it looked gloomy and depressing. I loved it~

Ace Of Keys

Me and My sketch pad
If i recall correctly, usually it requires the conscious decision to take control of your dreams and at the same time find some means to be aware that you are dreaming. However that doesn't make things easier as I've realized I was dreaming plenty of times but allowed myself to fall into auto pilot. They tend to be boring as a result...


I do this relatively often. Never practised. Just naturally had it. Pretty cool. Also great for nightmares because you can consciously decide to wake up. It's actually a really weird feeling. Like a bunch of informational weight being pushed on you. Kinda hard to describe but you wake up a tad woozy.

Trust me though. Some lucid dreams are great if you can manipulate them properly.


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I don't have lucid dreams, but I do have awesome dreams.

There's this one time, though. I'm not really sure if I was lucid dreaming or not. Anyway, a friend of mine was in my room and we were trading Pokemon cards or something, and I ended up saying "this is a dream, isn't it?" He said "Yeah, it is." So then I walked out the door and some random little kids were running around my house. I woke up then.

Edit: So part of lucid dreaming is figuring out you are dreaming. I would say "that's a first step then!" But I had that dream when I was ten or so.
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