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Luck Isn't Enough (Twinleafshipping! rated G)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Ibuberu, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Ibuberu

    Ibuberu Riiiight...

    A/N :

    I enjoyed writing this fanfic because of the huge amount of conversation between Hikari and Jun! However, the whole plot seems a bit farfetched, cause I’m not too sure if the 3rd generations are in the future of the 4th generation games. (since 2nd and 4th generation games happened at around the same time, according to the red gyrados that appeared in the beginning of DPpt). So this is just a random situation, please don’t read too much into it. But feel free to correct me if you want to. I've also posted this fic on FF.net under the same username.

    R&R and please enjoy the fanfic :)

    (This was intended to be a oneshot. I'm not sure if I should continue. Your comments?)

    Luck Isn’t Enough

    “Hikari, you can’t do this!” Jun told his best friend in a pleading voice, his hands waving uncontrollably as he chased after the girl.

    “Why can’t I? They need my help, so I’ll have to get over pronto right?” The female folded her arms stubbornly across her chest, her voice sounded determined, concealing the anxiety and fear that crouched in secrecy below her skin. She silently observed the surroundings as Jun began pacing fervently in front of her, gripping onto his head as he struggled to make sense of all that was happening.

    The familiar of greenery and foliage of Lake Verity encompassed the duo.

    Hikari chuckled painfully at the irony.

    The place where they had first met would be the place where they would finally part.

    Jun missed the beat and shot the female a strange glance, still much concerned about the matter at hand as he continued to march back and forth, unable to keep still. The girl fell back into silence as she slowly settled herself on the warm grassy ground of that encircled the shimmering lake. She glued her knees to her chin, hugging her legs close to her body. Instinctively, the girl began shivering, and she couldn’t stop it this time. It was easy to maintain her composure in front of all those people at Jublife City, what would they think if they saw their Champion backing down at the request?

    Now it was different, Hikari felt safe here. It was only Jun and the towering trees here, the two precious things that had watched her grow up, the only two things she could afford to let her guard down to. With no reporters or cameramen in sight, she could afford to shed a tear or two. One escaped from the corner of her eye and rolled slowly down the bridge of her nose, as the girl began sniffing. She was only fifteen, why did they have to give her this kind of task to do? Hikari buried her face into her arms and allowed the tears to stream down her cheeks as Jun settled next to her, putting a warm and comforting hand of her shoulder.

    “H-Hey.. What’s this? I’ll fine you a hundred thousand yen if you continue bawling like that,” Jun said his characteristic statement, though this time his tone was much softer than usual. Hikari merely croaked a feeble response as the tears continued to pour from her eyes. She leaned her tiny frame into Jun, and the boy could have jumped over the moon, if not for their current predicament.

    “Kari, you’re the Champion! I can’t believe I lost to a crybaby like you.” The blonde chuckled, his heart aching intensely as he struggled to find the right words to console his best friend. His statement was a huge fat lie, the boy had known Hikari all his life, and she had never shed a tear so easily. Not when she fell down and scraped her knee till the blood flowed, and not when she dirtied her new dress on that fine birthday all those years ago.

    The girl sniffed at his words, burying her head into his orange-and-white shirt as she mumbled a faint reply.

    “I’m the Champion, so I have to go, I can’t be scared.”

    Jun knocked her head lightly with his clenched fist, causing the girl to look up in surprise; she stared into the boy’s disapproving gaze as he knocked his hand against her cheek, keeping that encouraging smile on his face all the while.

    “Kari, you can be such an idiot sometimes,” Jun shook his head as his other hand gripped tightly onto the girl’s shoulder.

    “You’re the Champion, but that doesn’t mean you have to be fearless, that’s just lousy logic. It’s alright to be scared, it’s just not alright to just give up because of fear.” The boy stated bluntly, his hand leaving her shoulder to ruffle her head playfully, causing the girl to crack a weak smile.

    “Oh, Jun, that’s the first time you’ve said something logical.” Hikari laughed.

    “WHAT?! I talk sense all the time!” Jun argued back, his tone partially insulted as he wiped the final tears from Kari’s eyes with a gentle finger. The boy gave her another smile, causing the girl to giggle as she leaned her head against his sturdy shoulder. How could she bear to leave this wonderful place without the certainty that she would return safely?

    “Anyway, I’ve been thinking since the announcement. Why don’t I follow you to Hoenn? Who cares what mom and the rest of Sinnoh say? They need all the help they can get over there.” Jun said as he raised his head to observe the shining Sun that hung onto the canvas of the sea-blue sky. Who could possibly imagine that thousands of kilometers away from Sinnoh, Hoenn was nearing complete doomsday? The boy had heard reports of droughts, and floods, happening at the exact same time. Conditions were terrible, rescue efforts determined, but insufficient.

    Hoenn had issued a call for help to all neighboring regions to aid them in the quelling of the crisis. Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh quickly reacted with full support, but they had to be tactful. The three regions had decided to send only the best of the best over to Hoenn as soon as it was possible, why send over a whole lot of inexperienced and incapable trainers to risk their lives? Sinnoh was no different; they had selected the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, the Frontier Brains,

    And… the Champion.

    “Don’t be an idiot, Jun!” Hikari pushed herself away from the boy angrily, causing the fifteen-year old male to topple back and land onto his back on the plush grass. The blonde raised his eyebrows as the girl stood onto her feet, balling her right hand as she stared out to the calm surface of the lake.

    “You can’t go, what if something bad happens to you? What then?’ The girl inquired in a pained tone, turning to face her friend as he jumped to his feet.

    “So I’m going to stick around here like some helpless fool and pray that you’re gonna be alright?” Jun retorted.

    “Kari, if it was that simple, then I wouldn’t have gone up to find you on Mount Coronet!” Jun reasoned, as their minds simultaneously played back to the day that Hikari had confronted the Galactic Boss, Cyrus at the peak of the mountain. Jun remembered healing Hikari’s Pokémon, then rushing down Mount Coronet, knowing full well that his duty was over. Everything else was up to Hikari’s power alone, and he couldn’t be there to support her, no matter how much he wanted to. The boy recalled seeing Kouki and the Professor, telling them to pass on his words to Hikari before she confronted Palkia.

    “… If you believe in me, won’t everything be alright?” the female whispered as she stepped closer to the boy, her words faint but full of belief. She remembered never being this scared about anything since the Professor had called on her to tame and capture the Legendary Beast of Space. The girl could distinctively replay the pounding of her heart, and the fluttering of Butterfree in her stomach at that point in time. It was happening all over again, except this time, Jun and Kouki wouldn’t be in Hoenn to help her. She had heard that there were three, not one, legendary Pokemon running amuck over there. Would she be able to pull it off this time round?

    “That’s not good enough!” Jun yelled out, all the possibilities and ways that Hikari could hurt or injure herself raced through his mind. The boy couldn’t allow anything to happen to her. It would break his heart.

    “What’s good or isn’t good doesn’t matter anymore.” Hikari controlled the volume of her voice, not wanting to let her emotions override her again. She couldn’t afford to burst into tears anymore, she had to be strong. Her tone caused Jun even more frustration. The boy marched over to the girl and latched his hands on her shoulders to shake her furiously back and forth. Hikari lowered her gaze, her eyebrows scrunched together as a look of remorse crossed her face.

    “Why are you so worried anyway?”

    “Because I don’t know what I’d do if something happens to you!”

    Because I can’t stand losing to you at anything without a fair fight.

    Because you’re too beautiful to go into this stupid war.

    Because.. I care about you.

    Because I care about you too much.

    Jun lowered his head and rested it on Hikari’s shoulder, unable to speak anymore. The girl was taken by surprise at his action; however she quickly regained full composure, as she leaned her head into his soft, messy hair. She raised her left hand and patted Jun’s head. Funny, how their roles became reversed in the blink of an eye.

    “Hey, I know!” Hikari clapped her hands together, as Jun left her shoulder and tilted his head to the side, his attention all on the girl that had plastered a delighted smile on her face. One could imagine gigantic question marks appearing and revolving above his head as the girl began to unwind her red scarf from her neck. She draped the scarf over her hands and held it out in front of her chest, her smile widening as she grew more and more accustomed to her idea.

    “Let’s exchange scarves.”

    “HUH? Why?” Jun inquired as he swiftly undid the knot around his neck and pulled his scarf out.

    The girl wrapped her red muffler around the boy’s neck wordlessly, carefully tucking it into the standing collar of his shirt, her fingers brushing his skin and making the boy tingle with anticipation as his stomach did a perfect somersault.

    “Then I’ll have to return from Hoenn safely, right? In order to give you back the scarf.” Hikari explained, her tone all-knowing and proud.

    The boy paused as the gears in his head shifted into motion, something clicked and he began to chuckle as he took his scarf and swung it around the girl’s neck. He grabbed the two ends of the green neckwear with his hands, trapping Hikari’s head in between.

    “I’ve got a better idea.”

    Before the girl had a chance to even say the word ‘what’, the boy pulled, urging her to stumble forward as he swooped down and pecked her lips before drawing back in that split second. Hikari’s cheeks flushed a deep scarlet, not knowing how to react. She raised her fingertips and touched her lips as a small smile played at the corner of her mouth.

    The kiss was exactly like Jun.



    And… sweet.​

    The boy himself was blushing with embarrassment at his sudden action, fully aware that even though sometimes he was too hasty, he had to give himself a good pat on the back for that. He had wanted to kiss Hikari for a long, long time. He slowly wound the scarf around Hikari’s neck without a word, careful not to tighten it too much.

    “You’ve gotta return that to me the next time you see me. If not, there’ll be a huge fine.”Jun mumbled with uncertainty.

    “The...k-kiss I mean. Not the scarf.”

    Without warning, the girl jumped up and embraced the boy, her hands around his neck. Jun stiffened and stepped back a few paces to avoid the two of them falling down. If it was ever possible, the boy knew that his heart could have managed to clear a jump over the Moon and more at that moment in time. He carefully raised his hands and cautiously caressed Hikari’s waist, returning the hug. His face was cherry red as the female released her hands smiled up at him, her face practically shining with energy and hope. She could still feel the remnants of fear bubbling at the bottom of her gut, but a newfound power warmed her inside and out, her confidence building as the will to return back to Sinnoh became sturdy and unbreakable.

    “It’s a deal.”

    Hikari grabbed her bag that had been thrown carelessly on the ground as she began running out towards Twinleaf Town, one hand raised as she waved for Jun to follow her. There was a gay skip in her step as she took the lead, the green scarf she now donned fluttering in the wind as the smile on her face gleamed with immense satisfaction and joy. Now, if anything were to happen to her, she knew she’d survive. For sure! She was already looking forward to returning from Hoenn, and she hadn’t even left Sinnoh yet.

    Though, there was something weird in the way that Jun had phrased his last sentence. Wouldn’t it have been easier to say that she’d return the kiss once she came back from Hoenn?

    The girl pondered this for the shortest of seconds, before regaining full zest as she picked up her pace and began to run towards her hometown.

    Jun uncharacteristically walked behind the girl, digging his hand into the pocket of his pants to draw out a Pokeball that held one of his most loyal and trustworthy companions within. He tossed the small sphere up and down in one hand, before clenching onto it tightly in his palm.

    A determined look etched itself upon his face as he whispered to the Pokemon.

    One of his hands curled around the red scarf he was wearing.

    “We can do this, Staraptor.”​
  2. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    OMG...that was so awesome. Really well-done, so in character...everything. The writing was spotless - it flowed better than a river and was creative. The dialogue back and forth was also well-done, and fit together logically and emotionally. The descriptions between also gave a clear picture as to where they were and what they were doing in between, so there weren't any stops in comprehension.

    I especially liked the kissing scene - but not just because it was the climax. It was because it was so...in character, it just blew me away. In a lot of fics, the kiss is drawn out because it's usually the important conclusion -but here, you make it quick and exactly what Jun would do, with no fear that it'd ruin it. And holy crap did it make the story.
    I wasn't even a TwinLeafshipper when I stumbled in here, but now I think I've taken a liking to it.

    The only problem I had with it is that there's no rating on this, and that's just my modding business. I'd give it G, because it doesn't have any stronger elements.

    This is an awesome story. I know who I'm nominating in next year's Oscars. XD

    Oh, and to answer...this doesn't need a continuation. I'm satisfied with it as-is. :3
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2009
  3. XxMays_flowerxX

    XxMays_flowerxX Golden eyes <3

    Oh WOW!! this is really great!
    I must say it's real in character, and very well written!
    Thanks to you, I think I'm an Twinleafshipper now!
    XD keep up the good work!
  4. junpearl63

    junpearl63 their rooms

    OMG! I love you! Never have thought I would find a Twinleafshipping fic here *High five with all Twinleafshipper* Your writing skill is remarkable! Awsome story! This maybe the best one-shot I have ever seen.
  5. UltimatePIkachuFan

    UltimatePIkachuFan Dragon Empress

    This was a really enjoyable read. The ending left me craving for more. I hope that you decide to continue this. I am dying to know what happens next.

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