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Lucky Happenings

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What lucky things have happened to you?

Got a modest female Squirtle. Not for competitive, for ingame.

Went into Viridian Forest to capture a Weedle. The first pokemon I found was a bashful Pikachu. Bashful nature does nothing.

Training Pidgey in Mt. Moon to evolve into Pidgeotto. I find a female serious Clefairy right before Pidgey would have evolved (level 17, found a Paras after Clefairy, beat that instead).

So what lucky things have happened to you?


Well-Known Member
I was in the Safari Zone. I was in Zone 2.. The first pokemon i saw was a Chansey! I throw a ball, butt he almost had her... And then, she doesnt fled! '
I throw an other ball, and this one capture the Chansey! It was a female-Serene Grace(SP?)- Careful.. I want a Bold, so I'm trying to hatch a Bold Chansey!


Johto Champion
I got a female charmander. I then found and caught a pidgeotto in VForest. It was great. And 3 out of 7 eevee eggs I hatched were female.

Cable Guy

I got a Lapras in the Ice Cave on my fourth encounter with a wild Pokemon. Other than that, I haven't been so lucky.


I've always been able to run into Chansey and Kangaskhan really easily....Tauros, on the other hand, is a different story....


You can catch Lapras in Icefall Cave? You can catch Pidgeotto in Viridian Forest? Why was I not informed?

Also the only lucky thing that's ever happened was me, with two gba sp's at the same time and my fr and lg, one in each, searching for a kangaskan in safari zone. Finding one on each game at the same time and catching them :D


Both my LG and my friend's FR games caught a shiny Doduo in the Safari Zone within the first few times of going into the Safari Zone.



I woke up REALLY early one morning and couldnt fall asleep, so I turned on the gameboy and went hunting in the Safari Zone. I came out with a Taoros, a Kangashkan, a Chansey, and a Dratini. Then I kept on using the VS Seeker until my Pocket was bursting, and then I bought enough coins to buy... Scyther! When I finally fell asleep after some more exploring, my Pokedex changed from 48 Pokemon to 68.

Edit: I went mushroom hunting in Mt.Moon with my Theif Growlithe and came out with 5 tinymushrooms. Oh yeah, and in 2 of the three game I restarted, I got a Clefairy right after defeating the selfish nerd! And I caught them!!


Luckiest thing for me was seeing a shiny male nidoran and capturing it in the safari zone.
The reason I consider this lucky is because a shiny Chansey/Scyther/Dratini/Kangaskahn would have been hard to catch and that would mean a wasted shiny.

Now I have a shiny Nidoking. Woohoo


Hmm...Shining Naughty Female Mankey to the left of Cerulean City (i don't stat train, and since fr/lg doesn't have contests, i just look at natures for what they are, natures) in FR near the beginning of my game. I caught a Shining Male (forgot nature) Geodude in Rock Tunnel :p

*thinks* Shiny luck on every game I ever got that could have shinies is what I had, lol.


Well-Known Member
blazed trainer said:
i got an timid mr. mime when i trade it in game

It is always timid.


Sea Ruby Trainer
Hmm... Caught a Chansey with the ability Nature Cure. It was the first Pokemon I saw.

blazed trainer

and i got an hitmonlee with an attack iv of 29 (finally know how the IV calculator works) im happy with that too


My luckiest thing is that I caught a chansey on my first try in the safari zone.

What? That's not good enough? Well... She did have an Exp (Lucky) Egg...


Hoenn Champion
The luckiest thing which happened to me was finding a shiney bellsprout.


shiny whismer while EV training in emerald... But nothing much 'lucky' in FR cept...

Full HP vs low hp (would be killed by garys Ttar by storm...) My poke couldn't knock out in one shot and I would die... (no items or other pokemon...) I waws confused... and poisoned... I was dead... then Metronome since nothing else could kill... even CHed... Dont ask why metronome... Anyways... I got Focus Punch... but I was pretty low level... but a CH pulled me through... lucky he used a full restore... (He was low...)

Blaziken X

the luckiest thing that happened to me is a caught a shiny pidgey
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