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Luis' Trading Plaza


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@toxicated 92
These interest me
DW Eevee - Bold - lvl.1 -UT- (has Yawn & Wish) What is its ivs?

Weavile @Jolly -lvl.100
252 ATK - 252 SPEED - 4HP
Brick Break
Ice Punch
Night Slash
Shadow Ball
What is its ivs?

Also if you have a male eevee with wish and yawn (other egg moves are bonus) then I am interested in that. You were offering a eevee similar to that but not sure if it was clear

That seems like a good deal, what power item were you after?


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Sorry, not interested in a shiny mew. I am after ut or ev trained pokemon mostly


Master trainer
What r ivs on support tentacruel again?


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'Relatively Superior' with a confirmed 31 in spl defence


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Sorry again, I already have one. Do you have any flawless pokemon on my wants list or perhaps others that make good competitive pokemon?


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Is that good enough for what you're after?

Also, what are you offering?
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I have that Kyogre except in Timid and shiny. Do you have anything else you can trade? I am interested in offloading them


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Hi Luis, I really like your leafeon and alakazam, I am willing to offer any of the following for them:

level 100 Semisear with perfect Sp.Atk stats
level 100 Zebstrika
level 100 Beartic
level 93 Chandalure
level 82 Infernape
level 80 Togekiss
level 75 Bisharp
level 75 Sudowoodo (with rock head ability)
level 68 Tepig
level 65 Dragonite
level 40 Bulbasaur with egg moves leaf storm and petal dance
level 40 Bulbasaur with egg move power wipe

Thanks so much Luis!


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Can you give me more details on the Chandulure, Infernape and Togekiss?
Natures, EVs, IVs, move sets etc.


Flawless Collecter
what about a flawless modest tornadus lv 100 EVs: 252 sp att/252 spd/4 hp for the leafeon and archeops? if not the only other pokemon i can offer that you might want is a lv 100 shiny lugia (unless you would be interested in a touched victini for one of them)


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What is the Tornadus' move set and hidden power?

I can always trade 1 of those ev'd for a lesser pokemon if you're running out of ideas. I was hoping for a timid tornadus but modest seems ok


The Chill Veteran
Hello I would like to trade you:
Male Scraggy (Jolly) with egg moves Dragon Dance, Drain Punch and Ice Punch
Male Timburr (Adamant) with egg moves Drain Punch and Mach Punch

for 2 life orbs. would that be okay?


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I have a Timburr lined up however the scraggy would be great and I have a life orb for the trade, do you want to trade now?
Sending pm
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Turns out you cannot breed dark pulse to vulpixs so its only extra sensory. The dark pulse (and extrasensory) is for zorua. If you want I can breed you a male zorua (timid) with those two moves? What were you offering?

Does that interest you? What would you offer?