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Lullaby (Horror/Comedy One-Shot) (Rated: U / E)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Brian Random, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Author’s note: The fanfic is based on the Pokemon Series and the author is not affiliated with the franchise. All rights belong to their respective owners and copyright infringement is not intended.

    Lullaby (Horror/Comedy One-Shot) by Brian Random VA

    Every October, folks would set the mood for the Halloween season by having parties and dress up as different characters, go on candy grabbing trips called ‘Trick-Or-Treating’ or tell stories involving monsters like ghosts and demons.

    My story is about a particular creature. While her adorable appearance can catch unsuspecting bystanders into being charmed, it’s what she does that you must be cautioned about.

    One particular night, in a dark forest, a lone traveller was walking down a path with a map in his hands. He was hoping to get to a nearest exit, an inn, or any kind of place to stay for the time being. If he couldn’t find any, he could simply just pitch up his tent to rest in but he would rather stay somewhere warmer.

    He continued walking until a sweet golden singing voice echoed throughout the forest, catching the man’s attention. He turned towards the direction where the singing was coming from and decided to follow it, planning to go back to the path with the help of his good memory later on.

    But as he continued on, he felt himself becoming drowsy and droopy. His curiosity is making him want to go on following but the rest of his boy couldn’t function anymore. It was because of that singing making him fall asleep, making him vulnerable to anything. The loud snoring he made didn’t help either.

    The perpetrator caught sound of that snoring and followed it. She was a small pink ball-shaped creature with two small feet, wings, a curly mane, small mouth and large blue eyes. As cute as that sounds, what she did was just as horrifying.

    She took out… a marker pen. Angry that he didn’t listen to her entire song, she quickly drew random doodles on the man’s face. Once she was done, she moodily walked off, cursing nasty words in her own language throughout the night.

    The name of this monster… is Jigglypuff.

    What!? What do you mean it’s not scary!? Do you have any idea it takes to get the doodles off!? And to show yourself in public with those things still on my face!? Hey!? Where do you think you’re going!? HEY! DON’T IGNORE ME-E-E-E-e-e-eee!

    END! ^^

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