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Lunala and m mewtwo y deck


New Member
This is an idea that formed from going to the Vegas Sun and Moon prerelease.
Please give suggestions.

2 lunala gx 66/149
2 cosmeom 65/149
2 cosmog 64/149
3 m mewtwo ex 64/162
3 mewtwo ex 52/108
2 bruxish 48/149
3 mewtwo spirit link
2 rare candy
3 trainers mail
3 mega turbo
4 ultra ball
4 professor sycamore
4 professors letter
2 float stone
2 n
3 shrine of memories
1 parallel city
1 super rod
9 psychic energy
4 double colorless energy

Please tell me if it's any good.


New Member
it has done well so far when one m mewtwo is about to die just switch the energy(psychic) to another m mewtwo. Or lunala can lunar fall ex's . It has won multiple league matches.


What 'bout My Star?
Hmm, I'm worried that the space taken up by the Cosmog line is taking away from Mewtwo's ability to do what Mewtwo does best. Especially as losing the Max Elixer reduces your ability to set up Mewtwos for counter. The lack of Lysandre will also make energy hard to work with when Garbotoxin gets set up.
Not having your own Garbotoxin makes your match up against Yvettal, Eevee decks and Greninja more difficult. I'd run a 2-2 Garbodoir line and consider a 1-1 or 2-2 Espeon GX. Espeon has great synergy with Mewtwo, and in many situations Espeon GX's GX attack (place 10 damage counters as yoy see fit) will net more prizes than Lunala's
Bruxish isn't really doing you too many favours either, you can easily get rid of it and replace it with a Hoopa EX to search pieces and a Shaymin EX for draw support.

Overall, Lunala kinda gels with Mewtwo EX, but I'm not sure if it is adding enough to justify the eight card slots it will take. In the same amount of space you can have Garbodor and Espeon.