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Lunar Subterrane Graphics

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by FairyWitch, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. pokefan16

    pokefan16 Well-Known Member

    If you still cant use the pic then use this instead https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net...laziken.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130814195255
    i think this is the official art
    Thanks :)
  2. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

  3. Mizz Nikki

    Mizz Nikki Operations Director

    I would like a Star Shape Userbar from Lunar Subterrane Graphics Please,

    Sprites( 2 sprites max): Stufful
    Glare(yes or no): No thanks
    6th gen 3d model or 5th gen sprite?: I’d like the 3D model please :)
    animated?(yes or no): Yes
    if yes which one?(only one animated please): Stufful,
    gradient color: Sky blue
    text: Nikki
    special notes: I’d like for the stars to be a lighter shade of blue, please!
  4. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    I have been pretty busy lately sorry for the delay of the acceptences but anyway accepted

    all orders will be done at some point been busy so please be patient i will have them done soon enough when i get a chance to work on them....

    Requests Done:


    I hope its alright i couldn't get the main image you wanted sized down without it being blurry >.>


    Power Up:





    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  5. Mizz Nikki

    Mizz Nikki Operations Director

    Looks great, thank you so much.
  6. pokefan16

    pokefan16 Well-Known Member

    OMFG Looks Cool!!!! Thanks
  7. Power Up

    Power Up ...

    What the flip!! THAT looks so amazing!!

    One request tho if this isn't a bother...

    Can you change the text to this quote?

    Why are you staring at me? Are you annoyed that I am the only one who has cake?
  8. Snoo

    Snoo Work Hard, Play Hard

    I would like a avatar profile picture from Lunar Subterrane Graphics please,

    Image: https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/1/1c/717Yveltal-Shiny_XY_anime.png
    Text: None
    Colors: Either Baby Blue or Burgundy. Whichever looks good to you.
    Anything Special: Please do your best to make it look good, and take all the time you need. It's for my Smogon Profile.

    I would like a avatar profile picture from Lunar Subterrane Graphics please,

    Image: https://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/sun-moon/dex/shiny/zygarde-50.png
    Text: None
    Colors: Whichever looks good to you.
    Anything Special: Please do your best to make it look good, and take all the time you need. It's also for my Smogon Profile

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
  9. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    so sorry for the late response been busy getting ready for a anime convention that is in the next few months accepted
  10. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    Hey fairy was wondering if you do YouTube size banners at all? If so would you be able to make one for me? I can fill out proper form
  11. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    unfortunately I never did those before so i am not sure what size or how big they would be? I have done stuff for facebook but not youtube :/
  12. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    I see that’s ok, I can tell you size if you want if that changes anything
  13. I would like a Regular Banner from Lunar Subterrane Graphics please,

    front Images( 1 image but i can do two if you want): https://img00.deviantart.net/4e6f/i/2016/241/a/4/mysterious_greninja_by_nganlamsong-dafo0cf.png
    background (fire,water,bubbles, etc): Water
    Text( www.dafont.com ) : https://www.dafont.com/mgs4brush.font?text=Poketroopa&back=theme
    gradient color: See below
    additional comments: http://i.imgur.com/Dsojiek.png
    Using this banner as a reference, I like how the cats kind of blend or melt into the background, and that's more of what I'm looking for. I also like this general darker blue color scheme you used here too. Also, you dont have to use the giant shuriken in the picture, but if you want to make your own whirlpoolish effect in place of that using the black and blue from the background, I think it could look really nice.

    I know the image I'm using is from Deviantart and requires permission to use. I saw that the creator gave permission to someone in the comments for general use of the image, and I wasn't sure if that was acceptable or not. Please let me know if there are any issues.

    Thanks in advance!
  14. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    i mean if you want just pick out a banner i guess that makes the fit the best and tell me the size in the special notes?

    accepted as long as you give credit of the image in the banner its fine

    yw? not sure which order you were must of been one far back
  15. EnigmaWolf

    EnigmaWolf Learning how to Adult

    I am canceling my request, thank you for letting me know that you are closing the shop, and I hope you have a good life ^.^
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
  16. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    I can do this for you and you can attach a link to it when you put it in your sig or club just a heads up ;) I have been pretty busy lately I still have people waiting from a few months ago :/ so hope you don't mind the wait...otherwise accepted
  17. EnigmaWolf

    EnigmaWolf Learning how to Adult

    I do not mind the wait, so thanks!
  18. I would like a header popout banner at Lunar Subterrane Graphics please,

    Pokemon/Character image( up to 3 please): Kyurem, Black Kyurem, and White Kyurem
    Style 1 or 2?: Style 2
    Font ( www.dafont.com ): Super scratchy
    Text popping out: It came from space...
    background color: grey and light blue
    special notes: Can you add some glows effects? I also need the banner to be 420x600 and I want you to use these images.

  19. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    hey guys I am so sorry to announce this but i thought I posted awhile ago but only got one shop but I am seriously getting more busy now and drifting away from serebii so I will be forever closing my art stuff on the internet. I have a life, a great boyfriend and just don't feel like being serebii much anymore. I hope you all understand thanks for being great customers and I apologize for the people that been waiting forever for there work but sadly it will not be done :c

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