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lunas pokeshop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by threexl, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. threexl

    threexl luna_3_valley

    2) No hacks: I will not offer or accept them. If I trade you one without realizing you will get a tradeback, and I expect the same courtesy. *RNG'd are fine jsut let me know in advanced please same goes for clones
    3)all serebii rules apply here!!!!!!
    4)ut-untouched,bt-barely touched-t-touched-evd-fully trained,unknown

    *I have tons of extra berries so all my pokemon that are touched or barley touched i can very easilly dropp all there evs back to zero for nothign extra just ask*

    offering from my 5th gen:

    shinies/event shinies:

    machamp:ut-calm nature-lvl 50-often dozes off-ability = guts

    event gamestop pichu:-bt-jolly nature-lvl30-good preseverence- ability = static

    lunatone:ut-jolly nature-lvl 58-capable of taking hits-ability = levitate

    infernape-t-hasty nature-lvl 100-somewhat vain- ability = blaze (this i believe was a clone of the original so it has all ribbons aswell)

    female ralts-ut-lvl1-jolly-s little quick tempede-abilty = trace

    glaceon-ut-lvl2-timid-capable of taking hits-ability = ice body

    nidoran male-ut -lvl1-impish-ability = poison point

    exadrill-more info later or upon request

    sceptile-more info later or upon request

    noctowl-info upon request

    meowth-info upon request

    dw vulpix:ut-timid-lvl 1- mischievious- ability = drought-also has egg move hypnosis

    houndour:ut-timid- lvl 1-somewhat vein- ability= flash fire

    cressellia-bold-lvl100-ablity = levitate



    virizion lvl 100-evd 252atk/252spe/4hp

    meloetta lvl 50-ut-serious/naughty

    (withheld till i can find a reliable cloner )

    umbreon:ut-calm-lvl 36- mischievious- ability = adaptability
    deerling:ut:adament-lvl 1-somewhat vein- ability = sap sipper evd 252 atk/252spe/4hp
    meinshao:evd-252atk/252spe/4hp-adament-lvl 100-likes to fight-ability = regenerator-item = blackbelt
    togepi-serious-lvl1-ability = hustle


    tru regigas: unknown-gentle nature-lvl 100-strongly defiant-ability = slow start
    liberty garden victini-t-lonely-lvl 43-good preseverance-ability = victory star
    smr2010 jirachi-t-modest nature-lvl 8-capable of taking hits -ability = serene grace
    gamestp deoxys-t-mild-lvl100-sturdy body-ability = pressure
    liberty garden victini nn cuddlybear-ut-adament-lvl 15-likes to fight-ability= victory star
    tru arceus-unknown-lvl100-adament-ability= multitype


    deino-dark pulse(x13)
    dratini-extremespeed/dragon rage/iron tail/dragon pulse (x5)
    teddiursa-close combat
    larvitar-dragon dance/outrage
    bulbasaur-power whip
    togepi-nasty plot
    elekid-fire punch/icepunch
    ferroseed-leech seed/stealth rock
    absol-sucker punch
    gligar- night slash/wing attack
    marill-aqua jet/superpower
    tododile-aqua jet
    deino-dark pulse/thunderfang/ice fang/fire fang
    omanyte-spikes/toxic spikes
    tentacool-rapid spin
    growlithe-close combat/morning sun
    druddigon-sucker punch
    lilipup-thunder/fire.ice fang also should have 31 atk ivs but i dont guaruntee that
    oshowatt-ice beam

    (more on the way)

    [SPOILER='dream world]
    dream world

    poliwag-swift swim
    lotad-own tempo


    breedable starters:



    zekrom-t-modest-lvl 51
    cobalion-t-bashful-lvl 53
    kyurem-t-modest-lvl 76
    terrakion-ut-mild-lvl 42-has pokerus
    virizion-ut-quirky- lvl 42-has pokerus
    dialga nn diego-t-bashful-lvl 49-has pokerus
    thundurus-ut-quiet-lvl 40
    zekrom-t-brave-lvl 50
    mesprit nn spirit-ut-naughty-lvl50
    uxie nn yogi-ut-hasty-lvl50
    azelf nn zephyer-ut-adament-lvl50
    heatran nn zippy-ut-hasty lvl 70
    mewtwo(japanese)-evd-lonely-78-has pokerus sorry cant rememerb what i ev trained it in :/
    zapdos nn zeus-ut-timid-lvl50
    ho-oh nn eternity-ut-quiet-lvl70

    i also have extras of all those fancy items everyone is looking for such as.

    power items,orbs,evo stones,belts,scarfs,bands,choice,rarecandies,etc etc.

    i also have spreadable pokerus if your looking for that it will be traded over on one of my many lvl 1 ut deerlings.

    will combine pokemon/pokerus/items if you want that as part of the trade

    *i can also ev train your pokemon for you *

    looking for:

    egg moves i dont have
    shinies i dont have
    interesting evd pokemon
    adament ditto
    timid tentacruel nn:jelly?
    dw bulbasaur female
    dw tengla female
    morning sun volcorona male
    heatran/timid with moves stealth rock/earth power/dragon pulse/fireblast

    priority wants
    shiny eevee/eevee evolutions
    timid event keldeo

    main want

    flawless adament shiny ut carvahna

    completed shop trade 7
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2013
  2. threexl

    threexl luna_3_valley

    bump...bump bump...bump bump it up. now open hope you all like it
  3. mick_1232001

    mick_1232001 New Member

    suicune for your giratina?
  4. threexl

    threexl luna_3_valley

    sorry no. not a big fan of suicune
  5. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    your TRU Regigias
    for my Ferrothorn that knows Spikes and Stealth Rock?
  6. threexl

    threexl luna_3_valley

    sorry i already got one a little earlier just havnt had a chance to update
  7. threexl

    threexl luna_3_valley

    i also can ev train peoples pokemon in 10-40 minutes per pokemon
  8. threexl

    threexl luna_3_valley

    *new updates to the list i will also soon add a ev trained section once i find the time to ev train a bulk amount of pokemon *
  9. ChampBlack16

    ChampBlack16 Expert Trainer

    Hi. Sorry for not making an offer but I just thought I should let you know that Zekroms aren't shiny.
  10. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    hi i have a tru shaymin and pklatam jirachi for trade. Would you trade your event jirachi or deoxys for either?
  11. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    i have a shiny flawless timid shaymin. i would like yur pixies. also zekrom along with reshiram and victini cant be shiny, and i dont think lugia can be under lv 45
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  12. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

  13. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    i forgot the T, ok...
  14. bushie

    bushie Well-Known Member

    hey i'm interested in your yawn/wish eevee i can offer togepi with psychic/flamethrower and growlithe with closecombat and flare blitz and houndour with fire fang or abra with toxic/psychic or a volt tackle pichu
  15. threexl

    threexl luna_3_valley

    @champ lol its funny cause i had found that out like 10 minutes after i updasted this and was to lazy to come back and change it

    @bushie yes i can do wish/yawn eevee for a togepi with psychic/flamethrower

    @craig i can do deoxys for shaymin but immas ev train the jirachi before i trade it

    @bobby all the pixies?
  16. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    well, shaymin is shiny, timid (good nature), legendary and flawless. hes also hard to get so yes or we could negotiate
  17. threexl

    threexl luna_3_valley

    your ok that they have nicknames right ? cause if so then ya i can do that also mesprite is in a master ball. i got annoyed chasing him around so i used it to end the annoyingness of it
  18. Road

    Road Shiny Master

    I'll trade three Shinies for your Cobalion and two Lugia?
  19. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    im ok i just want to now the ivs. then ill be good
  20. threexl

    threexl luna_3_valley

    not to sure how to check those actually

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