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Lupin the Third: Green vs. Red


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The teaser.

Apparently the film revolves around two Lupins(one in red, the other in green) vying for the rare "Ice Cube" treasure, held by the military organization "Nightbox". No info yet on how the hell that's even possible(time travel, perhaps)?

Hirano Aya will guest star.

I'm a little worried about this. Last time we got a Lupin OVA, it was a piece of shit. An awful excuse for a story and incredibly amateur CG strewn all over the place. Then again, it is the fortieth anniversary special, so we might get something great.

EDIT: The DVD comes out on April 2nd, and will be available as a DVD+Soundtrack combo, and a two disc set with behind-the-scenes info and a figurine.
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Needs moar pink jacket Lupin and neon green zenigatta for a proper battle of the outfits.