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Luxray Vision! (527)


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That is definitely the longest post I have ever seen here...o_O
Believe me, I've done longer.

I was about to say the same thing, LOL

yeah she was annoying, saying the same 2 lines over and over again
Just so long as that quote stays in this particular thread, I'm okay. God, that one sentence just began to irk me after the fifth time. It's not annoying that she's saying it, but rather that she's saying it as if to take credit for it.

She wasn't annoying, what she said was.

anyone else notice theres a lot of characters almost getting killed in DP...
If you meant situation of peril, yes there seems to be quite a few. Glad they're harkening back to the ol' days when stuff like this was usually seen.


random note: it seems I'm replying more to this thread than the other episode discussion. Guess there seems to be enough to talk about, eh?


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Believe me, I've done longer.
Heh, obviously longer than mines then.

Anyways, on-topic, I did not feel it was a bad dub. Then again, it was a filler which I enjoyed in the original version so I did enjoy the dub version also. It was also a slight comical, although it got old pretty fast.

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This episode is great. It was funny when Marvel/Marble kept saying "I was going to say that" or something like that everytime someone said something.
Oh great. Just what we needed. Another Casey character.

Anyways, aside from that annoying 'detective', the episode was alright. Average, and obviously watchable, but alot of pokémon seem to be losing their confidence recently...


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Yay! An episode with Luxray in it! =]

All in all this episode was good. I loved Marble's outfit. I want a Luxray outfit! Luxray's voice was okay...nothing too special. I expected it to be a little better. I also expected Luxray to use Crunch or Discharge instead of Charge Beam. But it wasn't a big deal. Marble was very annoying. I tried to like her because...

A.) She is dressed like a Luxray
B.) She has a Luxray!

But I found her character annoying. I think Marble would have been better if she lost all the annoying things she says. Luxray should have gotten a better episode in my opinion because Shinx got a lousy cameo in the Poketch episode.


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This episode reminded me a lot of the Johto episodes "Spinarak Attack" (Team Rocket under an alias going after a valuable object) and "An EGG-Sighting Adventure" (a ditzy detective that the twerps end up doing all the work for). This was still an interesting episode, though, and I'm a big fan of the shinx line. At least they got the gender voice right for the luxray, unlike the bibarel episode.


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This episode is great. It was funny when Marvel/Marble kept saying "I was going to say that" or something like that everytime someone said something.

As far as i know, that's a take off of what some of the more serious anime does - recently Ichigo in Bleach has been saying that exact line as well...


Charge Beam was a plain old bolt of electricity. The same yellow thing and Thunder Fang is just a Bite with like electric sparks.

It was disappointing, really.

I agree, and even though I can't say it was THAT disappointing, it wasn't great either.


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I hated Luxarys Voice! Grr I wanted it all Manly and mean. And Charge beam I wanted it to look like a Hyper beam but yellow and green :) Also Marble was ok I thought she was going to be called Jen or Jenna lol


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That's a good point - Luxray's voice was terrible, but it was still an awesome filler ep

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This episode was seriously dull.

The girl was annoying and her Luxray was just as bad.


I didn't find this episode particularly entertaining, seemed a bit too filler to me.

But it was Luxray's debut, I guess that's alright.


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I couldn't even watch it since bad voice actors and such.


For a moment I thought it should be banned 'cuz of it bein' close to DEATH.
I mean, there WERE spikes shot at them. 'Part from that it was great. I loved it when Marble said "Now the Arcanine are afraid of it."