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Luxray Vision! (527)


It was good to see finally Charge Beam and Thunder Fang.
This episodes is similiar to the episode "Spinarak attack" from Johto Journeys.
Marble is like the girls from episode 496 that like little Nurse Joy.


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Okay episode. I liked the whole clock mystery scene and Luxray's eyes (xray vision!) and the traps. Having a whole house filled with traps seems a bit inconvenient and Luxray's attackscould have been given a bit more visual oomph. And Marvel was annoying.
Marvel/Marble = Awsome *shot* as this point She is my favorite C.O.D andd I have no clue why......

also: Luxray! and not only that Luxray Vs pikachu, this is one of the best matchups yet XDXD


I agree with that. Marble was the best filler of this season. (No hard feelings, Sho) However, that it isn't saying a lot given the upsurge of canonical character intrusions.

Heck, she's in the running for making a better Dawn rival. Marble had all the essentials down: 1) Simply, creative design 2) Signature Pokemon 3) Catchphrases 4) Basic workable personality 5) An original VA to boot!

I only wish her slogans were phrased better, and her VA's flexibility remains suspect.

Eh, speaking of this episode...truth is the world revolves around Marble. Everyone just hasn't acknowledged it yet. I have a good feeling it would have been godawful if we were stuck with that Manectric guy. Must 've given it a 7/10.

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There wasn't anything interesting about this episode. Marble's phrases were funny most of the time. Other than that, I can't recall anything amusing. I also think that Luxio should have been featured in this episode instead of Luxray.


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Episode was awesome, I liked it! Marble was interesting character, it was cool seeing young Jenny. I liked that Luxray, too...


Kinda interesting to see a young Jenny. Marble was a unique name though.

It was funny to see Luxray attack Pikachu around in the beginning. I was mildly shocked to see yet another Pokemon with Iron Tail. Though to block Pikachu's Iron Tail does take a lot of skill :O

The Old Charm did serve a purpose in the anime afterall, but it wasn't as significant as I would've liked. At least Ash and Co. beat Team Rocket before things got messy. 8/10


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I'm still kinda confused on how a pokemon can just lose it's ability to use attack and get them back later on. Overall, it was a nice episode and we got to see luxray and we got to see some moves that we normally don't see such as charge beam.


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Luxray looked so cool in the anime, his attacks did too. I liked Marble and thought her personality quirks were kinda funny. I'm glad Luxray got his powers back too. Good episode.

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Good episode, and it had Luxray in it which are some of my favorite Pokemon. Was kind of funny too, and nice to see a young Jenny in this episode as well, did she say her mother was from Mahony? Didn't Ash and co meet that Jenny?


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Skipping a few reviews. dp 56 and dp 57 are pretty much fillers.

I think this episode is the better of the two Pikachu interacts with other electric pokemon episodes, which is nice in a way b/c Luxray is the Sinnoh pokemon. But the main (and pretty much only) thing that makes this episode stand out for me is the scene where Ash talks to the young girl about the troubles he had with Pikachu when he was just starting out as trainer. I guess, sometimes I take that story for granted, and don't appreciate how special it really is. I know that Ash told the story in the Lucario movie as well, but here it shines through better as the young girl really envies the relationship Ash has with Pikachu (in the movie, the story just led to Ash getting into a fight). When she asks Ash how she should develop that type of bond with Luxray, Ash doesn't give her a straight answer, saying everyone is unique. But it is important to be friends with your pokemon and understand their troubles. That turns out to be just the answer the young girl needs, and she figures out herself how to do that (by hugging Luxray and bluntly asking it to be friends with her, to hers and Luxray's embarrassment). Watching Ash during that conversation and hearing the girl thanking Ash for listening to her troubles was just amazing; the scene also ends perfectly by shifting to Dawn and Brock, who smile at each other (it's perfect b/c I was smiling the same way when I first watched this). Brock knows about Ash's story already, but I think maybe for Dawn this is the first time; her delight and Brock's smile (as if to say he knew Ash would give the right advice) makes this another one of my favorite Ash and Dawn scenes.
Come to think of it, I remember something with a Raichu before in the Orange Islands....Yes, I see....Well, this scene isn't as unique as I would like to make it out to be. But it is a little different, in the way Ash's demeanor is. In the Orange Islands episode, he was showing off a little in that episode, as he was convinced he could make things right. Here, he's more natural, and only offers his advice when asked, and even then is not too forceful.
Nothing too interesting happened in this episode.

Luxray was pretty awesome looking. Would'nt want to meet that Pokemon in a dark alley.

I forget, were both Shinx and Luxray in this episode, or was it just Luxray that was in the episode? I haven't seen this episode in a while.

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Luxray should have a more threatning voice


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This episode was ok... It was great to finally see my favorite Electric Sinnoh Pokemon Luxray. It was cool to see it's special X-Ray vision ability really shown in this episode. It was really cool to see Charge Beam and Thunder Fang used for the 1st time. It was funny when Marble called Officer Jenny Sir instead of Ma'am. The whole letter, time, and bandits thing was odd... It wasn't wise to tell exactly when they were going to steal.


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I enjoyed the fact that Ash, Brock, and Dawn were actually recognized from their battles in Hearthome - while there are a lot of trainers in the Pokemon world, it's always nice to realize that especially Dawn gets a ton of TV face time.

Nice reference to the Jenny from Mahogany Town.

Also, why wasn't Matthew called Mr. Backlot? It was clearly him.

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iv'e seen it... i just forgot it anyways i remember luxray, ash and others got stuck and rival destinies is weird did that forget about tr?(team rocket )

~merry christmas by mew!


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this episode was pretty good. It's good to see a young Jenny(Marble) in the anime. I liked Marble, she was cute and her Personality was funny.
The scene where Ash talks to Marble about his past experiences with Pikachu was nice, Ash's advice really helped her befriending Luxray in this episode.
it's funny when Marble was calling Officer Jenny 'sir' instead of 'ma'am'. Brock taking Officer Jenny's hand and flirting with her was funny as well.(Sigh, When will he learn?)
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I cackled when Marble shone the spotlight on Ash and friends and the policemen all got shocked by Pikachu. Luxray actually creeped me out a bit here; its eyes just looked weird in the anime in my opinion. Meowth and Wobbuffet's shared policeman disguise made me howl and I thought Ash's flashback to when he met Pikachu was a really nice touch.


Luxray no longer being able to use Electric attacks was neat at 1st but I was getting bored half way through the episode because of Marble's shenanigans. 5/10

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At first I thought that the mansion here was Mr Backlot's mansion hee hee. I felt bad for Marble's Luxray and how it had issues using electric attacks, plus it was cool seeing the Old Charm make an appearance. :D