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Luxray's Fusions!

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Luxraymaster, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    Hey, Luxraymaster, is the shop back open now? Just tell me if it isn't and I'll delete this post.

    D/P/P Scenarios

    Room:pokemon Center
    Trainers: Roark, Rival
    Pokemon: Cranidos, Chimchar
    Have Roark on the west side and Rival on the east, with Cranidos and Chimchar directly between them, facing each other.

    Room: Pokemon Center
    Trainers: Gardenia, Rival
    Pokemon: Roserade, Budew
    Have Gardenia on the west side and Rival on the east, with Roserade and Budew directly between them, facing each other.

    Please and thank you!
  2. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames


    That's perfect. Thanks Luxraymaster, I'll be sure to credit you on FF.net when I use this as my profile pic!
  3. toonycj

    toonycj Active Member

    Pokemon: Arceus
    Please and thank you
  4. Luxraymaster

    Luxraymaster On the road to Johto

    I can only do the animation if you supply the slides but cool idea lol your trainer pose is accepted.

    Accepted are you making a story of gym battles maybe?

    No Problems glad it was right for you :)

    Accepted and I also see your challenging serebiis leauge.

    Yes soory for mentioning it but the shop is open
  5. Darking-Lucario

    Darking-Lucario Active Member

    Can you make this?

    HG/SS PokePoses-
    Trainer: Gold
    Pokemon: Lucario
    Facing (Direction): beneath
    Shiny or Not?: no
  6. Luxraymaster

    Luxraymaster On the road to Johto

    Sure I'll give it a crack!
  7. RaiBlade

    RaiBlade ɾαρτυɾε

    Thank you Luxraymaster,I love it!
  8. Luxraymaster

    Luxraymaster On the road to Johto

    Ok guys I'll be down for aa while somethings up with photobucket
  9. dream pray

    dream pray ho ho holy shiit!!!

    I gotta a request for aclover if the shop is open again:)
    Mystery Dungeon Scene-
    Place: sharpedo bluff
    Pokemon Up to 6: charizard, blastoise, venusaur, hitmonchan and manaphy
    Extras: blastoise, charizard and venusaur sitting around the campfire
    and hitmonchan looking at the sea and manaphy sleeping.
    thank you!
  10. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    soz 4 asking loads but can i hav:

    base: slowking
    other: murkrow

    i just wanna see wat it looks like. again, soz 4 requesting tons - i dont think this counts as the third request at the same time because i got told u couldn'yt do the animation
  11. pipluptrainer

    pipluptrainer Johto Trainer

    Sorry,but I posted this a page back and I don't know if you saw it.If the shop is still closed,I can wait.
  12. Dan The Poke Man

    Dan The Poke Man MEGAMEGAMEGA

    hey luxray master ive been waiting a while and mines not done yet did you tell me to do something that i missed?
  13. jahz

    jahz Banned

    3 requests for aclover.

    Fusion-lapras, torterra
    Base (Can put random):lapras
    Other Pokemon:none

    Base (Can put random):lapras
    Other Pokemon:none

    Custom Trainer:
    Details:male, could you do like an old man/sensei meditating with a sword across his lap? black/red clothing, grey/black hair.
  14. MegaTravis

    MegaTravis Pokemon Trainer

    Could I please have
    Base (Can put random): Sceptile
    Other Pokemon: Infernape
  15. Xtreme8899

    Xtreme8899 Member

    okay, request for luxray master plz

    Pokemon D/P/P Scenarios-
    Room:Battle Hall
    Trainers:Giovanni, Gold, Blaine
    Pokemon: Typhosion (Gold), Kabutops (Gold), Rotom Fan form (Gold), Arcanine (Blaine), Rypherior (Giovanni), Absol (Giovanni)
  16. Sinnohdragon

    Sinnohdragon Dragoness~

    Thanks a lot :)

    *saves to computer*
    I'm not sure where i'm going to use it yet.
  17. Luxraymaster

    Luxraymaster On the road to Johto

    Sorry guys I've got to close the shop for a while whilst I get my act together I'm so busy sorry but I'm also going on holiday. So they will be done i promise just give me a little while
  18. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    That's fine, that's fine. If you're really busy, you can save my projects for last. They're nothing important currently, I'm using them for a later project.
  19. MegaTravis

    MegaTravis Pokemon Trainer

    Thats ok, no problem. Take as long as you need.
  20. aclover

    aclover VICTORiOUS

    i am currently closed. when i announce that im open (which will hopefully be in a few days) i will take requests.

    sorry if this is an inconvenienc to any ones requests...
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