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lvl 100 feraligator for trade. legit

Discussion in 'DP Battle & Trades' started by lloyd_yayo, May 22, 2007.

  1. lloyd_yayo

    lloyd_yayo pokemon master

    i have a lvl 100 Feraligator that i trained to lvl 100, only trading him because i want a defensive feraligator.

    nature - Modest
    HP - 333
    Atk - 241
    Def - 232
    Sp. Atk - 209
    Sp. Def - 217
    Spd - 198

    attacks = bite, slash, hydro pump, ice beam

    would like to have a clefairy with egg move wish
    or a power wrist (i realllly dont feel like going through the battle tower for it)
  2. ZeroPanther

    ZeroPanther Well-Known Member

    I dont have anything you want, but I'll give you a LV100 Roserade w/ pokerus for it.
  3. lloyd_yayo

    lloyd_yayo pokemon master

    i like to ev train my pokemon myself, thanks though

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