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M & BR TC shop.

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by maikello, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    OK let me think. I know a Pokemon who I nickname Pammie after.

    Either Find Lugia, or Palkia. If there is no Palkia TCG picture, then do Lugia Instead and the color of its name will be dark blue.
  2. Can i get a trainer card?
    Trainer Sprite: D/P Tower Tycoon Palmer
    Pokemon next to trainer: Magmortar
    Pokemon: Magmortar, Mamoswine, Electrivire, Dusknoir, Togekiss, Froslas
    Template: #4
    Badges: All 8 Sinnoh badges
  3. PoKeMoNmAsTeR08

    PoKeMoNmAsTeR08 ~Poketopia Master~

    Template : #13.
    Pokemons:Hariyama Shiny,Aggron Shiny,Lopunny Shiny,Breloom Shiny,Gyarados Shiny,Electivire Shiny
    Trainer:Lance From FR/LG,Elite Four Final.
    (If can,I would like Trainer Recolourings:) Lance-Costume to Green,Cape to Red,Hair to Blue.
    Poke/Pokes next to trainer : Left : Salamence Shiny , Right : Gallade Shiny.
    Badges:(p/s:if too many say so.)
    -Emerald:Battle Frontier Symbols.[Gold+Silver]
    -Shinou/Sinnoh Badges.
    -Johto Badges.
    -Kanto Badges

    (Your 3rd example.)

    Thanks in advance.
  4. pkmn_luver_95

    pkmn_luver_95 MUDKIPZ ORLY?

    Hello, sponguard. I'm sorry to hear M is gone, but I'm back. I'm sorry I took so long, but my dad needed some care. :( Just tell everyone I'm back in business! :]

    EDIT: Give me some TCs to do!

    Rei ;026;
  5. spongeaud

    spongeaud Shikamaru Fan!

    O well I kind of left this thread but yea I can be back in buiness a little myself so if people want tcs we can do them just repost if u want one thanks.
  6. tiger80

    tiger80 Cipher Color Changer

    Pokemon:Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Typhlosion, Venomoth, Lairon.
    Badges: Sinnoh-All
    Orange Islands-All
  7. tiger80

    tiger80 Cipher Color Changer

    Pokemon:Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Typhlosion, Venomoth, Lairon.
    Badges: Sinnoh-All
    Orange Islands-All
  8. niverog

    niverog Member

    Name: Ghost
    Pokes: Swampert, Electivire (shiny), Zapdos, Slowbro (shiny), Jirachi, Flygon
    What trainer, be precise: R/S/E Expert. The sprite of t he Expert when he's standing, not the sitting one.
    what template: 13
    Pokemon next to trainer: Slowbro
    Badges: All Kanto, and if I can get a second line of badges, All Sinnoh also.

    Last edited: Oct 4, 2007
  9. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    can you make me a tc please

    Name- Nick

    pokemon- magnezone, venasaur, swampert, rayquaza, inferape and regigass

    trainer- DP rich boy

    poemon next to trainer- shiny gallade

    background- #4

    badges- sinnoh

    pm me when done thanks
  10. shiny bagon

    shiny bagon <- OH **** YEA!!!!!

    can i have a tc

    name James

    pokemon shiny salamence, shiny flygon, shiny registeel, garchomp, typhlosion,and cradily

    trainer volkner

    pokemon next to trainer shiny flygon

    badges kanto all
    johoto all
    hoenn all
    sinnoh all in that order please

    template # 20

    pm when done thanks
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2007
  11. pkmn_luver_95

    pkmn_luver_95 MUDKIPZ ORLY?

    YO, PEEPS. It's Rei! I know I haven't gone on in a while, but my dad's OKAY now, so I can work! YAY!
    Anyway, after New Years, I will be available. =]]] So Spongeaud, please contact me after that. I will PM you with my email adress. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYPONE, AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. XDD
  12. 007pikachu

    007pikachu ohhhhhhh yeah

    pokemon:dragonite, garchomp, lucario, torterra, infernape, rayquaza
    pikachu boy from d/p
    template: #4
    pokemon next to the trainer: arecues sorry if i spelled it wrong
    badges: all from all regions
  13. dark_sharkpunk

    dark_sharkpunk Dark Pokemon Expert


  14. pokefan16

    pokefan16 Well-Known Member

    do you make trainer cards but contest ribbons only?

    Name: Dawn
    pokemon: Piplup,Buneary,Pachirisu,Ambipom,Swinub
    2 contest ribbon just like dawns contest ribbons in the anime now

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