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M-Gardevoir in standard


New Member
Hi everyone, this is my first post here so i'm sorry if something may not be perfect in the format. I had decided to use Gardevoir-EX in this metagame just because i don't have cards to make another one, but I often have problems and for this reason I am posting now, I'm not so expert of the newest meta so you might... suggest some cards to use. Thank you! Now, the deck is:

Pokemon: 16

3x Darkrai GX
3x Mgardevoir EX (STS)
2x Gardevoir EX (STS)
1x Gardevoir EX (PRC)
2x Xerneas (XY)
2x Xerneas BREAK
1x Oranguru (SM)
1x Eevee (SM)
1x Sylveon GX

Trainer: 32

4x Sycamore
4x N
2x Guzma
1x Lusamine
1x Acerola
4x Spirit link with Gardevoir
4x Ultra ball
2x Super rod
2x Field blower
2x Fairy garden
2x Professor's letter
1x Minor ball
1x Escape rope
1x Rescue strecher
1x Energy switch

Energy: 12

9x Fairy energy
3x Darkness energy

Thanks for your help!! Please don't suggest me to use lele because I really don't know how to find it. Also don't suggest me Gardevoir GX, I hate her