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Mache's sprite shop.

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It's freezing
Type of Job: Normal Animals

main Pokenon:sawsbuck
Animal: Deer
Other info: Could you also make its horns bigger?
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Who did this to me!
Type of Job: fusion

main Pokenon: tyrogue
Other pokemons (up to 4): hitmonchan
Other info: i just need u to put hitmonchan's boxing glove on tyrogue's arm in these 4 sprites:



The Warrior Spirit
Can i get a fusion Charizard and Mewtwo.
then recolour the fusion in Blastoise colour.
Then make it mythological pokemon
Make it epic.
hello can i have a mythological pokemon, a dragon, by using feraligatr and some dragon like poke, i would prefer the mythological poke to be black-red colour based
Love the wildness
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