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Madame Belladonna’s School for Maliciously Gifted Children (RP Thread, PG-13)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Madame Belladonna’s School for Maliciously Gifted Children (RP Thread, PG-13)

    SU Thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showth...chool-for-Maliciously-Gifted-Children-(PG-13)
    Discussion Thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showth...n-Thread-for-Maliciously-Gifted-RPers-(PG-13)
    Discussion Discord: https://discord.gg/uWwyjtd

    Approved Players
    1. TikTok13 (Electric powers - Edward)
    2. Hydrangea (Blood Magic - Belle)
    3. Schade (Magic/Necromancy - Draug)

    4. Vern (Pyromancer - Fenris)
    5. Tangeh (Mutant - Levi)
    6. *Jean Grey* (Shadows/Evil Eye - Lovina)

    7. Monster Guy (Magic/Necromancy - Veronica)
    8. Gamzee Makara (Plant - Jasmine)
    9. Omegagoldfish (Cyborg - Alek)
    10. Nerdy McNerdface (Ice Powers - Eira)
    11. Dragalge (Swordwoman -Scarlet)
    12. Dragalge (Confection Arsenal - Sugarcoat)

    1. VampirateMace (Headmistress & Robotics Instructor - Madame C. L. Schrödinger)

    1. Obviously, follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
    2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players.
    3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. If you know me, you know I am strict on this.
    4. Your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent. Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't, teleport, or otherwise god-mode.
    5. Put your name(s) and rough location(s) at the top of your post. Inventory is not required for this RPG.
    6. For those of you with multiple chars, make it very clear WHO is doing WHAT.
    7. If you are going to have a significant event in an area where there are other players who could be impacted, PLEASE (for the love of all that is holy) comment on it in the Discussion Thread. If you plan to fight (outside the weekly battle), and are not working out the fight ahead of time, please refer to the fight rules.
    8. The RPG flow will be a few posts of school life, followed by an epic end-of-week battle, rinse and repeat. If you are joining late, you will be asked to wait until the start of the next week. Yes, you may make your own schedule.
    9. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules (love you guys). So, if you're not sure if you should do something that will affect other RPers, ask in the Discussion Thread first.

    Battle Rules:
    1. These rules are to be followed for fights not worked out in the Discussion Thread.
    2. Do NOT God-mode or otherwise pawn someone in a single post (unless you are given prior permission).
    3. When attacking, do not decide how many of your blows land, and how much damage is done. You may make multiple attacks in your post.
    4. When defending, be realistic, do not dodge every attack. Consider the apparent skill and agility of both your characters, as well as what powers and weapons are involved. You may also counter attack, following rule #3.
    5. It's open season on student NPCs, but don't attack staff ones unless you want detention.

    Madame S.
    School Auditorium
    Monday Morning (8:00 am)

    Like at the start of every term, students and staff were gathered in the auditorium for the start of term assembly. They were expected to be there by 08:00, which was the same time they’d otherwise be expected in their first period class.

    At 08:05 the heavy wooden doors at the far end of the auditorium banged open, and a tall woman in a black dress entered, followed by a black and gun-metal grey automaton. Her hair was done up in a strict bun, accompanied by a pair of gold barrettes, but her dress was simple and practical. After all, she had classes to teach later this morning.

    She looked back at the automaton, almost adoringly, as she stepped up to the podium that had been place in the middle of the room. She silently looked over the students in the bleacher seating for a moment, then glanced at the faculty grouped along the wall. She adjusted the microphone with a tap, then gently clasped her hands together in front of her. Every super villain had a style when addressing captives or subordinates, and Madame Schrödinger would let her school be no different. Her head leaned forward slightly, “Good morning students. I'm happy to welcome you all back for another year.”

    Pause for obligatory replies, if any. . . Happy. Was it a lie? Well, she wasn't unhappy. . . but she certainly couldn't say this was the highlight of her day.

    “Unfortunately, I have to announce that Professor Colbert will not be joining us this year, due to the mutant alligator incident last spring,” she commented. Never again really. But the details weren't important, plus she was sure many of the students already knew most of them. Gossip of that sort tended to spread quickly in a school of villainy. After another pause she continued, “Now, as most of you know, you get a clean slate at the start of every term, and indeed year. For those of you that don't, understand that your quality of living will depend on your end of week projects. Those that do well are rewarded, and those that do poorly, punished. . . You will find your team for the week is posted outside the main office.”

    (NOTE: Your teams for this section of the RP will be found in the Discussion Thread, which I will be posting shortly.)

    “Professor Berg now has some start of the year safety reminders he'd like to share with you,” added Madame S. sarcastically, before stepping aside. Valuable as students were, if they were too stupid to stay alive on their own, they didn't belong here. But Berg insisted, and a happy professor was a productive professor, so that was good enough to earn him some speaking time. Madame S. let Berg and the other professors run through their perspective beginning of the year announcements; sure this cut into the time for first period, but they had a whole year of learning time ahead of them. Then finally she stepped back up to the podium, “This concludes our assembly, you now have five minutes to get your things and get to class. Let's all have a productive year.”

    (NOTE: Feel free to set your own schedule, we probably won't be running through full days anyways.)

    That wasn't a lie. She could have said good or great, but productivity was something she really wanted for her students. For her professors. For herself.

    She turned and exited out the doors she'd came in. The grey and black automaton turning awkwardly to follow her. Bypassing the crowd she made her way to the advanced robotics classroom. There she made sure her lesson plan was in place and deactivated her grey and black friend so she could use him for her demo. She then sat down in her rolling desk chair and watched the students file in.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
  2. Omegagoldfish

    Omegagoldfish My will be done

    School Auditorium
    Monday, 0800.

    Alek's metal body towered over all other objects at the assembly, tapping a sharpened foot in impatience, granting the floor a few new puncture holes. The wooden room smelt of sweat and vomit, and he could feel some of those damnable meat puppets staring at him. Soon, however, someone entered from the left. Tall, and in a black dress, she looked as if she considered herself intimidating. Behind her, a crude looking black robot followed, and a sad looking thing at that.

    "Good morning students. I'm happy to welcome you all back for another year," she said evenly, as the robot continued to mill around behind her. Alek ignored most of the following banter, something about teams. Whatever. If they could keep pace with him, they wouldn't find a grenade under their bed at midnight. After a mercifully short time, the woman left the room from the same door, and the students started milling about. Alek slowly made his way to the main hallway, where a small door off to the left held a sign. Alongside a "Draug", "Edward", "Fenris" and "Lovina", he was part of Team Massacre. Alek grunted before heading into the room marked "Advanced Robotics", hoping that something of interest could be there.


    Stomping into the room, Alek lowered his oval body behind one of the desks, and looked around. It seemed he was the first there, save for the woman he had seen earlier, who was sitting behind a desk, with that sad looking robot deactivated behind her.
  3. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Fenris Arkwright
    School Auditorium
    Monday Morning, 8:00 AM

    Fenris sits himself down in the corner, watching as the other students stream in, talking their heads off about inconsequential matters and reacquainting themselves with the people (or otherwise) that they called friends. The new school year is starting, and it's a natural thing to do. But the sheer shallowness of that act is still unpleasant to look at, and because of this, he's glad when Madame C. L. Schrödinger walks into the auditorium a full five minutes after 8 (when everybody else arrived), as she always did. It always took time for people to settle down, and it had the bonus effect of making her seem important - not that she isn't important, but being able to say and prove that 'you don't start until I get there' is a good way to establish just how crucial you are. Everything is part of a larger game, and in that game, reputation and perceived power is important.

    Fenris has been at Madame Belladonna’s for a good while now, so the drill is familiar to him. Ms. Schrodinger runs through the typical start-of-term stuff, things he’s heard often enough. A missing professor - not that much of a big deal. Things like that happen, and after a while, you get used to it. Instead, his attention is drawn onto something more interesting - a gigantic, spider-like robot, which towers over the rest of the assembly, occasionally breaking a hole through the floor. It may not be something too special, and it did look like it thought very highly of itself and very lowly of everyone else, but at least it’s certainly… new. He leaves the assembly along with everyone else, glancing quickly at the team list posted to the wall. He had taken care to gather some information before the year stated, so most names are familiar to him, although a few remain as cryptic as they were before. He looks over his own team - team Massacre - and runs over the members in his head. Draug, Edward, Lovina, himself, and ‘Alek’.

    Fenris sighs. There are some powerful people on his side, but Lovina would be hard to deal with. He doesn’t know ‘Alek’ at all, but it could very possibly be the giant spider robot. If that is indeed the case, he would probably be a bit of a pain as well. Not that it really matters, anyway. These are people don’t want to be lead, and he doesn’t want to lead, so he won’t lead. It'd be naive to think that any plan of his would have any worth to them. There's no point trying to jam tactics down the throats of people who had plenty of ideas on their own.

    Something that lasts only a week isn’t of much importance anyways. Not compared to what he needs to do.

    He shakes his head, rubbing his tired eyes with the back of his right hand, and slinks off to class, weaving between the crowd effortlessly and blending in as well as he could (which was pretty well). A skim of his schedule tells him that he has Advanced Chemistry first thing, and he had prepared some potions to show his teacher, a reclusive but very passionate old man named Virgil. Over the few years of his attendance here, he had made it a habit to take the time and resources he gained access to over the summer to make a few gifts for the professor. Being the one teacher that Fenris hopes to learn from, it’s important to establish as good a relationship with him as possible.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2017
  4. School Auditorium, Monday, 8:05am, Eira Dawn


    Eira glanced around at the students around her, while her emotions seemed to cook up a storm within her. She hadn't seen anyone else beyond her parents since she was an extremely young girl, and her nervous shifting from foot to foot showed it. The wide variety of students - ranging from simple humans to genetically mutated beings to plain cyborgs - didn't appear to be paying attention to her whatsoever, to her relief. Eira just hoped that maybe she could find a friend among the group that wouldn't mind her complete lack of conversational skills. Maybe she could if she played just a little with them after the announcements this teacher had to make?

    Said teacher, Madame Schrödinger, was informing the whole auditorium of a certain event that piqued Eira's interest. A duel between two teams was to take place once a week. Eira shuddered slightly when Madame S mentioned that losers would be "punished" - while she was all up for a fight between her and various other pupils in this school, her abilities were not, well... perfect, to say the least. She still had much more training left to do before she could fully harness her ice and water powers.

    Madame S called the assembly to a halt, informing every student that they needed to pick up their things for lessons in five minutes before class. Eira nodded to herself, before rushing out of the auditorium with her untidy hair flowing behind her. As she rushed past the main office, she skidded to a halt, taking a moment to look at the students situated on her team. Belle, Jasmine, Veronica, Levi. She had completely no idea who all four of these students were, but she had a feeling she'd get to know them sooner or later.


    School Corridors, Monday, 8:09am


    Eira grinned, finding her school items safe within her locker. She picked up her silver pen and notebook set, before practically slamming the locker shut as she continued heading towards her lesson. As she thundered down the corridor, an idea sparked within her mind.

    She channelled all her focus into her hands, stopping for a moment to gain as much energy as she could. Within her gloved hands, a small, white ball began to form out of nowhere, dragging the water particles from the air and cooling them rapidly to form a small snowball. From there, she held it up high above herself, before throwing it in an entirely random direction. Eira waited for an impact, excitement bubbling within her until the snowball landed on the back of a boy with purple skin and miniature wings protruding from his back. Not waiting for a reaction, Eira giggled and scampered off to the Dark Magic Classroom.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy I like T.K.

    Veronica Lance
    School Auditorium
    Monday morning 8:00 AM

    At the start of a new school year, students gathered in the auditorium for the start of the year assembly. Veronica had only been a student at Madame Belladonna's school for a year, but had been to public schools long enough to be familiar with this same song and dance. Every year it was the same speech over and over again. Was it really necessary to hear this again year after year? it seemed like a waste of time in Veronica's eyes.

    Students were chatting amongst themselves, and as per usual Veronica kept herself out of it. Honestly, did people not know how to go longer than five minutes without having to chat with someone? There was value in silence. Instead, Veronica sat in her seat, reading what looked like a Grimoire of Dark Magic. It was in fact the textbook for Dark Magic Class, her favorite class in this entire school. Even if they could be putting their skills to better use than just causing chaos, and creating hurtful stereotypes of people that practiced magic. Those they got to teach it did know their subject well, and Veronica always interested in what they had to say.

    Five minutes after eight, Madame C. L. Schrödinger finally arrived, accompanied by some kind of machine, and everyone finally got quiet. Veronica put her book down to at least give the appearance that she was paying attention. Nothing of interest to Veronica was being said. She already knew about the why Professor Colbert was gone, and didn't feel it was necessary to repeat again since every student that attended the previous year knew that as well. The rest of it were things she already heard the previous year.

    Finally, the speech came to an end, and Veronica picked up the book, and left the auditorium, navigating through the sea of students as best she could. She didn't bother going to the main office to see who she was going to be forced to work with for the end of the week project. It was just a bunch of names, and meant absolutely nothing to her. She had participated in a few of these her first year, and she lost some and won some. Having to work on a team with strangers was not something she looked forward to doing. Her attempts at interacting with people usually don't go well, and she just preferred to avoid it as much as possible.

    Instead, after picking up her notebook and pen from her locker, she went straight towards her first class of the day, Dark Magic Class. She expected to be the first one there, but someone had actually beaten her to the classroom. There was a young girl who looked like she was dressed for the winter. Veronica had never seen her before, so she must have been new. This girl certainly didn't look like someone who practiced Dark Magic, or any of the other subjects this school taught. Then again, Veronica knew that looks could be deceiving.

    Veronica shrugged her shoulders, and sat down at a desk. As long as this girl wasn't one of those overly chatty types, then this would be fine. She opened up the book she had with her, and started reading, hoping that people would get the message that she did not want to be bothered.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2017
  6. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Jasmine Von Miller

    Jasmine walked into the auditorium, angrily glaring at the wood used everywhere. Poor trees, she thought. What greedy lumber company had butchered innocent chlorokin for a meaningless profit that didn't matter when their executives died and their possessions rotted or were reclaimed by nature? She arrived on time, taking the time to give Moria a cheering thought telepathically. She listened to the headmistress give a rather pointlessly pompous speech about their new year.

    When instructed to check her teammates(worthless meaties that they would inevitably be), she was surprised by the lineup...she wasn't paired up with the other non-meatie! This drove her to consider leaving an overdose of spores in Madame Belladonna's tea, but she decided to instead concoct a different scheme, and she knew that he'd be a little hard to convince, but if it prevented her(and, by unfortunate proxy, her team) from losing the fight, she'd have to do it.

    The plant creature walked briskly off to Black Magic Class, being sure to take in some sunlight from a window nearby. But not before using some of it to grow an emergency trio of mushrooms on her person, full of deadly spores just waiting for a meatie to inhale and die from.
  7. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Everything Not Saved Will be Lost

    Anabelle Nyx
    Auditorium, Monday Morning

    This was a rather unusual experience for Anabelle. She had never been near others who might actually consider her 'normal' in a sense --- although it was much more likely that they would find her powers revolting and disgusting, which actually seemed like the far better option in her mind. She didn't want people to speak to her, frankly --- she wanted them all to know that she most certainly didn't care for acquaintances or pleasantries. No sir. She was only here to prove herself worthy and to vanquish all those that opposed her. As it was her first year, some of the material covered in the assembly actually caught her off guard. Sure, some of these students were far more adept than she was with her skill as they had had more practice... but her ability may just be the most unique.

    The assembly as a whole was brief, to the point, and was mostly devoid of any important information. Of course, besides the fact that Anabelle was told that her team for the weekly battle was posted outside of the main office. She felt her heart flutter, this was exactly the kind of news she had been waiting for. Following the dismissal, she skipped over to the main office building --- which she was more than familiar with after having to register for her dorm and classes. She felt like an actual adult, being alone and able to make her own choices like this; it was absolutely thrilling.

    She glanced at the names on the board, obviously mere names meant nothing to her. She would actually need to see these students in action to determine their proper value. It seemed that this year she was on Team Nightmare --- along with students named Levi, Jasmine, Veronica, and Eira. She pondered what sort of powers these students may have in order to aid her in her quest for victory. She glanced at the clock, it was nearing 8:10. If she wanted to be on time for Mad Biology --- she better make haste. She skipped backwards along the corridors, skull notebook in hand; ready to seize the day in the most literal way possible.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2017
  8. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Edward Prior - 8:05am

    Edward was sat right at the back of the hall, so as to not get in anyone else's way, but his eyes kept darting back and forth, taking in the absolute variety of students enrolled in the evil school. He was happy to see that he was neither the oldest, nor the youngest in the group, but glancing around at his potential friends for the near future, Edward couldn't help but feel intimidated. There was even a robot enrolling! A bloody robot! He half made to get up before changing his mind. It would be best to remain alone. Keeping to himself, Edward just leant back in his chair as the assembly began.

    It was better than he expected. Edward was enthralled by the way the teacher spoke; he couldn't remember her name, but he only cared about the important facts. It surprised Edward when he realised that most of the students would find it dull and boring, eager to get going. Edward was the exact opposite. He could feel his electricity coursing through his veins, tingling with the excitement he felt deep inside. He tried not to let it show. Then he heard something about teams; an excellent way to make new friends. The reveal of teams was then followed by the words “fight ”, “competition ”, and “death”, three words that should not be in the same sentence.

    As the meeting drew to a close, Edward grinned and nodded, as if affirming something, before waiting patiently for the crowd to clear out. He caught the eyes of a few of the students and flashed them a shy smile. None of them returned the affection. He didn't expect them to. Cleaning the lenses of his goggles and smoothing down his hair, Edward started to make his way out, the hall now empty.
  9. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Count Draug Von Marburg
    School Auditorium
    Monday Morning - 08:00 AM​

    The letter addressed to his father as lying on his desk in his dorm. Draug was now sitting in a chair in the auditorium. It was early, and though he was accustomed to early hours, he was feeling considerably more tired now than he used to. He had hoped he could send his letter before the morning announcement, but he had overslept, and just barely made it in on time. Luckily, it seemed the headmistress had not appeared yet, which helped calming him down. The letter could wait.

    “Good morning students. I'm happy to welcome you all back for another year.”, Madame Schrødinger addressed the students in the hall, snapping Draug out of almost falling asleep. He would have to adjust his sleeping schedule. The headmistress then kept going about other obligatory schoolstuff. Yep. It was Monday all right. He did not bother to pay too much attention to the rest of the assembly. IF anything, it would all have been covered in the E-mail he had recieved earlier.

    A surprisingly short amoung of time later, the assembly ended, and the crowd of students dispersed. Draug stood up and wondered what was next. Whipping out the schedule he had printed out the night before, he took quick notice of where everything was. He was hopeless with directions, and desperately reliedon the map to find his way around the place.

    Not too surprisingly, the map proved to be next to useless. After accidentally having walked into the teachers lounge, He was directed elsewhere, which led him to the chemistry lab, the girls bathroom and the school gymnasium once again, before he finally found himself standing in front of the Dark Arts classroom. He had left his watch at his room, so he didn't know what time it was, but he carefully opened the door as to not disturb the ongoing class, and quickly found an empty seat next to a purple clad eerie-looking girl. He did not know anyone as this was his first year, and he wasn't sure what this "Team MAssacre" thing was about. He had an E-mail containing all the info he needed, but for now, all he needed was to make it through his first class.
  10. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Levi Jere Ruotsalainen
    School Auditorium
    Monday Morning (8:05 am)

    Another school year, another boring introductory assembly. Levi impatiently shifted in his seat, his head settled in one hand as he stared half-lidded at Madame S. as she rattled off pleasantries and rules he was already aware of. He'd spent half his life at the school, and the eighth beginning-of-term announcement was as boring as the first. Yadda yadda yadda, you suck, you live badly. Whatever. He stopped watching halfway through and starting glancing at the sea of students. There were plenty of new faces this year, including many who appeared to be his age or older.

    Levi jumped at the chance to leave as soon as the formalities were over, and made his way to the main office to examine his team for the week. "Hey, move it!" Levi barked toward a taller student, squeezing his smaller body in to get a good look at his team. His name was stuck in the middle between "Belle, Jasmine, Veronica, and Eira." He reread his team over again, and then again, his brow furrowed. "Hey, who the hell decided these teams? Do these people even go here?" Veronica was... sort of familiar? Perhaps they'd faced off once before - but the other three were either fresh meat or complete no-names. Fantastic. And all girly names too, aside from his own. He scanned through the opponent's team - "Draug"? Never heard. "Edward"? Never heard. "Alek?" Nope. Fenris was that one weird kid who was fascinated with potions but at least wasn't much of a head-to-head threat in the battle arena. And Lovita... Levi winced and walked away from the pinned list. One punch from her last time they were paired against each other, and he was out like a light - now that was an humiliating week of punishments...

    Broody over not knowing his team, he sulked to his next class - until something wet and cold smacked him in the back of his head. "Hey!" he growled, spinning around as passing students snìggered at him. He caught a brief glance of a laughing brown-haired girl disappearing into a classroom. "What, you scared to face me head on? Come on you coward, get the hell back here!"

    "Shut up, Levi," a passing boy that had been in a few of his classes last year bit back at him. "You fighting little girls now?"

    Levi scowled, his purple skin fading into different shades of red and blue. "Good thing your name didn't pop up on my list, Johnson. I didn't want to wait to kick your ass again."

    "Whatever you purple freak. Bring it on."

    A couple of students curiously gathered around, anticipating a fight as Levi flared his tiny wings and smirked - but then the dark magic professor loudly started rattling on about first day procedures. ...'Oh.' Right. Class. The other students began dispursing, snapping Levi back to both reality and the colour purple.

    Levi took off at a sprint and was at the other end of the hall and in his Mad Biology seat in seconds. The professor raised an eyebrow and he sat up straighter in his seat, panting slightly, but fortunately she just rolled her eyes and continued droning on about the lesson plan. 'Gah, that was close...'

    "Seriously, Levi?" a classmate whispered from behind him, clearly amused. "Lost on the first day, or what?"

    "Whatever..." He took a glance around the classroom - looked about the same as always, with test tubes and mutant animals lining the walls. It reminded him of home, in a twisted way.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
  11. Dragalge

    Dragalge Time for eviction tbh

    Scarlett Netherblade
    School Auditorium
    Monday Morning, 8:05

    “Well, that walk was not pleasant. Had I been granted the ability to get here by a wormhole, things would have been smoother” ranted Scarlett as she sat in her seat in the auditorium. Scarlett’s walk to the auditorium was not an easy trip since she was stopped by a few people wondering about the scimitars she wielded who, in response, tried to get away from them. With that said, she noticed many people she was not familiar yet and wondered to herself one of them was from another dimension like her. Scarlett listened to Madame C. L. Schrödinger’s introductory speech to the school and was engrossed with all the details she gave despite how short the speech was.

    The assembly ended and Scarlett was on her way out to obtain her schedule, something she was never familiar with until now. After registration, she received her schedule by stabbing the paper with one of her Deathly Scimitars and went to find her first class which was Dark Magic. Scarlett was familiar that there was powerful magic in her blades so she was curious if she could learn how to further advance that power in this class. She also noticed a list with her name on that was listed under a title called Team Massacre. The name of Scarlett’s team pleased her a lot but she was still wary of what potential vermin she would have to meet.

    During her walk to the classroom, Scarlett overheard some negative conversations going on with a student with purple skin in the hallway. Scarlett glared at the unknown student with her red eyes, annoyed at the drama he was stirring up. Despite all that, Scarlett continued onward to her Dark Magic class, hoping that she would not encounter anyone else annoying like him along the way.

    As Scarlett entered the classroom, she saw one of the vermin she first encountered on her way to the auditorium. Her eyes immediately glowed red again and scared the student shortly after. Scarlett’s eyes returned to her normal pink color and took a seat in the front row of the class. She still was not used to sitting on wooden objects since her home dimension was mostly rocky. Scarlett remained calm so far in hopes that the student who pestered her earlier would not do anything sneaky to her. This was going to be Scarlett’s first time being instructed by someone not from her dimension so she remained curious on what plans her instructor had in mind.
  12. Omegagoldfish

    Omegagoldfish My will be done

    Alek Dyr
    The class was mostly a demonstration of Alek's abilities, or at least, that's what he thought. A simple task: work on an old project. Alek checked his internal cargo pod, and remembered that little thing he was working on. How crude must these students be, Alek wondered, if a simple alcubierre-warp propelled cesium plasma lance was beyond them, the wall, protective force field, magic barriers, and about half a kilometer of school grounds? Apparently a scientist of his caliber wasn't expected for first year, and that Jeremiah Brown kid would need a new lower body. Then again, Alek did cheat by smuggling in the cesium and exotic matter. But wasn't this a school for evil? Cheating is evil, therefore it should be rewarded here.

    The class, now at the end of period, dispersed, and Alek kept one of his eyes near the giant hole melted through the south wall, eyeing the damage.

    With a repair crew called, Alek glanced near the door. First period went from 8 to 10, second from 10 to 12, then lunch and a "team meeting" from twelve to one. From one to three was third period, three to five was fourth, and five to six thirty was fifth. After that, students would retire to their dorms, if "MANDATORY PRESENCE AT TEAM DOORS REQUIRED AFTER HOURS" was a statement of any value. A map tacked next to the door showed the layout of the building from above. Looking rather like a horned skull with extremely long horns and two thick teeth, the "teeth" were the classrooms, the main "head" section seemed to be storage, power generation, and teacher's lounges, and the horns must have been the dorms.

    Alek followed the crowd, entering his next class: Evil Botany.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2017
  13. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Jasmine Von Miller
    Outside Black Magic Class

    Jasmine never thought Majestrix Medea would ever impress her, but the lesson on "Opening your Evil 3rd Eye" proved to be useful, as the plant creature had briefly seen into the future, resulting in her witnessing Roberta Herriman's attempt to murder her with herbicide, which resulted in the would-be botanicidal maniac's digestive system being melted into goo via a vial-delivered overdose of concentrated pitcher plant digestive fluids in her grape soda before she tried to kill her in-between classes...she'd need to feed via IV for the rest of her life! Jasmine was very satisfied to have put a meatie in her place. She decided to put her plan into motion, and, wouldn't you know it, she was off to Evil Botany, where the other Non-meatie was. She shadowed him, and joined the class, sitting next to Alek, and proceeded to ask him "I see you are another non-meat-based life form...what do you think of the flesh? Pathetic, isn't it?"
  14. Omegagoldfish

    Omegagoldfish My will be done

    Alek Dyr
    Evil Botany, Dr. Mandel-Mengle

    Through his rings of eyes, Alek could see behind him just as well as in front of him. In fact, his body had no "forwards" or "backwards" at all. Several students stared, some from Advanced Robotics, others just in the halls, and terrified of the giant, ovoid automaton. But one of the students seemed more interested than scared. Tall (at least, compared to the others), thin, and... green? Green skin, white hair, red eyes, low UV emission, odd. Perhaps some kind of golem? Either way, he decided to head to class, fraternization could come later.

    The room was clean, stainless steel, with a variety of large, toothed plants sitting, immaculately kept, in planters on the walls. A rodent tank was visible nearby, with the mice growing odd fungus out of their bodies. Behind an armored metal desk, a short, fat man with a massive gray beard sat, eyeing the classroom with his green eyes somewhat excitedly.

    Alek sat down near the front of the class, and that odd, green humanoid sat down next to him. As the students filed in, she(?), turned towards him and spoke.

    "I see you are another non-meat based life form. What do you think of the flesh? Pathetic, isn't it?"

    Alek mulled over this question for a second before responding. This thing obviously wasn't human, and didn't seem to know of his human history. Alek decided the best course of action was to answer honestly, but reveal nothing.

    "Yes, and no. When mankind was little better than apes bashing each other with rocks, their bodies were adequate. But mankind is more than that now. The failings of the physical body, the aging, the pain, it can all be corrected. So, yes. The human body is weak. Yes, it is pathetic. It is a machine long outdated, and needs a replacement. But for what it did, it worked. Now that I have answered your question, can you answer mine?" Alek spoke, gauging the reaction carefully. Nothing immediately obvious.

    "What," Alek spoke "exactly are you? You're obviously not human, so, what manner of creature are you?"

    The class was still mostly empty, although a couple more students filed in. Alek paid them no mind for now. This thing... Perhaps he could clone one? Ah, the discoveries to be made on the operating table.

    If Alek still had a face, he would have failed to hide his grin.
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  15. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Lovina Violenza
    School Auditorium

    Lovina yawned as she folded her arms across her chest as she sat alone. During her first year in the school, she had already gained a degree of notoriety that made many stay away from her. It was for the better, though, rather than sit next to someone intolerably flirty, chatty or hell, both.

    Why did all schools feel the need to have a start-of-the-term assembly anyway? Everyone said the same thing, as if reading from some kind of script, save for a few changes of words. Honestly, it was a waste of a couple more hours of trying to sleep, or cooking a decent breakfast by her standards. A tall woman wearing a black dress approached the podium, Madame Schrodinger, obviously, followed by a black and gun-metal grey automaton, whom Lovina suspected was probably her lover. She grunted wordlessly. Even if it were her lover, at least automatons probably didn't cheat or at least, could be programmed not to cheat. They made better company than most people, anyway. The redhead snickered under her breath as she caught the headmistress give said automaton an adoring glance. The headmistress then stepped up to the podium that had been place in the middle of the room, her eyes flying over everyone seated on the bleachers for a moment, then glanced at the faculty grouped along the wall.

    “Good morning students. I'm happy to welcome you all back for another year.” Madame Schrodinger greeted. Again, the same greeting as last year, Lovina thought. This was only her second year in the school, and already, she wanted start-of-the-term assemblies to lose their mandatory status. She scoffed, and didn't bother to give her full attention as the headmistress announced Professor Colbert's absence for the year due to the mutant alligator incident. She did, right after, catch how everyone was starting with a clean slate for the term once more. Damn this, why wipe our records all the time? She thought. Last term she didn't have a bad one at all, only getting punishment comparatively fewer times as compared to many of the younger students. Well, she was one of the oldest, but that didn't matter. She tuned out once more when the other professors began to discuss safety reminders. She wasn't one to even think of safety in the first place, and the reminders were the same as last year anyway.

    “This concludes our assembly, you now have five minutes to get your things and get to class. Let's all have a productive year.” Finally, the redhead thought as she pulled herself up and swung her black, spiked backpack over her shoulder. As she made her way out of the auditorium, she pushed and shoved at other students, amidst "heys" and "what the hell is wrong with you's". If the teams were to be posted outside the main office, that was where she would go before heading to her first class. As she walked someone shoved into her, and she grabbed said unsuspecting victim by his neck. A newbie, possibly no more than twelve years old. Lovina always thought they were the worst. Well, aside from those with charming powers, that was.

    "Watch it, motherfucker!" She yelled, before plunking the student to the ground and continuing on. Once she saw the paper, she took a quick look at it, her tall height affording her the opportunity not to tiptoe or crane her neck over the other, shorter heads in front of her. Her name was placed under "Team Massacre", along with other names, most, if not all of them unfamiliar. She wasn't the friendliest person after all. She mumbled the names to herself, before heading over to her first class, which was Mad Biology. Thankfully, she was placed in the less crowded second-period Dark Arts class, judging from how many were heading for that room.

    Once inside, she took her seat at the far end of the classroom, near the back wall, which was lined with test tubes and jars that contained preserved specimens of what looked to be mutant animals and creatures. Some of them were familiar to her, thanks to what her parents had to deal with, and this class was far from one of her worst. She did look forward to the practical component - dissections - too...perhaps because cutting up bodies was a no-brainer.

    "Violenza, would you be one of them, sooner or later?" A slick, smooth voice taunted as a soft finger tapped on her arm, on one of her stitch tattoos. A dark look crossed the Italian girl's face as she looked up to see the smooth, marble-like face of Alucard, dumbass extraordinaire with hypnotic abilities, which was why he enjoyed having a harem of girls at his feet. She was frankly sick of the Frankenstein jokes he made because of the style of her tattoos.

    "How 'bout you be one of them now?!" She growled as she balled her hand into a fist and punched him on his temple, knocking him out cold.

    "Lovina! What did I say about violence in class?!" Busted on the first day once more...not that it mattered.

    "Alucard's a weak-ass pussy," she announced boredly, propping her elbow up on her desk and leaning her head against it as class began.
  16. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Jasmine Von Miller
    Evil Botany

    Jasmine heard the malice for meat in the mechanized being's speech, but knew by his choice of words that her plan was going to be difficult due to him subtly implying that he used to be a meatie. She decided to "do the dance", and give a similar answer.

    "Let's just say that I have a rocky past, and that I'm off the menu to carnivores."

    The Professor then cleared his throat, signalling the end to chatter.

    "Guess we'll have to continue this later."
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  17. Omegagoldfish

    Omegagoldfish My will be done

    Alek Dyr
    Evil Botany.

    Alek observed the class sharply, it seemed everyone else was too focused on the professor. Alek decided to mull over his thoughts somewhat.

    The professor, in a deep, eager voice, started speaking, and Alek set his body to record.

    "Now the first thing about Evil Botany is that almost all of the plants eat people, so you have to be very cautious," the man, Dr. Mandel-Mengle said, and that... plant creature beamed at those words. Now let's talk about the first thing for your evil plants: proper soil composition. Unlike normal plants, evil plants generally grow better in slightly acidic soil, but large amounts of organic matter are needed, preferably dead animals. Especially adorable puppies. This is because evil."

    A small murmur of went throughout the class, before the Doctor spoke again.

    "Now, I'm a big proponent of learning with your hands, or having them bitten off, so, instead of burying you with textbooks, instead, I'll let trial and error teach you. Each of you will create an ideal environment for evil plants today, and I'll plant some Burmese Man Eaters. Whoever has the largest plant wins a special prize!"

    Alek sat there, contemplating, if larger puppies were less cute, wondering about the best ratio between mass and adorability for this. Ultimately, he decided on Labrador puppies, which were helpfully piled into a crate nearby. A comically large mallet, and a stainless steel surface were also close. Alek did what needed to be done, and soon, a reddish mulch-like substance was all that remained. Scraping this into a bowl, Alek noted the other students doing something similar, or getting eaten by the large plants on the shelves.

    Next, there were several chemicals, ammonia, ethanoic acid, and a small bottle that said "children's tears" in big, red letters. Alek dropped extremely small amounts of ammonia and a modest amount of ethanoic acid, and emptied the bottle of child tears. The substance was awful-smelling, red, and sizzling lightly.

    "Now that that's done, plants. As previously mentioned, I'll provide the Burmese Man Eater seeds. They're small, but grow fast. Fun fact! They can only eat people when in groups of two or more!"

    Alek noted a couple of half eaten students managed to crawl back to their desks, which amused him. Soon, the seeds were planted, and placed in a dark, ominous closet for maximum evil intake, or whatever that doctor was raving about. Alek's parents weren't botanists, so he just accepted what was said. After the, initiation, per say, the good Doctor handed out some ominous, black textbooks, before glancing at the clock.

    "My, how time flies! It's twelve already! I'll see you tomorrow!"


    Alek turned his attention towards that plant creature. All he needed was a sample...

    "Excuse me, miss, er, well. I never got your name. Mine's Alek, and I was wondering if you'd like to do a little test. Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit"

    Inside his body, Alek prepared the needle. A blood, er, cytoplasm draw should be enough, he thought. Then, it was time to experiment.
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  18. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Please stop posting until you address the fact that none of your posts have your character name or location at the top, and that you basically controlled my character in the second one. Your character would not be in Madame S's class if she didn't know he was particularly skilled.

    @Gamzee Makara
    Please make sure to include your name and location, and that your posts are at least 200 words so it doesn't get our RP shut down.
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  19. Omegagoldfish

    Omegagoldfish My will be done

    Barely mention character in passing. Apply life support. Bunnying.

    Furthermore, Alek cheated outright, by smuggling material into the classroom.
  20. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (Jean: Lol, I'd just took a drink when I read your line; “ automaton, whom Lovina suspected was probably her lover”.)

    (Omegagoldfish: BS, that's not the assignment my character is giving the Advanced Robotics class. Also, I don't care if you take out NPCs, that was never the issue. Thank you for fixing the names.)

    Madame S.
    Advanced Robotics Classroom
    Monday Morning (8:15 am)

    It wasn't long before students started to file into her classroom. These were the school's best of the best when it came to creating autonomous masterpieces. Leading the way was a shining oval shaped cyborg, a brain in can really, the perfect situation to force the young mind to be mechanically implied. It'd be deliciously devious it it was on purpose, but she knew from the entrance interview with his parents that it was not. Being headmistress had the benefit of having dirt on all the students, not that she often needed it.

    Once students had had sufficient time to arrive, she knew some of them would take a little longer then 5 minutes, but waiting more then a couple minutes more seemed like coddling. If students could afford to be late, then they could afford the risk of being dropped down to a lower level class.

    Once they'd assembled and took their seats she stood. A general hush falling over most the room, as her students knew what she expected. She stepped over to her automaton, and started to address the class, “Good morning students, welcome to Advanced Robotics. Now that you've mastered all the basics, the rudimentary stills, and learned to design and improvise gadgets, it's time for the really good stuff!”

    She clapped her hands, and gestured at the inactive robot, “As you may remember this is TED. While he was one of my first creations, and he still looks pretty basic on the outside,” she spun the robot around and threw open a large hatch on his back, to show some pretty complex and compact mechanisms, “his interior mechanics have been upgraded several times.”

    “This is what I want out of you this term. Each morning we'll go over some advanced techniques,” she continued, “after which I want you to continue work on remodeling, re-purposing, and generally improving a personal project from the past. . . if you're new here, have transferred in, or have tragically lost all your creations, then you can go pick an abandon project out of the dungeon to re-purpose. So, you may spend the rest of today’s class picking a past project and envisioning it's future. . . Come on up here if you need a hall pass to the dungeons.”

    Madame S. shut TED's hatch, leaving him inactive, and moved over to her desk, anticipating the doldrum task of writing out half-a-dozen hall passes. She plucked out a slick black and gold pen from the holder on her desk.

    Her 10:00 am class was similar, instructing less advanced students in creating their own projects. Honestly it was like babysitting at times. It was noon before she finally reactivated TED and retreated to her office for a quiet lunch alone. After her afternoon classes, and preparation period, when school was done for the day, but dinner wasn't yet being served in the cafeteria, Madame S. decided she'd head out and watch new students try to make it pass the defenses. That was always amusing. TED in tow, she picked up her lacy black parasol and headed out of the castle-like school building.
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