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Maelstrom League (SWU) (moved)


Had to move it. Please note: All challenges must wait until Euro Edition comes out, I'm doing this mainly so we'll all have some training time.

1st gym:Bubbles the cat: Electric
2nd gym:Tyranitar 93: Dark*
3rd gym:fhqwhqads: Grass
4th gym:Jay: Psychic
5th gym:Cor: Water
6th gym:Steven Apprentice: Steel*
7th gym:cman2445: Ground
8th gym:pachirissu!!: Dragon

I'll also have a sub-league like the battle frontier but the leader makes the rules.
1st sub-gym:Super Groudon*
2nd sub-gym:unholyson666
3rd sub-gym:Castar (may require alternates)
4th sub-gym:destroyah

Then comes the big league. PM me your team and I'll decide where you go based on how the team stacks against your competition for certain spots. The Elites may also make the rules here.

1st elite:Crescent
2nd elite:Akboy (no DT or minimize)
3rd elite:Nitro Pulse
4th elite:Skater Trainer*

I'll still be a test to see if Gym leaders are staying sharp and I can replace them if they fail my test.

Gym leader positions are up for grabs only after I say so. So it can be when I feel like having some healthy competition for gym positions.

As for the elites we can have different types of pokemon you are not restrained to the gym rules

As for prizes you can think of what ever you want for that. It doesn't matter much to me.

We're now gonna need at least 2 alternates knowing that Castar may not be able to battle. All of you, try to recruit someone. Please.

*= people who have posted and are still involved
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super groudon

Master Of Shadows
cool,so now we post here......
trickedout is this club in your sig instead of the other thread.....
just so everyone knows that we are here now......
and since this is now a club you are going to need some co-owners may i recomend Steven Apprentice,but it's up to you who they are.....
by the way Steve i'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the badges they are great.....


Well-Known Member
idk what you mean when you say that i may not be able to battle. the challenger might need to wait a bit (a day or 2 at the most), but i don't think i'll need someone to cover for me

super groudon

Master Of Shadows
hi tickedout thanks for making me a co-owner.....
sure steve i'll pm you for a personal trainer after i wake up in he morning i'll be off to sleep soon......
it seems that the closer d/p is the further away it seems,or is it just me?


Dark Trainer
ok so its been moved, anywho can i have at least 2 weeks to finish the game and raise my team after the game is released?

super groudon

Master Of Shadows
hi guys....
steve i'll pm you when i have some ideas......
and Tyranitar_93 i think you can have up to the euro release as i may not have it until then......
but trickedout knows that since it's in my rules......
and to challengers you better trin as hard as you can since my team will be at top form....
and trickedout can we have like back-up pokemon for our team if so then i'll PM you mine after i find out if we can or not.....
one of them will be my favourite pokemon....
it's a psychic type that's all i'm going to tell you all.......

Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast
Great super. Umm, when ever you needs! ;) Okay well I am done with testing and am wide open this weekend except for today! So bring in those PMs! And guys just remember that it's only for people here on this Maelstrom league.

super groudon

Master Of Shadows
hi guys,
i've got school again tomorrow.......
but when i get back i'll be on.....
plus i've got a king charles cavalier coming to stay while the owner is way....
sorry about that i can't wait 'till i get D/P but trickedout can you put on th front page challengers may need to wait until the euro release.....
and have you thought anymore about the back-up pokemon.....

Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast
Yup, one more week for us here in the US but when is the euro date?

HERE! I got the Dark Badge things for Tyranitar!
http://i19.*******.com/4d4z1bb.png http://i12.*******.com/42ms6yc.png
And Castar!
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super groudon

Master Of Shadows
i'm back from school.....
i like how your badges look steve....

Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast
Thanx man. I slaved over them, JK! :) They're hard but not impossible! Send me request I can make trainers remember! I have some cool stuff on the next page check it out, a gym banner! Tricked, haven't confermed this with you but I was thinking only for gym leaders sigs.
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