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Maelstrom League


Maelstrom League (SWU)

Ok yeah new league for those who believe that they should've been a gym leader in other leagues but were shot down for some reason or another.

Anyway, no need to post a team here all I need are people who have a team that could fall into type categories, but I'll have to know what pokemon are on your team. Remember you can have dual types, legendaries, and two main types of pokemon. Ok available gyms are:

1st gym:Bubbles the cat: Electric
2nd gym:Tyranitar 93: Dark
3rd gym:fhqwhqads: Grass
4th gym:Jay: Psychic
5th gym:Cor: Water
6th gym:Steven Apprentice: Steel
7th gym:cman2445: Ground
8th gym:pachirissu!!: Dragon (All challenges in this gym must wait until Euro edition comes out)

I'll also have a sub-league like the battle frontier but the leader makes the rules.
1st sub-gym:Super Groudon
2nd sub-gym:unholyson666
3rd sub-gym:Castar (may require alternates)
4th sub-gym:destroyah

Then comes the big league. PM me your team and I'll decide where you go based on how the team stacks against your competition for certain spots. The Elites may also make the rules here.

1st elite:Crescent
2nd elite:Akboy (no DT or minimize)
3rd elite:Nitro Pulse
4th elite:Skater Trainer
Champion:That's it, I'm through sitting back. I'm throwing my hand in and I'm gonna be the champ! (At least until I surrender my position) Trickedoutmetagross

I'll still be a test to see if Gym leaders are staying sharp and I can replace them if they fail my test.

Gym leader positions are up for grabs only after I say so. So it can be when I feel like having some healthy competition for gym positions.

As for the elites we can have different types of pokemon you are not restrained to the gym rules

As for prizes you can think of what ever you want for that. It doesn't matter much to me.

We're now gonna need at least 2 alternates knowing that Castar may not be able to battle. All of you, try to recruit someone. Please.
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I'll be champ


well like I said you have to beat your competition

PM me your team and I'll be the judge, but for now you can be the champ

oh and master alan nice team I'll consider profoundly
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bubbles the cat

don't hurt bubbles!!
I want to be an electric gym leader.Please put me down.My pokemon are:


it's a very DarkMoon
there is the underground league and now this leagueb give it a rest the underground was for those shot down we were there first. none of the other leagues except battle frontier and Sppf wi-fi gym was going.


marshstomp teh whip
well idk im already signed up for the wifi league not for a gym leader spot just as a challenger but can i be a leader here? can i have a team of and dom pokemon or can i be a water gymleader? or better yet lets make somthing interestin how bout a legendary gym leader?

- zaraki

Drake #505

Breeder Brock!
There are a lot of leagues but why can't there be another? If all the other leagues are allowed this one might as well be.


Elite Emerald
Everyone is trying to copy off the Serebii Gym League and The Spectrum League which were the first ones on Serebii >_>

Drake #505

Breeder Brock!
Everyone is trying to copy off the Serebii Gym League and The Spectrum League which were the first ones on Serebii >_>

No, I think everyone is trying to give the people that didn't make it into those a chance. Now the people that didn't get in the other leagues can show their strength in these.