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Maestro Kinético's Fakemon

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Maestro Kinético, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Maestro Kinético

    Maestro Kinético Well-Known Member

    Maestro Kinético's Fakemon

    I decided to open a new thread, since I have some more leftovers to show.

    [ FAKEMON ]


    A 1st stage Water/Grass Pokemon. Based on a Dolphin and a radish.


    A Delibird Preevo. It has a present bag in the back.


    A Puffin with a tail that resembles a wave.


    A Badger that is always angry.


    The generic bird.


    The 1st evo of the generic bird.


    A snow panther Pokémon.


    A Ground/Poison Pokémon.


    A Bug/Ground Pokémon.

    Soon I'll post more.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2007
  2. Malachite Treecko

    Malachite Treecko Well-Known Member

    you're good as an artist, but I don't really like the designs...
  3. Rixo

    Rixo Musical Trainer

    I seriously love Plumbow.
  4. mew-the original

    mew-the original Binchsquatch

    hmmm, its different but i still like it :) although i don't know why this [​IMG] inspired your baby poke
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2007
  5. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    Did Delibird really need a pre-evo?

    Nice art, but not all-too Deli-looking or Pokemonish.
  6. Maestro Kinético

    Maestro Kinético Well-Known Member

    That's why I didn't include it in the gen^^

    The aim was that it didn't look like Delibird, I didn't like all those Deli pres that looked exactly the same but smaller. The colours aren't pokemonish, I know, the colouring was another reason why I left it out.

    It is inspiring me to make a Psyduck pre. It's funny to make pres^^
  7. KuyashiGX

    KuyashiGX NOT KICK MY N*TS !!!

    I luv Plumbow , its looks so cute =3
  8. fosterfossil

    fosterfossil The prey bites back!

    u went all out with pokedex entries wow i'm impressed
  9. pokeboy sarab

    pokeboy sarab ...mmm...hot!

    I have to agree^
    your work looks real and very sugimori-ish.
  10. Maestro Kinético

    Maestro Kinético Well-Known Member

  11. minimoose10

    minimoose10 Well-Known Member

    your puffin one doesn't really look as good as your other two in my opinion. I really like the idea of the grass water one. Keep up the good work =D
  12. Elementman-Novapoke

    Elementman-Novapoke Well-Known Member

    These are nice, what you lack in quantity you make up for in quality.
    You need to make more, may I suggest that you could try using some odd typings too?

    What program do you use?​
  13. roger9614462

    roger9614462 Dum-Di-Dum-Doo...

    I agree with minimoose10, Radishore is awesome and Plumbow is very good, but this one isn't impressive... It's just too bland.
  14. Maestro Kinético

    Maestro Kinético Well-Known Member

    You guys are right, I'll draw it again changing some details. I also have an evo of it which I'll post soon.
  15. Absoltastic

    Absoltastic Pokemon Video Maker

    I actually like them. I like your style and Pokemon. Your shading is very good. I don't see any major flaws, as well as minor.
    Good Job!
  16. Prince_PJ

    Prince_PJ Infinity's got 23

    I'd probably be less offensive, if it weren't for your over confidence that this set of, "Fakemon," would be better than the 4th Generation of Pokemon.

    And how you kept saying, "Oh, I learned Sugimori style and it's all good." No. Just, **** no.

    First of all, they're not imaginative at all. And whatever happened to Pokemon that needed evolutions/babies? Delibird, the SHITTY, did NOT need a baby form. An evolution would have made more sense.

    This is coming from, "Mikaruge, the day Sugimori Disappointed Me"? Sad. I'd probably be less strong on this if you weren't a total dick about the 4th gen and insisted your Fake Pokemon were better, but they really aren't. Far ****ing from.

    Even if I weren't being strong about it, they really aren't very good. I wouldn't go out of my way to comment usually in this case, but...
  17. Maestro Kinético

    Maestro Kinético Well-Known Member

    I just can't put up with people that don't read the posts and start critisizng. This are the leftovers of my fourth gen, which consists of 150 Pokemon. I let them out because of various reasons, and most of them need redesign because they are sketches. I'll post the redesign of those who I consider weak (like Puffoam).

    I said that? I'm trying to learn the style, and I didn't say that it was good.

    Again, read the posts. I said that I left Plumbow out because Delibird didn't need an evo. A Radish Dolphin, a Delibird pre that holds a misterious present and a Puffin which tail changes with the tide are unimaginative? You can say that they are ugly, but unimaginative?

    This is offensive and I already answered to you, this are sketches and leftovers of that gen.

    Obviously, I reported you for offesnive comments and posting without reading first.
  18. pokemonster2191

    pokemonster2191 turtles=pwnage

    why would a fish disguise itself as food to get away from predators? o_O why doesnt Puffoam have wings? Plumbow's bag is oddly placed and you cant tell where it is coming from. I would say overall, theyre slightly better than average but you can tell that they are fakemon. as for comparing your fakemon to 4th gen. just dont.
  19. Maestro Kinético

    Maestro Kinético Well-Known Member

    From predators that it meat? Easy, it just buries itself in the ground of the river or hides between the water plants.

    Puffoam has wings, andI'm actually drawing it again with some changes.

    Plumbows body is OK for me.

    As I said lots of time, this are the leftover. The real gen is the one I'm going to send to GF.
  20. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    Not to be mean, but if any Pokemon needs an evo then Delibird is one of them.

    Plumblow has a nice concept, but I really think it looks TOO good, if you catch my drift. As in, too much like a real animal.

    I have to agree, disguising one as a vegatable to hide from fish doesn't seem logical or very beneficial. In fact, it makes it more appealing to predators imo.

    As I've said lots of times, Gamefreak WON"T take them. Your better off showing them here and receiving praise then trying something like that.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2007
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