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[MAFIA] Jungle Republic Mafia NOC [SIGN-UPS STAGE]


Random Art Guy
[MAFIA] Jungle Republic Mafia NOC [Last Day]

Jungle Republic Mafia NOC
Last Day
Deadline when hammer occurs

Hey everyone! Jhen here, hosting a Jungle Republic Mafia Game which is an Open Setup match for 12 people. Please read the rules and mechanics if you are interested in playing. This is a NOC Mafia game (No outside contact) so people can only talk about the match in this thread, no outside collaboration may occur.

MAFIA! This is the game where the townsfolk have to get rid of the scum through the lynchmob method. In Jungle Republic there are 3 teams: The Town, the Mafia and the Werewolfs. Each side has a specific win condition but in most cases the mafia win if they number half of the total alive people. There may be kills during the night, there may be lynches during the day, use your mind, wits and skills to come out on top!​

Part 1 Basics

1) All Forum Rules apply during this game
2) This is a No Outside Contact Mafia Game therefore no one may talk about this game unless their Role PM specifically allows it. See below for roles with Fractional Talk.
3) Do not quote your Role PM or any private communication (either real or fabricated) with the moderator. Paraphrasing your Role PM is acceptable.
4) Play to your win condition
Breaking any of these rules could see you being Godkilled from the game
Part 2 Role Mechanics

3 Mafia Goons

Mafia Goon
 Welcome, [Player Name]. You are a Mafia Goon, along with your partners, [Player Name] and [Player Name].
 Factional communication: During the night phase you may talk with your partners here [QuickTopic link].
Win condition: You win when at least half of the living players are mafia, or when nothing can prevent this from happening.
Unlike most mafia games, the mafia here do not possess a kill during the night. As a result of this they have more goons per towns people than usual. The mafia have night talk only

2 Werewolfs

 Welcome, [Player Name]. You are a Werewolf, along with your partner, [Player Name].
 Factional communication: During the night phase you may talk with your partner here [QuickTopic link].
 Factional kill: Each night phase, you or your partner may perform the group nightkill.
Win condition: You win when at least half of the living players are werewolves and at least one pro-town role remains, or if you obtain full majority, or when nothing can prevent this from happening.
The Werewolfs share 1 kill during the night and also can talk during the night

6 Townies

Vanilla Townie
 Welcome, [Player Name], you are a Vanilla Townie.
 Your weapon is your vote, you have no night actions.
Win condition:
 You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated and there is at least one town player alive.
The VTs use their vote during the day.

1 Seer

Town Seer
 Welcome, [Player Name], you are a Town Seer.
 Each night phase, you may investigate one player in the game by PM'ing the mod. You will get results back in the form of Werewolf/Not Werewolf.
Win condition:
 You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated and there is at least one town player alive.
Sometimes known as an inspector or role cop. They can find out the side in the form of werewolf/not werewolf in the night phase.
Part 3 Game Mechanics
1) During this phase you need to confirm that you have received your Role PM by some means. This must be done in thread to show everyone else that you are ready to play.
2) Pre-Game will last 48 hours or until everyone has confirmed in thread. If you have not confirmed by this time I will consider you not fit to play and will either sub your slot out to someone else or Godkill that spot.
3) Voting will not be counted during Pre-Game

Day Phase
1) Each Day Phase will have a 1 week deadline, possibly less if I feel the game needs a faster pace but I will inform all players in thread of a deadline change.
2) Votes must be bolded so that they are to be counted. Example:
Jhen votes someone <---- will not be counted
Jhen votes someone <------ will be counted
Everyone gets one vote during the day phase, and only one vote. For me to keep track of it please unvote if you want to pull out of a vote and/or vote someone else. Abbreviating someone's name is acceptable, so long as I can discern who you were voting for without trouble.
3) There will be plurality vote. Therefore the person with the most votes at the end of a day WILL be lynched. If there is a tie then the person who reached the most votes first will get lynched. I will state who is would be currently lynched on every vote count. As plurality is in effect then people can vote for NO LYNCH if they wish (a no lynch will result in no one being voted off).
4) If a person reaches half +1 of all possible votes then they will be HAMMERED this person will be lynched at the time of hammer. Votes and Unvotes shall not count between the time of hammer and when I post the final votecoun but you may still post during this period.
5) Vote counts will be shown such that PlayerOne who has 3 votes on them of Player2, Player3 and Player4 such that Player2 voted first on them and Player4 last will be shown as:
PlayerOne(3): Player2, Player3, Player4
6) I will also show how close someone is to a lynch. L-2 for instance is 2 votes to Lynch, L-1 would be 1 vote to Hammer.
7) If half of the living players post "@Mod: Requesting Deadline Extension", the request will be granted. The amount of time will vary at the mods disgression.

Night Phase
1) NP shall last 48-72 hours.
2) Any role or faction with night abilities may choose to use them by PM-ing the mod with their choice.
3) Scum teams get night talk and may only talk at night with each other using the QuickTopics I PM them. There may be no other contact with each other.
4) If no action is received, no action will be taken. All actions received after the deadline has passed will not be valid.
5) If multiple actions are received, the last one received will be valid.
Part 4 Other
Capital Offenses
1) Do not quote your Role PM or any private communication (either real or fabricated) with the moderator. Paraphrasing your Role PM is acceptable.
2) There is to be no personal communication outside the forum postings (regarding this game) unless your role specifically allows it and this may only be done in QuickTopics.
3) Do not attempt to analyze the mechanics of a role PM in comparison to other players. For example, "the fourth word of my role PM is town." Or "my PM was sent at 11:23, when was yours?"
4) At no time should there be pre-game alliances made.
5) You are expected to be an active participant in this game. Do not flake.
6) Do not discuss ongoing games in the game.
7) Do not discuss the game or post in the thread when you are dead outside of the Dead QT.
8) The following is a list of outlawed shenanigans:

Using invisible text, codes, cryptography, etc.
Editing your posts
Screenshotting your Role PM
Insulting other players
Quoting any QTs you may have access to (paraphrasing is acceptable)
Posting in-thread after you have died

If any of these offenses are committed, I have the right to force-replace you from the game or godkill you. A warning will usually come before replacement or godkilling, depending on the severity of the infraction.

1) Feel free to address me in-thread, but if there is a large egregious mistake please PM me. Small matters like errors in the votecount can be posted in-thread.
2) I have the final say on any issue. I reserve the right to force-replace and modkill at my will.
3) This is a game. Have fun, and keep the game fun for other people. Stay civilized, please.
4) I have the right to edit this RuleSet at any time, alerting you when I do.
5) Any groups with quick topics may use them as indicated in their role PM. Please note that all QTs will be released at game end, so please leave out anything you don't want made public.

2.ansem the wise
5.Crimson Penguin
9.Pink Harzard Mafia Goon killed N1
10.Dingo282 Vanilla Townie Lynched D2
6.{(•)___(•) Vanilla Townie killed N2
3.Izayoi Werewolf Lynched D3
4.WizardTrubbish Town Seer Killed N3
8.sasukeanditachi vanilla townie lynched D4
7.Zhanton mafia goon killed N4
1.Shadow Eeveelution Mafia Goon was lynched D5
12.Digipoke Vanilla Townie Killed N5
None so far, let's keep it that way

If sign-ups are full, you may still have a chance to play if a player becomes unavailable and needs to quit the game.
1. Hero of Hoen

Have Fun!
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Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
Sound like fun, count me in


The Sealed Weapon
Counttt me in.

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
I'll join. We haven't had a mafia game here in forever.

Why do I get the feeling this is going to start right before finals


Back from the dead
Mafia :D (Count me in)

Pink Harzard

So majestic
I never did something likes this. I wil try it out. ^^


Random Art Guy
Welcome everyone!!

2 Spots left so snap them up
(also if people want to watch the game but are still interested in mafia in general then applying to be a sub could be for you)


Random Art Guy
There we go!

Sign Ups are now closed but Sub spots still available

Sending Role PMs Out now

This is the Pre Game section
You have 48 Hours to Confirm in thread and then I will start

D1 Starting at 18:00 on the 1st of December GMT

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on