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Magma & Aqua's Holiday! (based on a real life event on Serebii.Net Forums!)

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Night Avenger

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O.K. this is a Holiday present, so I don't mind if this isn't reviewed :D!!!
Magmas and Aquas, this will stay here on Serebii.Net Forums for future generations to know how the first Magma and Aqua holiday was. The holiday in which we participated!!!
It was a cold 6 of December, when Brute Root (at Team Aqua) gave the idea of making an Aqua and Magma Holiday.
Brute Root: Why don't we call a holiday truce with Team Magma and all go to the mountains to ski or have a BIG get-together?
Darato: I like that idea!
Dark Latios: Depends what Sin and Harrison think.. I kinda think it would be fun, but.. I like missions better. And all I have with me is Draco.. All my other pokemon are at the base relaxing…
Sinthirster: I think that's a good idea as well. Is everyone fine with this?
DL: I am.
Darato: I have a friend in Team Magma. Do you want me to ask him?
DL: That would be great Darato.
GoldenWater: My twin brother is one of the leading admins at the Team Magma thread, I think he'd be okay with it!
SnowStorm92: (entering the base from the outside, windy and snowy) Whats going on? Im confused!
Sin: We're talking about a Magma and Aqua Holiday, whaddya think?
SS: Great idea!
DL: So, who's going to ask them? GW's brother, Darato's friend, or an Admin?
Some time passed no one knew who…
DL: Hey, I've got a mail, it's Team Magma's Answer! (she reads the mail in silence):
Dear Dark Latios,
Team Magmas agree to have a Magma/Aqua Holiday, we thought that it'll be fun, and we decided Team Magma and Team Aqua shouldn't be bitter enemies.
Truly yours,

SS: So, what is it?
(Suddenly a boy enters the base.)
Receptionist: Identification, please.
Boy: I don't have one, I wanna join Team Aqua.
Recep: Name?
Boy: bLASTOIse MAsTer.
Recep: Favorite water Pokémon?
bM: Blastoise, duh!
Recep: Sorry, but Blastoiseduh isn't a Pokémon.
bM: What?!
Recep: Blastoiseduh, isn't a Pokémon sir.
bM: What?!!! (suddenly realizes how stupid the receptionist is) O.K... Blastoise.
Recep: O.K. the six Pokémon you have in your team?
bM: Blastoise, Gyarados, Lapras, Quagsire, Cloyster and Starmie.
Recep: Why do you want to join Team Aqua?
bM: Because water types have the power to take over the world!
Recep: Honestly, what do you think of the Team Aqua uniform?
bM: Needs a lot of work actually, it needs a tailor...
Recep: Which Squad do you want to be in?
bM: Umm, the heavy artillery and strike team division: Omega Squadron!
DL: I guess you're in.
bM: Yay, thanks!!
SS: So, what is it? Again...
DL: They've said... Yes!!!
(Next day, at the Magma Base.)
SilverFire: Hey, Flaze, could you contact them?
Flaze: I already contact them, but, what should we do now?
Midnight sun: We should just sit here until they come and reply to us.
Dark_fan_92: (entering the base) Hey everybody! I've got Ho oh! Sorry, for the delay, he didn't wanted to take me here in his back!
Ho oh: Never, from Ecruteak!
(Suddenly a boy enters running into the base.)
Guard: Stop! (appears infront of him with two Mightyenas)
Boy: Go Magmar! (the Mightyenas attack Magmar who, with two Fire Punches, knocks them out) Hey, chill out, man!
Guard: What do you want here?
Boy: I wanna join Team Magma!
Guard: Hahahah, alright. Name?
Boy: n00b_slayer
Guard: Favorite Pokémon?
ns: Magmar! (points at his Magmar)
Guard: O.K. Your six Pokémon?
ns: Magmar, Electabuzz, Espeon, Flygon, Salamence, Gengar.
Guard: What a group of Magma Pokémon... Why would you want to join Team Magma?
ns: Because Magma is awesome and the fight for land pokemon needs more support than others.
Flaze: OK, you can pass.
Champion Drake: I've been gone for a while. Could someone PLEASE fill me in?
CD’s Charizard: In the meantime, I'll make pancakes!
(Suddenly a Team Aqua dressed trainer enters the base.)
BR: Hey ya all! I'm currently on a mission of findin' yall and bigly-huge Christmas tree. Now, it's yall's turn to start finding us a tree. I've seen a lot of good ones fer yall, but they weren't really "full" enough. Maybe one of yall could help me!
MS: I suppose I could help Brute Root with the Christmas trees. I know what we could do!! We could get everybody's Flying Pokemon together, cut down the tree using someone's Sneasel or Scyther, and then get the Flying Pokemon to carry the tree to where ever the ball is gonna be!
Flaze: O.K. For a Christmas Tree, I suggest visiting Petalburg Woods, they have good trees there.
DF: And, you don't need to take all our Flying Pokémon, Ho oh, is the only one you need!
Ho oh: What, you... you! I'll kill ya!
DF: No you won't! Come back! (points the Masterball at him and catches him with the laser) Take, Midnight Sun, take care of him!
MS: I will!
FF: I'll go check Viridian woods, that could have something nice. (gets out of the base.)
DF: Well, I'll have some sleep...
Flaze: Go, I think you deserve it. Catching Ho oh! Haha, but I've got Groudon. Anyway I'll go and buy some presents!
Tuesday, December 12th at Team Aqua’s Base:
The Ice pokemon start covering the grounds with snow. Team Aqua and Magma Members begin to appear at the Aqua Base.
Sin: Hey, Pika-Punk. Want a candy cane? (The Pikachu shakes his head "no" and continues staring out distantly.)
(Suddenly a Team Magma Admin enters the Base.)
Flaze: Hi, everybody! Here, I made some pudding. Please try some.
Sin: Oh my God, is that… (starts smelling) PUDDING?!! (runs to the table) Uh-hm, thanks so much for the pudding, Flaze. Can't wait to have some!
Pike: Our trainer is such an oinker.
Atom: She's just like Minato... (watches Minato (a Pelipper) snagging a little from everyone's hands, being the scavenger he is.)
Sin: Hey, I heard that! I'm part demon, remember?!
Pike & Atom: Eeep!
DF: Hello to everybody, sorry for coming to late!!
Archie: So you came…
DF: ****, Archie!! What's he doing here!
Archie: I'm in Team Aqua fool, now you'll pay! (cracks his knuckles.)
Flaze: Stop it guys! This is a party!
DF: Yes, it is! (nervous) So Archie, I gotta go...
Archie: I'll be waiting for you when the party finishes! Mwahahaha!
(Dark fan runs off)
DF: Oh, ****! I'm screwed! (looks at the table) Hey, pudding! Well I'll have some. (suddenly sees Sinthirster) Hey ya, Sin! Do you remember me? We're co owners in the Dark Type Club!
Sin: Yeah, whatever... (goes angrily where a Lanturn and a Feraligatr are, who run screaming.)
DF: Well... This is kinda dead! Let's put some music! Someone choose a song! (cricket chirps...) No one? Well, Archie... Now I'll get care of you! (goes where Archie is) Let's battle, now!
Archie: Here?
DF: Yep, here. A one on two battle.
Archie: OK, I'll use one Pokémon and you'll use two!
DF: Nope, I'll use one, you choose which two Pokémons you wanna use!
Archie: Hahaha, you're crazy! One fire Pokémon versus two water Pokémon! (takes two Pokéballs from his belt) Go Gyarados! Go Milotic!
DF: Haha, the sea serpents? Go... Ho oh!
Ho oh: O.K. Let's do this!
Archie: What the hell?! Ho oh?!
Ho oh: Yep, you'll die! Mwahahaha!
Archie: Milotic, Gyarados! Hydro Cannon!
DF: Ho oh! Sacred Fire!
Ho oh: OK, Hoooooo oooh! (leaves the two sea serpents fried in the floor) Hahaha!
Archie: Oh, ****! Run!! (runs away)
DF & Ho oh: Hahaha!
DF: Ho oh, come back!
Ho oh: Oh, but I wanna party!
DF: O.K.
Ho oh: O.K. (goes to the center of the party) Chicken dance! Wah Wah! Oh yeah! Nts Nts! (Trans music is heard.)
DF: O.K. Go all of you!! Typhlosion, Blaziken, Houndoom, Camerupt, Arcanine and Charizard, Party! (they all join Ho oh in the crazy dance) Hahaha! (suddenly more people begin releasing their Pokémon) Wow, this dance thing is getting popular! I'll join!
CD: (enters the party) Hi everybody! Sorry I'm late to the party, I'm working on the Holiday cards business.
CD’s Charizard: Hey Drake, I'm done with the pancakes.
CD: Great! (hands out pancakes to everyone.) Let's party! (does the disco.)
Archie: Disco is dead.
CD: Well I'm doin' it anyway!
(Another Team Magma Admin enters the room)
FF: Errr...hiya, Team Aqua! I brought some muffins. (putts the muffins on the table.) Get out guys! (Escargot, his Magcargo, and main pokemon, Magmar, Charmeleon, Shelgon & Pineco come out)
Flaze: FF! Over here!
FF: Hello sir!!!! Ummm... I haven't talked with any Aquas yet.....I'm kinda....scared to ask...
Flaze: Well, don't be, FF. We're on a truce. Hey! Let's sing some carols!
(After a while of FF and Flaze singing carols.)
Sin: Oh, geez, Team Magma's really being generous with the food! You guys better keep me away from it all, or I'll wind up being as large as a Snorlax! ...Well, after one of those muffins... or maybe a pancake... (gets dragged away from the food table by Leviathan, her Red Gyarados.) Thanks, Leviathan. How bout we put on some Cradle of Filth or Korn? Not really Christmas-like, but whatever...
(At other place of the party.)
CD: Charizard, Alakazam, Tyranitar! Finish baking the pies and cakes! Gengar, Machamp! Get plates! Dragonite, take this money and buy everything on this list. (Champion Drake gave some money and a paper to Dragonite.) Maybe I'm too generous... OH WELL! I have to get everyone presents.
FF: Drake, you're getting worked up.
Flaze: Save the money.
FF & Flaze: O.K... (they run away scared by Champion Drake.)
(Suddenly a jingle sound is heard. The music stops and everyone looks at the sky. The jingle again. Suddenly Ho oh points to the roof of the base.)
Ho oh: It's... It's... Santa! With his Delibird and his red nosed Stantler!
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas to all of you! (takes some presents and throws them at all the people, magically, they land softly in everyone's hands.)
DF: Wait, but, Santa! What are these!
SC: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
(Suddenly everyone opens their gifts.)
Dark fan got a Delibird.
Midnight sun got an Absol.
Flaze got a Quilava.
FF got a Metal Coat (with a card saying: For your Pineco).
Champion Drake got a talking Grovyle.
Sinthirster got a Ninetails (with a card saying: 'cause I know you love Fox in Super Smash Bros. Melee).
Monkeyspoon got a Primeape.
Dark Latios got a Minun.
Lamington Luffy got an Ampharos.
Sike Sanner got a Haunter.
Everybody returns to their own bases happy off having that truce, thinking of the next year's party, which would surely be better.
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Yami Ryu

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>.> Didn't Dan close your last script fic? ... and wtf is up with this, I dun get it, it clearly is not funny, far from it. ... maybe you should try a weee bit harder next time you decide to amble into the script section.

Night Avenger

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Well, this is a gift for a holiday, so, you don't have to review it. Oh and BTW these jokes aren't mine, they were posted by these people!
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