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MagmaRuby & AquaSapphire - Gen III Revamp Project

Yugure Mukuhawk

Dusk Staraptor
Got the idea from maarten from TSR Forums. He created a few OW sprites for the trainers, but i didn't like them. what i did like was the Logos that LDEJRuff created:
Now, i am not planing to create a whole new game. But i do believe that if we will create many, a few coders would like to do that.
now my Idea was to create the sprites in the size and style of DPPtHGSSBW.
not a official project, nobody has to sign up, just post your work.
that gonna be great!

Will-powered Spriter

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Projects have to be mod approved, so your unofficial project isn't really allowed.


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Has this been approved? If not, it's going to get closed.

But the logos are nice. But they need to be English


But those that would like to give this a spin might. I'd get it approved. I wouldn't mind somethng like this around.


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May I recommend actually putting some of your sprites up rather than someone elses?


That also kinda bothered me, but I never made mwntion of it. I suggest rethinking this into a revamp dex. Not just for a specific generation.