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Magmortar Help.


So, I just got my Magmortar and realized I'm going to need some help. Magmortar's one of my favorite new evos, and I want him to have a good moveset.

Rash(+SpAtk -SpDef.) (Why not Modest? You'll see)
- Flamethrower(Duh.)
- Thunderbolt (Eliminates those pesky waters)
- Cross Chop ( This is why I did not use Modest. This will allow him to take Special Walls by surprise)
- ??? ( This is where I hit the blank. I'm thinking Psychic or Will-O-Wisp.)

Notes: I do not EV Train or IV Breed. I tried it and actually lost interest in the game. I do not want a Sunnybeamer. Magmortar has better things to do.

I'm also looking for nickname help. I've got kind of a Final Fantasy thing going, if that helps. (Gallade=Cloud, Electivire=Barret, Leafeon=Rydia)
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