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make fun of a pokemon video game character thread

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Saiyan Jedi
;472; the title says it all make fun of any pokemon or pokemon video game character:615:
and please dont do anything that will get this thread closed prematurely other than that have fun.


Hyori Hasama
i dont like Bugsy i wasnt sure if he was a boy or a girl at first


New Member
Hi, I'm trainer XXXX , I'd like to battle!

Bidoof! Use tackle!
(your Pokemon is at 1 hp)
-Should finish off opponents pokemon-
Bidoof! Use growl!
(your Pokemon's stat fell)
(your Pokemon used Quick attack, it's a critical hit)
-foe Bidoof fainted-

Just to be clear, I'm making fun of the AI.


Am I wrong here?
Metapod, the only thing that gets Harden is your stupidness.
Can you please learn more than 3 moves?


Well-Known Member
Let's give a cheer to the one and only broccoli pokemon!

...Okay, I'll admit it, I actually like the little guy. And broccoli. Especially if it's steamed. Mmmmh....Think of what this guy might taste like.
I HATE Emboar!
That's not making fun of, that's complaining. We need cleverness.
How about Slakings named "Bread?" Those are pretty funny.
My sister claims I have no sense of humor, yet she gave a blank stare at this one and asked me if she was supposed to laugh.
speaking of which... Its self-cooking bacon!?
Broccoli, bread, bacon...now my head is on food. And the letter B. But mostly food.
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Magikarp. The best.
Seeing Zachmac's signature reminded me of something... How eggs evolve into plants? I mean, if anything, they should've made Exeggutor an eggplant!

I'm sorry for that pun...


Psyched Up
Staff member
....this can turn into a spamfest. Maybe if you remodel this a bit (with ratings, maybe?) then this thread can go well in the Games subforum.....but definitely not in GPD :)
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