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Make Room For Gloom! (070)


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An ok filler episode wasn't very impressed by it a whole lot, I liked Brock getting rejected again and Ash trying to cheer him up. Ash should've helped out his mom instead of running away like that cause she brought you into this world and she can just as easily take you out of it.


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Eh. This episode didn't really amaze me.


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I wish Bulbasaur and Gloom would have stayed together. They make a cute couple :( Very good episode though. I love Poke romance.
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well this episode was okay but like it or not glooms allways look handicapped to me, it might be just me though.

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I thought this was a nice episode, it gave Gloom a bit more airtime, which is nice because it's not one of the most popular pokemon.


Is Team Rocket really a good prankster? I got surprised when I heard they sold a fake Leaf Stone to a Gloom trainer for money. What I really enjoyed was when Team Rocket is paralizing their enemies, which for starters they're being more thoughtful than ever. But the battle with Team Rocket's Pokemon and Gloom rocked!


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Bulbasaur being high on PokéNip was actually one of the best things I've ever seen :D He's usually so reserved, so it was nice to see him laid back for a change.

Other than that, nothing about this episode really stood out to me.


Good episode. i loved Gloom and his battle with TR.
Ash's Bulbasaur was cute in this ep too ^-^


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well this episode was okay but like it or not glooms allways look handicapped to me, it might be just me though.
no it's not just u buddy.


Another weak Gloom, getting an episode to itself. Delia sent Ash to get some stuff from a greenhouse? Good grief. Never send a man to do a women's job.

Anyway, loved that there was some romance between Ash's Bulbasaur and the COTD's Gloom. It was sweet.

My favorite part was when Meowth mad that paralyzing powder stuff and he throw it to the twerps. 7/10


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The most funny thing imo was them thinking that COTD had a flamethrower, i mean c'mon that doesn't make sense lol .It makes me remember about the other funniest moment when Ash thinks Todd is going to shoot 'em.

Anyway it was nice to see the leaf stone. Other than that this episode is forgettable :/ In fact i remember about it because i watched Kanto again!


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Didn't really like this filler episode. It was odd seeing Bulbasaur's reaction to that plant, and seeing Gloom and Bulbasaur together. I felt this episode wasn't necessary for showing Gloom again.



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Bulbasaur really did look high after smelling that plant. Of course, I didn`t know what high meant when I saw this episode, so I just thought that Bulbasaur was going crazy or something. xD

It was funny how Ash said to Brock that he would find many more girls to reject him. I wonder if Ash somehow cursed Brock by saying that, since Brock ended up being rejected literally hundreds of times after this episode!


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Bulbasaur sniffing and getting high... lol.
I quite liked this episode although they made that Florinda girl seem a little bit too pathetic when it came to battling. It was funny to see Meowth in those Japanese style clothes making the Paralyzing Bomb, which was quite a smart idea! Did they get Delia's fertiliser?!
Good to see Brock giving Florinda confidence and advice. Bulbasaur falling in love with Gloom was nice to see as well. It reminds me of a Jotho episode, in which Ash's Totodile falls in love with an Azumarill. Cool to see Florinda and Gloom beating Team Rocket. This is a filler, but a good filler. 8/10 is a deserved grade, in my opinion.


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This episode was unnecessary, but enjoyable to watch. Just the whole romance - coupled with some comic parts with Bulbasaur were enough to par this with a good standard filler episode.


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A cute filler episode, Florinda is really pretty and I liked how Ash's Bulbasaur fell in love with Gloom. They looked cute together.
It's episodes like these that make me not like Meowth. I don't know why. But, anyways, it was funny to see Brock get all excited when he thought he was going to stay at the green house. Sucks for him. xD