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Make Room For Gloom! (070)


Call of Fate
A boring filler episode. I didn't like Bulbasaur's crush on Gloom nor everyone getting paralyzed after TRio's attack. I wish Gloom had evolved using a real Leaf Stone at the end of the episode, since Vileplume at least doesn't look like it's drooling.


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"Pokenip" affecting Bulbasaur was funny, and the botanical garden place seemed so pretty like Erika's Gym. I didn't fully comprehend how Oak knew the Leafstone was fake though.
I know that this was a filler and that nothing monumental ended up happening, but I still loved it any way because Bulbasaur got his first crush and we got to see a lot of interesting stuff like Oak showing up to investigate the fake Leaf Stones and Meowth's craftiness when he made that poison ball that paralyzed everyone. I felt bad for Brock since he was really into that botanist girl.


FullmetalJackie said:
and Meowth's craftiness when he made that poison ball that paralyzed everyone.

In hindsight, I'm surprised that Nyasu was even able to make that herbal medicine ball since he had no previous experience with herbs. And I also thought that Pikachu biting Musashi's arm during the ensuing commotion towards the end of the episode was pretty amusing.
The first Gloom episode with Erika was so much better than this one. Just saying. The nursery just wasn't as exciting even though it looked exactly like the Celadon gym and while I liked Bulbasaur's romance with Gloom it came off as sudden and ultimately not needed since the plot never progressed towards anything good. I liked Oak's sudden appearance and Team Rocket's fake Leaf Stone scam though because it was smart of them for a change. 7/10
Aww, Bulbasaur and Gloom are so cute together. RIP Brock.


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"Nothing...worth mentioning...except Arbok's toxic"

Episode: 3/10


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Rare episode mentioning real life animals. “PokeNip effects Pokemon the way Catnip effects cats.”