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Make Your Own Battle Discs!

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Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Now that we know what the battle discs are, you can post here what other battle discs you thinks should exist. List your Pokemon/moves, your opponent's pokemon/moves, the pokemon's level, the objective, and the solution.

Name; Spin in the face of danger
Your pokemon; lv. 100 Hitmontop w/ Counter, Rapid Spin, Triple Kick, Thief Holding nothing
Opponent; Lv. 100 Skarmory with Steel Wing, Spikes, Toxic, Substitute Holding Lum Berry

Objective; Beat the opponent in 4 turns

Solution; First turn, Skarmory uses Toxic. Have Hitmontop use Thief to steal the Lum Berry. Second turn, Skarmory uses Substitute. Use Triple Kick to break the substitute. Third turn, Skarmory uses Spikes. Clear the spikes with Rapid Spin. Fourth turn, Skarmory uses Steel WIng, leaving you with 2 or 3 HP. Counter it.


Do not pass Go.
Okay, I'll give it a shot...

Name: Survival of the defensive

Your Pokemon: Umbreon.
Moves: Double team, moonlight, wish, faint attack.

Their Pokemon: Slaking.
Moves: Body slam, focus punch, headbutt, rest.

Objective: Survive 20 turns!

Solution: Firstly, Slaking has no health bar so you can't knock it out. Secondly, his ability makes him rest every other turn, so thats the time to double team/wish. As the battle starts, spam double team a bit. Body slam may paralyze you, so if body slam hits hope it doesn't, as it could leave you open to a focus punch. Headbutt is nothing to worry about either. As your health lowers, use wish followed by moonlight. When slaking charges up focus punch, faint attack to knock him out of it. If he rests, it is the oppertunity to double team. Keep it up for 20 turns to win.
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My turn!
Name: Dizzy Spinning

Your pokemon: Spinda(Confused). Moves: Psybeam, dizzy punch, teeter dance, and faint attack.

Opponet: Sandslash. Moves:Sandstorm, Rest, scratch, and defense curl.

Objective: Beat the enemy while counfused!

Solution: Your spinda is always confused. Because this is hard, the sandslash has weak moves. Start by using dizzy punch or psybeam until sandslash is confused. After sandlash is confused, you can attack because when sandslash isn't confused, it doesn't have a health bar. Then use dizzy punch until sandslash isn't confused. Then repeat the process until sandslash is knocked out. Luckily, your spinda has high HP. The HP is 350.


here goes:paralyze power!: pokemon hariama raichu and rhydon

send out rhydon and raichu rhydon=thunder on raichu raichu=facade. next turn switch hariama with rhydon and use facade once more use x defend on raichu hariama uses smellingsalt on raichu cured of paralysis and then finish with rain dance and thunder tadaa you just beat it

so whadda ya think?


name: shadow vs normal. side A
your pokemon: shadow scither, shadow lugia
opponents pokemon: ho-oh and tyranitar
solution: defeat ho-oh first with shadow blast and shadow rush before
ho-oh can defeat scither. then start attacking tyranitar and beet it before it beets you.

objective: beet the other team before one of your pokemon are beeten.
How many shadow Moves are there


perpetually tired
Tidal Wave

Surf as the only attacking move

Starmie@Lullaminat: Light Sreen, Surf, Skill Swap, Rain Dance
Slowbro@Own Tempo: Diasable, Amnesia, Swagger, Surf

Counter: Use Skill Swap to block Swagger, then set up a light screen, and he will disable it. Set up Light Screen as he uses Amnesia, then surf away. Bring back Light Screen when needed.


Diaruga Hiidoran :P
Name: Last Man Standing

Yours: Nosepass L.V 50 RockSlide ThunderWave ZapCannon Protect (Item: None)

Others: Dewgong L.V 50 Surf DoubleTeam RainDance ConfuseRay
Cloyster L.V 50 Surf IcicleSpear Rain Dance ConfuseRay

Turns: Beat Both enemies in 10 turns.
Solution: Protect boths surf and them paralyze them. Try to Zap Canno one of them while they use Rain Dance.


miles0624 said:
Why did you revive this thread.Look at the dates.

x.x your right. Ah well.

Your pokemon:
Miltank @ Silk Skarf
-Body Slam
-Defence Curl

Level 60

Their Pokemon:
Slaking @ Leftovers
-Hyper Beam
-Swords Dance
-Defence Curl

Level 30

Strategy: Simply count on luck that slakings first hyper beam is not a critical hit then use body slam to hopefully paralyze it. Next turn use defence curl. On turn three substitute another of slakings hyper beams then use rollout to finish slaking off.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
my turn!

May vs Ash
objective: beat your opponent in an 3 turns, double battle
your pokemon:
Combusken lv.100 Fire Spin, Sky Uppercut, slash, peck
Squirtle lv.100 Bubble, Ice beam, watergun, withdraw

your opponents pokemon:
Charizard lv.100 Flamethrower, Blastburn, seismic toss, rage @ charcoal
Pikachu lv.100 Volt tackle, thunderbolt, double team, slam @ lightball

Get Combusken to use sky uppercut on Pikachu which should Knock it out.Get Squirtle to use Ice beam on Charizard, next turn get Combusken and Squirtle to attack Charizard.

Deoxys Prime

Time will tell.
00ber pokemon

Lugia LV.95 aeroblast, recover, surf, psycho boost @ Leftovers
Ho-Oh LV.95 Sacred fire, Psychic, Recover, Overheat @ Scope Lens

Latias LV.80 Psychic, thunder bolt, ice beam, Recover @ soul dew
Latios LV.80 dragon claw, surf, Luster Purge, Recover @ soul dew
Deoxys LV.90 Psychic, Thunderbolt, Psycho boost, Ice beam @ Focus band
Jirachi LV.90 Psychic, Doom Desire, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt @ salac berry

Challenge: Do not let ANY of your pokemon faint

First turn make lugia use aeroblast on latias and let Ho-Oh attack with sacred fire on latias leaving it probably fainted. Next turn if one has lost health use recover, Make sure lugia can attack with aeroblast if so use it on deoxys and his focus band will kick in. Knock him out next turn with another aeroblast, then ho-oh should use sacred fire on jirachi.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
Ash v May
objective: beat your opponent in an 3 turns, double battle
your pokemon:
Charizard lv.100 Flamethrower, Blastburn, seismic toss, rage
Pikachu lv.100 Volt tackle, thunderbolt, double team, slam

your opponents pokemon:
Combusken lv.100 Fire Spin, Sky Uppercut, slash, peck@ charcoal
Squirtle lv.100 Bubble, Ice beam, watergun, withdraw@ mystic water

Get Charizard to use seismic toss on Combusken, then get Pikachu to use volt tackle on squirtle. Next turn make Pikachu use volt tackle on combusken, then make charizard use blast burn on combusken.

Electrode Destroyer

Name: Just plain defending.

Your Pokemon: lvl 50 Steelix
Attacks: Iron Tail
Iron Defense

Opponent's Pokemon: lvl 50 Blastoise
Attacks:Hydro Pump
Rain Dance
Ice Beam

Objective: not faint in 5 turns.

What really makes this battle annoying is that the Blastoise has really high stats in Defense and Sp.Attack, so it's really hard to faint. Use Sandstorm on the first turn. Blastoise is faster and will ALWAYS use Rain Dance on the first turn, so why you do this is to prevent the Blastoise's Hydro Pump get even stronger. Blastoise will use Rain Dance on either the 3rd or 4th turn, just to make things more difficult. Dragonbreath, if you're lucky, will paralyze, which makes this a lot easier if the Blastoise is really damaging you. If the Blastoise manages to get in a Rain Dance boosted Hydro Pump, it's a good chance you're done for, so watch out.
Difficulty rating:3.

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Name; Survival of the Fattest

Your Pokemon; Snorlax lv. 100 Thick Fat @ Leftovers Snore, Substitute, Rest, Protect
Opponent's Pokemon; Snorlax lv. 100 Thick Fat @ Leftovers Body Slam, Protect, Substitute, Focus Punch

Objective; Stay alive for 6 turns

1st turn; Opponent's Snorlax will use Protect. Use this time to set up a substitute.

2nd turn; Opp. Snorlax will use Substitute. Use Rest in this time.

3rd turn; Opp. Snorlax will use Focus Punch. Use Snore.

4th turn; Opp. Snorlax will use Protect. Nothing you can do.

5th turn; Opp. Snorlax will use Focus Punch. Use Protect.

6th turn; Opp. Snorlax will use Body Slam. Use Substitute.


Title: Sky battle

Your pokemon:

Hitmonchan @ Leftovers
-Sky Uppercut

Level 100

Their Pokemon

Pidgeot @ (none)

Rules: beat opponent, unlimited turns.

Strategy: Use sky uppercut which will usually take away around half it's hp, then use protect. Next it will use protect, so use Mimic to use up the turn. Next is will use fly again, so use sky uppercut to get it down to around two hp. Next it will use fly one more time, so you use fly too. Next it will come down first, therefore, you faint it


Not Tommo_Scizor
Name: Math Boost

Double Battle

Your Pokemon:
Deoxys Speed: Pressure, @Tinymushroom. Psycho Boost, Torment, Skill Swap, Taunt. LVL 45
Plusle: Plus, @Focus Band. Baton Pass. LVL 5
Minun: Minus, @Chesto Berry. Substitute, Wish, Helping Hand, Mud-Slap. LVL 13

Opponent's Pokemon:
Grumpig: Thick Fat, @Chesto Berry. Psybeam, Splash, Calm Mind, Rest. LVL 80
Notes: High Sp. Def but slower than Deoxys.

Objective: Beat Grumpig in 2 Turns. Critical Hits off.

1st Turn:
Grumpig will use Rest.
Deoxys should use Skill Swap on Plusle. (if Deoxys attacks Grumpig now, it will only do 40% damage, which will be rested off.)
Plusle should use Baton Pass, and switch with Minun.

2nd turn:
Grumpig will use Rest again.
Minun should use Helping Hand.
Deoxys should use Psycho Boost. (with Plus and Minus and Helping Hand, it should do 120%, more than enough.)

What not to do:
If Deoxys Taunts Grumpig on turn 1, it will use Psybeam on Plusle or Minun.
If you switch out Plusle on turn 1, Deoxys won't get it's Plus trait.
If you switch out Plusle on turn 2, Minun won't get time to use Helping Hand.
If you don't use common sense, you will not beat this disc.
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Operation X

Battle disc found:After you catch XD001

Your Pokemon:pikachu
Protect,Light Screen,Reflect,and Thunder
The other:XD001
Shadow Blast,Shadow Down and Shadow Half
Stay alive for 20 turns!!!

Although...if you can kill it using a mass amount of Thunder,you COULD kill it..
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