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Make your own Fake cheats

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Orochiko Hebichi
Hello and make your own fake cheats now here is mine.

Go to Mt. Pyre and face a banette and run away. after walking a little more you come to a trainer who wants to battle you. Battle her and beat all her pokemon. When the battle ends she will command a Banette, a Shuppet, a Duskull, a Dusclops, a Misdreaveaus, a Gastly, a Haunter, a Gengar and a Shedinja to lift you up then you blackout. When you awaken you'll find yourself on an unknown island full of Ghost, Dark and Shadow pokemon. Then all the Ghost, Dark and Shadow pokemon possess you then after they come out of your body you turn into a lupine creature and your type is Ghost/Dark. Then pure darkness comes and a full moon shows. and you are transported to Hoenn still that creature and you can continue the pokemon game but you now can have unlimited pokem, unlimited items and unlimeted money. The pokedex you have is transformed into a Shadow pokedex that has alot of new pokemon in it and that lupine pokemon can evolve.

Here is my cheat and the Lupine pokemon evolution chain is: 1 Lupesi, 2 Beowulf and 3 Wereawolf.
This is more suited for the Games forum. You need permission to start a thread there anyway, so Ill close this.

Just read the game rules and stuff.

Not open for further replies.