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Making a Midwest Fakemon region


New Member
I have been wanting/trying to make my own fakemon region for a while now but have been running into a lot of inspiration and balancing issues. So I turned to anyone reading this willing to help. If anyone so chooses to help, maybe a few of my current concepts and ideas could help narrow or even broaden my current or even new concepts. So, here's that: So first and foremost as the name or this post says, my region is based around the entire midwest just molded into one region. -(sidenote: while I do live in the midwest myself I don't know a whole lot about it, like myths and legends which would help with a few random fakemon in the region but also concepts for legendary and mythical mons.) I have drawn up a decent amount of concepts but not all would fit since I originally was gonna have an Australian-based region, but opted not to since plenty of fakemon artists/content creators have made regions from Australia already. Some of my drawings have been posted on Deviantart already, but none are that new ( especially the starters for the Australian-based concept). I do plan on posting this region's artwork there when I can. Anyways some actual region info I have decided on using: Geographically being based on the midwest it's gonna have a lot of Plains and Grassland areas Like some of Iowa, Missouri, Mississippi, and Illinois. The western side of the midwest is close to and somewhat a part of higher mountainous and desert areas. while the eastern side has more forests and in the case of Michigan large lakes act as the region's large body of water. So this post is fairly big on its own, so before I make a whole whort story on one post I'm gonna end this one here and divide this rant into 2 or 3 other posts, one for possible story elements, another for a deeper more detailed look into the region's geography, and the final one for my current fakemon concepts and maybe some pictures of my drawings if I can figure out how. if curious, you can find me on Deviantart if you search: FakeHeteroFakemon.