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Mallow the Runaway and Oranguru! (982)

I'm not surprised by the fact that poor Mallow really doesn't get anything or get much focus. I mean, we are talking about Pokémon here. This anime only uses a few character arch types for it's main cast.

You have the typical boy and the the typical girl characters. When it comes to the boys, you only have three types in this universe (at least for the good guys): The hero, the comic relief and the mature one.
For the girls it's the same. You only have a few types to work with. Technically only one type. And that is the typical girl character trope.
We already have Lillie in this role and also to some agree with Lana, who has a bit of her own style, but in the end there both the well-known character girl type for this show.
Mallow is the third girl with a similar personality. As a writer you can not come up with more ideas if you already have two other characters that fill a similar role.

I can understand, why Mallow is not that much used. What can a writer do with a third character who is already way to similar two two already existing ones?

Sure, you can could give either Mallow or the two other ones a really outstanding personality, but with the bad feedback Iris got I do not think that any of the writers will ever make a really outstanding girl character anymore. Or characters in general.
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Sheesh, the pessimism can be cut with a knife in here. As I understand it Iris got criticism mainly because some people found her to be too belittling toward Ash, not because she was an "outstanding" character.

Characters have never been a strong point of the pokemon anime, so chances are if you look for something to hate about any of them you're going to find it. Even then it feels like some people basically want to hate Mallow now rather than appreciate what she does get given, all because she isn't being what they personally want her to be. I think for the cute, spunky, supportive person she is meant to be she is fairly serviceable. But if people are expecting some kind of driven character with goals beyond her restaurant then they are going to be disappointed.

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I've only seen screenshots so far, it didn't look bad in fact it was very cute from what I saw but...I see where you guys are coming from. We're used to going out and taking on these challenges and helping people and Pokemon and going to places with ghosts and fighting. I like some of these episodes and I love how Kukui is like Ash's dad right now but we need more than this, I want Looker to appear and floor Ash's friends by revealing that he knows Ash because not only would that mean a change of pace but the reactions will be adorable and hilarious

Anyways, we're not here to talk about that, we're here about the episode...for now at the very least 7/10 would watch just not more than once or twice within a short timeframe.


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but with the bad feedback Iris got I do not think that any of the writers will ever make a really outstanding girl character anymore. Or characters in general.

How is Iris being a brat, make her an outstanding character? I mean we have all our opinion, but I don't see how that even makes sense in relation to Mallow being completely disregarded as a character.

Iris in the games was really good, but the anime completely ruined her character, look at the Pokemon Generation version, much more likeable.

Sure sure, people will say her character was boring and turned her into an interersting character, don't see how a girl who had the wonderment of an actual child who was joyous, happy and didn't step on anyone's toes. If it was about her being independent and strong they sure as hell didn't go the right way of doing it (but opinions)

But I don't see how that relates to Mallow at all, I don't see how making her a carbon copy of Iris would've remotely been beneficial maybe for those that liked Iris, but I don't see it.

There's nothing wrong with Mallow's personality, the issue is her character, they're not making any sort of progress.

As I said in the preview thread, I don't care if an episode revolves around Ash's interaction with eating an Alolan Pancake, I just don't care about that.

Just like why would anyone care about Mallow getting an argument with her father, running off, like the usual thing I would expect a child to do, run into a completely random Pokemon that's completely irrelevant and FORCED connections with her father just to resolve and make everything go happy lucky.

I'd expect that kind of storyline with Sophocles....NOT Mallow...oh wait, we kind of already had a very similar plot with Sophocles, NOT the running away, but the drama of a situation forced by the writers JUST to create a plot for the episode.

But at least Sophocles GOT something out of it. What the hell did Mallow get?

Exactly, NOTHING, again as I repeatedly have stated, these type of episodes aren't the problem, it is a problem when we get THESE episode after a LONG severe time, and its somehow enough to get by.

Just like Ash having a Pokemon, if it doesn't show up in 80 episodes, why would its next episode be about being lost where nothing comes of it.

No battle, no move, no evolution, nothing just it being lost.

Instead of having an episode that benefits Mallow in a series called Pokemon this comes off as "Runaway Kids: The documentary of children who run away from home only to be reunited with their families at the end BUT with Pokemon" like why does it matter.

"Don't run away from home, children?" Is that really it? Did we really need a plotline about that?

Later on do we need an episode of "Don't get mad at Ash and run away children?" where everyone gets mad at Ash and runs away and Ash feels horribly guilty and saves them at the end, is that an episode that's really necessary?

I don't get this episode outside of their refusal to do anything truly beneficial to Mallow's character and just create a drama episode for the sake of drama. Just like in some drama shows where a character just throws a hissy fit for some "reason" and makes everyone uncomfortable, just to create a plot point. Or characters (this one less applies to Mallow however) who become so insanely out of character with absolute NONSENSE reason just to have a plot.

It's rather annoying sometimes, and I thought Pokemon wasn't going to be subjected to it as much as it did in regards to this episode.
How is Iris being a brat, make her an outstanding character?

Without turning this episode thread into an off-topic conversation, the original poster before them put "outstanding" in quotations because it was just weird how her gift of dragons came up short at the weirdest of times when they should have counted for something (namely capturing any other dragon between Axew and Dragonite...)

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Yeah Iris wasn't that good...just thinking about something. We really need the Meloetta of this series to be here, maybe when Nebby comes we'll get enjoyment out of Sun and Moon. Many of these episodes are ones that I'd only watch once maybe twice and I'm tired of being on the same island episode after episode. I get they wanted to do something new and again I love how Kukui's the dad Ash never had on the show but slice of life doesn't work well with Pokemon, it's fun for a few episodes but when your seeing the same old faces all the time it feels unatural.


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fun episode, but they're really giving mallow the shaft. Also, 2 things:
1) The animation was better than usual here, does anyone feel it was weird? EDIT: oh, iwane supervised, it's a shame he wasn't put in ep 36 instead, the first half was quite static, but had good choreography)
2) We should be getting titles soon, right?
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How is Iris being a brat, make her an outstanding character? I mean we have all our opinion, but I don't see how that even makes sense in relation to Mallow being completely disregarded as a character.

Because of that. Sure, being a brat is not the most likable personality out there, but at least she stood out form the other girls and the writers could work a little bit with her because of that. Also she wasn't that bratty. I think the reason why so many people hate her is, because she was a character that actually had the backbone to talkback towards Ash.

But this is actually my point. Iris was different, so the writers could have work a little bit with her. Mallow on the other had has the problem to be just another nice girl character. A role that is already taken by Lillie and Lana. The writers can not do anything more with her, because girl characters are very limited in this universe. There is nothing to work with Mallow. She is not a nerd, a geek, a brat, a goofball, a clumsy one, a know-it-all, a tomboy, goth girl she is just.... well a typical nice girl, which is a character trope that is owned by pretty much every girl character in this universe.
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All I can really say is when is Nebby going to appear? I'm used to adventures, we've spent most of our time on the same island. These episodes are barely doing anything for me
All I can really say is when is Nebby going to appear? I'm used to adventures, we've spent most of our time on the same island. These episodes are barely doing anything for me

Maybe, but not too soon, I can say that much.


Thank you, Iris.
But this is actually my point. Iris was different, so the writers could have work a little bit with her.

"Iris has a personality better call her a brat for teasing Ash, even though we collectively have been doing even worse for the past 20 years."

SMH this fandom. Arceus forbidd a character in the show acts like a human being.


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A dissapointed episode,I really like the battle of Oranguru vs Bewear it was quite funny but other than that,this episode was really meh sure Mallow has some development and l like her pouty expression but I was quite disappointed that Mallow did not catch Oranguru or have him in the restaurant like seriously but oh well at least Mallow got some screentime.Overall this episode was meh I give it a 5/10.
I went into this episode expecting the worst due to a lot of negative reactions to this episode, but after watching it with subs... I really liked this episode. Before this episode aired, I was really wanting Oranguru to be caught by Mallow, but after seeing the episode I am extremely content with its role in the forest. This also gave us some background on Mallow's dad and how he came up with the juice he sells at the restaurant. Heck, we even got some more information for Bewear, as now we know it has relations with Oranguru and assumably trades with it fairly regularly. Even if it's not a lot or not done well in others' opinions, I like the world building we seem to get throughout SM episodes. It's one of the strongest aspects of SM imo and it's also fresh since this is the first time Ash isn't constantly journeying. I don't know, it may just be me but I found this episode refreshing and very insightful.


Mal's Review - Sun&Moon Edition

No, it won't be changed to "Nav's Review"...


* Bewear hats

* Psyduck and Slowpoke +1

* Jessie nightmare fuel face

* Mao 'drinking' herself 'drunk'

* Topu Keku - Bewear vs Oranguru - slightly disappointed there wasn't an epic fight (which would have happened if this was XY), but still hilarious

* Father/daughter bonding episode +1

* Joy and Jessie 'drinking' away


* Understandable that Mallow is still getting a bit shortchanged on the focus

* Filler


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Overworked and underpaid, such a sad tale. I thought the rest of the episode was fairly standard, with my only real gripe being that they don't show enough interest in catching pokemon.

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Outside of that screencap of Mallow at the bar, this was an entirely forgettable episode. I literally remember nothing about it.
Poor Mallow. Even if the episode is meant to focus on her, it actually focused on someone else.

This is what happens when she never got to catch Rowlet, thus dooming her lack of focus. At least Kiawe was given a sorta rivalry relationship that didn't require him to catch Litten.


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A fine episode overall, but it was done poorly for Mallow. It was better for Abe. This episodes just shows that Mallow wants to be appreciated, and Abe kept pushing Mallow, forgetting that he needed to treat his daughter a lot better.

I liked how Lana is the only one out of the group doing a nice stand-out pose after crashing down the hill. She's like aware of her surroundings and didn't get hurt. Good that Oranguru stopped Abe and asked that he directs his comments to Mallow instead. Finally, the showdown scene between Oranguru and Bewear was cool, though it just looks like they're old long-time buddies.


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Disney XD pulled two rare moves today (they are related)

Taking a commercial break immediately after the title screen, and taking three total commercial breaks in the episode. I was surprised at both

Lol wow, how have I missed that Mallow has a bra pocket until now? That would come in handy at a nightclub on a Saturday night.

KingMinun must have been happy to hear a blue-haired character being voiced by Emily Jenness.. I believe she's appeared once before, when she was commentating the pancake race from the SkyCam angle as though it was Thursday Night Football


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...Was Ash turning into a totem supposed to be funny? -_-
It's just sad how Mallow is literally the only character to get absolutely nothing out of her focus episodes. And even sadder how the TRio easily stole the show.
Mallow had a point though, her dad was annoying. They really need to do more with this poor girl, less Lillie and Lana, and more Mallow please.