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Man Marries Videogame Character


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Otakuism at its finest!
When I first saw that I was all "what the heck?!" and thought it was a joke. But now... Gotta respect the dude's full disclosier.


Can anybody say Otaku?
This is creepy at it's finest.

Eh' Whatever makes the guy happy.

Also. Killer Squirtle. Your sig pic rules.
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That's messed up. It just doesn't make sense.

And how old is he? He looks like 10 years old in that picture.


How is marrying a video game character gonna have the same results as marrying a real person?


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Whatever makes him happy I suppose. kinda weird but who am I to judge, I'm on a freaking Pokemon forum.


Eh, ragazzo!
Is it weird? Yes
Is he hurting anyone? No

It's just that one needs to discern reality from fiction. That seems to be a prevalent problem in today's society.
Aww. ^-^
Really cute imo, hahah.

Oh well, let the man live his life with his game wife. o:
come on people, you know there has been much wacko stuff in this world ....too much, to be totally WTF at this.


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Eh... I can kind of understand how he feels. I mean, I get extremely attached to fictional characters. You know, with the shipping and all. But it's kind of depressing when you think that they're not real, that they don't have thoughts of their own. It seems sad to devote the rest of your life to something that can't love you back.


Warning: Jokes!


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When I first heard this awhile ago I was like "Wait, what?", but honestly, it's not THAT surprising. Cuz, you know, Japanese Otaku. The fact that they already had dating sims and those "hug pillows" makes it just seem like the next step up.

Also, I remember before that marriage thing happened that there was an article talking about Love Plus. It was from a more mainstream site, so the guy describing the game was all "Ohmygodyouguys, Japan made a game where you can pick different girls to date and talk to and stuff!". All I could think was "Pfft, those games have been out for years, this 'aint surprising". Though to be fair, the game does require you to "kiss" the girl with the touch screen, so that's new. (Actually, nevermind, there was that game where you had to, er, "touch" girls before this. Kissing's nothing compared to that) But whatever, I'm desensitized to that stuff now.
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This is pretty old news for me. Here's my person thought on it.

The fact that he invited his family and friends over to the reception implies that he's being serious. But the fact that he invited the media over also implies that this is one big joke. Assuming that it's the latter, this is pretty damn epic.

… That poor DS is in for a rude awakening these upcoming years. I mean, that GBA slot looks like it could fit more than a GBA game. That is, assuming everyone is as lucky as I am.


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When I first say the thread title I pretty much went, o_O;;?? Then I read further and noticed it said Japanese Man. Yeah, not completely out of the ordinary for these people. I'm sure in Japan stuff like this isn't totally strange (to us maybe, hence why I'm being very specific here).

Eh, I'm fine with it. At least it's some kind of Sim... not one of the real video games.

Does anyone think Love Plus may get localized, or is it just one of those really odd Japanese exclusives?

It's not like a lot of people on SPPf wouldn't do the same honestly, must be Kenshi
Well, bishies are about the closest thing.

As for discussion, if they guy wants to marry the fake character let him. At the end of the day if he's happy it's all good right?
/thread. Pretty much.

Hey, this guy's got the right idea - a video game character ain't gonna argue back. You can put that ***** in her place.
Yeah, and if you need some "time alone", you can just turn off the power button ;).

Hmm, upon looking more carefully at this, he has the original DS. Me thinks that he should get either the upcoming DSi LL or the just the DSi; he simply needs a bigger screen for this...



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Seeing as that this girl is in every copy of the game, wouldn't it be technically cheating if someone else who played this game happened to date this girl on his (or her :p) own copy of the game, or is it just in his own copy?

That's messed up. It just doesn't make sense.

And how old is he? He looks like 10 years old in that picture.

I think he looks more like Jemaine from Flight of the Concords.


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The kind of sad that requires psychological help.

I don't think he's crazy, though. I mean, I don't think he's out of touch with reality. He just sounds like he's lonely and is looking for fulfillment in fiction. Although... there are guys who say they prefer virtual girls to real girls, because virtual girls can't hurt you. I think that's just a case of sweet lemons, though. You know, trying to convince yourself that it's your choice to only have a computer girlfriend.