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Man the sprites back in the day were terrible

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I'd have to admit, looking back and playing Blue and Red recently, the sprites are pretty bad..

I find it cool in a way, just to see how far the sprites have progressed and evolved throughout the games. =D


I actually like how comical some of the older sprites were. I would love to see some like Wigglytuff revamped and brought back. :p

yeah those older ones had indeed a more comic like style, i don't think pokemon would be as popular if they havn't edited that but it would have looked way more funny.


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Yeh like i remember ekans nd vulpix lol i hated those guys sprites lol

although slowpoke's one looked epic lol

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With the Sprites back in Red and Blue I just gotta ask what was with the Geodude sprite just didn't look right lol
Yeah, they did look pretty funny huh? Just goes to show how far you can go in over ten years. I always like the Venasaur one for some reason though...


The Geodude sprite was indeed ugly (a youngster's head would have benn better for a Geodude). The ugliest of all was Golbat.


Exeggutor was pretty terrible. I still remember its ugly face. People who say Golbat is the worst never saw the green sprites though!

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..Shinra Tensei.
Ah..Pikachu w/ Slimfast. Memories. All three starters had nice sprites I believe, but Venusaur took sometime, so it seemed.
Most of the Green version sprites are just hilarious.


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Golbat was pretty fugly, but what about Green's Mew, come on I could have drawn one better than that with my elbow.
But for all their ugliness, you gotta love them :)
everytime i pick up an old game, i'm shocked by the awfulness of the graphics. but, I still love 'em X3


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I think some of the old sprites are kind of neat looking.
And a lot of them just make me laugh.

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Haha once you go back and look at them, you do a 'Wtf'. Its always fun to go back and look at that stuff.


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Oh my god I can't believe there's a thread like this! I'm going to improvise.

Look at this. Stare at it and it looks like a Dodou taking a crap with a Togikess watching.

ROFL, I'd sig that if it wouldn't ruin my signature set up.

My least favorite is Green Mew since it looks abnormal, and Red/Blue Golbat because of its tongue hanging out.
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