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Man the sprites back in the day were terrible

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I wonder what Typhlosion would have looked like if he was in the 1st gen...probably terrible...


Queen of the Abyss
They all look horrible in Green. The best sprites for the 1stGen are in Yellow.


<Never saw in anime
I disagree, only the MEW sprite for green was horrible. yellow made the pixels too small so it looked like little dots instead of lines.

Bill Nye the Sneasel Guy

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You don't want to know what I thought Golbat looked like...

Yet I thought Mewtwo looked far better than he does in certain games...

And Chansey looked freakin' ugly, and I kept on running into it like four times on every level in Cerulean Cave...

A lot of them are bad, but a lot of them look good, as well.


Money for nothing
When you send out venusaur it looks like a chewed up salad... Blastoise was super fat and mewtwo looked as though it was melting. ;262;


.:~Silent Strength~:
I cracked up at green Hypno, it looks like my grandad XD

R/B/ Golbat... ew.


PokémonGo & Chill
They weren't that bad.. Considering Pokemon was JUST in the making back then.. Although some did look hideous..

Some of my favorites from green:


Oh well.. when making them maybe they had a screw loose..


Piplup Master
Golbat looked crazy! and whats wrong with Sandslash on D/P?
Pikachu looks crazy on B/R, looks very fat.


Expert of Steel Type
Machamp, Mew, and Golbat are forever stuck in my memories, the sprites were horrible. I always thought Gastly was better in R/B, having no definite shape and all, now Gastly just looks like a purple blob.


Always Searching~
I assume you mean Chansey...Yeah, but it was still by FAR the bestGB game I'd ever played.


Born This Way
Golbat and Mew were definately the worst sprites in the games. They didn't even look remotely close to the advanced games or the anime.

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