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Manaphy Mishap - A Pokemon RP Sign-ups


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Ɛ> Manaphy Mishap <3
It’s another beautiful day in Castelia City, Unova and you’ve decided to take a trip out here today where the Autumn Harvest Festival is going on. There’s rides, food, and all sorts of games for you and your Pokémon to enjoy as time passes. The docks are packed with people and their Pokémon companions, booths with merchandise, music and laughter ringing through the air, the smells of freshly cooked goodies. This was the best event of the year in Unova this far South and it was a delight to be present. Unfortunately, things were about to take a change for the worse.

An explosion at one end of the festival alerts you and Team Aqua agents appear running past, law enforcement in hot pursuit. There’s a ship with diving equipment they seem to be headed towards with only you and a few others in their path. Their Pokémon are defending them as they retreat with something in a small, water-filled capsule. The little blue creature cries and beats against the glass and perhaps you recognize it as the mythical Pokémon Manaphy. The grunt holding the capsule fiddles with it for a moment and a shock of energy passes through, hitting the poor captured Manaphy. It cries out louder and the tips of its antenna glow brightly. In a flash, dozens of bright red orbs explode from the antenna of the Manaphy. The Aqua grunt yelps and stumbles, pushed along by their colleagues as they continue their escape, but the damage has already been done.

You and the Pokémon closest to you are targeted by the orbs, along with a dozen or so other people around you. One of them impacts your chest and your vision goes black for a split second. As it begins to come back, you notice your perspective has totally shifted and when you look around, you notice your body is not the same. Well, your body is the same, but you aren’t in it anymore. You and a Pokémon have switched places!

This must be the move called Heart Swap, something special that only Manaphy knows. Based on minimal field research, Pokémon experts agree that a Heart Swap should only last up to a few minutes after happening. Whether you’re aware of this or not, you realize this new arrangement might be permanent and you weren’t the only one it happened to either. With that in mind, our question is what happens next? How did this happen? What was Team Aqua up to? Most importantly, how are you going to get back to normal?

Alrighty! Hope the premise was grabbing and you’re looking forward to signing up! Just want to go over a few details before jumping into the meat of things. The first post will be an introduction before the events start happening. Then I shall bring in the craziness and we can go from there! I’ll hopefully have either a discord channel or RP Café thread where we can discuss things as needed. I’d love to hear from you, the players on how you want this story to evolve and I’ll often be asking for feedback as we go along so don’t be shy in speaking up if you have ideas and opinions. That being said, read through the rest and start up an SU if this seems like an RP for you.

1. Follow the Serebii Forum rules and the specific RPG Forum rules. If you are found breaking the rules I may kick you from the game
2. Be kind to your fellow players and GM. This includes no bunnying, god-modding, and generally showing respect to other players's decisions.
3. If you want to reuse a character, please try not to copy/paste the sign-up from another RP but rather rewrite and update them as much as you can.
4. As always, have fun!

SU Form

Name: First (Nicknames), Last
Gender: As you do
Age: Old/young enough to be out on your own

Appearance: Show us what they look like, how they express themselves.

Personality: Go all out. Flesh 'em out, make them real.

History: Tell us about where your character comes from.

Swap: A short description of the Pokemon you will be swapped with. This can be one your character owns, a wild Pokémon, or one that belongs to another person (player character or NPC, but discuss with any players before submitting, I will be checking).
Other: If you need it?

Pokémon Team: 1-6, if needed
Name-Species-Gender: ex) Bulba-Bulbasaur-Female
Description: Include any details you think might be important for other players to know

Name: Brandon Masons
Gender: Male
Age: 23


Brandon is a young looking man with a tall, skinny stature. He’s not much more than skin and bone, but has beautiful, healthy, medium dark skin. His light green eyes stand out in contrast to his jet black hair. Said hair is long and fluffy, going just past his ears and usually styled simple and straight with some bushy bangs. The rest of his face is spotless, well except for his black, square glasses, and he couldn’t grow any facial hair if he tried.

When something happens, he can be pretty slow to respond. Brandon is often at risk of getting hit by things as he frequently spaces out. In a stressful situation, he gets fidgety and can’t sit still. A friendly individual, he will stand close to and often give light touches to those he’s close to, but also respects boundaries of those who are averse to it.

For style, Brandon has a vast variety. He has a professional style of clothing, usually just for jobs with smart slacks and button up jackets. His casual clothes are all over the place though. Some days it’s plain jeans with simple shirts and jackets while other days are cargo shorts with Hawaiin shirts. Honestly, a lot of his clothes are gifts as he enjoys getting obscure clothes in return for his knitted gifts. In the colder months, he always wears things he knits himself like gloves, scarfs, hats, and sweaters.

Personality: Brandon is a chill, laid-back kind of guy that is kind to others.People consider him quiet and sweet, someone calming to be around. He’s enthusiastic when it comes to learning about others; their interests and hobbies, their passions and goals in life. Many have said he’s the most genuine person they’ve met. On the other hand, he’s a rather private person as well. There’s plenty he’ll tell you about himself, but there’s also a ton of things he never tells anyone.

There isn’t much that can rattle Brandon. He’s been through some traumas and as a result can’t be shaken by much except for his base fears of water and claustrophobia. Part of this resolve comes from his familiarity with true crime thrillers. One of his secret hobbies is his enjoyment of shows, movies, and books in the crime and thriller genre. He loves the sort of puzzle nature of these stories and likes learning new things as these kinds of stories tend to lead to. It gives him a whole bank of trivia like knowledge he can pull from in all sorts of circumstances. He’s just a bit embarrassed by it because he feels it’s a taboo subject to enjoy, he keeps it on the down low.

Another of Brandons hobbies though is knitting. Living on a farm lends itself to lots of natural produce including wool. He adores knitting and using his hobby to give gifts to others or donate to those in need. He’ll happily pull out a project wherever he’s at and takes requests and commissions from friends and strangers alike. Any income he plugs back into his hobbies. It’s something that really brings out the caring side of his personality. He’ll make sure to ask plenty of questions on the preferences of a project; asking for colors and designs, he’s a master at small talk.

While he doesn’t have much direction in his life, Brandon has considered going back to school to study psychology. He prefers not to be too tied down and likes the open schedule of working at the farm and his part time jobs, he’s felt somewhat empty as of late, like his listless life is being wasted. He certainly finds purpose in being friends with others, yet feels there might be something more he could accomplish. Like most things though, he doesn’t feel rushed to get anything done and will keep his casual lifestyle going for now.

History: Brandon grew up with his family at the outskirts of Castelia City. In those fields, his family has a farm that raises a variety of Pokemon for their produce, one of the big ones being wool from the Mareep, Wooloo, and Cottonee. Growing up around Pokemon made him and his older brother, Liam, comfortable around them and they frequently explored the nearby areas together between time spent at school and helping around the farm. They were well behaved and when their younger sister, Kayla, came along, they were both eager to help out. Unfortunately, this eagerness is what got his older brother killed.

Liam wanted to go exploring one day when Brandon was seven, but since someone had to watch Kayla, Brandon stayed behind while Liam set off on his own. Hours passed and when he didn’t come home by dinner, the family set out to find him. His father found Liam’s body trampled by some wild, hoofed Pokemon, likely Stantler. Right there with him, Brandon saw the carnage and was scarred from the experience, fearful of large, hoofed Pokemon for life from then on. After the incident, his parents were more strict on their exploration and raising them in general.

Brandon grew up a bit subdued and very aware of death. This translated to his kind and caring nature because he couldn’t be sure if the people he met, or he himself, could die in the near future so he wanted to leave a good impression and make them happy if he could help it. In contrast, his sister Kayla grew up rebellious. She wasn’t a fan of the strict rules their parents had laid out since their brothers’ death so she tested boundaries at every turn, though still cared for them all greatly. They stood up for each other throughout school which would be very important down the road.

In his last year, Brandon decided to try joining the swim team. It was an interest of his, though he wasn’t exactly competitive or talented. When he tried out, he was surprised to learn he actually made it on! The students told him to meet for the first day of practice with one of the other tryouts after school one day, but it wasn’t what they thought it would be. The students had lied about them making the team and instead wanted to haze them by tricking them to come out to the pool, then holding them underwater against their will. It went on for a while before Kayla showed up because Brandon hadn’t texted her back right away and she was getting worried. With a fierce protectiveness, Kayla saved Brandon and the other student, getting those on the swim team expelled for their assault. Though the justice was nice, Brandon was terrified of water after the fact.

After graduating, Brandon looked for jobs all around the city. He quickly gained loads of skills by jumping from job to job, never sticking to one for much longer than 6 months. Be it a bus driver, a barista, a vet tech, and as of late a receptionist for the Silph Co. Satellite Company in Castelia. Through the years after school he also still helps out around the farm with his parents and sister. They have been more understanding and allowing of their independence since school and grateful for their help so of course Brandon sticks around.

Swap: His Flabébé, Macy

Pokémon Team
Name-Species-Gender: Fluff-Whimscott-Male
Description: Caught as a Cottnee and his first companion. He was born on the farm and Brandon chose him to be his partner. Rather jovial, a trickster, and a bit confrontational.

Name-Species-Gender: Macy- Flabébé -Female
Description: A shy critter, she was the first, and only, Pokemon Brandon actually caught himself. She clings to her trainer and looks up to him, always looking to please him. Loves to sit with him while he knits and watches his shows or reads his books.

Name-Species-Gender: Eragon-Bagon-Male
Description: A gift from a friend, he hatched from an egg while in Brandons care. His personality is a duality of laziness and hard working. While he will be loyal and do what needs doing when asked, he will remain stubbornly lazy until needed. Not one to evolve any day soon.

Name-Species-Gender: Zella-Bergmite-Female
Description: When Brandon worked at a Pokemon Center for a time, this Bergmite was dropped off with serious injuries. As one of the head nurses taking care of her at the time, the two bonded and since no one was going to come for her, Brandon volunteered to add her to the team. She has various scars in slashes across her body and she's a tough fighter with a soft center.

Reserved: Hydrangea
Accepted: Monster Guy, InnerFlame, Tangy, Schade, Sketchie
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Reserve me as well please.


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Starting from scratch with a similar yet different concept.

Name: Grayson Wells
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Appearance: Grayson is a young man standing at exactly 6'2" tall, making him stand out in your average crowd. He has a toned physique from his active schedule which involves both frequent workouts and healthy eating, and he is very picky on what he eats because of it. He has olive skin with a slight tan, even though it is not uncommon to see him with a sunburn as his skin is pretty sensitive. He keeps his medium short ashy brown hair in a somewhat messy-looking undercut for easy maintainance. He has icy blue eyes which, paired with his dark eyebrows make him look more serious than he really is. He has a defined jawline and trims his beard in a chin strap style. His right ear is pierced, and he wears a dark grey earstud. His facial features, serious-looking eyes and deep voice give him a mature vibe that makes him seem older than he actually is. Grayson is nearsighted, and wears a pair of glasses.

For clothing, Grayson tends to keep it simple but edgy. While unintentional, he tends to naturally gravitate towards the mid-2000's hipster fashion with flamboyant shirts, tight jeans, band T-shirts, chains, glasses and the whole shabang. His most common casual attire consists of a striped shirt of dark blue, magenta and white, of which he unbuttons the 3 top buttons to reveal his toned collarbones. His skin tight jeans are black and worn in a way that makes it unclear wether or not he's just worn them for 5 years straight, or if they were bought that way intentionally. While he primarily wears his red glasses, he does have the same pair in about 7 different colors and patterns for variety's sake. He's definitely the kind of guy that values looks over practicality when it comes to footwear, and his favorite pair is a pair of clean formal dress shoes. While they go well with his outfit, they 're anything but comfortable; which is something he combats by keeping bandaids on him at all times just in case.

Personality: Grayson is a very openminded and carefree young man who takes life at his own pace. Preacher of the 3 C's, he's cool, calm and collected to the point people assume he's lazy. The kind to always find the easiest way to do things, he's efficient and hardworking even though his initial demeanour doesn't imply as such. He doesn't care much for other peoples opinions of him, often bluntly telling them to watch their own business. He's somewhat crass, and often speak with sarcastic undertones and bluntness, even though he can be both kind and polite if he puts in the effort, which he very rarely feels the need to. Since his default speaking pattern is set to 'sarcastic douche', he sometimes unintentionally hurt other peoples feelings. If this happens, and he notices it (He can be somewhat of a dullard at times), he's quick to properly appologize.

He has a strong sense of justice, and as he is aware of peoples assumptions of him he use that to his advantage. He'd never walk away from someone being bullied or any other injustice he come across, and was voted as 'most likely to die heroically' in his high school yearbook. He takes nobodys bs, and stands up for himself and for those who struggle to do so for themselves.

Grayson's defining trait is that he's a hard worker. He decided from an early age not to go on a pokemon journey, and instead focus on school and work and living a normal life. While he's good at hiding it, he's actually very scared of Pokemon. Not the tiny harmless ones of course, but he has had his fair share of bad encounters with them throughout the years, from being intentionally sung to sleep by a Jigglypuff which made him late for a train, to a Malamar that brainwashed him and controlled his action for a full 4 weeks before anyone noticed. He's learned to be very distrustful towards Pokemon, and has shunned anything related to them growing up.

stearing his focus into more mundane things has given him a solid sense of business. While he knows next to nothing about Pokemon, he knows more or less everything needed to run a small business. Despite that, however, he dislikes the stress and responsibility that comes with being a manager, and as such he's perfectly happy with being a follower rather than a leader. He's very reliable, and once he sets his mind to something, he sees it through in the easiest, most efficient method he can find. He's fairly intelligent in general as well, and his hobbies is a 50/50 of going out and partying all night, to staying at home with a good book. There is no in-between.

History: Grayson was born into a completely average family living in the coastal city of Virbank in the Unova region. Both his parents worked hard jobs, with his father being a sailor while his mother worked at the Pokestar Studios as a receptionist. As such, he spent a lot of his early childhood with a babysitter. It was from her that he got his strong sense of justice, as she would always stop any mischievous behavior he showed in a fair and inspiring manner. The babysitter also taught him to be independent from an early age, and it wasn't long until he managed to look after himself in his parents absence without the need of a sitter.

Growing up, Grayson had difficulties making friends due to his somewhat isolated early upbringing. In school, he would always focus more on the work rather than the people around him, which eventually led to him becoming a prime target for bullying. It didn't help his nerdy image when he had to start wearing glasses, makin his bullies come up with a plethora of new and exciting nicknaes for him. Grayson was no idle spunge though, and he gave back as well as he was dealt, often leaving him in issues withteachers and the principle, who for some reason blamed him for fighting back rather than blaming the kids that were picking on him in the first place. Needless to say, he has very few fond memories of his early schoolyears.

This all changed when he was 9 years old, however, as one time he was walking to school, he heard a faint calling from the woods outside of the city. Being the dumb kid that definitely would be killed first in any horror movie that he was, Grayson decided to follow the voice until he came across a menacing-looking squid. That's pretty much all he remembers before he would wake up laying on his back in the middle of a road with 3 police officers pointing guns at him 4 weeks later. He never saw that squid again, nor did anyone tell him what had happened or what he had done. They only told him that a pokemon had messed with his mind and that that was the only reason he wasn't in jail right now. Needless to say, that was the catalyst for him distrusting Pokemon.

Over the course of the following year, he would start to see the dark side of Pokemon more often, and ultimately decided against going on a Pokemon journey as so many of his peers had done. School became better after that, considering that a solid 87% of the schools students went off to become pokemon trainers. This gave him more time to focus on his schoolwork and his family, as his father had fallen ill a few years prior, and had to stop working, wich in turn gave his mother the added stress of working for two in order to keep family life comfortable. Things were tough for a while, butb the moment Grayson turned 16, he started taking on small odd-jobs here and there in order to support however he could.

Making a convinient time-skip to present day, Grayson is an adult now, living in Castelia city. He works part time at a local cafè by the pier while in college. The current happening in his life is working during the Autumn Harvest Festival, which would mean a lot of customers, potentially a lot of pokemon, and a lot of stress.

Swap: Grayson swaps mind with a customers Charizard. He is not very thrilled about it.

- Grayson knows nothing about Pokemon, and has no pokemon of his own.
- He's a very competent Pyukumuku chucker, as he has worked part time in Alola while studying abroad.
- His main reason for disliking pokemon comes from how he's always unlucky in his encounter with them.
- He was almost snatched awyby a Drifloon as a child.
- He was almost melted away by an overly friendly Sliggoo once.
- He was almost crushed to death by a Bewear hug once.
- There's a wild Haunter living close to his appartment that likes breaking in and giving him nightmares.
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big ole wip

Name: Aveline Winters
Gender: Female
Age: Eleven


Personality: Go all out. Flesh 'em out, make them real.

History: Tell us about where your character comes from.

Swap: A wild Swadloon that happened to be in the area.
Other: If you need it?

Pokémon Team
: Mitzi-Litten-Female
Description: Aveline's beloved pet cat. She has never engaged in a Pokemon battle in her life and is much more accustomed to being a pet.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Cameron Mason (Cam, Cammy)
Gender: Gender nonconforming male
Age: 22


Many people find Cameron adorable. When you see him, you would never believe he's a grown adult. He has fair skin, and big blue eyes that reflect his child like enthusiasm. He has a round babyface that makes him seem younger than he is, along with a button nose, and a mouth that is often in a smile. He is short in stature, standing at exactly five feet tall. He is not embarrassed by his small size in the least, saying it adds to his appeal. He has a slim build, but he has toned muscles from dancing a lot on stage and in rehearsals. Much to a lot of peoples surprise, he does in fact have abs underneath the clothes he wears. He has short blonde hair that curls a bit at the ends. He has no body or facial hair whatsoever. His earlobes are pierced so he can wear earrings.

Cam loves pink and cute things, and that extends to his choice of clothes as well. He enjoys floral patterns, stars, hearts, smiley faces, basically anything cute. He also enjoys wearing cute dresses from time to time, and doesn't think it's fair that only girls should wear them. During his shows, he wears lots of fabulous costumes. Even when he’s not performing, he still likes to dress up. He currently wears a pink sleeveless top with a white vest over it. He also wears a white tie around his neck that has a light blue brooch attached to it. He wears a pair of wide pink trousers as bottoms. The trousers are decorated with light blue accents, including little stars on the pockets. They are also held up by a white belt that has a light blue buckle. On his feet are a pair of light blue boots. He accesorizes with pink star earrings in his earlobes. He also wears a pink cap on top of his head that is intentionally worn to the side. The front of the cap is also decorated with a light blue star, as well as a stripe around the visor.

Personality: Cameron is innocent, carefree, and seemingly always happy. He is a cheerful man who doesn't like to let bad things bother him. He always has a smile on his face even during the mort dire of situations, and is often in a good mood in general. He is an eternal optimist, and likes to see the good in every situation. He believes that if you focus on the positive, and ignore the bad, the bad stuff will just go away.

His optimism is most prevelant in his dealings with other people. He does his best to share his positivity with others, and tries his best to comfort other people who are sad. He likes to believe that everyone is ultimately good, and always gives people the benefit of the doubt. However, he can be quick to trust the wrong people because of his optimism. He rarely ever gets mad at others. Even if he does get mad, he gets over it very quickly. He openly expresses affection through touching in the form of hugs, holding hands, as well as stroking and grabbing shoulders.

He is easily exciteable and hyperactive. It is difficult to get him to sit still and focus on a single subject for too long before he gets bored and move on to the next thing. While he is able to think quick on his feet during intense situations. he often acts impulsively, and jumps to conclusions without thinking first. Even in conversations, he tends to go off on tangents. He is also quick to apologize for anything he regrets doing, even if he hasn't done anything wrong. His mother punished him harshly for any little mistake, so he is constantly concerned about displeasing others.

Cameron loves music. He loves to sing, dance, and perform. Even though his mother forced him into it, he is a pop star in order to bring joy and happiness to others. He also enjoyed the attention and fame being a celebrity brings. Cameron knows he is adorable, and he does use it to his advantage if he knows if it will benefit him somehow. He’ll use his cheery personality, and childish behaviors to manipulate others. He’ll play dumb, and act like he doesn’t understand the other person’s request, to avoid rejection, or just get out of situation he doesn’t like. He is also very good at acting, and knows how to say just the right things to get what he wants, or just to get attention when he feels lonely.

Cameron has a passion for cute and pretty things. Most of his possessions are pink, he has a collection of plush toys and fashion dolls, he likes cute Pokémon, and has many other childish interests. So many people have a problem with an adult man liking such things, but Cam does not care. Due to his upbringing, he missed out on his childhood, so now he's making up for lost time. He loves every kind of sweets and desserts. A lot of his songs are inspired by and named after candy. Ultimately, Cameron not only wants to be happy himself, but also to make others happy.

History: Cameron was born to Movie Star Luana Mason. She had an affair with another actor, and only kept the child for the publicity. For a while, Cameron was raised by nannies hired by his mother. As Luana got older, she became less relevant and lost out on roles to younger actresses. She turned her attention to her son. If she couldn’t be in the spotlight anymore, then she would make her son a star, and live the glamorous lifestyle of a celebrity through him.

So, when Cameron turned 5, he was put through all kinds of lessons. Singing lessons, dance lessons, acting lessons, and he was still homeschooled to get a normal education. Cameron didn’t understand what all this was for, but went along with it to please his mother, and he believed she had good intentions. Besides, Cameron did enjoy some of the lessons his mother put him in. He liked singing and dancing, and it was discovered that he had a beautiful singing voice.

When he was 12, Cameron discovered what all these lessons were for. He was entered into talent shows, and taken to various recording studios where he was made to sing and perform for people. He soon got himself a record deal. He soon launched to the top of the Pop Charts with his hit single “Love is Like a Gummy Bear.” All of a sudden, Cameron was a bona fide Pop Star, and his stage mom was his manager.

After this, Cameron’s life became much more hectic. He was recording songs, doing concerts, and all the things that Pop Stars do. His had a tight and brutal schedule. His mother loved it, and she lived a glamorous lifestyle on Cameron’s money. She also became much more strict with him. He would be punished for the slightest slip up (sometimes beaten.) Despite the harshness, Cameron found himself enjoying being a Pop Star. It gave him a sense of purpose. To bring joy into people’s lives. Cameron had a number of fans. On the days when things were difficult, he had to remind himself that he was making people happy. He also enjoyed all the fame and attention he got from being a Pop Star. Whenever he was paraded out in public, the center of everyone’s attention. He was always happy to interact with fans and pose for pictures when his mother allowed it.

His mother did do one nice thing for him, even if it was for publicity reasons. Luana gave Cameron is very own Pokémon. Obviously Pokemon were popular, and as a rising pop star, Cameron needed to have one for himself. So, his mother gave him an Igglybuff. He named her Melody. The pink puffball went well with his image and was cute. The Igglybuff went on stage with him, and would dance and sing alongside her trainer. Cameron loved her, and the two managed to bond quickly. They got along so well, that she evolved into a Jigglypuff out of happiness.

Things changed when he turned 18. While he loved being a Pop Star, he could see that his momager wasn’t a nice lady. She was spending his money, and frankly he wanted a little more freedom. So, he fired her. There was a lot of drama, and lawsuits involved, but Cameron came out ok in the end. He got a brand new manager who was actually a decent human being, and Cameron now had room to breathe a little.

Cameron continued being a Pop Star for years. He also got some new Pokémon to join him and Melody on stage. He’s had a number of hit songs, and several sold out shows under his belt. Currently, Cameron is embarking on a major world tour. The first stop on that tour, Castleia City Unova. He is scheduled to perform at the Harvest Festival to kickoff the tour.

Swap: Melody, his Jigglypuff

Pokémon Team:


Melody, Jigglypuff, Female
Description: Cameron dresses her up in a bunch of accessories. She was wearing a crown on top of her head when she was performing with Cameron.


Sweetie, Alcremie, Female
Description: Salted Cream Love Sweet


Pudding, Slurpuff, Male
Description: Cameron caught Pudding and Sweetie at the same time. He just wanted to have the adorable sweets themed Pokemon on his team.
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Fire and Ice Combo
Name: Elizabeth Roseanna 'Rose' Miller
Gender: Female
Age: 25

Appearance: Rose stands at 5'6", an average height for an adult female. She built is curvy and more than she would like it to be. The woman's belly protrudes a bit, but it's nothing too noticeable as long as she's fully clothed. She has large assets in her chest area that's bigger than most. Her legs and arms are toned from lots of walking, climbing, and digging she does. Rose's skin tone is light and rough-looking, with scrapes and scuffs, from spending a lot of time spelunking in caves and ruins. Though none are really major markings. Rose has her hair cut short and close to the top of her head. This keeps the hair out of her eyes and prevents them from obstructing her. The dusty brown hair is straight and in a mostly neat fashion. Her eyes are a reddish-brown color, and they are one of her more noticeable traits. With narrow eyes, long eyelashes, and plump lips, Rose looks like a sophisticated adult woman in her earlier twenties.

On the norm, Rose wears a black tank top underneath a tan buttoned-up short-sleeved jacket and matching shorts. The jacket and shorts both have a lot of pockets for carrying various tools and objects. A brown belt is used to tightly secure her pants. She wears a hard hat and protective goggles when she is going spelunking but otherwise will just wear the goggle on her head. Rose accessorizes this outfit with different color bandanas.

However, when Rose isn't about to go cave and/or ruin exploring, she tries to wears more casual and feminine outfits. She is currently in an orange sleeveless buttoned-up blouse that is looser fitting and some light blue shorts that held up with a thin black belt. Ankle-high socks and black and white running shoes are on her feet and are a snug fit. A plain blue bandana is tied around her neck to give the outfit some accent color. And a black headband with a blue rose on it has been placed on her head because she thought it was cute. With whatever she's wearing, Rose is always carrying around a large and old worn-out shoulder bag. There are several buttons attached to the bag, and a couple of repair patches are stitched on it. It's not in the best condition, but she still cherishes it a lot.

Personality: Rose is a very single-minded and focused woman. When she gets on something, she becomes so engrossed in it that she can't concentrate on anything else unless forced out of it by others. Because of habits like this, Rose is an intelligent woman with a wide range of knowledge of ancient history, pokemon, legendary pokemon, and even pokemon battling. She almost like a fanatic when it comes to learning new techniques and knowledge of interesting subjects. She tends to persistently press people to obtain every bit of information she can get. Which makes some people think of her as pushy.

Rose comes off as a tomboy due to her more rambunctious actions and lack of caring too much about her outer appearance. She has no problems getting dirty and enjoy many more physical outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing. She is much more straight-forward with her words and says things as they are rather than mincing them. This makes her words sound rather curt to the ears of most. Except for when Rose is angry at someone, she doesn't mean any harm in it. The woman does have a girly side, as she does enjoy sweets and cute things. Rose absolutely loves the look for cute fashionable clothing but knows it would be a waste to buy them for herself.

Despite all that, Rose is an incredibly friendly and average person when she isn't getting carried away in her pursuits for information. Though she can get a bit overly excited by interesting subjects, she can tone it down and have calm conversations with others. Without haven't to be asked, she willing to help people resolve problems they have. The woman is never afraid to put herself in harm's way to assist a person in need. While she doesn't go out of her way to do it, Rose is very good at Pokemon battles.

History: Elizabeth Roseanna Miller is the daughter of two professional Archeologists. Having much in common, the couple were a match made in heaven. Her mom died when she was young, though what Rose does remember is that she was a wonderful mother. Raised by her father, Edgar Miller, she was bought to excavation sites throughout her childhood. Being surrounded by ruins and exploring caves with her dad, she also gained an interest in it. It started with an interest in pretty stones and gemstones that her father would gift her. What really pulled Rose in was digging up her very first fossil, a dome fossil, and that becoming her first pokemon, Sheldon.

After obtaining Sheldon, Rose began to dive into the history of pokemon and humans from ancient times. The girl never went on a pokemon journey. She was, however, admitted into an advanced trainer school in Unova. There Rose learned the art of battling to protect herself against any wild pokemon she might encounter in caves and ruins. After about eight years and at the age of eighteen, Rose was raring to travel the world and explore as an archeologist. Her first solo archeologic dig was in the ruins of Hoenn, where she found a root fossil and added a new addition to her party. Once she experienced the excitement of spelunking by herself, she visited multiple regions and revived several fossil pokemon, and even picked up a little Carbink.

Tragedy struck as she heard the news of her father dying. His death greatly affected Rose. She began to thrust herself into dig after dig to keep herself busy, so she wouldn't have to think about it. Ending up getting injured in her pursuit to bury the sadness, Rose spent two weeks in a hospital. Doctors and a close friend of her dad suggested that she take a break from spelunking. Reluctantly, she agreed to it and has been casually exploring her home region Unova for a month now. After hearing about the Autumn Harvest Festival, Rose decided this would be a fun activity for her and her pokemon to partake in.

Swap: Rose will be swapping with her pokemon Beryl, a Carbink. The foot tall rock/fairy type looks like a normal Carbink, but Beryl is wearing a necklace with a pretty pink stone attached to it.

Other: Rose has a pair of black-framed glasses, but her vision is not too bad, so she does not wear them often.

Pokémon Team:

: Sheldon-Kabutops-Male
Description: Sheldon looks like a normally Kabutops. He wears a gold-colored bandana around his neck. He is the first fossil Rose ever dug up. He is her best and most loyal companion. He has motherly nature and tends to look out for both Rose and his pokemon buddies.

Name-Species-Gender: Chompy-Cradily-Male
Description: Chompy has distinguished abnormalities that make him stand out from an average Cradily. The pokemon is missing his two bottom tentacles completely. There is also a scar that is above his left eye. That eye is a bit dull in coloration. He wears a bright red bow tie around his neck. Chompy fossil was damage, which seemed to be the reason for his deformities. The Cradily appears to be a quiet and serene pokemon due to how little it moves and talks, but he is actually very impish. He loves to scare anyone that wandered too close to him.

Name-Species-Gender: Roost-Archen-Male
Description: Roost is very small for his species, presumingly because he's still a young Archen. He has a violet bowtie with a silver bell around his neck. Just a young chick, Roost is a hyper little critter. If left to his own devices, he has a tendency to run off and get lost. The pokemon begins to cry if he loses sight of everyone.

Name-Species-Gender: Beryl-Carbink-Genderless but is referred to as male.
Description: Looks like normally Carbink, but Beryl is wearing a necklace with a pretty pink stone attached to it. Rose found the pokemon on her trip to Kalos, and it began to follow her, so she decided to add it to her party. The pokemon is very quiet and doesn't say much. Though he is very attached and affectionate towards Rose and always stick close to her. Beryl gets really jealous when others take Rose's attention away.

Name-Species-Gender: Quiver-Arctozolt-Genderless referred to as female
Description: Quiver is slightly taller than average but otherwise looks as normal as it can. Wears a flower crown on her head. Rose was rather intrigued by the combining of fossil to make a single pokemon and ended creating Quiver. The Arcotozolt is very awkward and skittish. Despite being a lot taller than Rose, she has been known to hide behind her. She really doesn't like to be stared at and get super nervous under the eyes of many.
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Monster Guy: While I would have preferred more of a rewrite for Cameron, since the history has had significant changes, I will accept it.

InnerFlame: Rose looks good to go, accepted!


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Name: Alvin Kohlberg
Gender: Male
Age: 24


Alvin stands at an unimpressive 5'7”, and a lack of exercise combined with long working hours that make him apt to forget to eat has made his physique pretty scrawny. He is oblivious that this might be the reason he's cold all the time, and piles on the layers to compensate. He prefers baggy comfortable clothing, though for work he dresses almost too formally (mostly just as an excuse to wear a jacket indoors, even if it's a suit jacket). Certainly for the fall festival he came dressed in multiple layers – a striped turtleneck, overlaid with a blue sweater, overlaid again with a thin black coat. Since he's working at the event, he's wearing electrical gloves, sneakers, and jeans with a toolbelt containing some basics – pliers, hammers, wiring, you name it. He also has a small grey backpack with some pokemon food for Sparky, a sandwich with an ice pack for himself, his wallet, his phone, and his glasses case.

Alvin has a long face ending in a cleft chin. He doesn't grow facial hair very well so keeps his face clean-shaven. He has dark chocolaty brown eyes and is slightly farsighted. He has glasses for reading and keeps them on his person, but doesn't normally wear them. He has dark brown hair that he struggles to tame, and it sticks up at odd angles unless he wrangles it in the morning with hair gel. He supposes it would be easier just to shave it off, but he doesn't like his look with shorter hair – it's as if the chronic bedhead is a part of him at this point. His nose has a slight upward curve to it. He has straight teeth thanks to braces as a teenager and possesses a large toothy smile and dimples. He has pale skin as he spends a lot of time indoors for work – and in his time off, for that matter.

Personality: Alvin tries his best to come off as overly friendly, though he isn't naturally outgoing so it can come off as awkward. He often tries too hard to please people and often puts others' needs before himself, making him really easy to take advantage of. This goes double for any woman he finds attractive, though it makes him come off as desperate instead of sweet-natured.

He could talk about his work for hours, though he's acutely aware that this will usually put people to sleep and tries his best not to. He's a fantastic problem solver and has the technical capabilities to invent new technologies to solve said problems. He also loves re-designing existing designs to make them more efficient or more environmentally friendly. Recently he's just been using it to design new motor engines since that's what he does at work, but in his spare time he loves to tinker with other ideas. He's very handy with tools and is great at fixing basic things around the house.

Alvin is a big worrier and is very empathetic, constantly worrying about the mental state of others. It doesn't help that he's a bit neurotic and pessimist. He likes to assume the worst so when it happens he'll be prepared for it. He's currently very convinced the world is doomed due to global warming, and is a little obsessed with making designs as eco-friendly as possible and ensuring lights are turned off and heat is kept on low. He's also very jumpy and scares easily. This makes him a wonderful target for pranks, especially since he'll laugh it off if only to avoid ruining somebody else's fun... though he will make sure to avoid that person in the future.

History: Alvin was born in Olivine City, Johto, and was raised in a small cottage by the ocean on the outskirts of the city. He has two siblings – his oldest sibling Alexander and his older sister Allison. And yes, he still responds to both of their names due to how often his parents mixed them up growing up. The three of them quarreled a lot growing up, and being the youngest and smallest, Alvin was the easiest target. They never meant to seriously injure him, but it happened a lot – he still has some scars from back then, but fortunately none of them are too prominent.

He was pushed around a lot at school too due to his size, and he got used to it and stopped bothering fighting back. Things got better as he got a little older, as both his siblings left for pokemon journeys when they turned ten, and many of his burlier classmates did as well. Alvin had no interest in going on one himself – he didn't even like playing outside with the threat of wild pokemon lurking about, let alone purposefully living outside and hunting them down. As he entered his teen years, he found kinship in his classmates that also prioritized education over this “critical life experience”. Overrated, in Alvin's opinion.

His siblings nagged him to look into getting his own pokemon. Alvin was privately a little afraid of their arsenal of large and powerful beasts and stubbornly refused to indulge them. His siblings didn't end up accomplishing anything grand in the realm of pokemon battling, though his sister's then-boyfriend (now husband) ended up taking over the Mahogany Town gym.

On Alvin's 18th birthday, his brother gave him an unconventional gift – a pokemon egg. Alvin was at first annoyed and still insisted he wasn't interested in owning a pokemon, but then he realized something a little more critical: the egg was freezing. His brother had never been the brightest crayon in the box, but apparently he had picked up a wild pokemon egg the day before and hadn't bothered incubating the poor thing at all. Alvin hastily tried to warm it with hot towels and desperately researched how to save the creature inside – which he was still definitely not keeping, by the way – and rushed it to the local pokemon center when it began glowing feebly (a bad sign, per Dr. Google).

The nurses at the pokemon center helped the egg hatch prematurely to save it from suffocating. They encouraged Alvin to come see it – an absolutely tiny pichu hooked up to oxygen, and wires connected to every spare inch of its tiny body. Every breath looked like a massive effort. Alvin was certain the newborn wasn't going to survive, and was already planning multiple ways to kill his brother for giving him the gift of heartache for his birthday.

The pichu did stop breathing a few times, but it was too small for a ventilator. It was resuscitated each time, and day by day, its breathing evened out. Alvin couldn't help but visit it every day after school – but he was definitely not keeping it – and watched in awe as it fought for its life, and by some miracle, started to win.

Eventually the pichu was discharged, and was firmly attached to Alvin. He didn't have the heart to release the creature after everything it had been through, so he took him home. He didn't nickname it for about a month – and he had no plans on it either – but then he started to show signs of electrical power. He had essentially no control over his powers, which gifted him the name “Sparky”.

Alvin felt very connected to Sparky at first, but then Sparky grew older and his personality began to shine through. The once horribly weak pokemon was now full of energy and life and became difficult to control unless Alvin used his “angry voice” to discipline him. He never grew out of his inability to control electricity, and Alvin was shocked multiple times a day. He was exhausting just to be around – it was like trying to wrangle a very fast, very agile toddler.

Alvin moved to Goldenrod to begin a bachelor of science degree and brought Sparky with him. He was popular with the ladies in his dorm – which was a plus, Alvin supposed, and did end up landing him his first girlfriend – but was a constant distraction from his classwork.

Sparky had another side-effect that Alvin wouldn't truly appreciate until years later – his electrical outbursts forced Alvin to invent ways to Sparky-proof his dorm room – and himself. His earliest inventions were reluctantly created with only his textbook and some parts he was able to wrangle from his classroom. What was initially just something he was forced to do became something he did as a hobby – his inventions grew more elaborate and better constructed the more he learned, and he ended up switching his major to engineering.

He made the difficult decision to leave Johto and head to Unova to study at the Nimbasa College of Electrical Studies – the best in the world. He and his girlfriend tried to make it work long-distance, but the relationship eventually faded out. At first, Alvin tried to use Sparky to help power his projects, but Sparky was still too poor at controlling electricity, so on recommendation from his professor he adopted a Klink. He never nicknamed it; it seemed more professional not to for his internship, and then it just kind of stuck after that. It didn't have nearly the personality Sparky did anyways, and Alvin figured it didn't care one way or the other.

After graduating, Alvin landed a permanent position at a large electrical engineering firm in Nimbasa. Alvin never brought Sparky to work as he was a menace around the office, and every day Alvin had to watch Sparky's ears droop from the window of his apartment as he stared after Alvin and Klink as they went to work. If Sparky could just evolve to a pikachu, that would probably solve the issue of being unable to control electricity... but at this point, Alvin doubted his bond with Sparky could ever be strong enough. He loved him, in a way, but still had to yell at him on the daily to keep him in line. Things only got worse when Sparky was left alone for the day, and Alvin often came home to his apartment being a wreck.

This relationship strain has been weighing heavily on Alvin's mind, and the guilt was enough to try to bring Sparky to an out-of-office job he'd been assigned at a festival in the neighbouring Castelia City. He probably wouldn't need Klink for electricity anyways, and even left it at home just to affirm to Sparky that this day was his time to shine. Maybe if he did okay here, he could bring him to the office on occasion? If not... he might need to look at rehoming his best friend.

Swap: His pichu, Sparky. (see below)

Other: Alvin's sister has a young daughter named Kyla. Alvin sees her infrequently but sends gifts often.

Pokémon Team:
Description: History covered above – Sparky is full of energy and highly curious, often wandering off if something catches his interest. His ability to focus is minimal to none. He is very friendly to strangers and loves meeting new friends. He is cute and he knows it, and will abuse this fact to get people to give him attention or treats. Typical of pichu – maybe even more so due to his size – he is unskilled at controlling electricity and will discharge spontaneously if excited or nervous. Given his excitable nature, this happens a lot. He may even accidentally shock himself. He is very tiny even for a pichu due to how weak he was at birth.


it's about the CUBES
Name: Karen Finch
Gender: cisgender Female
Age: 41, April 13th
Theme Songs: Heaven is a Place on Earth // Belinda Carlisle; Man's World // MARINA; Harden My Heart // Quarterflash


Appearance: Karen is fairly middle aged, but she wears it well. She looks graceful, elegant, wise. Her skin is lightly tanned, her face graced with light smile lines. Her smile is warm and loving, like the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning. She has soft, forest green eyes, filled with motherly love (or motherly disappointment, if be the case). Her hair isn't as bright and shiny as it was, dulled by age and children, but it's still as soft as it used to be. Grey-blonde, it reaches down to her mid back, but she usually has it pulled up in a bun. Her nose is small and cute, her lips soft and glossy (it's Loreal, by the way). She's somewhat tall and willowy, standing at 5'9", although she has wider mom hips after four children. Both of her ears are double pierced. She no longer wears her wedding ring, just because she's almost lost it a couple times.

Karen is a born and raised adventurer, and she's dressed like it. She's currently in a modest red t-shirt and a denim vest, paired navy blue mom jeans. Her shoes are her old adventure boots, scuffed and worn and loved. She is also wearing her lucky crystal, one she found hiking near Almia Castle, secured safely around her neck. It seems to act in the same way as a mega stone. She has a leather knapsack with her that she carries everything in, including a sheer brown shawl. Her contest wear is regal and refined, using crystals from Almia as earrings as well as keeping her lucky necklace. She wears a rich royal blue ballglown, as well as a crystal blue cape.

Personality: Karen is the pinnacle of Mom. Warm and inviting, she makes everyone feel like they're wanted. She has an air of wisdom and elegance about her, right down to the way she moves. She's a well of life advice and a spring of gentle nudges. She almost always has a sweet smile on her face, even when she's not feeling it, believing in the importance of a good attitude. She can definitely pull out the Disappointed Mom Look -- and it's a look to be reckoned with. Just one look, and you'll immediately feel the guilt was over you. She's one hellova mama dragon, dedicated to protecting her children, biological or otherwise.

She isn't a quiet mama, that's for sure. She loves a good laugh, and has the gift of Mom Puns. Even her own birthed children can't keep up. She loves to dance and be silly, having overcome the fear of being embarrassed. Karen is supportive, but not an enabler. She'll do what she can to help those who need it, but she won't allow any bullcrap. She will call you out if you're doing something stupid, but she'll also try to push you in the right direction. She's the kind of person everyone needs in their life. She also has a tendency to just... do random kind stuff. All the time. Here, I made you this cake. Why? Don't ask. It's cake day for you. To some, it might be a little overwhelming, but it's the best way Karen shows her love.

Karen is a born and raised adventurer, and four kids hasn't pulled her away from her biggest passion. The outdoors are her calling. She loves hiking and camping and exploring, especially when she's with her family. Caves and ruins are her thing especially. She loves cooking and baking, it's calming and she likes being able to create and provide. She loves music, especially the 80s jams she grew up with, although recently she's gotten into K-pop (at the embarrassment of her children). She can sing quite well and play the piano, but that's about the extent of her ability. (She won't hesitate to sing along in the car, nor will she hesitate cranking it up when aforementioned 80s Jams play.) Karen also loves the art of crafting. While she never got the hang of knitting or crochet, she has a knack for cross-stitching. There's something about how fine and delicate needlepoint is, and she feels her tiny hands are better suited for tiny needles anyway. She has an appreciation for scrapbooking, and has become very talented with the sewing machine over the years. Karen is also a huge nerd, and loves things like Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. Captain Kirk is still, deep down, her celebrity crush.

Karen has always been stubborn and independent. She hates asking for help, and doesn't recognize when it's the smarter idea. It's ingrained into her that to be strong she has to do everything herself. She can't be weak. She has fought so hard to be where she is, she cannot be weak. She has difficulty even accepting help she didn't ask for. When she gets overwhelmed, she shuts down. She'll get back on her feet eventually, but it's rough and Karen typically doesn't learn from it. She's too focused on being the Strong Independent Mother she can be. She can be very self-sacrificial, throwing herself under the bus without stepping back and thinking, wait, was this really my fault? Or am I just trying to keep some sort of peace?

All in all, Karen is made of love. Her years of being a trainer, a coordinator, and a mother has shaped her into the kind of person she is, and while she's seen her fair share of horrors, she remains as idealistic and optimistic as ever. She has come to appreciate the beauty in all things big and small, and feels it very important to protect and cherish said beauty. There is beauty in others, and she wants to make sure everyone can see theirs. She believes in the beauty of humanity, and that in no matter the circumstances, anyone can rise above it and triumph.

History: Karen Finch's story begins in the Haruba Village, Almia. She was born on a bright and sunny day, the only daughter to Patricia and Theodore Finch and the only sister to three older brothers Nate, Logan, and Benjamin. From the moment she could crawl, Karen was out exploring anything in reach. She was fascinated with the world around her, and this curiosity for life would follow her throughout the rest of her life. Once she could walk, Karen would toddle out into the desert with her older brothers to go find treasure. Her heroes were the Rangers, and they were the stars of her and her brothers' play-pretend.

One day, Theodore took her up into the Hia valley when she was around seven years old when he went to see his sister at Shiver Camp. Aunt Delilah was easily Karen's favorite aunt, and she was always excited to see her. While there, she snuck out of camp and into the snowy valley, hearing stories of a castle just beyond the lake. She couldn't get to the castle--the water was far too cold and too fast--but she stood in awe of its beauty, shimmering like crystal. Looking down, she found a curious blue crystal. She dashed back to the camp as fast as her little legs could take her, and after a stern talking to from her father, she showed her aunt what she had found. Delilah told Karen that it was a shard from one of the legendary Tears of Princes. She turned it into a necklace with a little bit of leather, and Karen wears her lucky shard every day.

A year later, the Finches moved to Solaceon Town in the Sinnoh region. Karen was sad to leave the wilds of Almia behind, but she soon found out that they would be moving not too far from a set of ruins nearby. However, those ruins would be full of strange pokemon, and her parents didn't feel comfortable letting their eight year old go to ruins all by herself. Her brothers all had pokemon of their own by now, and were given more freedom to run off on their own, leaving Karen behind. Delilah came down a few months after the Finches got settled and noticed how lonely Karen looked when her brothers would run off to play with their pokemon. Fortunately, Delilah had a plan. She was keeping this egg for herself, but after convincing her brother and sister-in-law, she left the egg with Karen. Karen protected this little pokemon egg with her life, doting over it every moment of the day. A week later, after some cracks and a blindingly white light, the sparkles faded to reveal an adorable little ralts with a shiny blue cap. It was friendship at first sight. Karen named the ralts Eowyn, after her favorite character in the book she was reading, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Her parents wouldn't let her into the ruins, still, but she was finally able to roam the town by herself.

Here in Sinnoh, pokemon rangers weren't the hottest talk of the town. No, here in Soleceon, it was all about contests, and Karen found herself captivated. At ten years old, she swore that she would join the ranks of top coordinator one day. She wasn't eligible yet, the rules stated that to formally compete you had to be at least 16, but she begged her parents to sign her up for the junior cup when the time came around. She started with just Eowyn and Maredith, who were just a kirlia and a ponyta at the time. She worked hard with her pokemon, trying to find the best combinations of moves that suit her and her pokemon's personality. She poured her free time into watching and taking notes at contests, reading as many guides as she could get her hands on, and even getting into sewing so she could modify her outfits to make them stage perfect. At twelve she was gifted a piplup, who was immediately pulled into the contest swing of things.

Karen counted the days to her 16th birthday, and finally the time had come. The first thing she did when she woke up was submit her papers to the Official Sinnoh Coordinator League. The news of acceptance into the league was even better than her birthday. Delilah flew down as soon as she heard the news, to gift her favorite niece with a newly hatched eevee. A few weeks later was her first ever official contest. Her whole family was in the seats. She came in with all the knowledge from her junior cup wins and research... and came out an epic flop. The top of junior cup was very bottom of the official circuits, and it became very clear very quickly that Karen had a lot to learn.

But Karen was determined. She picked up her pride, and got to work. It took a few tries, but eventually, she and her team started getting traction. A few months of trying later, she finally picked up her first win after a dazzling performance caused Eowyn to evolve into Gardevoir right in front of the judges. Progress was slow going, but she refused to give up. She took her wins with grace and learned from her losses. Regardless of the outcome, she would reward herself each contest by going out into the Sinnoh wilds and finding a new place to explore. Even though she had found a new passion in pokemon contests, the outdoors still held the biggest place in her heart. She still hadn't gone inside the ruins near her home yet--she had waited this long, and now she needed to wait for something to come along special enough to warrant the reward of ruin exploring. For now, Mt. Coronet and the nearby routes would have to do.

It took five years. The Grand Festival, the year she turned 21. It was a long battle, full of show-off flair and elegance, but it ended with Karen being crowned the victor and titled a Top Coordinator. She celebrated by finally entering the caves she grew up next to. The Solaceon Ruins were everything she wanted and more. The strange pokemon, the writing, the ancient artifacts... this place was hiding something. She wouldn't be able to find out what it was just yet, but she knew she had a new star to chase.

She spent the next year touring the contest scene as Sinnoh's newest, choosing to embrace the celebrity of it all. The lights, the cameras, the stardom. While she was touring, she met Clive, an up-and-coming coordinator who had just entered the contest circuit that year. Sparks flew immediately, and their relationship bloomed like wildfire.

Their relationship wasn't perfect, however. Karen often felt pushed around by Clive, but was determine to make the relationship work anyway. After all, love and hard work was all it took, right? After two years of dating and several attempts from Clive, Karen finally said yes to marry him. And that's about where all the fun there ends!

Clive dropped out of the contest circuit midway though the season that year. While Karen had duties to attend to (running and judging contests, photoshoots, endorsing things, etc.), Clive would complain that she never had enough time for him. He withdrew into the house, making the living room couch his base with the occasional trip into the kitchen. Two years later, Karen welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world and named her Emily. Karen hated the idea of leaving her duties as Top Coordinator, but Clive certainly wouldn't help, so she put in the extra hours and took Emily with her wherever she went. Her parents and brothers stepped in to help, as well as Eowyn. All of them were worried about Karen and the state of her relationship, but she hushed them, telling them everything was fine and Clive was just going through a phase. He'd be back to normal in no time!

Since reaching Top Coordinatorship, Karen had set her sights back on adventuring and ruin exploring. She had her eye on a prestigious Sinnoh university that had a wonderful archeology program all the way up to a master's degree, and was certain that had to be her next goal. Clive was not so sure. After all, that wasn't the best place for a woman. Karen had a baby to take care of and her silly contest things to do, wasn't she busy enough? After three years of Clive's complaining, Karen shoved it all aside and applied anyway.

Karen could barely contain her excitement when the acceptance letter came. Her dreams were all coming true! Except for that one part where Clive had a total screaming match with a one year old Emily in the room. Not that part. Karen wouldn't let it get her down, though. She threw herself into her studies, fascinated by the science. A year later Karen would adopt Tuffy and have another child, Reese. She and Clive were drifting farther and farther apart, but it seemed like there was nothing to be done. But he hadn't hit her, and he was nice on occasion, so maybe it wasn't all that bad, she was exaggerating the bad parts probably. She was almost thirty, and they had been married for eight years by this point, so the worst was over. It could only get better was here.

Contests. School. Digs. Children. Karen was busy. Unbeknownst to her, so was Clive. Tuffy realized it first. The normally softie skitty turned near hostile around him. Eowyn realized it next. It took her longer, as she wasn't nearly as close to Clive as she was with Karen, but she could feel something was off. Karen realized it last when he left his phone unattended one night.

The decision was made in a split second that night. The apathy and never-ending phase from her "husband" wasn't enough to take off her rose-colored glasses, but the texts to several women was. For once in her life, Karen was silent. Pregnant with her third child and not wanting to cause public drama, she stepped down from her Top Coordinator duties for the first time in nearly a decade (with a promise to return, of course). Their house in Hearthome was already in her name. She tied up any affairs she needed. And served him the divorce papers for breakfast on a bright sunny morning.

The divorce was empty but easy. Clive seemed to disappear from the face of the earth. Karen spent her 31st birthday surrounded by family and friends and love. Her son Milo was born shortly after. Karen stepped back into her Top Coordinator role, even pledging to participate in the next circuit. To put the cherry on the cake, she graduated with that treasured archeology degree. At 32, she won her second Grand Festival. She went on digs all around Sinnoh, leaving her children with her parents when she needed to. At 33, they took a months-long vacation to Hoenn to participate in their festivals.

Life was good for the Finches. The kids were growing up well, and frankly, it was a relief to have their dad out of the house. The four of them adapted, and they all grew very close as a family. When Karen was 35, she was out on a dig in the Kanto region when she met Danny. He was a widower, left alone with his young daughter. The sparks didn't fly, their love didn't rage, but they became very close friends first. It was only after they had been talking for months that they realized they both wanted something more. Their love was soft and warm, like a hearth. They married a year later, joining their families together. Danny even took Karen's last name.

In that same year, Karen was itching to go back to school. She could do a lot with her bachelors, but she wasn't able to get her masters as she focused more on the contest track. With her new husband's support, she entered into a new program and started work on her dissertation. She knew exactly where to go and what to do it on--the Solaceon Ruins. Two years in, she had her fourth child with Danny, a daughter named Brynn. That same year on a trip back to the Hia valley, she saved a snorunt from a pack of mightyena, and named her Storm. Lots of really technical archeology stuff goes here, and a year later she finishes her schooling and graduates at 39. A year later, she gets a call from a friend in Almia, who gives her a pokemon egg they found in the castle.

The last little bit has been fairly peaceful. Danny decided to leave the archeology digs to stay home and make sure kids were being taken care of. Emily, Reese, Milo, and Laura are still getting used to each other, and while the tension isn't nearly as high as it was five years ago, they still have their awkward moments and ambiguities. Karen was asked to be a part-time professor at the Hearthome University, so she'll take on a class or two where she can. She still enters the occasional Hearthome contest, still makes an appearance at important events, and still goes on plenty of archeological adventures.

This time, Karen was called to Unova to explore some of the ruins left out in the Nimbasa Desert. She left a week early to see her brother Benjamin, who lives in Castelia City. The Autumn Harvest Festival would be in full swing by the time she got there, and Ben thought it would be the perfect vacation for his busy sister.

Swap: Eowyn, the Gardevoir
Other: Emily is 15, Reese is 13, Milo is 10, and Brynn is 3. Laura is 14.

Pokémon Team:


Name-Species-Gender: Eowyn, Gardevoir, Female
Personality: Eowyn and her trainer have a lot in common. Both have an air of grace and elegance about them, but Eowyn's personality matches up a little more seamlessly. She's quiet, but it's mostly because she's always paying attention. She catches things her trainer doesn't. She is quite concerned about aesthetics, both in and out of a contest. Everything must be beautiful! She can be a little vain, and doesn't like getting dirty, but she'll follow Karen to the ends of the earth. The two are partners, bonded as trainer and pokemon. She was right beside Karen from Emily's birth to Brynn's. Loyalty is Eowyn's MO, as is tenacity and determination. (Although, she's the one who gets embarrassed by Karen's silliness. Secondhand embarrassment is a thing, y'all.) She and Tuffy are very close and she sees herself as Aura's pokemon mentor, or pokementor, if you will. An incredibly decorated pokemon. The two have won countless contest ribbons together, though she never wears them. They're kept in a display case at home. Eowyn often acts as Karen's flashlight, holding a Moonblast to light the way. Eowyn has a ribbon tied around her neck, with a gardevoirite safely attached.

History: When Karen was eight years old, having proven to be good with pokemon, her parents decided to give her a pokemon of her own. She was given a mystery egg from her aunt to take care of on her own. Karen nursed the egg to hatching all on her own, and after the shower of sparkles subsided, a little Ralts with a blue cap was found curled up in her arms. The ralts was named Eowyn, after one of her favorite character from Lord of the Rings. The two were inseparable after that. Eowyn evolved into a Kirlia when Karen was in middle school, and into a full fledged Gardevoir during her first contest win. Karen's first contest was with Eowyn, and the two rose to contest stardom together. Eowyn helped Karen with all four pregnancies and births, and was essentially a second mother to the kids. (Brynn and Milo still call Eowyn mom, and Reese and Emily slip a mom out every now and then.) And of course, when Karen gets the call for a new dig, Eowyn is right beside her.


Name-Species-Gender: Aura, Riolu, Female
Personality: Being very young, she's a little smaller than most with electric turquoise eyes. (The best comparison I can think of is the blue from completed shrines and the Sheika slate from Breath of the Wild.) Aura is a little skittish and a little shy. She's Karen's newest pokemon, and while she's been training hard, she still doesn't quite know the extent of her power. She's been known on occasion to have moves blow up in her face. She's quite nervous and self conscious about it. She's easily startled, but, she is determined. Though shy and nervous and afraid to make mistakes, she wants to be as great of a pokemon as Eowyn is. She wants to be able to be as confident as her mentors. Her excitable nature shows when she does something right, and she lets herself brighten and celebrate, before of course getting nervous about that. (She's a baby. Let her live.)

History: Aura is a few months shy of a year old. Her egg was rescued by a ranger team in Almia, and the leader knew exactly who should take care of it. She and Karen had first crossed paths years prior, and had become solid friends ever since. The leader called Karen and asked her to come to Almia and pick up a special egg, and Karen was on the first plane over. Taking care of an egg reminded her of raising Eowyn, and by now she has over thirty years of experience with pokemon. Aura hatched in a burst of blue light, and from the moment Karen opened her eyes she knew she'd be special. Her eyes were blue -- striking, piercing, electric, blue. Aura showed signs of incredible power right of the bat, but she wasn't exactly... good at it. Her own power startled her. Karen and Aura (along with the mentorship of Eowyn) have been training together, teaching Aura how to handle her power and use it effectively. This is Aura's first big real outing, and she's excited to prove herself... hopefully...


Name-Species-Gender: Tuffy, Skitty, Female
Personality: Tuffy is adorable and she knows it. She flaunts it, even. Incredibly vain, she's not one for getting her fur messy. She likes looking clean and pristine at all times. She can be very uptight, and comes of a little standoffish, but underneath it all, she's actually a huge softie. She will melt at tummy rubs. She loves being scratched behind the ears. She loves Karen's kids, even when the young ones are being a nuisance. She loves attention, the spotlight, the red carpet. Tuffy prides herself on her work, and she's very dedicated to her contest craft. She has no interest in Karen's ruins whatsoever, but she comes along because she does love Karen, and it means going someplace new (even if it is dusty). She loves to party and have fun, and can be seen dancing with Karen. Tuffy is very close to Eowyn, and enjoys watching Aura grow up. She is also very FLUFFY. Not exactly a long-haired Skitty, but just so damn fuzzy. Excellent to just shove your face into. It's like shoving your face into a cloud. She's very popular with the children for this reason. Her ear tufts are also a bit longer and softer. Since she's out adventuring, she wears pink booties on her feets. (Can't get those toe beans dirty, no ma'am.) She also wears a pink collar, with an elaborate contest ribbon attached to it.

History: Tuffy came into Karen's life when Emily was 2. Tuffy had been abandoned as a kitten, and Karen happened to be in the shelter one day. The two locked eyes, and instantly Karen knew Tuffy had to come home with her. At that point, Tuffy was just Skitty. Karen had no idea what to name her new pokemon, but Em did. TUFFY! From the moment Skitty was brought home, Emily would refer to Skitty as Tuffy. Karen had absolutely no idea where it came from exactly, but it was cute, and it stuck. Tuffy was trained under Karen's contest team, and eventually became a star-studded contest pokemon herself. Her cute style and special egg move helped push her to the top. She's happy to be here in Castelia with Karen and Eowyn, two of her closest companions, and little Aura, the new baby.


Name-Species-Gender: Storm, Frosslass, Female
Personality: Icy by Kim Petras as a pokemon. Storm has a flare for the dramatic. She acts aloof and distant, but she's a princess at heart. She loves the lights and the show. Her fascade melts when she's around her friends, as she can get very excitable if she's not perfect at holding up her persona.

History: Karen met Storm about three years ago, when she was called back into the Hia valley. Karen saved her as a snorunt when she was being threatened by a pack of mightyena. About a year later, when Storm was getting ready to enter the contest track, Karen gifted her a dawn stone to evolve into the icy princess you see today.

Other Pokemon of Note, Not With Her Currently:
- Maredith the Rapidash
- Freya the Empoleon
- Layla the Ninetails
- Jean the Espeon
Danny's Pokemon
- Haruba the Claydoll
- Copper the Bronzong
- Harrison the Sceptile

A Brief Overview of her Family
(More for my sake than anyone else's.)

Emily: 15. She's very artistic and outspoken. Student government type, she has dreams to change the world. She can usually be found with paint splatters everywhere. She was given a smeargol on her 10th birthday, that she named Georgia.

Reese: 13. They're entering their emo phase. All they want to wear is black, they've gotten into Karen's eyeliner so often that she just had to give Reese their own. They're very into the bass guitar. Reese didn't want a pokemon at 10, or at 11, or at 12, so Karen took a trip to Galar specifically to get a Galarian zigzagoon for their 13th birthday. Naturally, Reese fell in love with the pokemon that loves headbanging as much as they do. The zigzagoon's name is Oli.

Milo: 10. He's in a bit of a mimicking phase and doesn't seem to be sure who he wants to copy. He flits back and forth between Emily's paints and Reese's music, but doesn't seem to mimic Lauren all that much. He hasn't decided what pokemon he wants yet.

Brynn: 3. She's three. That's all I really need to know. A very outgoing three year old.

Lauren: 14. An introvert, like her dad. She and Em are in the same grade, and they've started hanging out a bit more because of it. Lauren's a bit of a bookworm, but has been picking up art after Emily invited her to art club. Lauren's in choir. She inherited her mother's chatot, Simon, as a young girl.

Danny: 42. Softspoken and homely, he was happy to take over as stay-at-home dad. He was able to then chase his new passion, cooking! He's very protective of his family, and is excited to have more children to be a dad to.
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