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Manectric Charge! (335)


Shiny May

a good episode, May put up an excellent fight against Ampharos and the battle of Manectric vs Torkoal was very enjoyable too
THe games in the beginning were nice to see, especially Torkoal playing soccer. I do think Torkoal is a real cry baby, but it's sweet and it makes Torkoal have its own personality


Okay, I saw this episode again the other day...As far as my opinion of Wattson goes (I still don't really like him...but that's just me) But I will say this, the battle with his Manectric against Ash's Torkoal was really good to watch.


The episode was decent, I thought the battle would be better. Seeing Manectric was cool since it's one of my favorite Pokemon. Ash should have won with Torkoal, but if he wasn't being such a stubborn trainer by using Overheat so much, he could have won.

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
Other than TR trying to steal the gang's Pokemon, this episode was great. Did anyone get the Magical Mystery Tour reference?

Eric Cartman

Yeah this episode was cool ,and I agree with BC that it was good seeing Ampharos.


Team Awesome
The best parts I liked about this episode were the carnival scene, Team Rocket going through Wattson's obstacle course, and May's battle against Watt. I loved the carnival, which was pretty interesting for one of Team Rocket's capture schemes. :D I liked how excited May got over the ribbon case for sale, and Brock comments that he's stay away. LOL I loved Team Rocket going through the obstacle course because it was so much funnier than when the twerps did the same thing, and they demolished the robotic raikous at the end. :) May's battle was great too, mostly because it was nice to see something different than just Ash and the gym leader battling at a gym.


Wolf, and proud.
medea: I don't like Wattson much either, but I like his Manectric...:p

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
The only thing that really annoyed me about this episode was Team Rocket stealing all of Ash & Co's pokemon and how they almost got away with it.


wattson's manetric is one of the coolest pokemon of the hoenn region if you ask me, i liked watching this episode.


Good episode. the battle VS Wattson was great, because finally Ash has battled him in a real battle.


I guess the writers wanted Wattson to redeem himself after his horrible first battle back a while ago. Though this time they gave him a tougher Pokemon than I had expected.

I was glad that Ash finally got a challenge from the guy he so easily defeated. I was also surprised to see Wattson's assistant battling against May's newly captured Skitty in a tough match also.

All in all, I only really liked the battling portions of the episode, 5/10

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Not a bad episode, the beginning was interesting (Did TR seriously say to Torkoal that's a Pokemon we don't need to worry about stealing? Did they forget they tried stealing Flannery's Torkoal a few episodes ago, maybe getting blasted off has given them amnesia). Not a big fan of Wattson, aleast they did this episode after the Flannery episodes instead of making two episodes.


Shiny Flygon
Wattson showed his real power. With his Manectric, no wonder why Ash lost.

Also, the battle with Skitty was amazing.


Man of Mystery
Both Ash and May's battles were good and Wattson's Manectric was pretty cool.

Good episode.


No longer posting
This episode was ok... It was cool to see Watson again. It was great to see Manectric again, I really like Manectric. The rematch battle between Ash and Watson was great, but I don't like that Ash actually lost the battle. It was cool to see an Ampharos again. The battle between Skitty and Ampharos was great. It was great to see Skitty win that battle.



I'm glad to see that Wattson was able to redeem himself a little after the thrashing that he received in his debut episode. Watt wasn't chosen for his battling prowess it seems. This episode really ended quicker than I thought it would so I guess that just shows how much I enjoyed it.


Well-Known Member
I loved the part with Torkoal and trying to play soccer, only ending up falling over himself and crying hahah. The carnival may have been another of Team Rocket's mischievousness, but it was still enjoyable to see. I was also happy to see Watson again and the two battles that followed afterwards. You can really see that Watson is a strong gym leader and I bet Ash would have severe difficulties beating him the first time if his Pikachu wasn't that overpowered.