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Manectric/Primal Kyogre/Kindgra Deck


New Member
2-2 Mega-Manectric Ex(Phantom Forces)
1 Magnezone EX (Flashfire)
2-2-2 Kingdra(Primal Clash #108)
2-2 Primal Kyogre(Primal Clash)
2-2 Cloyster (Spike Cannon)

3 Sycamore
2 Teammates
2 Skyla
2 Wally
2 Xerosic

2 Rough Seas

2 Dive Ball
2 Ultra Ball
2 Manectric Spirit Link
2 Kyogre Spirit Link
2 Tool Retriever
2 Muscle Band
1 Energy Switch
1 Wide Lens

9 Water
7 Lightning

The strategy of this deck is to discard energy early and get a Manectric out first turn and its mega by second turn. Then to energy ramp to the bench by using Turbo Bolt. This strategy also works if starting with Primal Kyogre except it moves energy from it to the bench. Magnezone is in the deck along with the wide lens to deal 100 damage to benched Yveltal and oyher EXs weak to electric.


Kanto Region Champ
Mega rayquaza is more of a threat then yveltal atm it's ability to hit for 240 the turn after your turn 1 is 100% a viable threat to every deck atm, and mega groudon could pose a possibly dangerous threat to this deck entirely due to mega turbo letting it hit for 240 on turn 2.

Things to think about 1-2 mega turbo (speed is important), 3-4 rough seas (stadium wars will be real, 2 is not enough to stop mega ray), 4 acro bike/4 battle compressor/ 4 VS seeker (for the most part what seems to be the meta deck engine atm, acro bike for speed, battle compressor for choice discarded cards fast and VS seeker to use set choice supporters, to sum up choice energy cards discarded fast, choice supporters for easy use, and speed tech to go through your deck fast to eliminate cards that are not good in specific matchups for choice cards in other matchups).


New Member
I love how for the rough seas stadium you get the option to heal damage from your pokemon. Actually that is genius if you have cards that do more damage if they have damage counters on them. Also, I see your mega rayquaza and raise you a moo moo milk. But in all seriousness, when would you need to use an attack that does 300 damage. Does this imply that in the future cards will have more than 300 hp?