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Manectric variants and thoughts on primals


Kanto Region Champ
So it's pretty early in the morning for me and its been about, idk, I geuss I should say 2 months since I decided to test competitively versus this entire past week (a states last week and a reg's in about 3-4 weeks, testing becomes more viable),

So, last week I tried to pick up primal kyogre and piloted the deck called PK.Fire (with 1 fire energy) at 0 hours of testing to a sweet 3-3-0 losing to seismetoad and eggs, at that point I kind of wanted to just build a better kyogre list, I tried and am still trying but the interest just isn't there so last night I slammed a bunch of cards together in vain for league today. kyogre off the plate and roaring skies within a month for release I decided to go back to manectric, though a friend of mine only got 11th with manectric/water minus 4 junipers, if it did have the consistency would have probably seen a top 8 performance. All of this just makes me want to build manectric to out beat a lot of decks including the new one rayquaza/altaria, 30X bench and no weakness. Manectric does hit rayquazas weakness and garbo becomes playable with seimetoad making the roughs seas combo beastly. But there is a lot of things to counter this issue. Top supposed BDIF is eggs and it is a mild problem so to combat this and toad you could just play vir/gen and be done over with it but what does this have to do with megaman?

3-3 "megaman"ectric EX
2 virizion EX
2 illumise
1 mewtwo EX

5 electric energy
5 grass energy

(since the list is not infront of me I forget most of the list but heres what I recall
4 juniper
4 N
2 Skyla
2 bicycle
4 VS seeker
3 max potion
3 switch
4 ultra ball
2-3 muscle band
3 spirit link
1 tool retriever
2 shrine of memories
3 head ringer
1 profs letter

Virizion and grass energy combat lasers from weak attackers making the use of locks less aggressive, flare tools and memories to still allow megaman variety of attacks

After roaring skies this probably a majority of megaman skeletons

3-3 megaman

8-10 electric energy

4 ultra ball
4 mega turbo

Basically the mechanics for darkrai are back in full force, muscle bands and mega turbos, and manectric's 2 energy attack base turns him into a over powering attacker, playing cards like shrine of memories just helps him by not forcing him to play a turbo bolt and play an assault laser for more dmg and literally dealing just shy of 10 dmg is at most times all the deck needs to do.

But what about primal kyogre? I think once after rotation the deck can truly become a powerhouse but there is to many things making it hard to play.
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