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Manga character's Birthday

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by Nuriko55020, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Merialle

    Merialle Well-Known Member

    ^Ack. Same here...My birthday's in December D:
  2. Koshimi

    Koshimi Rocks... rocks!

    my birthday is may =P emerald is my birthstone I think
  3. Nuriko55020

    Nuriko55020 Dharc The Incubus

    Yeah,you got it right.
  4. blob

    blob Well-Known Member

    8 of the gem stones have been done for the characters.

    March (Yellow): Aquamarine/Bloodstone/Jasper
    April (Crystal and Diamond): Diamond/Sapphire
    May (Emerald): Emerald/Agate
    June (Blue (F) and Pearl): Alexandrite/Emerald/Moonstone/Pearl
    July (Gold and Ruby): Ruby/Onyx
    August (Red): Sardonyx/Carnelian/Peridot
    September (Sapphire): Sapphire/Peridot
    November (Green): Citrine/Topaz

    January, Febuary, October and December have yet to be done.
  5. CrYsTaL-Suicune

    CrYsTaL-Suicune Trust..Bond of heart

    Do you think there's a possibility that they'll create these characters?:

    January- Garnet
    February- Amethyst
    October- Opal

    What do you think?
  6. Nuriko55020

    Nuriko55020 Dharc The Incubus

    Maybe or maybe not.
  7. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

    but there is a chance one of these could be Lady Berlitz's name :D
    right now it's Topaz in the lead
    with opal behind
    but what about Peridot and Torquoise ?
  8. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    Topaz is in the lead? A lot of people seem to think it's Opal.
  9. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

    but Opal does seem weird for her
    plus, the characteristics of people born on October don't match up with her
    Her personalities match up with Novermber-Topaz...now that I think about it...
    I'd be a surprise for her to be Topaz...cause it's my month...
  10. Dia406

    Dia406 Totally not gay!

    me to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This has been mentioned before which do you think sounds better:
    Topaz Berlitz or Opal Berlitz?
    (raises hand for Topaz Berlitz)
  11. JFate

    JFate Travelling Trainer

    I'm June-Pearl ^^; . Though I'm in no way as witty as Blue or hasty as Pearl.
  12. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    I'm January, which is absolutely no one!
  13. xxBlackyxx

    xxBlackyxx lol internet

    That's what I'm speculating.

    Ah, poor Silver. He has no birthday. -snivel- I think he's a December baby.

    But...it'd be great if he were a...lets say...August 19th baby? -cough-
  14. CherishMelvil

    CherishMelvil Top Coordinator

    I think Berlitz name shall be Opal , it fits better than Topaz

    "Topaz Berlitz"

    The "Z" on both.. i don't know.. i don't like it much xD
  15. xxBlackyxx

    xxBlackyxx lol internet

    Oh...my birthday's eleven days after Red's, if I did my math correctly.

    (I'm hoping I did. X.x)

    It's gonna suck if we never find out Silver's birthday...
  16. brelili

    brelili Call me Bri.

    Well, they make the names based on the games, but those do have a nice ring to them. I've htought now and then about making a PokeSpecial fanfic with a character Amethyst (Mimi)
  17. Nuriko55020

    Nuriko55020 Dharc The Incubus

    There are lots of ppl thinking about Lady Berlitz's birthstone in their opinion.I think,in my opinion,that Lady Berlitz's birthstone could be Opal.Beside I am Garnet.
  18. Faraway_Mew

    Faraway_Mew Mew, mew... mew?

    And I am a leo but I don't like to lead (most of the time anyway...)

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